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Topic: Hyncice

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  Simon Mawer
The white building with the cars parked beside it is the fire station which Mendel built when he was Abbot of the Augustinian convent in Brno.
The house in which Mendel was born and where he lived until joining the Augustinian community in Brno is the building on the right.
This simple farmhouse (with the grey roof) is where Mendel was born in 1822 and where he lived until joining the Augustinian community in Brno.
www.simonmawer.com /photoessay.htm   (0 words)

 Peaslee's "In the Footsteps of Mendel," at MendelWeb
Tourists coming to the area in search of the Mendel family home are quickly provided with directions to Hyncice nad Odrou (meaning: "Hyncice in the valley of the Odra River") by the friendly, helpful citizens of the town.
Hyncice residents immediately recognize visitors and surmise that their quest is directed toward Gregor Johann Mendel.
One is a plaque over the entrance to an unoccupied, official-looking building (Figure 13), which turns out to be the village fire station, originally equipped through a donation of 3,000 guilders from Abbot Mendel (Orel 1984).
www.mendelweb.org /MWpeaslee.html   (2483 words)

 Hyncice pod Susinou Map | Czech Republic Google Satellite Maps
See Hyncice pod Susinou photos and images from satellite below, explore the aerial photographs of Hyncice pod Susinou in Czech Republic.
You can also dive right into Hyncice pod Susinou on unique 3D satellite map by Google Earth.
If you would like to recommend this Hyncice pod Susinou map page to a friend, or if you just want to send yourself a reminder, here is the easy way to do it.
www.maplandia.com /czech-republic/olomoucky-kraj/sumperk/hyncice-pod-susinou   (627 words)

 "Pea Soup" - Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Gregor Mendel was born in Hyncice (in what is now the Czech Republic) on July 22, 1822.
In 1843, at the age of 21, Mendel became a friar at the Augustinian monastery in Brno, Czechoslovakia, a center of learning whose members studied theology, philosophy and natural sciences.
Although many say that it wasn't until 1900, sixteen years after his death, that his papers were rediscovered, it has since been found that many botanists quoted his work ever since 1867, two years after its publication.
www.sonic.net /~nbs/projects/anthro201/bio   (252 words)

 vacation rental Hyncice pod Susinou Olomoucky Kraj Urlaub in Tschechien holiday apartment bed and breakfast
Home - Czech republic - Olomoucky Kraj - - Hyncice pod Susinou
vacation rental Hyncice pod Susinou, Olomoucky Kraj, Czech republic - Urlaub in Tschechien
Place Hyncice pod Susinou borders on two mountain chains: Kralicky Sneznik (snow mountain) and Hruby Jesenik (old father mountains) - ideal situation for move and ski driving.
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 Johann Gregor Mendel: The Father of Genetics - Stanton Wormley
He was born Johann Mendel on July 22, 1822, in the small farming town of Hyncice in northern Moravia, then part of the Austro-Hungarian empire.
He was the second of three children and the only son born to Anton Mendel, a peasant farmer and amateur horticulturist, and his wife, Rosine.
Young Johann's intellectual ability became quite evident very early in his education, first at the elementary school in Hyncice, then the middle school in Leipnik and the Imperial Royal Gymnasium in Troppau, and, from 1840 through 1843, at the Philosophical Institute at Olmutz.
www.worldandi.com /specialreport/1987/october/Sa13331.htm   (299 words)

 Hyncice, Czech Republic: Definition and Links by Encyclopedian.com
Hyncice, Czech Republic: Definition and Links by Encyclopedian.com
Hyncice, Czech Republic (formerly Heinzendorf, Austria) is best known for being the birthplace of Gregor Mendel.
Post a link to definition / meaning of " Hyncice, Czech Republic " on your site.
www.encyclopedian.com /he/Heinzendorf,-Czech-Republic.html   (63 words)

 Carolina Biological: Great Achievements in Science: Gregor Mendel
Mendel was born on July 22, 1822, in the village of Heinzendorf in the Silesia region of what was then Austria.
This village, which is now part of the Czech Republic, has since been renamed Hyncice.
His parents, Anton and Rosine, were peasants who struggled to put him through school so he could have a better life.
www.carolina.com /achievements/mendel.asp   (503 words)

 Encyclopedia of Science and Religion | Mendel, Gregor   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In Mendel's case, rather than hindering science, religious institutions promoted scientific knowledge, experimentation, and progress.
On July 22, 1822, Mendel was born in the village of Heinzendorf (now Hyncice) in northern Moravia (in the present-day Czech Republic), a part of the Austrian Empire that was culturally German.
Mendel was originally named Johann, but took the name Gregor in 1843 upon entering the Augustinian order of the Roman Catholic Church.
science.enotes.com /science-religion-encyclopedia/mendel-gregor/print   (137 words)

 Hyncice Hotels, Czech Republic - Hotels in Czech Republic - Smooth Hound
Hyncice Hotels, Czech Republic - Hotels in Czech Republic - Smooth Hound
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 Gregor Mendel
Gregor Johann MENDEL was an Austrian monk and biologist whose work on heredity became the basis of the modern theory of genetics.
Mendel was born on July 22, 1822 in Heizendorf, Austria, (now known as Hyncice in Czechoslovakia).
He was born Johann Mendel into a poor farming family.
www.zephyrus.co.uk /gregormendel.html   (916 words)

 Talk:Hyncice - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: )
I guess this town/village - Heinzendorf is called now different in Czech: Google says some of these: Hynèice, Hyncice (u Opavy), part of the town of Odry.
how about just putting it at Hyncice, or whateve the name is? -- Tarquin 22:23 May 13, 2003 (UTC)
This page was last modified 22:33, 13 May 2003.
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/Talk:Hyncice   (114 words)

 Adventure of genetics 1
It was born in the year 1900 by the discovery of the work by Gregor Mendel the monk in the Brno monastery.
Johann Mendel was born in the village Hyncice on July 22, 1822 in the family of Moravian peasant.
His education was taken care of by local priest Father J. Schreiber.
www.biotrin.cz /enpages/advg01.htm   (806 words)

 Johan Gregor Mendel   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Johann Mendel (verdadero nombre antes de tomar los hábitos) nació en 1822 en Heizendorf, perteneciente al imperio austro-húngaro, ciudad denominada actualmente Hyncice y perteneciente a Chequia.
En Hyncice, siguió interesándose por todas las novedades agrícolas, que intentaba transmitir a sus feligreses, a la vez que discutía con ellos los problemas del cultivo, etc. Ello pudo influenciar en los intereses científicos de Mendel desde su juventud.
Además en la escuela existía un pequeño huerto experimental, donde el maestro se percató de la adecuada disposición y capacidad con que Mendel afrontaba los estudios, y por ello pensó que debía seguirlos en una escuela más apropiada que la de su localidad.
html.rincondelvago.com /johan-gregor-mendel_1.html   (7146 words)

 Gregor Mendel Summary
The Moravian natural scientist and Augustinian abbot Johann Gregor Mendel (1822-1884) laid the foundations of modern genetics with his paper dealing with the hybridization of peas.
Gregor Mendel was born on July 22, 1822, at Hyncice, Czechoslovakia (then Heinzendorf, Austrian Silesia).
The ideas he developed are still in use today, and his essential insights into the physical nature of inheritance led directly to the understanding of the gene as a physical entity within the cell.
www.bookrags.com /Gregor_Mendel   (11319 words)

 A Traveler's Guide to the History of Biology and Medicine
It comprises a Mendel museum and library, and also the garden where he performed his genetic experiments.
Johann Gregor Mendel was born in 1822 in Heinzendorf, Austria (now Hyncice, Czechoslovakia).
His mother and father were both peasants, but from families with long traditions of professional gardening, and young Johann was brought up in his tradition.
www.historyofbiologyandmedicine.com /czechoslovakia.htm   (1193 words)

 Hyncice - Webled.com
[ Hyncice residents immediately recognize visitors and surmise that ]...
[ about Hyncice, you may be able to obtain it from the Hyncice Tourist ]...
Student Travel Information & Discounts Hyncice pod Susinou, Czech Republic,...
www.webled.com /Hyncice.htm   (229 words)

 PPT Slide   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Johann Mendel was born to a very poor family in 1822, in the Czech village of Hyncice.
He was a gifted student and he did well in school, but the family could not afford to pay for his tuition and room.
He worked as a tutor for other students to help pay his way in school.
www.uiowa.edu /~c002021/lecture23/tsld009.htm   (95 words)

In 1816 Schreiber was elected as a corresponding member of what was then the Moravian and Silesian Society for the Furtherance of Agriculture, Natural Science and Knowledge of the Country (here in after Agricultural Society) on account of his exceptional pedagogical activity, and for his merits in promoting fruit-tree growing.
In the house where Mendel was born at Hyncice, which is now part of the village of Vrazne in the Novy Jicin District, there is a memorial to the founder of genetics built by the Regional Museum in Novy Jicin.
On Schreiber's suggestien, in 1833 A. Mendel sent his son to the Priasist school in LIpnik.
www.xs4all.nl /~kalif/mendel.htm   (1036 words)

 Story Time - Mendel
Johann was born in 1822 to peasant farmers in the Czech Republic part of Eastern Europe.
The place of birth was a village called Heinzendorf, which is now called Hyncice.
The area borders where Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic come together.
peer.tamu.edu /curriculum_modules/Cell_Biology/Module_4/storytime.htm   (294 words)

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 Vakantiehuizen Hyncice vakantiehuis huren   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Vakantiehuizen en prachtige vakantiehuis huren Tsjechie, regio Hyncice
Voor de meest actuele informatie over vakantiehuizen in Hyncice, kies hierboven uit één van de drie aanbieders.
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 Poezdka za Kopeiki • Hyncice • Путешествовать вместе по Европе • ...
Poezdka za Kopeiki • Hyncice • Путешествовать вместе по Европе • Автостоп
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Lug, HR (powered by Geo Names)Ссылки соединены с Hyncice
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 Ferienhaus in Hyncice pod Susinou zu vermieten - Mährisch-Schlesien, Tschechien. Ferienhaus in Hyncice pod Susinou ...
Ferienhaus in Hyncice pod Susinou zu vermieten - Mährisch-Schlesien, Tschechien.
Ferienhaus in Hyncice pod Susinou mieten von privat.
Ort Hyncice pod Susinou grenz an zwei Gebirgsketten:altvatergebirge (Hruby Jesenik) und Schneeberg (Kralicky Sneznik)-ideale Lage für wandern,Mountainbiken.
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 soldatenpad Tsjechië Geschiedenis   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Met de namen Martin Barzing, Hermanus Hincky, Rupert Ditsch, Werner Bilk, hoofdman Weckani en een vaandrig Kroeze.
Martin Barzing stichtte het dorp Marzdorf en Barzdorf (Martinkovice en Bozanov), Hermanus Hicky het dorp Hermsdorf en Heinzendorf (Hermankovice en Hyncice), Rupert Ditsch het dorp Rupersdorf en Dietersbach (Ruprechtice en Jetrichov), Werner Bilk het dorf Wernersdorf (Vernerovice) en een huis in het bos, waar later Birkit (Brezova) is ontstaan.
Hoofdman Weckani bouwde het dorp Hauptmandorf (Heijtmankovice) en Weckersdorf (Krinice).
www.bozanov.nl /soldatenpad/intro.htm   (203 words)

 2stay.com - Hyncice hotels, Hyncice guest houses, Hyncice bed and breakfasts, Hyncice self catering accommodation - ...
2stay.com - Hyncice hotels, Hyncice guest houses, Hyncice bed and breakfasts, Hyncice self catering accommodation - hotels in Hyncice, Czech Republic, bed and breakfasts in Hyncice, Czech Republic, self catering accommodation in Hyncice Czech Republic
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 Hotels Hyncice Hôtels Pas Chers à Hyncice +33170613203
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 Ferienhaus Hyncice pod Susinou Olmütz Olomoucky Kraj Urlaub in Tschechien Ferienwohnung Unterkunft Urlaub
Home - Tschechien - Olmütz Olomoucky Kraj - - Hyncice pod Susinou
Ferienhaus Hyncice pod Susinou, Olmütz Olomoucky Kraj, Tschechien - Urlaub in Tschechien
Ort Hyncice pod Susinou grenzt an zwei Gebirgsketten: Kralicky Sneznik (Schneeberg) und Hruby Jesenik (Altvatergebirge) - ideale Lage für wandern und Skifahren.
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