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Topic: Hyperhydrosis

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Hyperhydrosis is the medical term given to the condition commonly referred to as excessive sweating.
Hyperhydrosis can be found in the palms of the hands (palmar hyperhydrosis is the most prevalent of all types) (http://abcnews.go.com/sections/living/dailynews/sweat2020.html), on the bottom of the feet, on the face, on the trunk, and in the armpits where the axillary glands are located.
Hyperhydrosis patients should be aware that “repeat” doses should not exceed two hundred units of botox at one time because antibodies will be created in the body, and these antibodies will cancel the effect of the toxin.
healthpsych.psy.vanderbilt.edu /HealthPsych/botox.htm   (4368 words)

 Calgary Health Region - Division of Thoracic Surgery - hyperhydrosis
Hyperhydrosis is a condition of excessive perspiration that occurs in up to 1% of the population.
Plantar hyperhydrosis is the excessive sweating of the feet ad leads to moist socks and shoes as well as increased foot odor.
Approximately 25% of patients with hyperhydrosis of the feet (plantar) will note some improvement, however, the operation is not designed to treat this disorder and should not be used primarily if this is the only complaint.
www.crha-health.ab.ca /tsd/diagnoses/hyperhydrosis.htm   (958 words)

Hyperhydrosis may be part of an underlying medical condition (secondary Hyperhydrosis) or may be of unknown cause (primary Hyperhydrosis).
Plantar hyperhydrosis refers to excessive sweating of the feet and is a known cause of foot odor.
It may also be used to treat hyperhydrosis by paralyzing the sympathetic nerves that cause sweating by injecting the toxin in the axilla or hands.
www.nosweatsurgery.com /hyperhyd.htm   (1109 words)

 Facial Rejuvination and Treatment for Hyperhydrosis using Botox. The St John Clinic in London and Bath.
Sweating is one of the most important ways in which the body loses heat; however, people with hyperhydrosis produce sweat in amounts far greater than needed to control their temperature.
Hyperhydrosis is caused by over activity of one type of sweat gland, the eccrine gland.
But it is not true that hyperhydrosis causes body odour: the smell that some think is due to sweating is in fact caused by bacteria on the skin if the sweat remains on the skin for a long time.
www.obagilondon.co.uk /botox_treatment.asp   (3493 words)

 Hyperhydrosis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Excessive sweating also known as hyperhydrosis is a condition that affects aproximately 1% of the U.S. population.
Symptoms of hyperhydrosis can be in the form of excessive sweating of the palms, hands, face, feet and or blushing.
This surgical procedure to cure hyperhydrosis takes about 45 minutes and is done on an outpatient basis allowing most patients to walk out of the medical center within 2 hours of the operation.
www.sweatypalms.com /hyperhydrosis.html   (228 words)

 Hyperhidrosis, hyperhidrosis treatment and excessive sweating cures.
This condition is known as Hyperhidrosis (American spelling) or Hyperhydrosis (European spelling) and is defined as the production of perspiration beyond what is necessary to cool the body.
Unfortunately there is no cure for excessive sweating of Hyperhydrosis (Hyperhidrosis.) Treatment ranges from topical (deodorants, powders to block or dry up the excess sweat.) Steroids and other drugs to reduce the side of the sweat glands and surgery to cut, remove or block the sweat glands to reduce the amount of sweat created.
A widely accepted form of treatment for excessive sweat (Hyperhydrosis and Hyperhidrosis) is electro current therapy usually called iontophoresis-therapy.
www.beathyperhidrosis.com   (547 words)

 Prespiration Treatments - Treatments - The Lifestyle Clinic - Treatment of Hyperhydrosis using Botox. Traditional ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Traditional treatments for hyperhydrosis include anti-perspirants, oral medication, electrical treatments and surgery.
Medical studies have shown that BOTOX is effective in treating axillary hyperhydrosis (armpit sweating) by blocking the release of acetylcholine, the chemical responsible for stimulating the sweat glands.
Hyperhydrosis is excessive perspiration (sweating) beyond that necessary to maintain normal body temperature.
www.lifestyleclinic.co.uk /treatments/perspiration   (355 words)

 Lindsey Fleener's Story
Lindsey had a condition that elicited excessive perspiration -- hyperhydrosis -- causing her hands to sweat profusely.
"The cause of hyperhydrosis is not well understood," says Dr. Atkinson, "and at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, we see an average of only 10 cases per year." And while the exact cause of the condition isn't known, it is well understood that the sympathetic nerve chain causes the disorder.
A purified form of the botullinum toxin, which is produced by the bacterium that causes food poising, Botox blocks chemical signals that cause muscles to contract when injected in small doses to specific muscles.
www.mayoclinic.org /hyperhydrosis/lindseyfleener.html   (920 words)

 Sympathectomy surgery for hyperhydrosis, endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy described.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
It is known that a certain segment within the sympathetic chain which is within the chest cavity is responsible for the excessive sweating.
Over the last 10 years few refinements came about and those are with regard to the scope of the operation as well as to the instruments used to treat hyperhydrosis.
Tremendous progress was made with regard to the quality of the pictures as well as the ability to be more precise with regard to the amount of nerve segment that should be dealt with.
www.excessive-sweating.net /sympathectomy_description.html   (406 words)

 Klinicare Medical and Complimentary Services - Hyperhydrosis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Excessive sweating or hyperhydrosis can be emotionally challenging and socially and professionally disruptive and there have been a few effective treatments.
Plantar hyperhydrosis refers to excessive sweating of the feet and is a known cause of foot odour.
In low doses it is used to treat hyperhydrosis by paralysing the sympathetic nerves that cause sweating by injecting the toxin in the axilla or hands.
www.klinicare.co.uk /hydro.htm   (372 words)

 hyperhydrosis Blog   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Botox Hyperhydrosis botox hyperhydrosis I've spent over 30 years as a biochemist, including eleven years of working in the field of surfactants and their applications in different industries...
Hyperhydrosis is a condition in which the sweat glands...
Excessive Sweating (Hyperhydrosis) Hyperhydrosis is caused by the overstimulation of sweat glands by the autonomic nerves.
excessive-sweating-inc.com /catalog/hyperhydrosis   (995 words)

 Axillary Hyperhydrosis - The Chatsworth Clinic
Sweating is one of the most important ways in which the body loses heat, but people with hyperhydrosis produce sweat in far greater amounts than is needed to control the temperature.
Many things can 'trigger' normal sweating and this is also true for hyperhydrosis - it is just the amount of sweat that varies.
About 30% - 50% of people with hyperhydrosis have a relative with a similar problem, suggesting that there may be a genetic cause.
www.denis.chamberlin.btinternet.co.uk /hyperhydrosis.htm   (233 words)

 Hyperhydrosis - Excessive Sweating, Sweat | brief look
The person suffering from this condition is also affected by psychological issues, as he or she might see this as a sign of weakness.
A patient with hyperhydrosis will have a hard time getting a job in a public relations office, for example and will be reluctant to handshakes.
Other areas where hyperhydrosis can be observed are the trunk and the thighs, but these are less common.
www.hyperhidrosis.us /hyperhydrosis.php   (301 words)

 Manbir Online ... Hyperhydrosis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
We divide hyperhydrosis into Two types: Idiopathic - of which the cause is unknown and the second one is secondary to some disease process.
This is a far more frequent condition than secondary hyperhydrosis and is generally, localized in one or several locations of the body (most often hands, feet, armpits or a combination of them).
Individuals with combined hyperhydrosis of the palms and soles have a good chance to improve the sweating of their feet after an operation aiming to suppress sweating of the hands.
www.manbir-online.com /hyperhydro.htm   (545 words)

Excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis) or its absence (anhydrosis) are distressing, often attributed to organic causes requiring investigation and treatment (4).
Focal hyperhidrosis is most often essential, or idiopathic, and results from a neurogenic overactivity of the sweat glands in the affected area.
The modalities used for craniofacial hyperhydrosis include a combination of Sympathetic block with oral Clonidine and topical application of antiperspirant (25), combination of iontophoresis and topical application of anticholinergics (31), and local injections of botulinum toxin A (BTX-A) (32).
www.theiaforum.org /january2004(2).htm   (2308 words)

 Hyperhydrosis - DrDonnica.com - The First Name in Women's Health
For the last six months or so I've been experiencing excessive sweating in my feet (hyperhydrosis, or so they tell me!).
Hyperhydrosis means "excessive sweating" and in the feet, this can cause embarrassing foot odor.
Patients may have excessive sweating anywhere or everywhere.  Sweating is a natural body function needed to regulate body temperature.
www.drdonnica.com /display.asp?article=4823   (173 words)

 Hyperhydrosis - Drysol Aluminum chloride anti perspirant, Dehydral antibacterial cream, Tinactin   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Bromhydrosis is a condition that occurs when hyperhydrosis is accompanied with a foul odor.
This distinctive odor is actually caused by bacteria helping to decompose the perspiration and dead skin cells on the foot and those that are left in the shoe or sock.
There are several medications available to ease the symptoms of hyperhydrosis and bromhydrosis and fungal conditions of the foot.
www.feelbest.com /hyperhydrosis.cfm   (426 words)

 Botox Treats Excessive Sweating
Excessive underarm sweating, also known as axillary hyperhydrosis is caused by the overstimulation of sweat glands by the autonomic nerves.
Because there is no perspiration in these areas, said Glogau, some patients develop compensatory hyperhydrosis, a condition in which other parts of the body sweat in excess.
Compensatory hyperhydrosis and other side effects were not reported.
www.aphroditewomenshealth.com /news/20020311222548_health_news.shtml   (1072 words)

 Excessive sweating, hyperhidrosis
Secondary hyperhydrosis may be the result of diabetes, obesity, antidepressants, diet, anxiety or other physical or mental disorders.
Most people who suffer hyperhydrosis complain of dripping hands, armpits, face, etc. They avoid shaking hands, public speaking or anything that would draw attention to their condition.
Surgery is the last option you should consider for hyperhydrosis because it involves cutting the nerves, called ganglion, which come out of the spine.
www.bodyodorperspirationhyperhydrosis.com   (916 words)

 hyperhydrosis and sweaty feet, foor odor, foot care, itchy feet, athletes foot
Throughout the day, the body and the feet naturally sweat to regulate the balance of heat in the body.
This affliction is known as hyperhydrosis and is defined as the far excess of sweating needed to cool the body.
While the cause of hyperhydrosis is unknown, there does appear to be a genetic connection.
thelittleuglybottle.com /hyperhydrosis.html   (370 words)

 Anxiety & Stress Forum - Hyperhydrosis
Hi i'm new to the forums and I have struggled with hyperhydrosis aka excessive sweating since I was born.
We were very lucky, we have a good health insurance policy and because he was offically diagnosed with the condition of hyperhydrosis the insurance company pays for the botox 100%.
You said that the doctors have linked your hyperhydrosis with anxiety, but from the sounds of it, you are like my husban and he didn't not have any anxiety problems what so ever.
www.ehealthforum.com /health/topic30920.html   (975 words)

 Hyperhidorsis, excessive sweating, excessive perspiration, Hyperhydrosis, drysol, underarm sweating, perpsiration, ...
I have been dealing with what I now know to be hyperhydrosis since I was in the sixth grade.
Hyperhydrosis also caused me to not keep a relationship with any guy for more than a few days.
I am still hyperhydrosis free and do not have to use the Maxim but once every two weeks now.
www.maximteam.com /testimonials.htm   (9936 words)

 Hyperhydrosis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
An estimated 4 million individuals are affected by a condition called Hyperhydrosis (underarm sweating) and.
Botulinum toxin (Botox) is a natural, purified protein with the ability to interrupt the chemical messages released by nerve endings.
For Hyperhydrosis, Botox works by blocking the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands, reducing excessive and normal sweating by 89%.
www.stlouisskin.com /hyperhydrosis.asp   (119 words)

 Thoracic Surgery Associates, PC
When used to treat hyperhydrosis of the upper extremities, sympathectomy at T2 and T3 have historically been performed.
At a meeting of leaders in the field in Stockholm, it was determined that T2 sympathectomy may decrease sweating from the scalp, therefore promoting compensatory sweating of the abdomen and chest.
It is believed that moving the sympathectomy leves to T3 and T4 may decrease compensatory truncal sweating, and still relieve palmar and axillary hyperhydrosis.
www.chest-surgery.com   (227 words)

 Sympathectomy and treatment options for hyperhydrosis at Mayo Clinic
Treating secondary hyperhydrosis requires that the underlying condition be identified and treated.
Most patients with severe hyperhydrosis who have exhausted other medical treatments have the option of surgery as a permanent solution.
However, these procedures are not designed to treat plantar hyperhydrosis and should not be used if the feet are the only areas involved.
www.mayoclinic.org /hyperhydrosis/treatment.html   (631 words)

 Hyperhydrosis Definition / Hyperhydrosis Research   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
hyperhydrosis is the most common side effect following surgery.
Hyperhydrosis is a condition in which the sweat glands are over productive resulting in excessive perspiration.
Hyperhydrosis is a commonly noted as sweaty palms and feet.
www.elresearch.com /Hyperhydrosis   (146 words)

 ENS: Botulinium Toxin Type A Treats Bilateral Primary Axillary Hyperhydrosis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
PARIS, FRANCE -- April 24, 2001 -- New data presented at the 11th Meeting of the European Neurological Society suggest that botulinium toxin type A (Botox) is an effective and well-tolerated treatment for bilateral primary axillary hyperhidrosis.
A few small, predominantly open-label studies had suggested that botulinium toxin type A injections may be a safe and effective treatment for focal hyperhydrosis.
All participants in the trial had persistent bilateral, primary axillary hypohydrosis that interfered with activities of daily living and a baseline resting spontaneous sweat production on gravimetry of greater than 50 mg per five minutes per axilla.
www.pslgroup.com /dg/1f8daa.htm   (608 words)

 Hyperhydrosis information at MyFootShop.com!
We've already mentioned hyperhydrosis, but we should also discuss anhydrosis, or lack of perspiration.
Remember, when treating hyperhydrosis, bromhydrosis and fungal conditions of the foot, these conditions will not be cured, but rather need to be managed over a patient's life.
Severe cases of hyperhydrosis can also be treated with injections or surgery.
www.myfootshop.com /detail.asp?Condition=Hyperhydrosis   (887 words)

 Hyperhydrosis and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)
Hyperhydrosis and reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) are two disorders with a common cause and treatment.
Patients generally note increased sweating in the palms of their hands, feet and possibly also in the trunk.
Treatment for both hyperhydrosis and RSD is injections or surgery.
www.neurosurgery.pitt.edu /spine/conditions/rsd.html   (179 words)

 This foot problem can be solved by a serious skin care solution in foot care   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
We've already mentioned Hyperhydrosis and Bromhydrosis, but we should also discuss anhydrosis, or lack of perspiration.
Severe cases of Hyperhydrosis are been treated until recently with injections or surgery.
This unpleasant situation causes almost all problems with sweaty feet (hyperhydrosis and bromhydrosis).
www.nosweatyfeet.com /sweaty_feet_faq.htm   (1883 words)

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