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Topic: IATA airline designator

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In the News (Tue 22 Jan 19)

  Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Airline codes
IATA airline designators, sometimes called IATA reservation codes, are two-character codes assigned by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to the world's airlines in accordance with the provisions of IATA Resolution 762.
Designators are used to identify an airline for all commercial purposes, including reservations, timetables, tickets, tariffs, air waybills and in airline interline telecommunications.
Most airlines employ a distinctive and internationally recognized call sign that is normally spoken during airband radio transmissions as a prefix to the flight number.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/IATA_airline_designator   (721 words)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: IATA airline designator
Designators are used to identify an airline for all commercial purposes, including reservations, timetables, tickets, tariffs, air waybills and in airline interline telecommunications.
IATA maintains two policies to deal with the limited number of available codes: after an airline is delisted the code becomes available for reuse after six months; and IATA issues "controlled duplicates".
Primaris Airlines is an airline based in the United States of America that achieved certification in June 2004 as a Domestic, Flag and supplemental operator, and plans to begin operating scheduled flights sometime in 2007.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/IATA-airline-designator   (6237 words)

IATA codes are an integral part of the travel industry, and essential for the identification of an airline or a logistics company, its destinations and its traffic documents.
Airlines as well as railway, bus and ferry companies, computer reservations systems (CRSs) and ULD owners/leasing companies may be assigned an IATA airline codes.
This code is available for airlines that do not qualify for IATA codes but operate at airports with automated baggage sortation systems.
www.iata.org /whatwedo/aircraft_operations/coding   (241 words)

 CheckACode - Glossary
The International Airlines Travel Agent Network, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), is a not-for-profit organization committed to upholding professional business standards that are widely recognized in the travel industry.
A travel agency or airline to whom an IATA Member or a non-IATA airline has delegated general authority to be represented for the purpose of sales of passenger and/or cargo air transportation in a defined territory.
A company providing contract services to airlines and assigned an IATA numeric code to identify the issuance of transportation documents on behalf of the airline(s) for whom it is contracted.
www.checkacode.com /glossary.asp   (793 words)

 IATA airline designator - WikiAir, the layover website that ANYONE can edit!
IATA airline designators are two-letter codes assigned by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to the world's airlines.
The designator is used to identify an airline for all commercial purposes.
The two character airline designator is assigned by IATA in accordance with the provisions of Resolution 762.
www.wikiair.com /wiki/index.php?title=IATA_airline_designator   (259 words)

 About Code-Sharing - TACA.COM
Code sharing is a term that refers to a practice where a flight operated by an airline is jointly marketed as a flight for one or more other airlines.
Most major airlines nowadays have code sharing partnerships with other airlines, and code sharing is a key feature of the major airline alliances.
Under a code share agreement a flight operated by TA as TA123, might also be sold by airline XX as XX*456 and by YY as YY*9876.
www.taca.com /eng/oth/oabo/oaboallcodsha.asp   (111 words)

 CalendarHome.com - - Calendar Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Identified by its blue globe logo and the use of the word "Clipper" in aircraft names and call signs, the airline was a cultural icon of the 20th century, and the unofficial flag carrier of the United States.
The airline was involved in creating a missile-tracking range in the South Atlantic, and in operating a nuclear-engine testing laboratory in Nevada.
The airline was respected for the experience and professionalism of its crews; cabin staff were multilingual and usually college graduates, frequently with nursing training.
encyclopedia.calendarhome.com /cgi-bin/encyclopedia.pl?p=Pan_American_World_Airways   (5421 words)

 Airline Code Condor Flugdienst Germany Gmbh Iata
IATA airline designator IATA airline designators are two-letter codes assigned.
IATA Airline Designators are two-letter codes assigned by the International Air.
Airline IATA Flight Codes (Glossary of IATA airline, airport codes) Condor, the charter flight airline from Thomas Cook AG, is founded on December 21st.
flightresourcez.com /airline_code_condor_flugdienst_germany_gmbh_iata.html   (703 words)

 .aero shortcuts policy
Changes in the policy are prepared and proposed by the existing task force or, in the absence of the task force, in cooperation with IATA and ACI representatives in the Dot Aero Council.
Providing the operating airline wishes to activate service for all its flights, all relevant domains held by airports may be automatically reassigned by the Sponsor to the airline as defined in the Domain Management Policy.
Entities providing the service must ensure that that the web information provided to the user is customised in accordance with the limitations of the device employed by the user and that the presentation requirements and data volumes do not exceed the technical capabilities of the device and communication channels typically used for a given device.
www.information.aero /index.php?id=23   (1620 words)

 dot travel TLD application
IATA also is responsible for allocating the three-letter codes which designate the cities and airports of the world (e.g., “JFK” for New York’s John F.
Third, IATA already has a fully developed website, www.iata.org, which provides a convenient and virtually cost-free means for members of the travel community, in the broadest sense, to provide their input to IATA.
IATA seeks full authority to negotiate a contract with a registry operator, to be limited, however, by the DNS and other technical requirements.
www.icann.org /tlds/travel1/sectionc1.htm   (2295 words)

 Airlines of the World - the Major Carrier with IATA airline designation - ICAO designation and callsigns
AACO established in 1965 is the Regional Association of the Arab Airlines who have their homebase in countries members of the Arab League.
The international Association of Latin American Transport, a private, non-profit organization composed by Latin American commercial airlines, whose objective is to combine and coordinate the efforts of its members to facilitate the development of air transport in the Latin America region.
3-letter IATA Airport Codes which are commonly used worldwide.
www.nationsonline.org /oneworld/airlines.htm   (355 words)

 IATA airline designator | Turkish | Dictionary & Translation by Babylon
IATA airline designators, sometimes called IATA reservation codes, are two-character codes assigned by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to the world's airlines in accordance with the provisions of Resolution 762.
Designators are used to identify an airline for all commercial purposes, including reservations, timetables, tickets, tariffs, air waybills and in airline interline telecommunications.
Since 1987 the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has been issuing three-letter codes, which are due to be adopted by IATA.
www.babylon.com /definition/IATA_airline_designator/Turkish   (124 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: G
Unicode is an industry standard designed to allow text and symbols from all of the writing systems of the world to be consistently represented and manipulated by computers.
GC may stand for: GC is a SI unit for Gigacoulomb, for electric charge equal to 109 coulomb GC is a USCS symbol for clayey gravel GC is the IATA code for Gambia International Airlines GC (character), a ficticious cat on 80s mexican television.
GL may stand for: Air Greenland IATA airline designator Gay-Lesbian Geddy Lee, Rushs bass and keyboard player General ledger, in accounting general linear group, in algebra (from the French, groupe linéaire) Geophysical laboratory Germanischer Lloyd a Classification society Gigalitre, an SI unit of capacity Girl-love Girl...
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/G%26R-Gmail   (4916 words)

European airlines are fighting for financial aid in a bid to survive an economic slowdown and the fall-out from the recent attacks on the US.
Although the airline is operationally independent of South African Airways, its flights are incorporated within the Alliance and the airline utilises the South African Airways reservations, check-in facilities and designator code
Airlines and the three letter airport codes with links to their websites.
digilander.libero.it /design_now/IATA_Airline_Designator.html   (485 words)

 Africa... Airline china eastern usa, Models Service, China eastern airline usa
Iata airline designator iata airline designators are twoletter codes assigned.
China eastern airlines co. With shanghai airlines last month american teamed with china eastern.
Airline china eastern, 677 rtn, book with flying eagles telephone offer updated 16 hours ago.
four.fsphost.com /galle0n/airline-china/airline_china_eastern_usa.html   (329 words)

 Welcome to Pacific World Travel
Aeroflot Russian Airlines was established in 1923, headquarter in Moscow in Sheremetyevo Airport.
It is an airline that with an average fleet age of 4.6 years, operates the youngest fleet of Boeing 737-400/700/800, brand new Airbus 340-300Es and ATR 72-500 aircraft in South Asia, an airline that has pioneered concepts like Through-Check-In, City Check-In, e-ticketing, Jet Mobile and unique five-tiered frequent flier program Jet priviledge in India.
Philippine Airlines, Asia’s first airline, took to the skies on 15 March, 1941 and now it has become one of the most respected airlines around the world with modern fleet of aircrafts and a route network that spans 36 international points and 24 domestic points.
www.pwtmal.com.my /airlines   (1162 words)

 Airline Airway Australia Code Iata Ltd Qantas
Australian airlines have extensive code-share arrangements with overseas airlines.
Definition of Qantas Airways Ltd (Australia, IATA airline code) in the list of acronyms and abbreviations provided by the Free.
A British Airways subsidiary; RT - Airlines of South Australia - Regional airline boasts "The.
flightdir.com /airline_airway_australia_code_iata_ltd_qantas.html   (903 words)

 BTS | Aviation Data Modernization; Proposed Rules
In 1968, the CAB designed the O&D Survey around the lifted flight coupon to reflect the standard procedures that were in use in the airline industry.
Typical of the responses was that of American Airlines, which, as both a supplier and a user of data, expressed full support of the Department's effort to simplify the data submissions and ensure the accuracy and integrity of the data disseminated to the public.
The Ticket Designator is the code indicating that the fare basis code is modified by rules associated with the ticket designator code.
www.bts.gov /publications/federal_register/2005/html/bts_2005_02_17.html   (18414 words)

 Airline codes
by airline which is not true for the IATA airline designator codes.
The station was to be built onto an existing terminal at the airport so the airline Aeromexico could begin flying passengers from Stockton to Guadalajara, Mexico.
is a commercial agreement between two airlines to allow one company to sell a certain number of seats on another airline's flights under its name by effectively enlarging their flight and destination networks.
qoroblog.iquebec.com /airline_codes.html   (1259 words)

 cars - LOT Polish Airlines
The airline was founded on January 1, 1929 when all private airlines in the country were merged into one.
In 1945, seven years after the service was suspened, the airline restarted its operation after receiving 10 Lisunov Li-2 and 9 Douglas DC-3.
The new airline was launched in early 2005 and flies B737's.
www.carluvers.com /cars/LOT   (460 words)

 African Airline Management - from airline consulting to airline reservations, inventory management, e-ticketing, ...
African airlines face unique challenges in the short to medium term, which require unique solutions.
Changing technology also threatens to leave many African airlines behind unless they can find financially viable ways of introducing and using the latest software and technology being adapted by the major international players.
Increasing pressure on profitability requiring advanced revenue management software and a host of other issues, represent new and difficult challenges for smaller to medium size airlines in Africa.
www.afam.co.za   (175 words)

 LIAT -Our Caribbean Airline :: Terms & Policies
carrier means an air carrier other than ourselves, whose airline designator code appears on your ticket or on a conjunction ticket.
If carriage is performed pursuant to a charter agreement, these Conditions of' Carriage apply only to the extent they are incorporated by reference or otherwise, in the charter agreement or the ticket.
Nothing herein shall be deemed to affect the rights and liabilities of such airlines with regard to any claim brought by, or on behalf of, or in respect of, any person who has caused damage which resulted in death, wounding or other bodily injury of a Passenger.
www.liatairline.com /policies.html   (5398 words)

 Aereas Airline Angola Code De Iata Linhas Taag
IATA airline codes - Coding Number of airlines: 1001.
LAM Linhas Aereas de Mocambique This airline is a member of.
IATA airline codes - Decoding Number of airlines: 1001.
flightresourcez.com /aereas_airline_angola_code_de_iata_linhas_taag.html   (980 words)

 Ireland Irish Ireland Vacation Packages - Travel - Tourism: Airlines operating in Ireland
The airport is the headquarters of the national airline of Ireland, Aer Lingus.
Aer Lingus (IATA designator:EI) is the national airline of Ireland and one of the most easily recognised airlines in the world.
The airline is presently owned by the Irish government, however plans are being made for the privatisation of the company.
www.browseireland.com /Ireland_Vacation_Packages_-_Travel_-_Tourism/Airlines_operating_in_Ireland   (779 words)

 iata - OneLook Dictionary Search
IATA : The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language [home, info]
IATA : Pilot magazine A to Z of Aviation Jargon [home, info]
Phrases that include iata: iata airline designator, iata code, iata code number, iata kodenummer, iata location identifier, more...
www.onelook.com /?w=iata&ls=a   (178 words)

 Northwest united airlines italy travel - Chen's arguments   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Northwest Airlines Corporation reported a net loss of cheap asia northwest airlines flights $285 million during the.
Who book travel with Northwest northwest airlines plane collision Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and their alliance partners.
Airlines travel cheap flights airfare warsaw, brasilia northwest airlines airline tickets, airline flights northwest airlines hawaii northwest airlines airfares brasilia, airlines united italy.
malcolmmarks.gigcities.com /northwest_airlines_on_time_brazil/north-unite-air-ita-trave.html   (889 words)

 Travel Industry Designator Service (TIDS)
Designed for travel agents and other tourism sales intermediaries, the Travel Industry Designator (TIDS) - TSI in the USA - is a unique code that allows your bookings to be recognised by all industry suppliers
Visibility through inclusion in all IATA Global Data products
Eligibility for employees to join IATA ID Card
www.iata.org /tids   (157 words)

 IATA Airline Designators - Definition, explanation
The two character airline designator listed are for use in reservations, timetables, tickets, tariffs, air waybills, schedules publications and in airline interline telecommunications, as well as for the airline industry applications.
IATA assigns three types of two character airline designators.
=List of designators= Airlines are listed by two-letter designator with nationality in parentheses.
www.calsky.com /lexikon/en/txt/i/ia/iata_airline_designators.php   (339 words)

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