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Topic: ICD-10 Chapter B

    Note: these results are not from the primary (high quality) database.

 Main changes in <b>ICDb>-<b>10b> by <b>Chapterb>
Within the <b>Chapterb>, increases of less than <b>10b> per cent for both males and females were seen for hernia, diseases of the liver and alcoholic liver disease.
Significant changes within the <b>Chapterb> are seen for intestinal infectious diseases, with a 34 per cent increase for females and a 22 per cent increase for males, and for septicaemia, with a 13 per cent increase for females and a <b>10b> per cent increase for males.
Overall, the number of deaths assigned to this <b>Chapterb> has increased by 11 per cent (a comparability ratio of 1.11) for females and 6 per cent (a comparability ratio of 1.06) for males.
www.statistics.gov.uk /about/classifications/icd10/main_changes.asp   (2398 words)

 List of <b>ICDb>-<b>10b> codes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
<b>ICDb>-<b>10b> <b>Chapterb> Z: Factors influencing health status and contact with health services
International_Statistical_Classification_of_Diseases_and_Related_Health_Problems#ICD10 -- provides multiple external links for looking up <b>ICDb> codes
Classification of Drugs by American Hospital Formulary Service List Number and Their <b>ICDb>-9-CM Equivalents
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_ICD-10_codes   (287 words)

 Publications - Corporate - AIHW Annual Report 1996-97 - HTML <b>Chapterb> <b>10b> - Classifications in Health (AIHW)
The Centre has 15 staff, 12 at the University of Sydney where the main functions relate to coding for morbidity reporting purposes, and three at the Queensland University of Technology, dealing primarily with mortality coding issues, relationships with the ABS and training in health classification systems in the countries of the Western Pacific.
The seminar theme, 'Partnerships in Coding', reflected the strong alliances and partnerships that have been forged in the area of coding in recent times, among the Commonwealth, State health authorities, computer and IT specialists, clinicians, allied health professionals, other organisations and, most importantly, clinical coders.
This reflects the Institute's interest in higher quality coding of mortality, morbidity and procedures as well as other coding systems such as impairments, and disability and handicap, as the basis for high-quality health and welfare statistics.
www.aihw.gov.au /publications/corporate/ar96-7/ar96-7-c10.html   (904 words)

 <b>ICDb> <b>10b>
In ICD10 the category code is made up of alphabetical and two numeric characters as opposed to three numeric characters in ICD9.
The Chapters are still identified by Roman numerals BUT the first character of the <b>ICDb> code is now an alphabetical character.
The two supplementary classifications, the "E" and the "V" codes are incorporated into the main part of ICD10.
www.casemix.com.au /icd_10.htm   (875 words)

 Transparent <b>ICDb> and DRG Coding
Searches for <b>ICDb>-<b>10b> codes are defined by a context-sensitive query on the XML documents that includes <b>ICDb>-<b>10b> titles, inclusive terms, and synonyms.
For example, we are able to assign the code, title, included and excluded codes as well as the corresponding <b>chapterb>, group and subgroup.
In order to efficiently assign the patient clinical complexity level, this list is ordered by the weighting (1-4) as well as the epidemiologic prevalence of the secondary diagnoses.
www.pcse.org /articles/index.asp?id=205   (3612 words)

 <b>ICDb>-<b>10b>-Field Testing Project: Report on Findings
As discussed below, the codes reported per <b>ICDb>-<b>10b>-CM <b>chapterb> totaled 23, 122, but this figure may also be low.
Almost <b>10b> percent (7.9%) were records from post-acute settings, which encompassed home health or hospice, nursing homes, long term care hospitals, and rehabilitation units or facilities.
Thus, while the responses regarding coding experience indicated that the participants are generally seasoned coding professionals (88% reported 5 years or more of coding experience and 62% reported more than <b>10b> years of experience), many of them are not currently coding records extensively on a regular basis.
library.ahima.org /xpedio/groups/public/documents/ahima/pub_bok1_020969.html   (3612 words)

 WPA ONLINE - WPA Public Info - Info Services for Patients and Families
Family of the international classification of Mental and Behavioural Disorders, <b>Chapterb> V of <b>ICDb>-<b>10b>
1989 Adoption of International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, Tenth Revision (<b>ICDb>-<b>10b>)
Development of the International Classification of Mental and Behavioural Disorders (<b>ICDb>-<b>10b> Ch.
www.wpanet.org /education/icd10tran.html   (5829 words)

Another important point related to the <b>ICDb>-<b>10b> is the concept of a "family of classifications", of which the list of three-character categories is the core.
However, disorders of the immune mechanism, which in the ICE-9 had been included with endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases, in the <b>ICDb>-<b>10b> are included with diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs.
In <b>ICDb>-9 the latter was a supplementary classification of external causes of injury and poisoning.
www.paho.org /English/sha/epibul_95-98/be951disease.htm   (1538 words)

 Classification II (International View)
<b>ICDb>-<b>10b>: International Classification of Diseases (10th Revision) <b>chapterb> five for mental and behavioural disorders.
Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, Hypertext Reference to <b>ICDb> 9-CM
Hypertext references for Medical Coding Systems to AN-DRG, <b>ICDb>-9-CM, SRGs
www.medinf.mu-luebeck.de /~ingenerf/terminology/Term-icd-international.html   (1538 words)

 <b>Chapterb> XX: The First Freedom
The first step, aimed specifically at widening their horizons, was the opening of the American Library in Bad Homburg on 4 July 1945 with a stock of 3,000 books, 100 US periodicals, and <b>10b> British and French periodicals.
Plant owners, who in the first place had no choice and the second place could not use the plants without licenses anyway, usually were willing enough to turn over the property at a reasonable rent; but <b>ICDb> had to be concerned also for the future when American protection was gone.
<b>ICDb> slowed the opening of movie houses through the summer of 1945 and, together with acute shortages of electronic equipment and raw film, delayed the licensing program for new productions throughout the whole first year.
www.army.mil /cmh-pg/books/wwii/Occ-GY/ch20.htm   (1538 words)

 BOIMHC - Central-West Gippsland Division of General Practice Inc - ACCESS TO ALLIED HEALTH SERVICES - GIPPSLAND PILOT PROJECT
The Gippsland Pilot Project targets all people in the Gippsland region who have a diagnosis of a mental disorder (as classified in <b>Chapterb> V of the World Health Organisation's diagnostic manual, the <b>ICDb>-<b>10b> primary health care version, excluding dementia, delirium, tobacco use disorder and mental retardation).
The Gippsland Pilot Project is a joint project between the three Gippsland Divisions of General Practice (The East Gippsland, South Gippsland and Central West Gippsland Divisions), for which the East Gippsland Division is the fund holder and lead agency.
The Gippsland Pilot Project is initially aiming to provide a broad range of Focused Psychological Strategies (FPS) to individuals using one-on-one sessions.
www.mentalhealth.gov.au /boimhc/abstracts/vic_eastgippsland.htm   (1538 words)

 Surgeon Generals Mental Health Report <b>Chapterb> Two: Overview of Cultural Diversity and Mental Health Services: Coping Styles
A Japanese culture-bound syndrome has appeared in that country’s clinical modification of <b>ICDb>-<b>10b> (WHO International Classification of Diseases, 10th edition, 1993).
Taijin kyofusho is an intense fear that one’s body or bodily functions give offense to others.
Culture-bound syndromes sometimes reflect comprehensive systems of belief, typically emphasizing a need for a balance between opposing forces (e.g., yin/yang, “hot-cold” theory) or the power of supernatural forces (Cheung and Snowden, 1990).
www.enterthefreudianslip.com /surgeon_general_mental_health_ch2_overview_of_cultural_diversity_coping_styles.htm   (1538 words)

 Mental and Neurological Health in Primary Care
The diagnostic and management summaries it contains are based on the WHO International Diagnostic and Management Guidelines for Mental Disorders in Primary Care and are wholly compatible with <b>ICDb>-<b>10b> <b>Chapterb> V which is the diagnostic framework used by psychiatric professionals.
Despite this, mental health provision has been dogged, perhaps more than any other area of healthcare, by differences in how we think about mental health and the words we use.
Copies of the second edition of the WHO guide to mental and neurological health in primary care are available from RSM Press, priced £22.50.
www.whoguidemhpcuk.org   (461 words)

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