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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  IEE - Instituto de Estudos Empresariais
The events promoted by IEE aim at broadening concepts and work out proposals which are coherent with the values advocated by the Entity.
As a result from this process, individuals formed by IEE come to occupy leadership and relevance positions in our society, with their role as changing agents marked by their ability to think in a different way and intelectual independence.
IEE's legacy to next generations is the certainty that Brazil is stronger than the crisis, and that the solution to our problems comes by theawareness that every individual, in his or her full full freedom, is responsible for doing his or her part in the effort of building a fair, progressist society.”
www.iee.com.br /historia.aspx?id_Idioma=2   (290 words)

  Institution of Electrical Engineers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Institution of Electrical Engineers or IEE (pronounce: I-double-E or I-E-E) is a British professional organisation for electronics, electrical, manufacturing and IT professionals.
Through the IEE website, these networks provide up-to-date sector-specific news, stock a library of technical articles and give members the opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas with peer groups through dedicated discussion forums.
The IEE has an educational role, seeking to support its members through their careers, producing advice and guidance at all levels to secure the future of engineering.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/IEE   (296 words)

 Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)
IEE is carried out to determine whether potentially adverse environmental effects are significant or whether mitigation measures can be adopted to reduce or eliminate these adverse effects.
IEE also requires expert advice and technical input from environmental specialists so that potential environmental problems can be clearly defined.
To prepare an IEE, it is necessary to initially make a checklist that briefly describes the project activities to be implemented and natural resources to be affected.
www.unescap.org /drpad/vc/orientation/M8_lnk_1.htm   (275 words)

 ePolitix.com - IEE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
IEE acts as the voice of the profession, making submissions to government and providing advice.
IEE is taking particular interest in IT, communications, energy, manufacturing, education and research issues, and is seeking to play a major role in influencing government policy in these areas.
IEE members are at the forefront of high-technology industry and play a major role in the economic welfare of their countries as well as in the quality of life.
www.epolitix.com /EN/Forums/IEE   (427 words)

 Wrightslaw - Independent Educational Evaluations by Wayne Steedman
If the parents present an evaluation to the IEP team which the school district previously refused to conduct, the school district may be required to reimburse the parents the costs of the evaluation if it is determined by the IEP team that the evaluation provided information which impacted the child's education, services or placement.
Additionally, if the parents disagree with an evaluation obtained by the school district and request an IEE at public expense, the school district will have to obtain the IEE and pay for it unless the school district requests a due process hearing and the hearing officer rules that an IEE is not needed.
It must either consent to the IEE at public expense, or request a due process hearing in an effort to prove to a hearing officer that the evaluation it completed was sufficient.
www.wrightslaw.com /info/eval.iee.steedman.htm   (1187 words)

 Web site privacy statement - The IEE
If you contribute to the work of the IEE, for example by serving on a committee, this will be recorded; the information may then be used to provide you with access to any special services that the IEE provides to assist that committee.
The IEE does not attempt to collect personal information by methods that are indirect or not made obvious to you, and it does not attempt to combine your information with data obtained from sources outside the IEE.
A minority of the banner advertisements on the IEE Web site may be from third party advertising servers, and these may set cookies under their own policies, as indicated in our cookie statement.
consultants.iee.org /howto/privacy.cfm   (1722 words)

 NERP IEE - Ch. 1, Introduction
The purpose of the IEE is to characterize the potential environmental impacts of Plan implementation, at a level of information and analysis consistent with the Plan itself.
The IEE team, budget, and level of effort, then, are essentially the same as and cannot be separated out from the Phase I budget.
Thus, to ensure that the most fundamental purpose of IEE is achieved, which is to identify and characterize all potentially significant adverse impacts, this document concentrates on the FCD projects.
bicn.com /wei/resources/nerp/iee/04-ch1-introduction.htm   (1612 words)

 About IEE
As a result of reducing the scientific staff in the nineties, the subject-matters of particular departments of IEE had to be reformulated, narrowed or abandoned, except the themes of the Power Electronics Department, reflecting rapid technological progress in the field.
Research teams of IEE continue cooperating with research teams of universities in Kaiserslautern in Germany, Toulouse in France, Madison and Austin in the U.S.A. The results of both theoretical and experimental research are concurrently presented in inland and foreign periodicals and also in proceedings of national and international scientific conferences.
A relatively complex engagement of IEE in prospective problems of electrical engineering, along with a vivid cooperation with qualified inland and foreign institutions are the main grounds why the quite exclusive position of IEE in the professional inland research has been preserved up to the present time.
www.iee.cas.cz /about.html   (1868 words)

 IEE Insider #4
IEE is proud to announce publication of its report School-to-Work: Making a Difference in Education, which compiles and analyzes the most recent research on school-to-work initiatives in the United States.
IEE's report is thus far the most comprehensive compilation of research examining the effects of recent school-to-work efforts and therefore is immediately relevant to educators, policymakers, parents, and employers.
IEE estimates that the Civic Strategies approach has resulted in positive changes in two-thirds of the schools where the model was fully implemented.
www.tc.columbia.edu /iee/INSIDERS/Insider4.htm   (2973 words)

 Murrieta Valley Unified School District - Pupil Services   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) means an evaluation conducted by a qualified examiner who is not employed by the public agency responsible for the education of the child in question.
The District is not responsible for providing an IEE when parents merely feel the need for additional information about their child, and which is not based on a disagreement with District assessment results or IEP team findings.
When an IEE evaluator has a sliding scale fee based on parent income, the District will reimburse only an amount equivalent to the charge based on the parents’ income or actual charge whichever is less.
www.murrieta.k12.ca.us /html/ieePolicy.html   (1252 words)

 Monster: IEE
IEE is an award-winning pioneer in the development of sensor-based automotive safety products, and the list of applications is growing.
IEE is a high-tech company, at the cutting-edge of the sensor technology found in automobile occupant-detection systems - the greater part of our business - and in numerous other applications.
An IEE employee receives from the company the same degree of attention and respect that we expect him or her to show in every interaction with an IEE customer.
company.monster.lu /ieelu   (569 words)

 IEE:Company   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
IEE has emerged as a global leader in the field of automotive occupant sensing.
IEE operates two facilities in Europe, both in Luxembourg.
IEE is an award-winning pioneer in the development of
www.iee.lu /nav01/company.htm   (264 words)

 Monash IEE: Buddy Scheme Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The IEE is an innovative international organisation for electronics, electrical, manufacturing and IT professionals providing services to 120,000 members worldwide.
The IEE Buddy Scheme has been set up with the aim of aiding the transition between high school and university, and to facilitate networking between students of different year levels at university.
The aim of the 2005 IEE Buddy Scheme is to form networks that will last for many years into the future, allowing participants to have an enriched university experience that will help them throughout their careers.
monash.iee.org.au /buddyabout.php   (575 words)

 Rogers Corporation and IEE SA> Luxembourg Announce Commercial Agreement on EL-FSR™ Products   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
IEE S.A., founded in 1989, is headquartered in Luxembourg, Europe, and entered the automotive market in 1993.
IEE is specialized in sensor products, such as passenger detection systems.
IEE has more than 912 employees and operates a manufacturing site as well as a technical center in Luxembourg.
www.rogerscorporation.com /durel/IEE_announce.htm   (678 words)

 IEE Industrial Engineering Courses
Prerequisite: IEE 431 or 541 or instructor approval.
Prerequisites: ASE 485; CSE 100 (or equivalent); IEE 476 (or 546).
Pre- or corequisite: IEE 545 or 566 or 567 or 574 or 575.
www.asu.edu /aad/catalogs/spring_2000/iee.html   (1068 words)

 The Institute of Evolutionary Economics
In its studies, the Institute of Evolutionary Economics (IEE) presupposes that Man is the major system-creating factor for the innovational attractors, and Universal Natural Laws are the major evolutionary laws.
IEE scientists admit that society and economics suffer crisis cycles as well as prosperity cycles.
All the information given by IEE and members of NGO «The Institute of Evolutionary Economy» is protected according to the Ukrainian Legislation.
www.iee.org.ua /en/about   (570 words)

 Volkswagen Group Honours IEE With Development Award
The IEE Seat Belt Reminder sensor in conjunction with a seat belt buckle switch triggers a warning light and an audible signal reminding the seat occupant to fasten his or her seat belt.
The IEE Seat Belt Reminder consists of a sensor mat made of two sandwiched carrier sheets held together by an adhesive.
IEE has more than 914 employees and operates a manufacturing site as well as a technical centre in Luxembourg.
www.theautochannel.com /news/2005/06/22/132746.html   (556 words)

 Press Release - IEE Selects Scitation to Host its Publications Online
IEE also publishes conference proceedings (Seminar Digests), along with seven magazines aimed at the practicing engineer and engineering manager.
Founded in 1871, The IEE is the largest professional engineering society in Europe and has a worldwide membership of 120,000.
The members of IEE that have joined together to promote the advancement of electrical, electronic and manufacturing science and engineering, range from students to the most distinguished and highly qualified members of the profession.
www.aip.org /press_release/iee_pubs.html   (368 words)

 Administrative Advisory SPED 2004-1: Independent Educational Evaluations - Special Education   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
This IEE is to be conducted by a qualified examiner who is not employed by the responsible school district.
In that case, if a parent requests an IEE, the best practice would be for the district to seek consent from the parent to conduct its own updated assessments and evaluation of the student first, within the timelines required by the special education regulations.
If a parent requests an IEE more than 16 months after the school district evaluated the student, the best practice would be for the district to seek consent from the parent to conduct its own updated assessments and evaluation of the student first, within the timelines required by the special education regulations.
www.doe.mass.edu /sped/advisories/04_1.html   (2516 words)

 Independent External Evaluation of IFAD (IEE)
The main objective of the IEE is to determine IFAD’s contribution to rural poverty reduction, the results and impact it has achieved and the relevance of IFAD’s mission and objectives in relation to international development goals and the national development strategies of IFAD borrowing countries.
The IEE core team, established by ITAD, consists of the Team Leader and three senior experts and a further 12 experts with diverse regional, thematic and language knowledge and skills.
It is being led by Mr Derek Poate, Chairman of ITAD and leader of ITAD’s evaluations of UNAIDS and the UNCDF.
www.ifad.org /evaluation/iee/newsletters/1203.htm   (1488 words)

 IEE (Qld) National Guidelines
IEE Australia shall exist to undertake the practices and activities as specified by the member Branches from time to time.
IEE Australia shall elect annually from its representatives a Chairman, a Deputy Chairman, an Honorary Secretary and an Honorary Treasurer as Office Bearers for a one-year term commencing 1 October.
IEE Australia may appoint working parties for special purposes consisting of members of the Council and others.
users.tpg.com.au /adslmq8b/guidline.html   (616 words)

 The Office of International Education and Exchange
IEE advisors are available to meet with you during walk-in hours without an appointment, on a first-come, first-served basis.
An individual appointment with an IEE advisor may be arranged during these hours.
The OPT sessions are held at the IEE Office - UH 244.
www.fullerton.edu /international   (246 words)

 IEE: The First Solution to Disagreeable Evaluations - Special Needs Children
The IEE is an evaluation conducted by a qualified examiner who is not employed by the school district responsible for the education of your child.
An IEE is done when you disagree with your school district’s evaluation.
Now, whenever an IEE is done at public expense, the standards under which the evaluation is obtained, including the location of the evaluation and the qualifications of the examiner, must meet the same standards that the school district uses.
www.bellaonline.com /articles/art1897.asp   (505 words)

 Indoor Environmental Engineering - Home: Healthy Building Services, Diagnostic Services, Laboratory Services, Indoor ...
IEE has over 25 years experience in IAQ healthy building practices and diagnostic procedures in office buildings, medical buildings, industrial and laboratory buildings, schools and residential structures.
IEE supports the implementation of design, construction and renovation practices, and facility operation and maintenance planning, that promote comfortable and healthy indoor environments.
IEE has state-of-the-art analytical and ventilation laboratories to accommodate all the needs of IAQ investigations and research studies.
www.iee-sf.com   (359 words)

 IEE North West Midlands Younger Members Section: Welcome Pack
This page is intended to introduce the structure and advantages of the IEE to you, and provide details of your local Younger Members Committee, formed to support Younger Members such as you.
The Institutions activities are ultimately co-ordinated and ratified by the 140 members of the IEE Council.
The IEE is well placed to provide the support you require in developing new skills, taking on new responsibilities, developing and deploying advanced technologies, and progressing in your career in an increasingly dynamic employment marketplace.
centres.iee.org.uk /northwestmidlands/younger/welpack.htm   (1193 words)

 Press Office
The active protection systems developed by IEE with MSC.Software products consist of impact detection sensors in the front bumper that control the bumper and move it in the event of a pedestrian-bumper interaction.
IEE (International Electronics and Engineering S.A.), founded in 1989, is headquartered in Luxembourg, Europe, and entered the automotive market in 1993.
IEE has more than 675 employees and operates two manufacturing sites as well as a technical center in Luxembourg.
www.mscsoftware.com /press/press.cfm?pid=774&Div_ID=1   (610 words)

 IEE Southern California - Virtual North American Region   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The Toronto Centre, the first Canadian Branch of the IEE was started by the late Dr John Thompson, FIEE, and the late Mr Harry Copping, FIEE, in Toronto in the early 1950's.
Today the Branch now known as the Toronto Centre of the IEE is the second largest of the IEE Overseas Centres.
Founded in 1987 as an amalgamation of the Western Canada branches of the Institutions of Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, the Group expanded in 1994 to include members of the Institutions of Structural and Chemical Engineers.
www.ieesocal.org /vnar1.html   (380 words)

 Frequently Asked Questions | Industrial Electronic Engineers, Inc.
A: The short answer is, if an IEE pole display or counter top display has IEE software protocol including our newest switch selectable universal versions, the host can communicate with these customer displays under Windows.
Supported IEE models are the P324 (4x20-9mm), P330/P530 (2x20-11mm), PC305/PC505 (2x20-5mm), PC322/PC522 (2x20-9mm), and PM300 (4x20-5mm).
The data interface may be set to either an IEE standard or to emulate the above mentioned interface personalities.
www.ieeinc.com /?q=node/9   (3138 words)

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