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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

  INSEE - Mirror of Wikipedia - 维库提供服务
INSEE (French: Institut National de la Statistique et des Études Économiques) is the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies.
INSEE codes (known as COG) are given to various administrative units, notably the French communes (they do not coincide with postcodes).
The SNS was finally transformed into INSEE in 1946 by the law of 27 April 1946, The National Institute of Statistics and Economic Surveys for the metropolis and overseas France (French: L'Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques pour la métropole et la France d'outre-mer).
en.wikilib.com /wiki/INSEE   (689 words)

  Learn more about INSEE in the online encyclopedia.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
INSEE is the French abbreviation for the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (French: Institut National de la Statistique et des Études Économiques).
INSEE Codes are given to various administrative units, notably the French communes, but also to people in the form of Social Security codes, and to businesses (SIREN and SIRET codes).
INSEE also maintains indicies of inflation, construction costs, etc., that are sometimes used to revalue the charges made under certain contracts.
www.onlineencyclopedia.org /i/in/insee_1.html   (184 words)

 Bloomberg.com: Europe
Insee lowered the 2004 forecast to 2.1 percent from 2.4 percent, citing the third quarter's 0.1 percent expansion.
Insee said that if the euro remained at $1.30, it would curb competitiveness of the 12 countries sharing the euro and cut the region's annual growth rate by 0.1 percentage point.
Insee also expects a net 57,000 jobs to be created in the first half of 2005, nudging the unemployment rate down to 9.7 percent by June, compared with 9.9 percent today.
www.bloomberg.com /apps/news?pid=10000085&sid=aNybCzPB8QuM&refer=europe   (564 words)

 Copyright INSEE
Insee is favorable to the establishment of URL links with its insee.fr website and related subsites.
However, to enable Insee (a) to ensure that the character and environment of the host site make it desirable to establish the link and (b) to verify that the information is disseminated on the host site in the required conditions, the establishment of such a link is subject to the prior agreement of Insee.
Insee reserves the right to rescind its authorization at any time if the Institute believes that the link has ceased to comply with Insee's editorial policy.
www.indices.insee.fr /bsweb/A/INSEE.html   (421 words)

 RTE Business - French annual growth to drop to 0.8%
INSEE warned that growth could slump even further still if the euro continues to rise against the dollar, damaging exports.
The INSEE estimate fell slightly short of an earlier estimate reached by a panel of economists, which had forecast 0.9% growth for 2003.
INSEE predicted consumer spending would be moderate in the second half of 2003, dragged down by a decrease in purchasing power, a sluggish labour market and rising unemployment (9.6% predicted by the end of 2003).
www.rte.ie /business/2003/0620/france.html   (230 words)

 France touts rising fertility rate - Boston.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The government trumpeted the figures as a victory for family-friendly policies such as cheap day care and generous parental leave -- many of which were launched under Socialists like presidential candidate Segolene Royal, who was family minister in the early 1990s, and have continued to grow under today's conservative government.
Insee predicted the fertility rate would remain high in the coming years.
Most European countries are concerned with how to stem a decades-long decline in fertility rates, fearing it could drag on economic growth and lead to skyrocketing pension bills, as the number of young people contributing to retirement schemes drops while the number of retirees climbs.
www.boston.com /yourlife/health/other/articles/2007/01/16/france_touts_rising_fertility_rate   (580 words)

 [No title]
If data provided by the Insee appears to be incorrect, it is up to the customer to check the accuracy or the consistency of the results obtained.
4.5 – The responsibility of the Insee is not engaged in the event of a delay or failure due to a case of force majeure (all technical contingencies likely to affect connections, for example) or to an event out of the control of the Insee, or resulting from the customer’s own doing.
The Insee may not be held responsible in the event of an interruption of service caused by a failure or a malfunction in the internet or, more generally, any event out of its control.
www.webcommerce.insee.fr /conditions-ventes-gb.php   (1768 words)

In addition to the new INSEE Tong, the first premium masonry cement in Thailand, the INSEE family includes INSEE Dang, INSEE Petch and INSEE Dum, and specialist application cement, INSEE Keaw, INSEE Fah and INSEE Samutr.
INSEE Tong is the first masonry cement in Thailand to meet the high standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials’ ASTM C 91 Type N certification.
It was formulated specifically to meet the requirements of the Thai climate and to reflect the mineral composition of local raw materials.
www.bangkokpost.com /57pro2003/siam.html   (434 words)

The Indian Society for Ecological Economics (INSEE) was established in New Delhi (India) on September 24, 1998.
It strives to promote new thinking and better understanding on arrange of issues of national and international interest, such as institutions and instruments for natural resources management, energy analysis and policy, environment and trade, toxic waste management, environment and development, the valuation and accounting of ecosystem functions, climate change and the global commons.
INSEE works to disseminate the results of research and its policy implications to national and international bodies (governmental and non-governmental) through multiple avenues such a conferences, workshops, networking and publications
www.ecoinsee.org   (212 words)

 Bloomberg.com: Europe
Accelerating economic growth in the U.S., the U.K. and Asia is boosting exports across the dozen nations sharing the euro, allowing the region to emerge from the slowest growth in a decade.
Faster expansion abroad prompted Insee to raise its French growth forecast for the fourth quarter to 0.6 percent from 0.4 percent, helped by a 1.1 percent rebound in exports.
Insee didn't provide forecasts for the second half of next year.
quote.bloomberg.com /apps/news?pid=10000085&sid=a8rbq_5BCZ8g&refer=europe   (844 words)

 Bloomberg.com: Top Worldwide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
France's Insee forecast that unemployment will hold at about 9.8 percent until the end of the year and inflation will slow in the second half as pressures from rising oil prices dissipate.
Insee economist Xavier Bonnet said if oil prices were to stay around $40 a barrel until the end of 2004, it would cut 0.1 percentage point from economic growth in France and the euro region.
Insee forecast that French GDP will grow 0.5 percent in the second quarter after expanding 0.8 percent in the first three months of the year, its fastest pace in two years.
quote.bloomberg.com /apps/news?pid=10000087&sid=a3CxiHz4HEXA&refer=top_world_news   (925 words)

 French growth expected to slip this year: INSEE
The report noted that France was expected to lag its fellow members of the 13-nation eurozone, where output in 2007 is projected to expand by 2.8 percent.
The INSEE 2007 forecast for French growth is below those of the government, 2.25-2.50 percent, the European Union, 2.4 percent, and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, 2.2 percent.
INSEE predicted that 300,000 jobs would be created in France this year, up from 256,000 in 2006, and that household purchasing power would rise by 3.2 percent after an increase of 2.4 percent in 2006.
www.turkishpress.com /news.asp?id=182160&s=b&i=&t=French_growth_expected_to_slip_this_year:_INSEE   (319 words)

 [No title]
INSEE cuts French '06 growth outlook, headwinds loom
The national statistics office cut its prediction for 2006 growth in the euro zone's second biggest economy to 2.1 percent from the 2.3 percent rate it had forecast in October.
French growth is then seen slowing due to headwinds from weaker global activity, with quarterly growth of 0.5 percent forecast for the first and second quarters of next year.
today.reuters.com /news/articlebusiness.aspx?type=tnBusinessNews&storyID=nL11809090&imageid=&cap=   (475 words)

 ROTTEN TOMATOES: The Vine: Wise Kwai's Thai Film Journal
Convoluted to the point of being absurd, Insee Tong is one of those films to file under the "so bad it's good" category, if you're into that sort of thing.
From a historical standpoint, Insee Tong is important because it was the film that superstar action hero Mitr Chaibancha died while making.
This behavior as a fun-loving drunkard is a cover, for Rom (or Rome) is actually the masked crimefighter Insee Daeng, or Red Eagle, a sort of polyester-clad, horseless Lone Ranger type of hero.
www.rottentomatoes.com /vine/journal_view.php?journalid=100000335&entryid=284293&view=public   (738 words)

 Welcome to Fourth Biennial Conference of the INSEE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Indian Society for Ecological Economics (INSEE) was constituted as a regional chapter affiliated to the     International Society of Ecological Economics in 1999.
INSEE will provide travel and local hospitality support to all selected paper presenters The Travel support will be limited up to 2
A. train travel within Indian port only by the shortest route to the Conference venue and the incidentals such a local conveyance to and from railways/bus stations, conference venue and residence.
www.igidr.ac.in /news/insee/insee.html   (419 words)

 civil servant at Insee   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Even though their initial training ends at the end of the second year at Ensai, civil servant students from Insee (The French National Institute for the Study of Statistics and Economics), can still follow, after having one year of work experience, their training to achieve the Statistical Engineering degree at Ensai.
At the end of their two years, these students are certified civil servants within the body of Insee attachés.
These civil servant students go on to careers at Insee, in the management of statistics for ministers or in public establishments disposing of a statistical department recognized by the management of Insee.
www.ensai.com /en/maj-e/c2a2i6695/admission/le-choix-entre-2-voies/civil-servant-at-insee.htm   (231 words)

 French Oct demand indicator +13 vs +16 in July - Insee UPDATE
PARIS (Thomson Financial) - An indicator of demand expectations in French manufacturing industry fell to plus 13 in October from plus 16 in July, according to a quarterly survey of industrialists carried out by the statistics office Insee.
The indicator represents the balance in percentage points between those expecting a rise in overall demand in the current quarter and those predicting a decline.
Insee said said overall demand remained strong during the third quarter, although demand from abroad slowed to some extent.
www.abcmoney.co.uk /news/302007154498.htm   (366 words)

 EcoWin - Economic database: INSEE
The National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) collects and produces information on the French economy and society.
This information is made available to the entire national community for studying, forecasting, and descision-making purposes and is the single most comprehensive source available on the French economy.
The INSEE database is only available in French.
www.ecowin.com /databases/eco/INSEE.asp   (244 words)

 CORSICA Author of CORSEWEB INSEE Regional Directorate of Corsica
The French national Institute of Economic and Statistical Information (INSEE) assembles, deals with, analizes and circulates statistical data relating to the economy and the society.
The INSEE has a decentralized structure which permits it to observe, to analyze and to comment the regional economic social life.
They comment the results of the surveys made by the INSEE with the people working in the tourist industry, the professionals of the building industry and civil engineering.
www.corsica.net /corsica/uk/auteur/inseedrc.htm   (466 words)

 France's Insee sees 2007 GDP growth of 2.1 pct versus 2.2 pct in 2006 - Forbes.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Insee GDP figure, given in its quarterly report on the French economy, is marginally lower than the OECD's estimate of 2.2 pct GDP growth for 2007 and government estimates of 2.25-2.5 pct, and compares unfavourably with the European Commission forecast of 2.4 pct growth.
Regarding the main components of GDP growth, Insee said domestic demand will remain robust over the year, with household consumption in particular benefiting from increased spending power due to a dynamic employment market, tax reductions and a decline in inflation.
With regard to the other components of growth, Insee sees corporate investment continuing to rise at a moderate pace in 2007, up 5.4 pct compared to 4.6 pct in 2006, while household savings should slow, rising 0.4 pct compared to +4.5 pct a year earlier.
www.forbes.com /markets/feeds/afx/2007/06/21/afx3846697.html   (547 words)

 National Institute for Statistics and Economical Studies (INSEE) - France - Equal Employment Opportunities
An inter-ministerial working group, led by INSEE (under the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry) and the Women’s Rights Service, and composed of the main statistics bodies, has been established in order to determine the scope of application of this principle and to elaborate recommendations.
Part II of the same Circular entrusts INSEE to coordinate the statistical sources of the ministries concerning equality between women and men.
A network of the persons responsible for statistics in the various ministries is to be animated by INSEE (and the Women’s Rights Service).
www.ilo.org /public/english/employment/gems/eeo/law/france/inf_nise.htm   (159 words)

 The Illuminated Lantern - Asian Cinema Reviews: Insee Tong aka Golden Eagle
This is not shown in the movie, rather, it ends with a freeze frame and some text about the accident (though according to this wikipedia article about the star, his fatal fall was caught on film and left in the theatrical release.
The results are less than spectacular, but fans of seventies action and spy cinema will find much to enjoy.
But, on the other hand, this is a million times better than not seeing the movie at all, so three cheers for getting it on DVD in the first place.
www.illuminatedlantern.com /cinema/review/archives/insee_tong_aka_golden_eagle.php   (858 words)

INSEE accepts no responsability as the relevance of the information provides on this site to the specific needs of users, particulary as regards the users' uses of that information.
Equally, INSEE assumes no responsability for the sites to wich it provides links on its own site, and in particular for the content of those sites.
Users bear full liability for risks incurred in using those sites, in particular the risks pertaining to viruses or any other destructive hazards.
www.indices.insee.fr /bsweb/html/A/INFOEDITEUR.html   (128 words)

 Nabble - Mozilla - SVG - French INSEE svg application broken on recent nightlies
French INSEE svg application broken on recent nightlies
Hi, the french INSEE organism has put just online a svg page that enable
Re: French INSEE svg application broken on recent nightlies
www.nabble.com /French-INSEE-svg-application-broken-on-recent-nightlies-t3310487.html   (208 words)

Progress in the fight against death and disease
Homepage > Institute > Partnerships > Partnerships in France > INSEE
L'Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques (INSEE) joue un rôle clef dans le recueil des données démographiques et la construction des indices de base.
www.ined.fr /en/institut/partnerships/france/insee   (133 words)

 [No title]
The Insee creates for you statistical tables which are not on line and which you cannot extract yourself from free statistical data published on
Before any creation of a custom-made product, the Insee draws up a quotation with the customer.
The Insee will contact you to define the content of the statistical tables you need to order.
www.webcommerce.insee.fr /produits-mesure-gb.php   (113 words)

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