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Topic: IPTV

  IPTV World Forum Asia - Home
IPTV is evolving and the demand for triple-play and quad-play bundles, for integrated telecoms/media services like voicemail and instant messaging on the TV, and for content portability across multiple networks, is a common theme.
Linear schedules are still important but the real differentiator for IPTV is on-demand video, interactive TV, interactive advertising, on-demand advertising, time-shifting and the way service providers can help content owners target their advertiser audience in an age of media fragmentation and niche audience groups.
It will also help delegates prepare for phase two of IPTV, which is when broadband service providers have the chance to turn their telecoms heritage from a disadvantage in the content/media world to a compelling benefit in an era that will be dominated by convergence and network intelligence.
www.iptv-asia.net   (950 words)

  An introduction to IPTV: Page 1
IPTV describes a system capable of receiving and displaying a video stream encoded as a series of Internet Protocol packets.
When most people discuss IPTV, though, they're talking about watching traditional channels on your television, where people demand a smooth, high-resolution, lag-free picture, and it's the telcos that are jumping headfirst into this market.
For IPTV to become a viable whole-house solution, it will also need to support enough simultaneous channels to allow televisions in different rooms to display different content, and juggling resulting bandwidth issues is one of the trickiest parts of implementing an IPTV network that will be attractive to consumers.
arstechnica.com /guides/other/iptv.ars   (1488 words)

  IPTV Monitor - Issue 3
In index terms, the long-term confidence level of IPTV industry executives is 7.38 on a 1-10 scale, which translates as "fairly confident." This number is slightly down but largely consistent with the score of 7.55 from our previous survey in May 2006.
IPTV providers should begin signing up advertisers immediately, as strong competition for ad revenue can be expected to come from the likes of companies such as Google.
IPTV as part of a bundled service is now proving to be an effective weapon against churn and is supporting new customer acquisition.
www.accenture.com /iptvmonitor3   (770 words)

 All you want to know about IPTV
IPTV is one way to use this bandwidth," reasons Sanjay Gopal, who leads the Communications and High Tech Industry group at Accenture India.
IPTV subscribers in the Asia-Pacific region (excluding Japan) are expected to grow to over 20 million by 2009.
IPTV, unlike Internet TV, is primarily a TV experience rather than a PC experience and is meant as an alternative to cable and satellite.
inhome.rediff.com /money/2006/feb/08spec.htm   (1448 words)

 Open TV   (Site not responding. Last check: )
IPTV promises to change the way users watch television from staid traditional program guides and “appointment” television to bold new cinematic experiences and more on-demand choices.
OpenTV’s IPTV solution supports all of the features and functionality needed to deliver and manage a digital television service including support for broadcast television, operator-defined program tiers, digital music channels, and parental controls all powered by an advanced program guide of your choice.
With OpenTV IPTV you can offer subscribers a better, more relevant television experience, with personalized video mosaics of just the channels that interest them and access to long tail on-demand content they care about most, using search features and storefronts integrated with your program guide.
www.opentv.com /products/iptv/iptv_products.html   (333 words)

 IPTV vs. Internet Television: Key Differences - Robin Good's Latest News
IPTV is represented by a profile of closed, proprietary TV systems such as those present today on cable services but delivered via IP-based secure channels representing a sharp increase in control of content distribution.
IPTV allows these organizations to have total control of the content distributed and to greatly reduce opportunities for theft and piracy, which last year cost the cable industry $4.76 billion in unrealized revenue.
IPTV is definitely a massive connectivity infrastructure upgrade to be deployed over a number of years, and which underlines major changes and upgrades to connectivity, transport and delivery devices both on the operator environment as well as on the consumer side.
www.masternewmedia.org /2005/06/04/iptv_vs_internet_television_key.htm   (2734 words)

 AT&T chases tempting idea - USATODAY.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The largest IPTV deployment in the world, he notes, is in Hong Kong, where PCCW, a local broadband carrier, claims 650,000 users — about half the population of San Antonio.
IPTV offers ATandT major cost advantages over other network options because it can deliver video over the existing copper phone lines that run to homes and buildings.
Nagging concerns about IPTV figured into Verizon's decision to go the costlier route of replacing all the copper and running high-capacity fiber all the way to the home, Thompson says.
www.usatoday.com /tech/products/2006-10-17-att-iptv_x.htm   (1814 words)

 The Real Deal On Xbox 360 IPTV With Pics and Video - Gizmodo   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It seems that there's been a lot of confusion over what exactly IPTV on the Xbox 360 is bringing to the table, and moreover, what it'll take to bring it to your table.
First off, the service will be available to all 16 of its current IPTV customers, such as AT&T, by the end of the year, as it is essentially the same as the standard Microsoft IPTV software, it's simply running on a 360.
The IPTV data is sent using private IP addresses that allow the infrastructure to prioritize the traffic (so firing up bittorrent on your PC won't cause frames to suddenly start dropping on your TV).
gizmodo.com /gadgets/ces2007/the-real-deal-on-xbox-360-iptv-with-pics-and-video-227911.php   (1313 words)

 IPTV Industry - Internet Television News and Marketplace
At the TelcoTV Exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia, STRATACACHE announced the debut of its new ActiVia for Media IPTV edition.
The show, themed IPTV Beyond the Box, was held in Atlanta from October 23-26, 2007 at the Georgia World Congress Center.
Vodafone Portugal is "seriously studying" entering the IPTV market, company Vice-President Antonio Coimbra has said in an interview with local daily Jornal de Negocios.
www.iptv-industry.com   (843 words)

 IPTV World Series - Home
The IPTV World Series is a collection of market leading IPTV conferences and exhibitions that focus on the key marketing, business and technology challenges facing IPTV service providers.
Eastern Europe has unique conditions that warrant a major IPTV event dedicated to the region, and we are meeting that need.
Latin America is on the brink of IPTV deployments, and the second annual event for Latin America is taking place on the 29th and 30th of January, 2008 in Rio de Janeiro.
www.iptvworldseries.com   (364 words)

 bit-tech.net | IPTV decoded
The basic point of this feature is to explain what IPTV is, how it works, and to give you the heads up on some cool programming you should probably be watching.
One is to manually subscribe to all the IPTV feeds you're interested in using a standard RSS reader.
However, the best IPTV programmes make light work of allowing you to explore the world of programming and move it around between devices easily.
www.bit-tech.net /bits/2006/05/02/iptv_primer/1.html   (920 words)

 Cheat Sheet: IPTV - WebWatch - Breaking Business and Technology News at silicon.com
IPTV stands for internet protocol television - or TV through your broadband connection rather than through an aerial or cable.
The idea is that IPTV will be a step beyond cable with almost infinite potential in terms of channels and interactivity as well as premium on-demand content.
Over time IPTV will be another offering alongside satellite or digital over the airwaves to an aerial or dish receiver.
networks.silicon.com /webwatch/0,39024667,39157585,00.htm   (1172 words)

 TV to become web-like | The Register
IPTV - TV that's beamed over the net - is set to become the next big thing for boggle-eyed couch potatoes everywhere.
IPTV (internet protocol television) - the delivery of digital television and other audio and video services over broadband data networks using the same basic protocols that support the internet - will "transform television", says the report.
There are around 2.5m IPTV subscribers at the moment but this figure is expected to grow tenfold to 25m by 2010, said the report.
www.theregister.co.uk /2005/09/14/iptv_report   (489 words)

 Iptv - Kotaku   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Connected Home show in conjunction with the third annual IPTV World Forum in Olympia, London will be hosting a live demonstration of IPTV on the Xbox 360.
With Greenberg driving, he showed that the IPTV service was up and running, live on an Xbox 360 nicknamed "Carbon." This was a point that Greenberg and Moore drove home several times.
"IPTV on Xbox 360 and Xbox Live are powerful examples of ways we are bringing together the worlds of gaming, TV viewing and community to make it easy for people to access and discover their favorite content and share their personal experiences with the communities they are part of."
tags.kotaku.com /gaming/iptv   (866 words)

 IPTV Courses
With the development of IPTV and increasing interest in network based TV there is a need to undestand the platform tools available to develop and control TV applications.
IPTV is a technology that is undergoing very rapid growth, providing a new manner of delivery of programming material to end consumers.
With a new technology comes the need to effectively bill for these services and a new era of programme delivery needs radical means of combining pay per view with subscription and account for the impact on billing of viewers watching advertising material.
www.iptv-industry.com /sp/psl/iptvcourses.htm   (862 words)

 Microsoft TV: IPTV Edition   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Microsoft TV IPTV Edition is an integrated and comprehensive software platform developed specifically to deliver broadcast-quality video and new, integrated TV services over broadband networks.
Microsoft TV IPTV Edition is ideal for telecommunications carriers and for cable operators looking to deliver differentiated TV services and experiences.
IPTV Edition incorporates industry leading SQL Server, BizTalk® Server, Systems Management Server and Operations Management software, which help simplify the day-to-day management and maintenance of the IPTV solution.
www.microsoft.com /tv/content/Solutions/IPTV/mstv_IPTV_Overview.mspx   (560 words)

 Microsoft Unveils IPTV-Enabled Xbox 360 - Kotaku   (Site not responding. Last check: )
IPTV on Xbox 360 is expected to be available to consumers by holiday season 2007 and will be offered by providers that are deploying TV services based on the Microsoft TV IPTV Edition software platform.
This whole "IPTV" is all good and all for you guys/gals in the states, but living in the UK we don't even have the tv and movie download service, we don't xbox diamond card nor are we gonna see this IPTV.
If IPTV can give me the shows that I normally watch at a fraction of the cost and with better quality (which wouldn't be hard to do) I would drop cable in a second.
www.kotaku.com /gaming/iptv-xbox-360/microsoft-unveils-iptvenabled-xbox-360-226832.php   (4276 words)

 Netopia Broadband Equipment for IPTV
In addition to broadband equipment, Netopia helps providers automate and simplify the management and provisioning of broadband gateways, devices, and services through its NBBS service management platform.
Netopia's experience, commitment to customer service, and industry leading products help providers deliver revenue generating IPTV services with reduced operational costs, complexity, and customer churn.
Solutions are tailored to the needs of each carrier or service provider to harmonize with existing network infrastructure and meet service requirements.
www.netopia.com /equipment/products/iptv.html   (348 words)

 Daily IPTV - The IPTV Industry's Web Resource
Riley and Co. IPTV Conference to Focus on Trends, Demands on...
Riley and Co. IPTV Conference to Focus on Trends, Demands on...Business Wire (press release),&...
The premier IPTV event for the Middle East and Africa that you can't afford to miss out on.
www.dailyiptv.com   (421 words)

 IPTV News at IPTV News.net
There will be an estimated 340,000 new IPTV subscribers by the end of this year, and the number is predicted to double next year...(read more)
IPTV is an emerging technology at the time this is being written.
Both the software and hardware required for broadcasting IPTV is in it's infancy when looking at the "big picture".
www.iptvnews.net /iptv/News   (226 words)

 IPTV | Broadcast Engineering Magazine
IPTV may be the marriage of two well-understood technologies — IP and video compression — but it presents a set of unique, significant challenges....
With strong growth forecast for the IPTV sector, the coming battle between telcos, cable TV operators and direct-to-home satellite providers will be epic....
According to Infonetics Research, the number of IPTV subscribers worldwide grew in 2006 by 166 percent.
broadcastengineering.com /iptv   (520 words)

 IBM System x servers for telecommunications: IPTV solutions
IPTV delivers a variety of rich-media content — including live and stored video, audio, text and Web content originating from TV programmers, movie studios and other sources — to consumers over broadband IP networks.
IPTV is a true competitive differentiator, enabling service providers to win back customers and compete with cable and digital satellite providers in providing video services.
As service providers expand the number of IPTV subscribers, their network architecture must rapidly and seamlessly adapt to give consumers a flawless television service.
www-03.ibm.com /servers/eserver/telecom/iptv.html   (591 words)

 Posts tagged Iptv at Engadget
Furthermore, the ShareTV system "allows IPTV subscribers to legally share their stored TV content using peer-to-peer technology running in the Jungo Residential Gateway software," essentially opening up a new realm of recorded television to access just in case your forgot to schedule a crucial recording.
Because IPTV uses software, not a hardware tuner, to decode the signal, the number of streams that can be simultaneously recorded is limited solely by internet and hard drive bandwidth.
IPTV on Xbox 360 won't be available until the holiday season this year, but they do say that programming will be from providers who are already offering services based on Microsoft TV IPTV Edition.
www.engadget.com /tag/iptv   (2838 words)

IPTV is one of the more compelling new services on the triple play horizon.
However, IPTV will also be one of the most complex services that service providers offer and the investment to bring it to market is significant.
The success of the IPTV service may depend on how quickly and economically problems can be resolved as support costs can quickly eclipse revenue gains.
www.motive.com /solutions/iptv/iptv.asp   (342 words)

 Xbox.com | Xbox News - IPTV Software Platform Integrates with Xbox 360
IPTV on Xbox 360™ is expected to be available to consumers by holiday season 2007 and will be offered by providers that are deploying TV services over broadband networks based on the IPTV Edition software platform.
IPTV on Xbox 360 is expected to give consumers all the advantages of an advanced TV service along with the benefits of next-generation gaming, as well as unique new capabilities that the integrated solution brings.
Some of the world's largest telecommunications service providers have chosen IPTV Edition as their IPTV software solution, with scale commercial deployments currently under way with ATandT in the United States, BT Group PLC in the United Kingdom, Deutsche Telekom in Germany, T-Online in France, and Swisscom in Switzerland.
www.xbox.com /en-US/community/events/ces2007/microsoftintegratesiptvsoftwareplatform.htm   (573 words)

 Ericsson IPTV
Ericsson's IPTV solution - part of the Consumers and Communities area of Ericsson's Multimedia portfolio - brings "Extended TV" to the consumer with a wide range of personalized and interactive TV services.
Ericsson is also committed to working with the appropriate standardization bodies to achieve economies of scale and interoperability in IPTV reference architecture.
Ericsson offers an end-to-end IPTV solution including best-of-breed partner products that have been pre-integrated and pre-tested to provide a complete solution that ensures rich functionality, telecom-grade scalability and high quality.
www.ericsson.com /products/hp/IPTV_bs.shtml   (374 words)

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