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Topic: Service management

In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Service management - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Service Management is the management of service producing industries (in contrast to manufacturing and agricultural industries).
The term Service Management is most widely used as the component of Operations Support Systems responsible for service delivery, such as order management, inventory management, provisioning and activation, network topology management and maintenance, and stability/performance diagnostics of communication service providers and their networks.
A service management system automates manual operations of the network, delivery services, and support, making these areas more efficient and error-free.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Service_management   (376 words)

 service management software - Miracle Service - field dispatch software
Large and small companies can use the Miracle Service product family as these solutions are a powerful and comprehensive tool to properly manage all facets of their business such as; service reports, dispatching, parts inventory, contracts, invoicing and sales.
The Miracle Service family of products have been designed so that they are simple to install and to operate, but more importantly provide the features and capabilities of solutions demanded by all companies no matter what size of business you manage.
Miracle Service is designed to grow with your business, keep your ongoing costs low and provide the ability to manage your operations at the level you expect.
www.miracleservice.com   (2841 words)

 Food service managers
Food service managers are responsible for the daily operations of restaurants and other establishments that prepare and serve meals and beverages to customers.
Managers generally are responsible for all of the administrative and human-resource functions of running the business, including recruiting new employees and monitoring employee performance and training.
Food service managers are among the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave at night.
www.bls.gov /oco/ocos024.htm   (2797 words)

 Enterprise Asset and Service Management Software From MRO Software
Additional service management functionality is delivered with Maximo SLA Manager, which allows asset maintenance organizations to align their goals and priorities in a manner that best supports overall business objectives.
Maximo SLA Manager allows maintenance organizations to define service offerings, establish service level agreements with their internal customers, implement escalation procedures to ensure that service levels are met, and provides metrics to monitor service level delivery.
Allows service providers to clearly establish, define and communicate the service offering, provided to customers.Ensure that services provided are those that are required to support the business.
www.mro.com /corporate/assetmanagement/maximo-enterprise-suite/service_management.php   (485 words)

 Service Design & Management
Service design and management processes provide the detailed service information you need to design new services, manage the availability and quality of those services, and balance service quality with costs.
As part of availability management, your IT staff manages supplier contributions to overall service availability as well as reviewing and analyzing service plans generated by the service planning process - allowing plans to be modified to reflect service availability requirements.
Capacity management allows you to define, track, and control service capacities to confirm that service workloads are ready to meet agreed-upon performance levels.
h20219.www2.hp.com /services/cache/78380-0-0-225-121.html   (534 words)

 Sun Microsystems - BigAdmin: Solaris Service Management Facility - Quickstart Guide
These traditional services were usually individual applications that executed as a single process that started at boot time and executed continuously while a system was up and running, servicing any requests that were received.
These services may not run at exactly the same point in boot as they had before the advent of SMF, but they are guaranteed to not run any earlier -- so any services which they had implicitly depended on will still be available.
Services that are started by traditional rc scripts (referred to as legacy services) will generally continue to work as they always have.
www.sun.com /bigadmin/content/selfheal/smf-quickstart.html   (3091 words)

 ITIL and Service Management Software and Resources
Service support and service delivery are the first two ITIL sets and are the over-arching practices to enable quality service management.
The IT Service Managment Kit comprises a code of practice for service management, a self assessment workbook to check compliance and a copy of the BS15000 service management standard.
It covers various inter-related management processes, and is based heavily upon the ITIL framework.
www.itil-service-management-shop.com   (391 words)

 ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) and ITSM Directory
Service Support is the practice of those disciplines that enable IT Services to be provided effectively.
Service Delivery is the management of the IT services themselves, and involves a number of management practices to ensure that IT services are provided as agreed between the Service Provider and the Customer.
A Service Level Agreement, or SLA, is fundamental to service provision, from the perspective of both the supplier and the recipient.
www.itil-itsm-world.com   (925 words)

 Service management software solutions - Office Tech Services
Service Accent (formerly Miracle Service Accent), has the most advanced technology and features of any packaged service management solution for service businesses that employ up to 25 technicians.
Service Accent is the preferred choice for the more hi-tech service business that wants to compete with the big ones.
Service frequency by model and call-out, to diagnose and identify equipment failure trends.
www.officetech.com.au   (839 words)

 Service Level Management - Service Level Management (SLM) Software from Mercury
Service level management software from Mercury enables you to proactively manage service levels from the business perspective.
Mercury Service Level Management™ enables you to proactively manage service levels from the business perspective and provide service level agreement (SLA)-compliance reporting for complex business applications in distributed environments.
Mercury Service Level Management provides wizards for easy, guided definition of realistic, quantifiable availability and performance objectives that reflect business goals; measure performance and availability as experienced by end users; isolate and resolve performance problems before service-level objectives are breached.
www.mercury.com /us/products/business-availability-center/service-level-management   (362 words)

 Sage Timbeline Office | service management software
It's a complete service system to put you in control of field purchasing, service agreements and warranties, as well as preventive maintenance.
An all-encompassing service management software package which can provide you with the tools to control the entire process.
Because the Sage Timberline Office service management software suite is fully integrated with accounting, your accounts payable vendor information, invoices, purchase orders, and other financial details get entered one time, on time.
www.sagetimberlineoffice.com /software/service_management   (183 words)

 ITIL - IT Service Management Zone
ITIL (the IT Infrastructure Library) is essentially a series of documents that are used to aid the implementation of a framework for IT Service Management.
ITIL is organized into a series of sets, which themselves are divided into two main areas: service support and service delivery.
This is a diagram that describes the relationship between ITIL, the BS15000 service management standard, and your own in-house procedures.
www.itil.org.uk   (300 words)

 New service management software solutions
Miracle Service is a complete service management software solution with dispatching, equipment contracts, billing, preventive maintenance scheduling and much more.
Miracle Service is also used by small and mid-size businesses all the way through to the satellite offices of several multi-national organizations, and is appropriate for use by any business that employs technicians - e.g.
Miracle Service is a complete solution with dispatching, equipment contracts, billings and much more, including the management of every type of copier or equipment contract.
www.service-management-software.com   (620 words)

 field service software, service dispatch software, work order software
Data-Basics provides field service software, work order software and service management software solutions to automate the field service, dispatching, accounting and other operations for facilities maintenance, HVAC, construction and other selected industries.
Our maintenance and service management software helps reduce costs, streamline processes and increase productivity whether your business is in the HVAC, electrical, construction, facilities maintenance management, telecom or other specialized industries.
From field service software and work order software to service management software and maintenance management software, Data-Basics can provide the solution that is right for your business.
www.databasics.com   (349 words)

 Primer: Business Service Management
Business service management software goes a step further: It monitors all the pieces of infrastructure that run a given business process—as if they were a single system.
For example, a business service management tool tracking an order-entry system monitors every infrastructure element that could affect the speed of completing transactions to determine if a bottleneck is cropping up somewhere in the network.
A business service management tool is able to measure how effectively the information-technology department delivers services to the organization, and it can let senior technology managers justify why their employers shouldn't outsource the job.
www.baselinemag.com /article2/0,1397,1783285,00.asp   (1017 words)

 ServiceCEO Software - HVAC Software, Computer Service Software, Janitorial, Maid Services, Pest Control and Lawn Care ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-23)
Manage all aspects of your Computer Service Business with ServiceCEO's complete set of features including work orders and route sheets, customer satisfaction tracking, estimates management and estimates reporting, complete customer relationship management and data storage capabilities, reduce manual data entry by back-office employees and much more.
Manage all aspects of your Home Depot or Lowes Installer Service Business with ServiceCEO's complete set of features including work orders and route sheets, customer satisfaction tracking, estimates management and estimates reporting, complete customer relationship management and data storage capabilities, reduce manual data entry by back office employees and much more.
Manage all aspects of your Landscaping Service Business with ServiceCEO's complete set of features including work orders and route sheets, customer satisfaction tracking, estimates management and estimates reporting, complete customer relationship management and data storage capabilities, reduce manual data entry by back-office employees and much more.
www.insightdirect.com   (2819 words)

 Service Management Series
The WennSoft Service Management Series is designed to meet the diverse needs of asset-based service organizations and to effectively manage their complex customers.
The Service Management Series is a vertical solution serving as an extension of the core financial application, tailored to industry specific needs.
Some of the strengths of the Service Management Series are the basics of service call and contract management, scheduling and dispatch, tasking and resolution tracking.
www.wennsoft.com /solutions/servicemanagementseries/tabid/76/default.aspx   (297 words)

 Service Management Europe (SME)
As old barriers vanish, so smart organisations have identified customer service as the key to delivering the next generation of strategic advantage.
Service management in general – and field service in particular – is rightly gaining board level recognition for the business benefits that can be achieved by investing in service and the impact that can be felt right across the organisation by improved service delivery.
Manage mobile and remote resources to cut costs and improve service
www.servicemanagement.co.uk   (302 words)

 Eclipse Service Management Software, Computer & equipment repair software
Service Management Software, Work Order and Repair software customers routinely choose Eclipse as their tool of choice for running their businesses.
Eclipse is a total software solution for organizations who pride themselves in giving the highest standard of service to their customers and clients.
Extend your Eclipse service management system from not only being your solution for your office network and Internet, but you can now empower your technicians in the field with its powerful PDA capability..
www.eclipseservice.com   (625 words)

 Minerals Management Service Home Page
The U.S. Department of the Interior’s Minerals Management Service (MMS) and the Indian Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas’s Indian Oil Industry Safety Directorate (OISD) have officially agreed to share common offshore oil and gas regulatory knowledge and experience over the next several years.
The proposed rules are published in the Federal Register by the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management and Minerals Management Service.
The service fees will offset MMS’s costs of processing certain plans, applications, and permits.
www.mms.gov   (515 words)

 [No title]
Remote workers for utility agency WSE are to have a personal security alert service added to their m...
Helicopter maker Eurocopter is moving to meet evermore demanding service level agreements by enhanci...
Service chains are complex and companies that want to be the best do not try to do it all themselves...
www.servicemanagement365.com   (901 words)

 BMC Software: Service Management Solutions
With BMC Software Service Delivery Management solutions, you can define and measure service levels, understand and optimize the end user experience, balance current and future infrastructure investments and manage system availability before it impacts the business.
Real-time service impact management increases your IT organization’s business responsiveness by delivering real-time IT and service operations from a business service perspective.
Deployment of service delivery management tools ensures that IT Operations, Service Managers, Business Managers, Help Desk personnel–all business users–know how services are performing, when they have been impacted, how impacts affect service level agreements, when end user service is suffering, and what end users have been impacted.
www.bmc.com /products/products_services_detail/0,,0_0_0_29,00.html   (450 words)

 AyaNova - Service management & work order software
Anywhere service is to be scheduled, tracked and dispatched, AyaNova can help you manage it!
Manage all aspects of service and repair at an affordable license cost of
AyaNova is service management and work order software that is in use by many different services industries:
www.ayanova.com   (337 words)

 USDA Forest Service - Caring for the land and serving people.
The USDA Forest Service is conducting a "web survey," delivered via Javascript, to better understand who our website visitors are, what sorts of information they are seeking, and to see how well we are currently satisfying their needs.
The Forest Service was established in 1905 and is an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
The President’s fiscal year 2007 budget includes a legislative proposal that would grant the Forest Service authority to sell small tracts of forest land that are isolated or inefficient to manage due to their location or other characteristics.
www.fs.fed.us   (827 words)

 nextslm.org | Manage IT as a Service
However, organizations often are not pleased with the service received and sometimes are dependent on third parties whose future is uncertain.
IT management systems are beginning to address the needs of additional layers of management accountability...
IDC’s A Holistic Approach to Delivering the Value of IT: Business Service Management examines the role that business service management can play in aligning business and IT, and provides assistance for business and IT managers who are concerned about achieving true business benefits from their IT investments.
www.nextslm.org   (1269 words)

 Service management solutions
Integrates all your support needs across your mixed vendor environment taking responsibility for consistent service levels; service outcomes backed by agreed and measurable goals; geographic coverage and other IT complexities that impact your business.
By aggregating the services and requirements of different vendors and technologies across each customer’s IT environment, HP can leverage more efficient cost models and more flexible mapping of service levels to each customer’s business needs.
HP provides a single point of accountability for the consistent management and delivery of support services across multiple vendor products and platforms.
www.hp.com.au /services/sm   (317 words)

 itSMF Global Homepage
The IT Service Management Forum (itSMF) is the only internationally recognised and independent organisation dedicated to IT Service Management.
Approximately 80% of the membership represents organizations striving to implement and sustain high quality IT Service Management solutions, with the remainder being organizations providing products and services to assist in those endeavours.
While, broadly speaking, all chapters offer very similar services, the range and sophistication does vary according to the size and maturity of the chapter.
www.itsmf.com   (218 words)

 Service Management, Business Service Optimization
IT organizations are under tremendous pressure to maintain day-to-day operations while managing complex IT resources, negotiating tighter budgets and responding to demands for improved business-relevant IT services.
CA Service Management solutions enable you to provide exceptional IT value by delivering IT services that support business demands.
By capturing service demands and efficiently managing them throughout the service lifecycle, you can ensure delivery of high quality and cost-effective services to businesses.
www3.ca.com /Solutions/Solution.asp?ID=4572   (171 words)

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