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In the News (Thu 18 Jul 19)

  George tells ICEL Rome wants changes
In his first meeting as the official representative of the U.S. bishops conference to ICEL, George’s criticism at the June 4 and 5 gathering brought a swift rebuke from the other eight bishops in attendance, according to sources inside the meeting.
The Washington meeting of 11 bishop representatives from conferences in which English is the principal language, as well as their advisers and the ICEL staff, was closed to the press, but sources told NCR that George said that, based on conversations with Archbishop Jorge Medina Estévez, he knew that Rome is unhappy with ICEL.
Medina is prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.
www.natcath.com /NCR_Online/archives/061998/061998f.htm   (585 words)

 Fr. Stephen Somerville renounces his service on ICEL   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
In the "I confess" of the penitential rite, ICEL eliminated the threefold "through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault," and substituted one feeble "through my own fault." This is another nail in the coffin of the sense of sin.
ICEL's changes amounted to true devastation especially in the oration prayers of the Mass.
The ICEL labors were far from being all negative.
www.sspx.ca /Angelus/2002_October/Renouncing_Service_ICEL.htm   (1559 words)

 Catholic Culture : Document Library : A Determined Vatican Official Calls ICEL to Accountability
Cardinal Medina is the prefect for the Vatican's Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.
The complaint that ICEL failed "to transmit faithfully important doctrinal aspects of the Latin original" of the Rites of Ordination was echoed by many bishops during the debates on the ICEL Sacramentary.
ICEL's new drafts of the Rites of Ordination were in disarray, causing consternation at the Vatican.
www.catholicculture.org /docs/doc_view.cfm?recnum=2749   (2409 words)

 E-LAW Indonesia -- LBH, WALHI, and ICEL
ICEL provides input to the House of People's Representatives, at both central level and regional level, and to the Government (the executive) in the form of thoughts on alternative laws and policies to cope with various environmental problems.
ICEL also gives legal assistance, either directly or indirectly in the form of support and consultation to groups in the community that are suffering damage or loss and to Self- reliant Community Institutions that advocate environmental cases.
JHL- ICEL is a quarterly journal that presents in a thorough and critical manner certain concepts, ideas, and thoughts from environmental law experts and practitioners concerning various issues in the field of environmental law that are related to sustainable developments.
darkwing.uoregon.edu /~jbonine/indonesia.html   (1619 words)

 "Pro multis" - can it mean "for all"?
ICEL itself has published (in the Third Progress Report on the Revision of the Roman Missal) a defence of its translation from the linguistic point of view, and I am not sure that the reasons that were given in that document have ever been rebutted in print.
ICEL claims that the Aramaic and Hebrew words for "many" (saggi'in and rabbim respectively), which it assumes to be the original words underlying the Greek text of the New Testament, have an inclusive sense and can therefore legitimately be rendered in English as "all".
These translations go back beyond the evangelists, to the time when the first Gentiles were converted and the existing Aramaic liturgy was translated into Greek for their benefit, which must have happened at most within twenty years of the Resurrection, certainly within the lifetime of the majority of the Apostles.
www.latin-mass-society.org /promult.htm   (1084 words)

 The Word From Rome
For its fiercest critics, ICEL (the initials are usually spoken as a word pronounced “eye-sell”) incarnates the “smoke of Satan” Paul VI once warned has infiltrated the church.
They see ICEL translators as radicals who lack the courage of their convictions, afraid to support women’s ordination or gay marriage openly, preferring to advance their stealth agenda by reshaping liturgical language.
ICEL defenders hotly deny that the commission peddles heresy, but they insist that translation is an art rather than a science.
www.nationalcatholicreporter.org /word/word1102.htm   (984 words)

 [No title]
In fact, by the time ICEL's official report appeared in print, it had already been announced that the ICEL Canon would not be approved in its original form and would have to be revised.
ICEL's original version is a bland statement that in 1968 "a slightly revised form of Eucharistic Prayer I was sent to the conferences of bishops." Even more striking in its censorship of the controversy is the following statement from a 1995 article by a founding member of ICEL, Msgr.
A similar charge was made as early as 1967 (in the midst of a controversy on the ICEL canon text) by Archbishop Paul J. Hallinan of Atlanta, one of the founding bishops of ICEL and then the chairman of the American bishops' Committee on the Liturgy.
www.ewtn.com /library/LITURGY/CRITIMPO.TXT   (1446 words)

 - Welcome to the Tablet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
A revision was needed, and ICEL set about it, producing translations in the 1990s which Fr Cameron-Watt describes as “enriching, poetic, developed, insightful, articulate” and “more beautiful on the ear than the first, somewhat rushed, versions”.
To traditionalists, ICEL had become the symbol of the Church’s sell-out to fallen modernity, the target of wealthy American traditionalists which had the ear of Rome.
The post-takeover executive secretary of ICEL is Fr Bruce Harbert, a patristics scholar who told The Tablet after his appointment in 2002 that he wanted to see a translation that “moves the reader towards the original rather than the original towards the reader”.
www.thetablet.co.uk /cgi-bin/archive_db.cgi?tablet-00841   (2553 words)

 World Watch - Catholic World Report - June 2001
For years, ICEL supporters insisted that they understood the feelings of most ordinary Catholics, while their critics were “out of touch” with the people.
The revised ICEL Sacramentary, ICEL’s new translation of the Roman Missal, was expected to be routinely confirmed by the Vatican in 1994 after being quickly approved by the American (and other English-speaking) bishops.
ICEL has not produced new revisions to correct the problems that were noted by the Congregation for Divine Worship, and the Vatican body has not (and surely will not) approved the existing version.
www.catholic.net /rcc/Periodicals/Igpress/2001-06/spclrept2.html   (1223 words)

 Rome and ICEL by Donald W. Trautman, America: The Catholic Weekly Magazine
ICEL would not be permitted to compose original texts in English for consideration by a bishops’ conference.
ICEL has understood these words and provided the National Conference of Catholic Bishops of the United States as well as the other English-speaking conferences with original prayer texts that those conferences have approved.
The bishops of the ICEL board, along with directors of the national liturgical commissions and present and former members of the advisory committee, have until now nominated candidates for the advisory committee.
www.americamagazine.org /gettext.cfm?articleTypeID=1&textID=574&issueID=278   (1915 words)

 PetersNet: Father Jerry J. Pokorsky, War of the Words: ICEL Called to Accountability   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
ICEL was established by English-speaking episcopal conferences during the Second Vatican Council to provide consistent translations of liturgical texts into English.
ICEL was established on October 17, 1963 as an unincorporated association of bishops.
ICEL is not credited with the translation and individual bishops are invited to submit their own translations if they choose to do so.
www.petersnet.net /browse/2855.htm   (4894 words)

 Liturgical language struggle takes turn to traditionalism
In a potentially decisive turn in the long-running struggle over translation of liturgical texts into English, new leadership that is more congenial to the traditionalist approach demanded by Rome has been installed for the International Commission on English in the Liturgy.
ICEL has been known for a flexible approach that allows translators some freedom to alter the structure, sequence and exact wording of texts in order to render them accessible in contemporary English.
Bruce Harbert as its executive secretary, and in a spirit of cooperation, ICEL will move forward with confidence to translate liturgical texts that will be worthy of our language and memorable for their nobility,” Roche said.
www.natcath.org /NCR_Online/archives/083002/083002i.htm   (962 words)

 ICEL Texts Face Resistance
The ICEL "variations" to the Roman Missal were particularly controversial.
ICEL and the liturgy committee could not afford the indifference of a significant number of bishops.
Despite ICEL's description of their critics as "ill-informed" and "sticklers for 'accuracy'", many of the bishops believe that their concerns over the integrity of contemporary translation efforts are substantive.
www.adoremus.org /995-Rearly.html   (528 words)

 Institute for Catholic Educational Leadership (ICEL)
Relative to the Department of Catholic School Leadership, ICEL's aims are threefold: to promote a scholarly educational environment for Catholic school personnel, to build a sense of community among the students and faculty, and to prepare a corps of highly competent, dedicated, and ethical educators for Catholic schools.
ICEL's service constitutes a visionary outreach to the Catholic school community, exercising leadership in the arena of ideas and intellectual achievement.
ICEL provides a model of Catholic scholarship for schools and their personnel in the field.
www.usfca.edu /catalog/instits_and_enrich_icela.html   (257 words)

 Building design ICEL power systems generators stand-by power FG Wilson agents service
ICEL POWER SYSTEMS are able to supply and install an extensive range of units from small 10 - 30 kVA sets through to 2200 kVA with the prime drive being proven diesel engines.
The ICEL Group was established in 1963 and since that time have been providing instrument, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering services to a wide variety of industries and organisations.
ICEL Group's involvement with installation works covers a very broad band, encompassing many different applications and types of work in the industrial and commercial sector.
www.buildingdesign.co.uk /arch/icel/icel.htm   (587 words)

It is up to their lay counterparts to transmit the spirit and identity of Catholic education--and giving lay faculty the tools to do that has become the charge of the University of San Francisco's Institute for Catholic Educational Leadership.
Some students said ICEL is even helping them steer their Catholic schools back to their original mission.
Founded in 1976, ICEL is the only stand-alone university program in the country created to teach lay Catholic educators.
www.usfca.edu /usfnews/news_stories/ICEL.html   (666 words)

Official criticism of ICEL became public in 1997 when the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments (CDWDS) expressed serious concern with ICEL's proposed translation of the ordination rites.
In September of 1997 five English speaking national episcopal conferences received a response from Cardinal Jorge Medina of the CDWDS criticizing the ICEL translation of the second edition of the ordination rites (1992) and expressing some doubt as to whether ICEL's translators were suitable to the task of liturgical translation.
Criticism of ICEL continued and in October of 1999 Cardinal Medina insisted that a new constitution be drawn up for ICEL and that the various English speaking bishops' conferences that support and participate in ICEL vote on it by Easter of 2000.
webelieve.cc /html/Feb2001.htm   (3385 words)

 International Consortium for Experiential Learning   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
ICEL offers an international forum for dialogue among practitioners, theoreticians and administrators in the diverse fields of experiential learning and education.
ICEL is run by a steering committee, elected at each ICEL conference.
The current committee was elected in October 2004 at ICEL 2004.
www.el.uct.ac.za /icel   (307 words)

 ChurchWatch February 2000
ICEL, a creature of the conferences of bishops in countries where English is spoken, should not be doing the things it has been doing.
ICEL's greatest sin, especially in light of the growth of English (rather than Latin) as the starting point for translations into other languages, has been well publicized: modest use of inclusive language.
The Roman congregations, Ratzinger's office especially, hold the ICEL psalter in singular contempt; several years ago they told the U.S. bishops to remove the imprimatur they had given to that work after years of painstaking review.
www.cta-usa.org /watch02-00/personalview.html   (830 words)

 The ICEL Betrayal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Before commenting on the ICEL translation of the Roman Canon, some examination of the manner in which it was produced can now be made.
As I have already shown, it is clear that the ICEL texts were not, in fact, scrutinized by all the English-speaking bishops.
ICEL will not allow its versions to be used without the ICET inclusions, and hierarchies which decline to use the ICBL translation deprive themselves of their share of the lucrative ICEL royalties.
www.sspx.ca /Angelus/1980_July/ICEL_Betrayal.htm   (3940 words)

 National Catholic Reporter: ICEL texts aimed to retained poetry, keep peace - International Commission on English in ...
ICEL is not orthodox enough, these critics charge; ICEL removes sacrificial emphases from texts on the Mass; most grievously, ICEL peppers texts with unwarranted inclusive language.
Under the ICEL board is an advisory committee of 15 specialists in such fields as classical studies, Latin and Greek; scripture; music; liturgical studies; sacramental theology; and English language and literature.
ICEL did not receive the first Latin revision of the missal until 1969, Page said, then completed its translation in 1973.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m1141/is_n7_v30/ai_14745825   (1368 words)

 ICEL Psalter Lacks Savor
The ICEL Psalter was published in 1995 by Liturgy Training Publications of the Archdiocese of Chicago, with the imprimatur of Baltimore Cardinal William Keeler, president of the NCCB.
The ICEL Psalter is a version of the psalms that employs "inclusive language" and other gender neutralizing devices (called "dynamic equivalence" by its proponents) in deference to the sensibilities of the translators.
Consequently, if the CDF's objections to the ICEL Psalter were stated diplomatically in the official communication to Bishop Pilla (the text of the April 1996 letter was not released), this does not indicate vague, subjective misgivings on the part of the Holy See.
www.adoremus.org /Psalter998.html   (1001 words)

 E-LAW Trip Reports: Protecting the Environment Through Law in Indonesia
ICEL worked on an Indonesian Justice Department lawsuit against the Malaysian rubber plantation responsible for the conflagration, which eventually landed the company’s director in prison.
Much work remains to be done, and ICEL is focusing on a number of vital endeavors, including developing a freedom of information act, a natural resources management act, and promoting public participation in lawmaking processes.
ICEL is attempting to work constructively to influence the policies of the WTO, IMF, Asian Development Bank and World Bank in regard to these matters.
www.elaw.org /news/trips/text.asp?id=2178   (566 words)

 ICEL Progress and Goals   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The 2003-2004 Board of Directors are an outstanding group of professionals with a lot of talent and expertise that they shared with all ICEL members.
The ICEL Board is endeavoring to give even more scholarships in 2004 since the money is available.
The goal of ICEL is to present credit related topics each month; supplement the educational programs provided by NACM; provide educational scholarships to members; retain members; achieve growth; and provide a forum for networking with peers exchanging ideas while meeting and promoting the needs of the credit management profession.
www.nacmint.com /spotlight/icel_pres/icel_pres_4-04.html   (420 words)

 Mersin / Icel, Turkey - Mersina: Information about Turkey
Mersin is one of the most modern provinces of the palmlined avenues, city park and modern hotels region and a good base for visiting the nearby historical sites and beaches.
Icel also has hunting, fishing, picnicking, mountaineering and caving attractions.
Two hours west of Mersin, Anamur is a lovely town situated in the mountains and surrounded by banana plantations.
www.mersina.com /Turkey/Mediterranean/Icel   (752 words)

 Icel Knives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Icel Knives are constantly tested by the commercial foodservice industry.
Each of Icel's Rosewood knives are come with a stamped blade with 3/4 tang inset in the handle, secured with three special aluminum compression rivets for extra durability.
Icel's sharpening steels are ideal to help maintain your Icel knives.
affordableknivesandslicers.com /icel_knives.cfm   (416 words)

 Search: Icel - Info.co.uk
ICEL is the leading UK authority on Emergency Lighting Its primary objective is to:...
In an article, "ICEL and Rome", published in America March 4, the chairman of the US bishops' Committee...
The International Commission on English in the Liturgy [ICEL] was the subject of...
dpxml.infospace.com /infocom.uk/results?otmpl=dog/webresults.htm&qkw=Icel&CMP=KNC-3LS480536328&infoad=1   (325 words)

 ICEL needs "thoroughgoing reform"
Finally, in 1998, the proposed ICEL Sacramentary texts were sent to the Vatican for review by the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
The history of ICEL's heretofore unchallenged domination of liturgical translation and its labyrinthine interrelationships with the Bishops' Committee on the Liturgy and allied organizations, Catholic universities and dioceses, non-Catholic international bodies, and with publications and publishing companies is far too complex for this essay.
The problems with ICEL can also be seen, in a more general way, as symptomatic of the impediment to accomplishing the mission of the Church created when any unsupervised group of self-appointed "experts" becomes entrenched within her bureaucracy at any level.
www.adoremus.org /2-00-ICEL.html   (3100 words)

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