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Topic: Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

 World-nationalism: normative globalism as pan-nationalism.
In fact, most of the world's population are committed both to their own national and/or ethnic identity, and to some form of religious and/or humanist idea of a universal moral community: only a small minority reject both of these.
The existing 'realist' tradition in IR studies does not.
In practice, within all historical nation states, this abstract denial of sovereignty is visible as internal pressure for cultural, social, political and economic unity. /users/Paul.Treanor/world.nation.html   (5176 words)

 Zionism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Due to the disastrous results of the revolt, what was once a human driven movement towards regaining national sovereignty based on religious inspiration, over centuries tradition and broken hopes of one "false messiah" after another took much of the human element out of messianic deliverance and put it all in the hands of God.
Zionism has always had both religious and secular aspects, reflecting the dual nature of Jewish identity, as both a religion (Judaism) and as a national or ethnic identity (Jewishness).
The emergence of Israel as a Jewish state with a small Arab minority made the idea irrelevant, but it was revived after the 1967 war left Israel in control of a large Arab population. /project/wikipedia/index.php/Zionism   (5176 words)

The republican tradition in Australia was grounded in nationalism, a degree of Irish republicanism (which saw the Crown as symbolic of British oppression(175)), and a smaller degree of doctrinaire republicanism, whose advocates saw hereditary authority, however attenuated, as inimical to democracy.
The immediate origins of Bolger’s call for a republic belong in the neo-liberalism adopted by successive governments in New Zealand since 1984.(102) Economic, political and social life had undergone revolutionary change.(103) The foundations of national identity had been undermined from two directions.
Although the focus of much republican sentiment was symbolism, there was also an important undercurrent of republican constitutionalism.(55) The dismissal of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam’s Labour government by the Governor-General in 1975 revealed, in the view of Reynolds, that "representative government in Australia was an empty gesture when confronted with viceroy sovereignty". /noelcox/Republicanism.htm   (5176 words)

In all its facets, Canadian television constituted a complex system which, in the spirit of the Broadcasting Act, was seen as "a public service essential to the maintenance and enhancement of national identity and cultural sovereignty".
This procedure followed the tradition of an earlier royal commission on radio, which had recommended establishing a public broadcasting corporation along the lines of the BBC model, and had led to the creation of the CBC in 1936.
But radio in Canada developed during the 1930s and 1940s under "mixed" ownership, with public and private stations co-existing in a single system, and competing for advertising. /archives/etv/C/htmlC/canada/canada.htm   (2136 words)

 Central & Southwest Asian Studies Program : Bibliography
Nationalism in Uzbekistan: A Soviet Republic's Road to Sovereignty.
Russian Azerbaijan, 1905-1920: The Shaping of National Identity in a Muslim Community.
DeWeese, D. Islamization and Native Religion in the Golden Horde: Baba Tükles and Conversion to Islam in Historical and Epic Tradition. /cap/biblio.htm   (2591 words)

According to tradition their culture hero appeared first at Tiahuanuco (Lake Titicaca); he brought about order upon earth and apportioned its sovereignty among four rulers, one of whom was Ayra-Manco.
The Aymará were probably the direct originators and inspirers of the Quichua civilization, and still preserve their separate identity and language to the number of over half a million souls of pure or mixed blood.
Quichua Indians, formerly the dominant people of the Empire of Peru, and still the largest homogeneous body of Indians in existence, constituting the bulk of the rural population of Peru and Ecuador. /cathen/12604b.htm   (2591 words)

 H-Net Review: Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom on Sovereignty and Authenticity: Manchukuo and the East Asian Modern
Their simultaneous concern with tradition, meanwhile, explains their efforts to associate Manchukuo with what Duara aptly calls "symbols of timeless identity," in the hope that doing so would convince both local residents and outside observers that it was an "authentic" as opposed to artificially created unit.
This did not stop Japan from insisting that Manchukuo's independence had received broad-based universal support, anymore than the failure of the United Nations to endorse Bush and Tony Blair's invasion of Iraq stopped them from claiming that the world was behind them in moving against Saddam Hussein.
Why they sometimes insisted that Manchukuo was "the newest of the new nations of the world." Why they strove to rapidly industrialize the country. /reviews/showrev.cgi?path=290111120850744   (1703 words)

 Native Americans and the New Deal: The Office Files of John Collier, 1933–1945
The Collier files are a major resource for scholars of Native American history, the New Deal, and the issues besetting the reform tradition in 20th-century America.
He truly ‘reinvented government,’ seizing the critical moment to reverse the Indian policy of the U.S. from one requiring the dissolution of Indian tribal governments and the assimilation of Indian individuals into the larger American society, to one acknowledging the sovereignty of tribal governments and the importance of preserving Indian cultures.
Indeed, one can go further and say that not only did he reverse the policy of the United States toward its aboriginal people, but his work inspired other countries, which have increasingly moved in the direction of recognizing the cultural identity and political autonomy of the aboriginal peoples within their borders." /academic/2upa/Anas/NativeAmericansNewDeal.asp   (720 words)

Cosmopolitan duty is not restricted to duties of beneficence and also requires justice and respect, and cosmopolitan morality has often been invoked as a motivation to oppose slavery and apartheid, and to defend the emancipation of women, or, in the utilitarian tradition, to demand better treatment of animals.
Cosmopolitanism can acknowledge the importance of (at least some kinds of) cultural attachments for the good human life (at least within certain limits), while denying that this implies that a person's cultural identity should be defined by any bounded or homogeneous subset of the cultural resources available in the world (e.g., Waldron).
First, some authors argue that the (partial or whole) surrender of state sovereignty required by the cosmopolitan scheme is an undue violation of the principle of the autonomy of states or the principle of democratic self-determination of their citizens. /entries/cosmopolitanism   (7358 words)

 ABC News: Canada Swears in New Governor General
Michaelle Jean is the first black person and only the third woman to hold the largely ceremonial post as head of state, designed to defend Canada's sovereignty and promote its national identity.
TORONTO Sep 27, 2005 — Queen Elizabeth II's new representative in Canada, a refugee from Haiti, was sworn in Tuesday as the nation's 27th governor general in a ceremony steeped in British tradition and Canadian color.
Michaelle Jean and her husband Jean-Daniel Lafond acknowledge the performance by a gospel choir after being sworn in as Canada's 27th Govenor General during a ceremony in the Senate chamber Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2005 in Ottawa. /International/wireStory?id=1164341&CMP=OTC-RSSFeeds0312   (453 words)

 Survival of Russian Tradition
With the critics of the Russian tradition, the claim to any hereditary title is dismissed as a misunderstanding of the term 'jus patronat'.
James Algrant's survey of evidence for the survival of a Russian tradition until 1917 speaks for itself, but by confusing the genuine continuation after the Russian Revolution with the groups he apply describes as apocryphal, he discounts its further survival.
The other groups cannot claim a Russian identity in the same way. /caltrap/Survivalofrussiantradition~1.htm   (1874 words)

 East-West Center: Events: Papers: Jung Chang Young, Han Sang-Jin, and In-Taek Hyun: U.S.-KOREA RELATIONS
Korean development would then have to be understood as a combination of such multiple trends as aggressive economic growth, political transition toward democracy, and cultural awakening in two directions: first, increasing sensitivity to the question of national identity and, secondly, a 'post-conventional' tendency toward a discursive critical re-evaluation of taken-for-granted assumptions and world-views.
It is a society, however, in which tradition changes its status.
They announced 'the day of restoring of national sovereignty', while demanding a fair and equal partnership between Korea and the U.S. This massive candle lit march turned central Seoul into a "sea of light," ending peacefully in a festive mood, with no reports of violence. /events-en-detail.asp?news_ID=147   (9497 words)

 Haverford College
We will consider the challenge he levels at the western philosophical tradition in terms of its conceptualizations of freedom, sovereignty, responsibility, personal identity, subjectivity and subjection, ethics and politics.
The award of Honors in philosophy will be based upon distinguished work in philosophy courses, active and constructive participation in the senior seminar, and the writing and presentation of the Senior essay.
Second, the philosophy curriculum is designed to help students acquire philosophical materials and skills that supplement and integrate their other studies in the liberal arts and sciences. /catalog/Philosophy.html   (3291 words)

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