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In the News (Mon 18 Mar 19)

  Idiom Press - Logikey CW Keyers, Rotor Enhancements, SCAF Filter, DX Books
Because of this sad event, Idiom Press will be closed from July 21 to July 28th.
Idiom Press is now in its 20th year of serving radio amateurs.
The new SCAF-1 filter from Idiom Press makes your radio listener friendly, whether you are an SSB or CW operator.
www.idiompress.com   (433 words)

 Idiom Studio
Idiom Studio exhibited contemporary New Zealand work by established and up-and-coming artists.
Visitors to Idiom’s latest group show can decide.
At Idiom Studio until 15 March, and then at Waikato Museum of Art and History 20 March to 30 May, 2004.
www.idiom.co.nz   (559 words)

  What is an idiom?
Individual components of an idiom can often be inflected in the same way individual words in a phrase can be inflected.
Metaphors satisfy the first requirement for an idiom, that their meaning be obscure, but not the second, that they not be productive.
Collocates may have restricted lexical possibilities or use archaic vocabulary such that they are not productive, but their meaning is not opaque.
www.sil.org /linguistics/GlossaryOfLinguisticTerms/WhatIsAnIdiom.htm   (263 words)

  Idiom - definition from Biology-Online.org   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Idiom may be employed loosely and figuratively as a synonym of language or dialect, but in its proper sense it signifies the totality of the general rules of construction which characterise the syntax of a particular language and distinguish it from other tongues.
An expression conforming or appropriate to the peculiar structural form of a language; in extend use, an expression sanctioned by usage, having a sense peculiar to itself and not agreeing with the logical sense of its structural form; also, the phrase forms peculiar to a particular author.
The idioms of a language belong to its very structure; its dialects are varieties of expression ingrafted upon it in different localities or by different professions.
www.biology-online.org /dictionary/Idiom   (366 words)

 Idiom Technologies, Inc. - Press Releases   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Idiom recently announced that Opticentre (http://www.opticentre.net/), a pioneer of localization solutions, and Cross Language (http://www.crosslang.com/), a leading provider of complete translation automation solutions, have signed on as the newest Idiom global partners.
Idiom is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, with offices throughout North America and in Europe.
Idiom and WorldServer are trademarks, or registered trademarks of Idiom Technologies, Inc. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders.
www.idiominc.com /news/press_releases.php?id=129   (592 words)

 PostScript Idiom Recognition
According to the American Heritage Dictionary, an idiom is "an expression that...
In terms of an "idiom", it is a procedure that is characteristic of the PostScript Level 2 "period".
Idiom Recognition is most often used by devices to "update" driver-produced PostScript.
www.tgreer.com /idiom.html   (931 words)

 Idiom at AllExperts
In linguistics, idioms are widely assumed to be figures of speech that contradict the principle of compositionality.
Idioms are, in essence, often colloquial metaphors â€" terms which require some foundational knowledge, information, or experience, to use only within a culture where parties must have common reference.
While many idioms are clearly based in conceptual metaphors such as "time as a substance", "time as a path", "love as war" or "up is more", the idioms themselves are often not particularly essential, even when the metaphors themselves are.
en.allexperts.com /e/i/id/idiom.htm   (1092 words)

 Designing with Idiom > Introduction   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Idiom is an object model based interactive system design method that supports the design of system scope, content, functionality, and interactivity.
The development of Idiom started in 1991; the method was later used in several small projects and one larger project (ten people for one year).
The new Idiom has subsequently been used, with greater emphasis on participative design and paper prototyping than is recorded here, for an Idiom tool support project where two designers worked together, sometimes in participatory design sessions with users, for one month.
www.informit.com /articles/article.asp?p=167852   (860 words)

 Overview of Idioms
In user interfaces, an idiom is a set of components configured in a standardized way to provide a particular appearance and behavior.
Just as idioms in a spoken language (such as "giving up" in English) have a meaning that cannot be derived from that of their individual words, idioms in the Java look and feel have usefulness that cannot be derived from that of their individual JFC components.
An example of an widely used idiom is the Browse idiom, shown in Figure 43.
java.sun.com /products/jlf/at/book/Idioms2.html   (250 words)

 Idiom business rules management
IDIOM is concerned with business rules for business people.
IDIOM separates the management of rules and business knowledge from the technical issues involved in application development, thereby removing some of the organisational obstacles to knowledge management.
The Decision Service is IDIOM's runtime component: it consists of a shell (the Decision Engine) that acts as a container for the organisation's business rules in the form of generated code.
www.advantages.co.nz /idiom.asp   (251 words)

 lesson6   (Site not responding. Last check: )
An idiom is an expression that has a meaning apart from the meanings of its individual words.
Unlike proverbs and similies, idioms have no fixed form and come in all sizes, shapes, and colors.
An idiom usually originates with a specific group - television, sailors, housewives, teachers, poets, or politicians - then spreads to more general use by others.
volweb.utk.edu /Schools/bedford/harrisms/lesson6.htm   (160 words)

 English Lessons: This Month's Idiom   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Idiom is a particular use or meaning that groups of speakers give to groups of words.
Idiom can also make a language very difficult to understand, especially for new speakers.
In other words, idiom is slang that has, through use and over time, become acceptable to use in informal language.
webnz.co.nz /checkers/idiom2.html   (142 words)

 Idioms for Text Fields and Lists
This idiom consists of a label, an editable text field, and a command button, whose text begins with the word "Browse," as shown in Figure 57.
When using the Browse idiom for choosing a file, directory, or web address, label the idiom's command button "Browse," and use "B" as its mnemonic unless that letter is a mnemonic for different button or command.
In the Add-and-Remove idiom, make the vertical space for the original list at least as long as the column of command buttons, as shown in Figure 61.
java.sun.com /products/jlf/at/book/Idioms6.html   (1487 words)

 The Canonical Object Idiom
You may adopt this idiom in your own programming practice, or, if you are developing a set of style guidelines for a team or organization, you may want to make the idiom part of those guidelines.
The intent of the idiom is not to force programmers to endow every object with this baseline functionality, but simply to define a default functionality for every object.
In addition, knowledge of this idiom should make your fellow programmers feel a vague sense of guilt in their attempts to avoid thinking about these issues when they design a class.
www.artima.com /designtechniques/canonicalP.html   (2077 words)

 Activity 1C: Ageless Idioms in Spanish
Ask the students if any one of them knows what the idiom means or what the literal translation of the idiom would be in English.
An example of a Spanish ageless idiom is “Está a la media rueda.” Literally translated into English this phrase means “He is at the half turn.” This expression is commonly used when someone turns fifty.
Explain to the students that the “half turn” of a wheel refers to the fact that the person has reached about the “halfway point” in their life, that is, halfway to being 100 years old.
teachhealthk-12.uthscsa.edu /curriculum/diversity/diversity01c-idiom.htm   (274 words)

 idiom | English | Dictionary & Translation by Babylon
In linguistics, idioms are widely assumed to be figures of speech that contradict the principle of compositionality, however some debate has recently arisen on this subject.
idiom, dialect, characteristic style, form of a language spoken in a certain area or district
Lyotard's term for the distinctive local language we develop when the available terms will not work to say what we want to say.  Idioms develop in borderzones.
www.babylon.com /definition/idiom/English   (268 words)

 JCbands / Idiom
Idiom experienced a plethora of drummers that did not work out until one day, Wes Blaylock, a friend from their church, joined the band.
Idiom continued to play shows almost every weekend for the next year and a half.
Idiom plays music from their heart, put there by the one reason they play as a band.
www.souljoyrecords.com /jcbands/idiom.htm   (623 words)

 iDiom Gray Scale Series | Hypebeast - Online Magazine for Fashion, Sneakers, and Culture   (Site not responding. Last check: )
What sets iDiom apart from everything else is the fact that it’s a collaboration between Burton and the Japanese streetwear legend, Hiroshi Fujiwara.
The line is available almost exclusively in Japan, yet through Hiroshi’s magic formula of super clean design, an outstanding attention to detail, and the highest quality materials, iDiom has been able to establish themselves as one of the top brands in the international snowboard scene.
iDiom’s 2.5L and 3L jackets use the highest quality waterproofing and moisture wicking materials available, and thanks to their comfortable, maneuverable cuts you can say goodbye to sacrificing function for style when gearing up for the Winter.
www.hypebeast.com /features/2006/06/idiom-gray-scale-series   (262 words)

 Tracking Creativity: In Step With Idioms
All of the idioms are in quotation marks.
It was Sunday night and Allison was going to bed to "take the load off her feet" when she "stopped dead in her tracks." She remembered that her project was due the very next day.
Then she knew that next time a paper was assigned she would have to "get her foot in the door" and "take steps" to prevent this from happening again.
library.thinkquest.org /4382/idiom.html   (338 words)

 Pimpl Idiom
The Pimpl idiom, also known as the compilation firewall or Cheshire Cat technique, is a "private implementation" technique useful only in CeePlusPlus and statically compiled languages like it...
In practice, this idiom is just a one-off SmartPointer, and there's really no point not using a general smart pointer template instead.
Still another thing that makes this a very useful idiom is the fact that it provides a way for you to inherit functionality from a third party library without passing any dependencies on the library to your class users.
c2.com /cgi/wiki?PimplIdiom   (1528 words)

IDIOM are a metal band mixing funk with powerful metal grooves.
Idiom are a mixture of everything it seems and appealed to basically everyone in the Cavern tonight who cheered and danced until the very end of their set." Rockbeast.com 2006
IDIOM's previouis 5 track EP is also still available from Martian Records in Exeter for £3, or direct from the band
www.myspace.com /idiomuk   (1201 words)

 He Follows the Law Like a Tantony Pig - It Figures - Figures of Speech
Usually, the cluster is an idiom ("peculiar" or "singular"), a group of words that must taken, well, part and parcel; they serve as a single word with one meaning.
Mucking out the origins of idioms is not his bag, baby (to coin an idiom).
A "kettle of fish" once meant a fancy riverside picnic (the original river was the Tweed, in Britain) where the jolly al frescans tossed live salmon into poiling pots of water.
www.figarospeech.com /it-figures/2006/3/29/he-follows-the-law-like-a-tantony-pig.html   (457 words)

 IdiomSite.com - Balls to the Wall
On airplanes, the throttle control handles and the fuel mixture are often topped with grips that are ball shaped, thus referring to pilots as "balls." If you push the ball forward close to the front wall of the cockpit your result would be a top speed.
Through various springs and other devices, this allows the engine to maintain an almost constant speed as the load on the generator changes.
I am a retired U.S Navy aircrew man who spent 17 years flying on Lockheed P-3 aircraft and the term we used for max speed usually on take off's is balls to the wall.
www.idiomsite.com /ballstothe.htm   (381 words)

 IDIOM | FIT-IT Semantic Systems Project
Google, NASA, ESRI and other technology leaders were sponsoring the 3D Visualization Grand Challenge and attended the awards ceremony held at the University of California at Berkeley on June 7th (www.isde5.org).
The IDIOM team invites you to participate in a survey on geospatial information services - i.e., applications based on geospatial platforms such as NASA World Wind, Google Earth, and Microsoft Live Local.
IDIOM aims to investigate new visual interfaces, and to reveal fundamental mechanisms of information diffusion across media with distinct interactive characteristics.
www.idiom.at   (556 words)

This site is an "idiom of the day" page, which takes a random idiom from the Cobuild Dictionary and shows meanings, variations, and sample sentences.
Look at a picture and guess the idiom; one unusual feature is that you can see the guesses of other students.
For each idiom, a definition is given as well as a brief conversation containing the idiom.
www.utexas.edu /student/esl/links/idioms.html   (437 words)

 Double-checked locking and the Singleton pattern
The problem is that some idioms are later proven not to be all that they were purported, or to simply not work as described.
However, the double-checked locking idiom is still broken under the new memory model.
Unfortunately, it was not until this idiom was in fairly wide use that it became apparent that it is not a safe programming construct due to the current memory model.
www-106.ibm.com /developerworks/java/library/j-dcl.html?loc=j   (2688 words)

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