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Topic: Idolatry in Christianity

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In the News (Tue 19 Mar 19)

  Idolatry - LoveToKnow 1911
In an age when the study of religion was practically confined to Judaism and Christianity, idolatry was regarded as a degeneration from an uncorrupt primeval faith, but the comparative and historical investigation of religion has shown it to be rather a stage of an upward movement, and that by no means the earliest.
To give concreteness to the vague ideas thus worshipped the idol, at first rough and crude, comes to the help of the savage, and in course of time through inability to distinguish subjective and objective, comes to be identified with the idea it originally symbolized.
Idolatry was made a crime against the state by the laws of Constantius (Cod.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Idolatry   (743 words)

 Christianity - Crystalinks
Christianity is thus both a living tradition of faith and the culture that the faith leaves behind as a kind of deposit.
Christianity is based on a particular experience or scheme directed to the act of saving--that is, of bringing or "buying back," which is part of what redemption means, these creatures of God to their source in God.
Christians, it might be said, used the vocabulary and repertory of options then available to them in speaking of the all-encompassing and the ineffable and grafted these onto the witness to God that was essential to their faith.
www.crystalinks.com /christianity.html   (2595 words)

Idolatry is a term used by certain monotheistic religions in reference to the worship of physical objects (idols) and, more generally, to most any religious practices which they consider to involve the worship of anything other than their own God.
With the development of Christianity in the first century of the common era came a new theology with regards to idolatry.
When the Christian movement made its fateful alliance with the Roman Empire under Constantine I, though, its status as the favoured imperial religion brought in a large influx of pagan converts who remained attached to their former religious practices.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/id/Idolatry.html   (4116 words)

 How did Christianity become mixed with polytheistic beliefs? - منتدى طريق الإيمان للدعوة إلى ...
When Christianity conquered Rome, the new religion (i.e., Christianity) was infused with the blood of the old idolatrous religion: the title of archbishop, worship for the great mother, and an innumerable number of lords who gave peace of mind and were like who exist in all places and cannot be detected with the senses.
In his book Christianity and Idolatry, Robertson states that Mithraism, which is a religion of Persian origin, flourished in Persia approximately six centuries before the birth of Christ, and it reached Rome around the year 70 CE, where it spread throughout the Roman lands.
Idolatry and polytheism entered Christianity through the influence of the hypocrites who occupied positions of influence and high positions in the Roman state by pretending to be Christians, but they never cared about religion and were not sincere at all.
www.imanway.com /vb/showthread.php?t=2586   (1325 words)

 Asia Times Online :: Asian News, Business and Economy - American Idolatry
Christianity has foundered in Europe, sunk by the baggage that European Christians carried from their pagan past, leaving the United States as the last Christian country in the industrial world.
Idolatry in Europe lived in the folklore and ritual of the old pagan religions that Christianity never quite suppressed.
I agree with the minority of Christians who eschew Christian rock as "the music of the devil", although not for the same reasons: it is immaterial whether Christian rock substitutes "Jesus Christ" for "Peggy Sue", permitting its listeners to associate putatively Christian music with secular music with implied sexual content.
www.atimes.com /atimes/Front_Page/HH29Aa01.html   (1495 words)

 internetmonk.com » Blog Archive » American Idolatry: The Good Life
Christianity is a movement; it is a cross-cultural, church planting movement.
The “God and Country” idolatry challenge the church’s identity as a counter-culture, and tempt the church towards secular, political agendas and means.
One of the clearest indicators of this idolatry is the insistence of evangelicals that their pastors not challenge the definition of “the Good Life”.
www.internetmonk.com /archive/american-idolatry-the-good-life   (2093 words)

 The WSCR Archive: Liam O'Ruairc: "Fundamentally Irreconcilable"
However, his presentation of christianity is weaker because, while he engages in a prolonged discussion of the meaning of the fall, he is extremely brief about the christian response to it and neglects the doctrine of the atonement (pp41-42).
Christianity says that one should love enemies, give back good for evil, turn the right cheek, and so on; while Marxism advocates social revolution and physical force if necessary.
The author shows that there is an ethical conflict internal to christianity between the fact that it must bring peace and reconciliation at the forefront, but at the same time cannot renounce violence entirely because it teaches the doctrine of negative responsibility - ie, to abstain from saving life is also to kill (pp118-119).
www.raggedclaws.com /criticalrealism/archive/loruairc_fi.html   (1239 words)

 Idolatry in Christianity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Idolatry, in Christian theology, is "the worship of a created object (either made by human hands or created by God" rather than worship one would give to the true God Himself.
Christian proselytism would also at times have anti-Judaist aims for converting Jews, under the claim that the apparent Jewish exclusion of salvation, among other things, made a reverence for the written law a kind of idolatry.
Anglican Christians, Catholic Christians, Orthodox Christians consider the previous examples as that of iconoclasm, which was officially condemned by Catholics and Orthodox at the Second Council of Nicaea (787), in which process St. John of Damascus was pivotal.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Idolatry_in_Christianity   (2690 words)

In his view, idolatry was a term of abuse applied to the "out-group," and especially to anyone who dared abandon narrow, tribal loyalties for a more broadminded attitude.
The definition of idolatry as "the worship of a false god" presupposes an understanding of the word "god." The Bible uses it as a strictly functional term.
Christian loyalty is a leap in the dark, closed to tests of any sort.
www.philosophy-religion.org /cherbonnier/idolatry.htm   (2513 words)

 7adaara.com » Idolatry in Christianity   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
For example, I don’t think Christianity is a violent religion because of the Christian right’s views, although if you listen to someone like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, or Franklin Graham speak, you would definitely think they follow a very hateful and violent religion.
I also recognise there are “radical Christians” who are convinced that what they think is the only truth and who in some cases even use violence against for example abortion clinics.
While there definitely are Christian fundamentalists, I still have to read the first bible quote in a letter that claims responsibility for a bombing.
www.7adaara.com /index.php/archives/52   (4668 words)

 Ikons or idols
Those opposed to the use of ikons were increasingly drawn from the heretical fringes of Christianity: the monophysites, who downplayed the human nature of Christ; those with gnostic tendencies, who thought that all matter was evil, and later the possible influence of Islam.
Idolatry, on the contrary, is offering worship (latria) to something other than God, to something that is a substitute for God in our mind.
Idolatry is when we worship and serve creatures rather than the creator (Romans 1:25), the gift rather than the giver.
www.orthodoxy.faithweb.com /ikonidol.htm   (1164 words)

 AM055 InTheBeloved.org
Again, not being satisfied with the simplicity that is in Christ, many professing Christians have urged the introduction of rituals that are intended to be impressive, and which take the place of heart-affection for the Lord Jesus.
Therefore, true Christianity is not a religious camp on earth, but a called-out company of believers, united to Christ, their glorified Head in heaven, as a body to a Head (Col.1:18).
Christians and unbelievers come together as public worshipers on the ground of good works and law keeping for salvation.
www.inthebeloved.org /am055.htm   (2090 words)

 The Passion of Christ":  Mel Gibson's Vivid Deception
Idolatry was abandoned, marriages repaired, drunkenness practically disappeared….Their communities were filled with love." The witness of this testimony must not remain unheeded if we are to receive the blessing we long for from On High, for "what agreement hath the temple of God with idols?"
Christians reason within themselves that since God became a man in the person of Christ, a picture of Jesus is but an image of an image.
From God's perspective idolatry is spiritual adultery, so with the indignant reaction of a betrayed husband, He continues, "for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me."
www.bereanbeacon.org /articles/idolatry_in_the_chruch.htm   (4249 words)

 The Gold Calf & Pluralists: Judaism's Imposters
Therefore, any position that contradicts the Torah or claims that God is physical, is a violation of fundamentals, it defines one as a heretic, and prohibits any Jew from engaging with him or her in dialogue.
Christianity had no revelation from God; yet, they lie to their adherents, and as Islam, they both wage crusades against non-believers, since reason and proofs are not on their side.
They hurt Christians, as they communicate acceptance for an idolatrous religion maintaining ludicrous postulates: “God is killed, He becomes man, and then changes His mind and alters His previous Torah”.
www.mesora.org /GoldCalfPluralists.htm   (1647 words)

 Crying Voice in the Wilderness - Christianity
Attila would have dealt a serious blow to Christianity, had not the angel of the Lord affrighted him at his meeting with Pope Leo I during his Italian campaign.
Christianity Among the Hungarians From the Conquest to the Foundation of the Hungarian State
His main goal was to eliminate idolatry, convert his people to Christianity and support God's Church in every possible way.
www.cryingvoice.com /Christianity/index.html   (334 words)

"IDOLATRY - Strictly speaking, denotes the worship of deity in a visible form, whether the images to which homage is paid are symbolical representations of the true God or of the false divinities which have been made the objects of worship in his stead.
The first undoubted allusion to idolatry or idolatrous customs in the Bible is in the account of Rachel's stealing her father's teraphim.
Idolatry to an Israelite was a state offence, I Samuel 15:23, a political crime of the greatest character, high treason against the majesty of his king.
www.demonbuster.com /idols.html   (5258 words)

 Idolatry - False gods and religion
Idolatry may involve a false god (whether or not represented by an "image") or a false perception of the true God.
Modern-day idolatry comes in many forms - possessions, sports, entertainment, friends, pets, work, etc. Each of these may have a legitimate place in a person's life, but when they become more important than God - and this will be evident by one's values and choices - they have become a form of idolatry.
An in-depth look at one of the queens who was responsible for some of the worst idolatry ever introduced into the nation of Israel.
www.journal33.org /godworld/idolatry.htm   (588 words)

 Religion & Beliefs, Christianity,
A Prophetic community of Christian believers who are hearing the voice of God for this generation as we approach the end of one age and move into the next.
Christians continue to cling to the theology of this Circus Prostitute today - rejecting the teachings of Jesus, while adhering to the doctrines of Pagan Rome.
The teachings on the Final Temple cannot be openly acknowledged, because of the paganism of Christianity and the idolatry of the Church in the worship of Jesus as God.
dir.webring.com /rw?d=Religion___Beliefs/Christianity   (1685 words)

 Reinhold Niebuhr
The misery of man is derived from his idolatry, from his partly conscious and partly unconscious effort to make himself, his race, and his culture God.
This idolatry is not broken until man is confronted with the real God, and finds his pride broken by the divine judgment, and learns that from this crucifixion of the old proud self a new self may arise, and that this new self has the "fruits of the spirit," which are "love, joy, peace."
It is not that man in his weakness has finite perspectives that makes conflicts between varying perspectives so filled with fanatic fury in all human history; it is that man denies the finiteness of his perspectives that tempts him to such fanatic cruelty against those who hold convictions other than his own.
www.serve.com /thibodep/cr/niebuhr.htm   (1180 words)

 Though often characterized as a Christian nation, America is really filled with idolatry   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
He also knew that idolatry robs its adherents of the blessings otherwise available to them, were they to worship and serve the true God.
However, the rampant idolatry in America, of which Christians should be acutely aware, is not comprised of statutes fashioned from silver, gold, or stone.
Denominational idolatry is strikingly similar to the idolatry with which the heathen and the children of God have been beset throughout human history.
home.earthlink.net /~mrsamerica1/Idols.htm   (1142 words)

 Making The God Of MY Choice (1)
At the beginning of the 10 Commandments is the sin of idolatry.
Modern man's lure into idolatry is much more subtle and this is where it is much more deadly.
This danger is succinctly stated: "The essence of idolatry is the entertainment of thoughts about God that are unworthy of Him.
www.christianlibrary.org /authors/John_L_Kachelman_Jr/idolatry/idol2.htm   (1854 words)

 FrontPage magazine.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
Pseudo-Christian that she is, you'd think she'd realize that capitalizing the word is a form of idolatry.
In Christianity, "goodness" is Jesus, yet she rarely mentions him.
She refers to Christian folklore," which I take to mean anything in the gospels she disagrees with.
www.frontpagemag.com /GoPostal/commentdetail.asp?ID=7466&commentID=87033   (189 words)

 idolatry - OneLook Dictionary Search
IDOLATRY : 1911 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica [home, info]
IDOLATRY : Irivng Hexham's Concise Dictionary of Religion [home, info]
Words similar to idolatry: devotion, idolatries, veneration, idol worship, maumetry, more...
www.onelook.com /?w=idolatry&last=idolitry&loc=spell1   (186 words)

 Christians Nurturing Christians - Lesson 5
In much of the last fifty years of the first century, a person converted from Judaism to Christianity often was rejected by the nation of Israel, the synagogue, the extended family, and the immediate family.
A person converted from idolatry to Christianity often was rejected by the pagan community.
If the Christian community was to succeed as God's family, their love of Christ must move them to deeply, genuinely love and respect each other.
www.westarkchurchofchrist.org /chadwell/nurturing5.htm   (697 words)

Early Christianity likewise does not inveigh strenuously against idolatry, to judge from the teachings of Jesus.
Paul does, it is true, forbid Christians to take part in rites honoring other gods; civic feasts in the Roman Empire could be so interpreted (1 Cor.
Pauline theology’s radical devaluation of the present age in view of the coming of the new age led it to brand excessive concern with the wealth of this age as idolatry (Col. 3:5).
www.bibletexts.com /glossary/idolatry.htm   (1107 words)

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