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Topic: Igloo

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  IGLOOS: North American Native Pre-Contact Housing
You can peer through the window (that in a traditional snow-dome igloo would be made of translucent seal gut) or take the model apart to see how benches, storage and other features of the inside were arranged.
Photographed in the early 1900's by Canadian anthro Diamond Jenness, hunters' igloos are shown foreground and at the edge of the shore's frozen ice.
There's not much mention of the lamp seasoning, a week to a month of melting and refreezing, which gave the real igloos their great physical strength by turning the snow blocks to ice from the inside out.
www.kstrom.net /isk/maps/houses/igloo.html   (1221 words)

  Igloo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An igloo (Inuktitut iglu / ᐃᒡᓗ, "house", plural: iglooit or igluit), translated sometimes as snowhouse, is a shelter constructed from blocks of snow, generally in the form of a dome.
The smallest of all igloos was constructed as a temporary shelter.
In heraldry, the igloo appears as the crest in the coat of arms of Nunavut.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Igloo   (915 words)

 Abdul Monem Ltd. - Igloo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Igloo is the pioneer ice cream brand in Bangladesh and started its operation in 1964 in Chittagong.
Igloo is offering a total of forty-five items including normal, premium and novelty cup, sticks and family pack items.
Igloo has more flavors than anyone else in the Industry and is continuously launching new ice creams.
www.amlbd.com /igloo.html   (454 words)

Igloo is a Woodstock, Ontario based comic who is fairly new to the scene, although comedy has always been a part of his life.
Igloo went back to the drawing board, and wrote a new 5 minute set based around his growing up with a pest sister, and parents who didn't understand him.
Igloo was quick on the draw at the store, but knew that on a stage under the lights, it would be a different story, and he'd better be prepared!
www.geocities.com /iglooharras   (858 words)

 HistoryLink Essay: Igloo, The -- Lost Landmark of Seattle's Auto-Tecture
The Igloo, a diner and drive-in restaurant at the southeast corner of 6th Avenue and Denny Way, operated from late 1940 until sometime in 1954.
The Igloo was established by Ralph Grossman and Ernie Hughes, and later managed by Sander's Fountain Lunches.
Throughout the 1940s, the Igloo was a standout landmark on the northern outskirts of downtown Seattle.
www.historylink.org /essays/output.cfm?file_id=1162   (900 words)

 Air Force Magazine
Igloo White would be the name by which the entire program would be best remembered.
Igloo White consisted of three parts: the sensors, the orbiting aircraft to relay the signal, and the Infiltration Surveillance Center at Nakhon Phanom Air Base in Thailand.
Igloo White operations on the trail diminished in 1972 and then stopped altogether.
www.afa.org /magazine/Nov2004/1104igloo.asp   (4304 words)

 Igloo building experiments
The form is placed on the igloo wall, and blocks are built by packing snow in the form.
Having the igloo fail through sagging I think is more desirable than a sudden collapse if one were to use an igloo as a shelter for the night.
Like the other igloos, it sagged, but it managed to maintain its shape fairly well for most of the sag, so I guess the curvature I used was fairly suitable.
www.sentex.net /~mwandel/winter/igloo.html   (2075 words)

 IGLOO THERMO-LOGISTICS LTD. – Multi-Temperature Couriers, London UK
Igloo has extensive experience in distributing food products to development kitchens, and to special catered events & arena’s.
Igloo operate flexible load capacities both on single and multi-temp consignments, please call us with your requirements to obtain a quote.
All Igloo Multi-temperature vehicles are monitored from head office, utilise satellite navigation systems, vehicle tracking equipment, and all drivers are linked by in-cab phones.
www.igloo-thermo.com /index.htm   (748 words)

 Igloo Commercial Home Page
As the leading brand of industrial water coolers, Igloo® has helped workers combat the effects of heat exhaustion and dehydration for over sixty years.
The most trusted insulated carrier of human organs and perishable medical specimens and supplies.
Igloo® coolers and ice chests in the color most demanded by greens superintendents, pro-shops, landscapers, and golf equipment manufacturers.
www.igloocommercial.com   (57 words)

 Comparison of PushOK CVS proxy with Jalindy Igloo
The Igloo tool does not handle conflicts at all, and you have to resolve conflicts in non-visual mode browsing the code for CVS conflict markers.
Igloo does not handle this problem, while PushOk suggests both the automatic type recognition strategy and handling of manually configured file type, based on the extension.
Igloo does not handle this situation, while PushOk supplies IDE with information about new files, and you are enabled to get the latest versions easily.
www.pushok.com /soft_cvs_vsigloo.php   (776 words)

 Ben Meadows Company - Tips Article1, Building an Igloo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
In a long-term shelter, such as an igloo, heavy, cold air can be diverted away from the occupants by digging a cold sink to channel the air down and away from the shelter.
With warmth inside the igloo, the surface of the walls will melt and freeze over, to form a smooth, airtight ice surface.
The igloo will get very warm inside with heat from your body, even if it is cold and windy outside.
www.benmeadows.com /ResourceLibrary/igloo.html   (445 words)

 Welcome to Arctic Blast 2001 - A to Z   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
They were usually temporary winter shelters built when an inuit hunter and his family went on a hunting trip.
An igloo could be any size, but normally they built them just big enough for the family to be inside, so it would warm up faster.
Our team will not sleep in igloos on their trip, but in tunnel tents that are very easy to set up and pack down, which is efficient when you are on the move in cold and harsh weather.
www.arcticblast.polarhusky.com /igloo   (293 words)

 Fiberglass Igloo Shelters - Igloos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The modular construction of the fiberglass igloo, gives you the ability to connect several igloos together creating multiple rooms.
The Fiberglass igloo shelters are self supporting, which means that there are no poles, or columns in the center.
The structural strength of an igloo is in it's shape.
www.fiberglassigloos.com /index.html   (306 words)

 Igloo Coolers
Igloo has built its name as the most recognized brand in the coolers since originating the category in 1947.
Igloo is the market share leader in the cooler industry.
Igloo Products Corp. is continuing to energize the cooler market, bringing design and value to coolers with different features for every need.
2buyitnow.com /igloo_coolers_.html   (428 words)

 Igloo News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Igloo will be taking part in the essexdance motion capture workshop at Colchester Arts Centre between 27 and 29 November.
Igloo will be taking part in the official launch of the essexdance Associate Artist scheme: december 4th 2002 at Chancellor Hall, Chelmsford.
Igloo are also working on their major new DVD installation featuring an original soundscapes by Icelandic sound artist Biogen.
www.igloo.org.uk /oldnews5.html   (345 words)

 Igloo (Marvel) - Uncyclopedia
The Igloo is a large arctic dwelling made of ice that has gained sentience and super human powers.
The Igloo started out as a perfectly normal hut made of ice, that was until a gamma-irradiated polar bear urinated on it.
As the life blood of his beloved family poured into the snow, the Igloo vowed vengence upon his hated enemy.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Igloo_(Marvel)   (437 words)

 igloo opensource
Igloo is created using PHP scripting language PHP-OpenISIS as back-end for reading ISIS native database format.
The main program is igloo version 2.3 (The previous version is version 2.2, version 2.1, version 2.0, version 1.8, version 1.7, version 1.6, version 1.5 and version 1.4).
The igloo manual is also needed by you to install igloo properly.
www.geocities.com /igloo_opensource   (473 words)

 IGLOO Building Supplies Group: Health, Safety & Environment
Igloo Building Supplies is committed to health, safety and environment programs that protect employees, customers, vendors and Igloo properties.
Igloo offers a comprehensive modified-work program for those affected by an HSE incident.
This is Igloo’s philosophy—one that is shared by every level of the Igloo organization.
www.igloo.ca /work_at_igloo/health_safety_environment   (206 words)

 NOVA | Surviving Denali | Igloo | PBS KIDS GO!
Make the base layer of the igloo, being sure to make the igloo big enough so that up to four or more people can sleep comfortably.
Continue to work upward so that the top of the igloo is about shoulder height with the person working inside.
After the igloo is completed begin to dig downward to enlarge the inner chamber.
pbskids.org /nova/denali/igloo.html   (207 words)

 Igloo, winter camping tool, Grand Shelters Icebox
A pole with 8 adjustments, 1 for each layer is used to build igloos with the correct catenary shape and to help support the weight of the snow and form while packing the snow.
After finishing 6 rows of the igloo you remove the outside of the form as the wall is now leaning in far enough so the snow can be packed from the outside.
After seeing how solid a wall of packed snow is, it led us to a self supporting structure like the igloo that could be built in any area accessible by snow shoeing or skiing.
www.grandshelters.com   (549 words)

 Grand Igloo 501C Information
Whenever funds are directed for a purpose associated with a particular Igloo or Auxiliary of the Pioneers of Alaska, the Foundation will accomplish the purpose in line with the wishes or direction of that Igloo or Auxiliary.
Likewise, any local Igloo or Auxiliary of the Pioneers of Alaska will be invited to comment on proposed projects associated with local or regional structures or other elements of history within the sphere of influence of that Igloo or Auxiliary.
The Foundation may accept grants, bequests, donations, etc., aimed at local projects with the understanding they may be held on behalf of a local Igloo or Auxiliary of the Pioneers of Alaska or another potential entity, immediately or in the future.
members.tripod.com /granigloopioneerpath/id25.htm   (1112 words)

 Igloo by Sierra Designs and other backcountry 4 Season Tents tents.
Igloo by Sierra Designs and other backcountry 4 Season Tents tents.
The Igloo boasts three doors and three vestibules—two of which are poled for extra protection.
The Igloo makes a great base camp, four-season tent that can get your through some unexpected weather.
backcountrygear.com /catalog/tentdetail.cfm?PRODUCTS__productID=SD1355   (71 words)

 Alcoa: News: What's New at Alcoa - 2004: Igloo Products Corp. Enhances Cooler Designs with Trendy Printed Shrink ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Igloo, a company recognized for continuously energizing its best-selling brand of coolers, adopted this same technology for their new line of beverage coolers.
The five different label designs, including Igloo’s own tropical flower and sports theme designs plus three trendy, “retro” plaid designs, developed specifically for Target Stores, are reverse printed at Alcoa Flexible Packaging’s Downingtown Printing Plant in Downingtown, PA. The interesting colors and graphics delight the eye and fit with most any outdoor event/picnic theme.
In 2001, Igloo was acquired by Westar Capital, a California-based venture capital firm.
www.alcoa.com /global/en/news/whats_new/2004/igloo.asp   (639 words)

For Row 5, we are beginning to make the dome of the igloo.
We're beginning to use our igloo for a reading center, even though it's not quite complete.
We are using our igloo as a reading center now.
www.littlegiraffes.com /igloo.html   (102 words)

 IGLOO THERMO-LOGISTICS LTD. – FLEET - Multi-Temperature Couriers, London UK
IGLOO THERMO-LOGISTICS LTD. – FLEET - Multi-Temperature Couriers, London UK Igloo operate a fleet of new Temperature Controlled Mercedes Sprinter's and Vito's, offering multi-temperature capability (Frozen, Chill and Ambient).
All Igloo deliveries are covered by comprehensive insurance policies, including; Goods-in-transit, stock deterioration due to breakdown, Theft and Fire etc. Full details of these policies are available to customers on request.
Our Guarantee Igloo’s same-day emergency guarantee can recover any failures you have encountered elsewhere, through a speedy professional service.
www.igloo-thermo.com /fleet.htm   (895 words)

Igloo is a turn-based game for 2 players (or 2 teams) which can be played on any flat, stable surface.
The game uses a standard set of Icehouse pieces and is set up in a similar manner, with the pieces starting out in stash zones that are not part of the playing field.
To play Igloo with 4 people, divide the players into 2 teams.
www.wunderland.com /icehouse/Igloo.html   (878 words)

 April 11, 1945 home page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Dusty Miller of Igloo, spent Monday in Edgemont at the home of her sister, Mrs.
Floyd Plumb and daughter of Igloo, spent Sunday at the home of her parents, Mr.
Eugene Beltz, of Igloo, the pastor of the Lutheran congregation of that place, was in Edgemont Wednesday of Last week, stopping at the tribune office on business.
members.aol.com /igloophs/Emailpage/Apr11-45.htm   (1413 words)

 IGLOO - Connecting for Global Change   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Step inside and discover how to get the most out of IGLOO.
IGLOO is built from the contributions of partners.
As the Conservatives took power last week, there seemed to be a general consensus among those that study Canadian foreign policy that the tone in the Canada-US relationship will automatically improve.
www.igloo.org   (114 words)

 Hotel & Igloo Village Kakslauttanen, cabins in Lapland
Hotel & Igloo Village Kakslauttanen is located in the Saariselka fell area amidst beautiful Finnish Lapland scenery in the vicinity of Urho Kekkonen National Park along the road leading to Nordkap and the Arctic Ocean.
Because we are 250 km north of the Arctic Circle the Midnight Sun shines for two months and the nights are bright from May to the end of August.
Hotel Kakslauttanen is the home of the famous Igloo Village with the unique Glass and Snow Igloos and a World's Largest Snow Restaurant.
www.kakslauttanen.fi   (194 words)

 Jalindi - Igloo
Jalindi Igloo is a program that allows you to connect Microsoft Visual Studio and other IDEs directly to a CVS repository.
The product consists of a file called igloo.dll which is a connectivity module between visual studio or any SCCAPI compliant IDEs and the cvs2ntslib.dll that is supplied with CVS for NT.
Jalindi Igloo behaves in a similar way to Visual Source Safe when integrated with each IDE.
www.jalindi.com /igloo   (113 words)

 Web design Edinburgh, West Lothian Scotland by Hot Igloo Productions.
Here at Hot Igloo, we like to think of ourselves as the business promotion specialists: a one-stop shop for web design, graphic design, printing and copywriting.
A small budget doesn't mean you have to settle for an uninspiring website, as you can see from our web design portfolio of happy customers.
Don't delay, their free trial won't last forever, give them a call on 0871 550 8026 and get an Edinburgh Cleaner you can trust.
www.hotigloo.co.uk   (256 words)

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