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Topic: Ikoma District

  Nara Prefecture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
On October 1, 2004 the towns of Shinjo and Taima from Kitakatsuragi District merged to form the new city of Katsuragi.
On April 1, 2005 the villages of Tsuge from Yamabe District and Tsukigase from Soekami District merged into the city of Nara.
Soekami District was dissolved as a result of this merger.
www.airandspace.org /encyclopedia/Nara_Prefecture   (932 words)

 Gates Rubber Company v. Bando Chemical Industries, Ltd.
District Judge Daniel B. Sparr denied the request for the TRO, and held a hearing on March 26, 1992, on Gates' request for injunction.
Gates argues that it is entitled to an inference that Ikoma destroyed relevant documents and records because Bando cannot prove by clear and convincing evidence that the shredded materials were not relevant documents and records.
Ikoma testified, through an interpreter, that he destroyed no business records or documents, but merely cleaned up his desk by eliminating such materials as old scratch paper, catalogs, industrial magazines and papers, belt samples, raw material samples, chemical samples, devices and parts for machinery, tourist information, hotel directory, letters and Christmas cards.
cyber.law.harvard.edu /digitaldiscovery/library/preservation/gates.html   (16721 words)

 Imposing Wilderness: CHAPTER THREE
After interviewing the principals involved, the district commissioner replied to the forester that the jumbe denied he was doing nothing and said that he was instead only waiting for the forest guard to give him the name of the offender.
In regard to the grazing case, the district commissioner said that in Mangi Sante's court, people were paraded before the forest guard who failed to identify the accused or his sons.
Following this, the district commissioner directed that all forest encroachment cases should be heard at Baraza A (the central Meru Native Court) in Poli, while cases on other violations, such as grazing trespass, would still be heard in the lower courts.
www.ucpress.edu /books/pages/8071/8071.ch03.html   (10554 words)

 Nara Prefecture info here at en.88of100c.info   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Horyu-ji, a Buddhist temple in Ikaruga Ikoma District Ando Heguri Ikaruga Sangou Kitakatsuragi District Kanmaki Kawai Koryo Ouji Shiki District Kawanishi Miyake Tawaramoto Takaichi District Asuka Takatori Uda District Mitsue Soni Yamabe District Yamazoe Yoshino District Higashiyoshino Kamikitayama Kawakami Kurotaki Nosegawa Oyodo Shimoichi Shimokitayama Tenkawa Totsukawa Yoshino Nara Prefecture Mergers
Soekami District was dissolved as a gathering of that merger.
On January 1, 2006 the towns of Haibara, Ouda Utano the village of Murou (all from Uda District) merged to projection the original intraurban of Uda.
en.88of100c.info /Nara_Prefecture   (1317 words)

Nara Prefecture is in the Central part of the Kinki District, and is an Inland Region.
The Western part is partitioned off from the Osaka plain by Mount Ikoma and Mount Kongo, and the Northern part from a low hill called Narayama.
The Iga district, which is between Yamato and the Ise Provinces, played the part of passage belt to link the two provinces since ancient times.
www.geocities.com /egg_nara/naraatag.htm   (1041 words)

 wikien.info: Main_Page : I/IK/IKO   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Ikoma Chikamasa (生駒 親正; 1526 – March 25, 1603) was a daimyo in the Azuchi-Momoyama period and Edo period.
Ikoma clan a japanese clan of the Sengoku Period of the Owari Province who were descendants of Fujiwara Fusasaki.
Žižkov is a cadastral district of Prague, Czech Republic.
www.pardus.info /browse.php?title=I/IK/IKO   (1017 words)

 wikien.info: Main_Page : I/I/IKO   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Ikoma (生駒市; -shi) is a city located in Nara, Japan.
Ikoma Kazumasa (????-1610) was a retainer of the Japanese clan of Tokugawa during the Azuchi-Momoyama period of the 17th century.
Ikoma Station(生駒駅) is a train station in Ikoma, Nara Prefecture, Japan.
www.pardus.info /browse.php?title=I/I/IKO   (1017 words)

 Nara Prefecture info here at en.38of100b.info   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
On October 1, 2004 the towns of Shinjo und Taima from Kitakatsuragi District merged to advent the up-to-date interurban of Katsuragi.
Soekami District was dissolved as a sequitur of merger.
On January 1, 2006 the towns of Haibara, Ouda und Utano und the village of Murou (all from Uda District) merged to advent the up-to-date interurban of Uda.
en.38of100b.info /Nara_Prefecture   (1388 words)

 International Examiner - The Journal of the Northwest Asian Pacific American Communities
It was against this backdrop that the concept of an International District newspaper was born.
Elaine Ikoma Ko and yours truly, editorial journalism students at the University of Washington's School of Communications, were asked to write stories.
Because this District is important to a lot of people--the pioneers and immigrants who founded the Asian community in the Northwest, the current residents, shopowners, and community activists.
www.iexaminer.org /aboutus_history.php   (4557 words)

 Ethnologue report for Tanzania
Kondoa District of Dodoma Region, southeast of the Langi, Goima, Chambalo, and Mirambu villages.
Rukwa Region, Sumbawanga District, the southeastern shore and to the south of Lake Tanganyika.
Iringa Region, Ludewa District; in the Livingstone mountains on the eastern shore of Lake Nyasa.
www.ethnologue.com /show_country.asp?name=TZ   (4130 words)

Naomasa was born in Hôda village in the Inasa district of Tôtômi province, the only son of Ii Naochika and the daughter of Okuyama Chikatomo.
The Ikoma of Owari Province claimed descent from Fujiwara Fusasaki, whose descendant Yoshifusa came to Owari in the Heian Period.
Chikamasa was the son of Ikoma Chikashige, a native of Owari.
www.samurai-archives.com /dictionary/i.html   (6825 words)

 2004 Nara 1st grade girl's murder
The suspect later murdered the girl and dumped the body in the town of Heguri in the Ikoma District of Nara Prefecture where she was later found that night.
The suburbs of Kitakatsuragi along with Tomio and Ikoma are all in the north-west area of Nara Prefecture.
The suspect was a newspaper delivery man for Mainichi Shimbun (translates as "Daily News"), which is one of Japan's five national newspapers, in the Ikoma district of Nara Prefecture at that time.
www.danceage.com /biography/sdmc_2004_Nara_1st_grade_girl%27s_murder   (980 words)

 The monument on Fuji mound   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
It lost its original form, and at present, its length is 30 m and the height is 6.5 m.
Ienaga Ikoma, the 4th generation of Ikoma family, participated in the battle in Ise district, by the order of Nobukatsu, the son of Nobunaga.
The monument is hexagonal and an epigraph is carved on the surface, and the basement is turtle-shape stone.
www.city.konan.lg.jp /english/rekishi/fujimound.html   (295 words)

 Land wrangle threatens Serengeti village with loss of millions
When residents of Robanda Village entered into a 5-year contract with three tourists organizations earlier this year, it appeared to them that they had at last found a lucrative source of income, at least in the duration of the agreement.
GD/T.80/64 of 27 December 2003, gave Grumeti Reserves Limited the hunting block of Fort Ikoma Open Area to conduct tourist and hunting activities during the period of 2005 -2009, the K&M Advocates advance in their demand note.
That setting camps and photographic safaris do not interfere with hunting and that the presence of the three tourist organizations in the land in dispute is a source of a huge income for the local community of Robanda village, is not material to Grumeti Reserves limited and its lawyers K&M Advocates.
www.ippmedia.com /ipp/guardian/2005/10/10/51527.html   (965 words)

WILLIAMMAXWELL FINE ARTS is a commercial gallery located in and around a renovated Victorian carriage house, c.1860, in the artist and historic district of Peekskill, New York with a satellite gallery at 121 Restaurant in North Salem, New York (MFA@121).
Jo-Ann Brody, whose studio is in downtown Peekskill, and Keiko Ikoma, whose home and studio is in Nishijin, a neighborhood of Kyoto, Japan have an unusual colleagueship.
Jo-Ann and Lisa gathered enough funding from the Peekskill Artist District to maintain a studio and residence in Nishijin for three weeks.
www.maxwellfinearts.com /Exhibitions/Exhibitions2005.html   (482 words)

 Contradiction . Even and odd numbers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
In 2004, the Schneider family built the first North American Offshore Windpark in the Gulf of Maine, Nova Scotia, Canada.
As of 2003, the district has an estimated population of 80,507 and a population density density of 1,569.34 persons per square kilometer...
Hamlet is a 1996 film version of William Shakespeare s Hamlet classic play of the same name, adapted and directed by Kenneth Branagh, who also starred in the title role.
www.uk.fraquisanto.net /Contradiction   (212 words)

 [No title]
On the drive to town, they got the first impression of Japanese industry: the numerous port facilities and factories along the way to the city are witness to the fact that the Kansai region of Japan (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and the areas around) have a bigger economic output than either Canada or Australia.
From Ikoma it is only a short drive to their place in Ichibu.
Ichibu and Ikoma lie in the center of the triangle Osaka, Kyoto and Nara, and thus provide an ideal location from where day tours to all of the sightseeing places in the named cities can be undertaken.
www.himder.com /reports/japan96.doc   (5339 words)

 CB Richard Ellis - Courtland Mines
The International Mining and Metals Group of CB Richard Ellis, Inc. (CBRE) has been retained as the exclusive financial advisor for Hope Mining and Milling Company, owner of Courtland Mines.
The Courtland Mines property consists of thirty patented mining claims on 545 acres in the Turquoise Mining District of Cochise County, Arizona.
This district is located in the southeastern fringe of the Dragoon Mountains and was first developed in the 1880s.
www.cbre.com /USA/US/AZ/Tucson/Property/Courtland+Mines.htm   (278 words)

 Adherents.com: By Location
However, the question remains as to why these temples were built in the valleys of the Ikoma mountains rather than in the towns where the people live.
Only four are religious institutions in the strict sense with a legal identity and which actively propagate their teachings: the Ginza Church of Konk'oky'o, Ginza (Christian) Church, the Hachikan Shrine, and the H'oju Inari Shrine...
As our investigation revealed, there are at present not less than 36 religious facilities in the district, of which the majority are Inari shrines dedicated to the Fox Deity...
www.adherents.com /adhloc/Wh_169.html   (3358 words)

 Kids' Neighborhood Green Maps
Also in the district of Esteban Echeverria, high school students are part of Eco Echeverría -- an environmental project with big plans, all starting with an inventory of current conditions and resources (on the Green Map!).
Plans for the Green Map were organized by the Sherwood Institute for Sustainability, in cooperation with the Institute for Portland Metropolitan Studies and the Sherwood School District.
In Anlong District of Ande Town, Sichuan Province, China, the Anlong Action Group is working with 20 students and 6 volunteers from different NGOs (Roots and Shoots, CURA (Chengdu Urban Rivers Association), PCD (Partnership for Community Development) and Green SOS) for 6 months in 2006.
www.greenmap.org /grmaps/gmkids.html   (4292 words)

 Legend of the Five Rings -- Fiction   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
“The fire began in a warehouse in a district controlled by the Crane, Your Majesty,” Ikoma Sume answered, tugging at his long white beard thoughtfully.
I will reward them for their valor, and appoint them the governor of the damaged district, and as their first act the district shall be renamed to commemorate their valor.
It is customary for the governor of a district in the Imperial capital to give that district a new name, usually his own name.
l5r.alderac.com /fiction/a_hero_rises.html   (2504 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Advertised office vacancies in Tokyo’s 23 wards fell to 4.2 percent of total office space in September from 4.6 percent in June, according to Ikoma Data.
The push for more people and more office space from the industry, particularly foreign companies angling to grab a share of the market in the world’s second-largest economy, has caused Tokyo commercial rent to rise since June.
Deutsche Bank AG moved into a newly built 44-story building, also in Tokyo’s Akasaka district, occupying 6,600 square meters of office space with rent of about 80 million yen per month.
the.honoluluadvertiser.com /2000/Nov/12/1112business15.html   (520 words)

 Imperial Battleships
NAGATO is assigned to the Yokosuka Naval District.
NAGATO is reassigned to the Yokosuka Naval District as a coastal defense vessel.
NAGATO's crew continues to live aboard and she remains operative, although without adequate fuel for getting underway (a coal-burning donkey boiler is installed for furnishing steam to the galley, heating, etc.).
www.combinedfleet.com /nagatrom.htm   (6176 words)

 Safari Camps
Ikoma Safari Camp $80 Fully Inclusive $120 (+$30 Serengeti Entrance Fee)
Ikoma Safari Camp: allow three or more days - the Serengeti covers a big area so you may want to spend more time there.
The western corridor, Grumeti River, and the northern and central areas are all within an easy distance.
www.swalasafaris.com /safari_camps.htm   (608 words)

 L5r.co.uk - Otasuan Uchi NPCs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Unlike other governors, he has wisely chosen not to rename the district after himself as is the fashion elsewhere in the Toshisoto.
Since his arrival, the district’s appearance and order have improved, the roads clear and streets clean of filth.
He is frequently seen with his Lion counterpart from Kanjo District, Ikoma Kimura, welcoming important guests to the Ekohikei at the Southern Gate.
l5r.co.uk /chronicles/ou_npc.htm   (2805 words)

 Ikaruga - All About All findings   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Sakurai Tenri Yamatokoriyama Yamatotakada Towns and villages These are the towns and villages in each district.
Horyu-ji, a Buddhist temple in Ikaruga Ikoma District Ando Heguri Ikaruga Sangou Kitakatsuragi District Kanmaki Kawai Koryo Ouji Shiki District Kawanishi Miyake Tawaramoto Takaichi...
...of 2003, the district has an estimated population of 80,507 and a density of 1,569.34 persons per kmandsup2.
www.allaboutall.info /search/Ikaruga   (564 words)

 colemanblog: February 2006   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Mount Royal is the name of a federal electoral district in Quebec, Canada.
The district includes the former City of C�te-Saint-Luc, Quebec, the former Towns of Mount Royal, Quebec and Hampstead, Quebec, the neighbourhood of Snowdon (Montreal) and the western part of the neighbourhood of C�te-des-Neiges in the City of Montreal, Quebec.
It should be noted that the electoral district was actually abolished twice since 1924, in 1966 and in 1987, however the district to replace it kept the same name and incumbent both times.
colemank3q7.blogspot.com /2006_02_01_colemank3q7_archive.html   (8034 words)

 Over ten minor urban settlements have been electrified, says Yona
He was speaking during the launching of the electricity supply in Buharamulo District, in Kagera Region on 20 June this year.
He also said that the electrification of remaining 13 district headquarters would cost 10bn/-.
Praising efforts made by the third-phase government in its efforts to implements many electrification projects, he said that he hoped the fourth-phase government would look for domestic funding of such electrification project so that all district headquarters in the country would have electricity.
www.ippmedia.com /ipp/guardian/2005/06/27/43032.html   (322 words)

 For Your Prayer Time: May-June 2006   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
A church planting Assessment Center is meeting May 22-25 at the Green Lake (Wis.) Conference Center to help potential church planters discover their aptitude for this special calling.
Pray for Midwest district’s Latino Leadership Team as they meet to pray and strategize about strengthening and expanding first- and second-generation Hispanic ministry.
A church planting Assessment Center is meeting June 12-15 at the Green Lake (Wis.) Conference Center to help potential church planters discover their aptitude for this special calling.
www.bgcworld.org /newstand/FYPT/fypt_mayjune06.htm   (1925 words)

 4th Japan Inter-culture Exchange Programme
On 5 Nov 99, the Japanese Language teacher together with a group of 21 delighted students and staff from Ikoma Language School assembled at Changi International Airport, ready to set off to the land of Rising Sun - Japan.
The district is filled with side streets and fringed by large and small specialty stores, restaurants, coffee shops as well as sushi bars etc, something to suit all tastes.
Culture learning and home-stay were the highlights of the programme for these 2 days.
www.ikoma.com.sg /jcourse/cultr/1999report.htm   (1135 words)

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