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Topic: Ilayaraaja

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

Director Balu Mahendra spoke on his 25-year-long association with Ilayaraaja, which was `beyond a mere director-music director relationship.' The two greats first worked together in `Moodu Pani,' the director's third film, and Ilayaraaja's 100th.
Actor Nasser recalled his experience while Ilayaraaja scored music for his film `Avadaaram.' He narrated how as an eager director, he was not too convinced with the basic structure of the song `Tendral vandu...' which later turned out to be a great hit, and what his fans would call, an absolutely psychedelic number.
Speaking on his admiration for Ilayaraaja, who is currently scoring music for his film `Maayakannadi,' director-actor Cheran said the industry should organise a grand celebration to felicitate the maestro.
www.raaja.com /latest.html   (2989 words)

  The Hindu : National : Thiruvasagam by Ilayaraaja to be released on April 14
The Hindu : National : Thiruvasagam by Ilayaraaja to be released on April 14
Thiruvasagam by Ilayaraaja to be released on April 14
While doing "girivalam" (circumambulating the hill) in Tiruvannamalai, his heart melt when a friend chanted the 51 verses of Thiruvasagam, the maestro said narrating a project that was conceived four years ago.
www.hindu.com /2005/02/11/stories/2005021113152200.htm   (499 words)

Ilayaraaja (born June 2, 1943) is India's most prolific film music composer, having composed for over 700 films over a career of more than 20 years.
Ilayaraaja was born in a poor rural family in Pannaiapuram near Madurai, Tamil Nadu.
Ilayaraaja is married to Jeeva and the couple have 3 children: sons Karthik Raja and Yuvan Shankar Raja are composers and the daughter Bhavatharini is singer and composer.
www.wapipedia.com /wikipedia/mobiletopic.aspx?cur_title=Ilayaraja   (454 words)

Ilayaraaja (born June 2, 1943) is India's most prolific film music composer, having composed for over 750 films over a career of more than 20 years.
His music is mainly associated with the 80's, the decade during which he was most prolific.
Ilayaraaja is married to Jeeva and the couple have 3 children.
www.xasa.com /wiki/en/wikipedia/i/il/ilayaraaja.html   (428 words)

 Telugu Hotnews - Ilayaraaja sets record with 36 songs
Maestro Ilayaraaja is not that keen on piling himself up with many assignments these days, but he still has a very steady fan following in the South Indian film industry.
There are many directors in Malayalam who wouldn't mind postponing their films' releases in order to have Ilayaraaja as their music composer.
Ilayaraaja had recently accepted an offer for a film that just might set a record in terms of the number of songs.
telugu.cinesouth.com /english/masala/hotnews/new/30102006-1.shtml   (121 words)

 [No title]
Ilayaraaja's most extraordinary effort yet is less than a month away from release.
And a stirred Ilayaraaja took the tune in his head — and got a 90-piece Budapest orchestra, 60 East European adult voices with a choir of 25 children, a choir of 60 Indian voices, 40 Indian musicians, 10 voices from New York — and produced an oratorio.
Ilayaraaja roped in the lyricist Stephen Schwartz to translate and paraphrase a short piece from Thiruvasagam in English.
www.hinduonnet.com /thehindu/thscrip/print.pl?file=2004112603032000.htm&date=2004/11/26/&prd=th&   (613 words)

 [No title]
This was a first of sorts and a rather curious amalgamation of pop Anu on the vocals and classical Ilayaraaja in the background.
Ilayaraaja is a legend down South, but a virtual non-entity in Hindi cinema.
It's ironical that Ilayaraaja has done the background music for a film that has vocal compositions by Anu Malik, who appropriated a large chunk of Ilayaraaja's musical score in Thevar Magan for its Hindi adaptation Viraasat.
www.hindisong.com /News/NewsMain.ASP?AssociateID=0&Return=1&TitleID=5794   (328 words)

 CD Baby: ILAIYARAAJA: The Music Messiah
Ilayaraaja’s compositions outside of films have also greatly enhanced his reputation which peaked in 1993 when he recorded a western classical symphony with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of John Scott.
His ability to richly layer his orchestration and to match the song to the singer, the lyrics to the tune and the overall score to the situation and mood is unparalleled.
Ilayaraaja’s musical output was of such far-reaching influence that the University of Annamalai in 1994 and the University of Madurai Kamarajar in 1996 conferred on him Degrees of Doctor of Letter.
cdbaby.com /cd/ilaiyaraaja3   (2523 words)

 Telugu Hotnews - Ilayaraaja’s grandson sings to his tunes!!!
Grandfather Ilayaraaja composed the music and his grandson Yateeswararaaja sang the song.
Yateeswararaaja is the three-year-old son of Karthikraaja, Ilayaraaja’s eldest son.
Ilayaraaja’s three children, Karthikraaja, Yuvan Shankarraaja and daughter Bhavathaarani have all entered the film industry and are doing very well as music directors.
telugu.cinesouth.com /english/masala/hotnews/new/03112005-1.shtml   (99 words)

 Father sings to son's tunes
For the first time, in his new Tamil film, he is going to make his illustrious father Ilayaraaja sing to his tunes.
There will be six melodious songs and Ilayaraaja is going to sing one of them.
Ilayaraaja had sung many times for his elder son Karthikraaja before.
telugu.cinesouth.com /english/masala/hotnews/new/28092005-1.shtml   (121 words)

 Music Happening Singer - Ilayaraaja and Lata Mangeshkar team up HindiSong.com
The surprise element is that South Indian music maestro Ilayaraaja is doing the background score for the film while Anu Malik is composing music for the songs.
Though Lata has sung Tamil songs for Ilayaraaja in the past (she sang a duet for the Kamal starrer Sathya with S.P. Balasubramaniam and the song went on to become a major hit), this is the first Hindi song she is singing with him.  The song ‘Kaun dagar’ is about the plight of womanhood.
Ilayaraaja is a legend in the Tamil film industry and was the first music director to rope in Bollywood singers for Tamil films.
www.hindisong.com /MusicHappening/MusicHappening.asp?ContentID=59&cID=104   (297 words)

 Malayalam Hotnews - Ilayaraaja switches to directing
Maestro Ilayaraaja is now all set to switch to directing films.
Ilayaraaja’s career as a music composer in Tamil has slowed down a lot, but the music director enjoys lot of respect in the Malayalam film industry.
Some of the leading directors in Malayalam still would gladly postpone their film schedules simply to wait for Ilayaraaja to compose music for their films.
malayalam.cinesouth.com /english/masala/hotnews/new/09052006-3.shtml   (126 words)

 Veera Thaalaattu: Movie Review
That Kasthuriraja is a devotee of Ilayaraaja is proved in the beginning of the movie itself, when Murali worships Ilayaraja's photo as soon as he wakes up.
Ilayaraaja has attempted to excel in the movie, by recapturing his glory of the 80s.
Ilayaraaja is at his recent best in this song and the haunting melody is sure to win this song many fans.
www.indolink.com /tamil/cinema/Reviews/articles/Veera_Thaalaattu_211518.html   (436 words)

 image Ilayaraja4 bmp Ilayaraaja born June 2 1943...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
image:Ilayaraja4.bmp "Ilayaraaja" (born June 2, 1943) is India's most prolific film music composer, having composed for over 700 films over a career of more than 20 years.
Ilayaraaja has composed for more than 700 films.
He is the first Asian to compose a fully-fledged symphony for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO).
www.geodatabase.de /Ilayaraaja   (269 words)

 The Hindu : National : Thiruvasagam by Ilayaraaja to be released on April 14
In a voice charged with devotion, he was talking to mediapersons here today on a music project, "a task which God has given me," — the Thiruvasagam in Symphony.
While doing "girivalam" (circumambulating the hill) in Tiruvannamalai, his heart melt when a friend chanted the 51 verses of Thiruvasagam, the maestro said narrating a project that was conceived four years ago.
The whole composition of six select verses in symphony is "not to prove my musical talent, but is meant for the younger generation.
www.thehindu.com /2005/02/11/stories/2005021113152200.htm   (499 words)

 RaajaNGAHM : The Official Cyber Site Of Maestro Ilayaraaja : Music
As a rough definition, a melakarta raga is a raga that has all seven swaras in the arohanam (ascent) and avarohanam (descent) appearing in the proper order (krama).
Listen to Ilayaraaja's song Kaali Perungaya Dabba for an ingenious use of Rishabhapriya.
You need Real Audio Player G2 or higher and a 28.8 connection in order to be able to hear these clips.
raaja.com /raagas.html   (447 words)

 Telugu cinema news - idlebrain.com - Mani Rathnam and Ilayaraja born on 2nd June
The pulsating music suddenly turns classical as slim Sobhana with all her tactics in the eyes tries to catch the glimpse of Rajanikanth, who was dancing in frenzy.
It was a song in the history of Telugu films, which had all the ingredients in the correct mix, be it romance, lyrics, picturisation and the soothing music.
Each and every reel in the combination of Maniratnam and Ilayaraaja is unique in its own kind.
www.idlebrain.com /news/2000march20/manirathnam-ilayaraja.html   (614 words)

 RaajaNGAHM : The Official Cyber Site Of Maestro Ilayaraaja : Film Background Score Samples
Read the message from Maestro Ilayaraaja on Copyright issue in the message section.
Maestro Ilayaraaja is very excited about the outcome of the BGM recording of the Hindi film Lajja, at Budapest Symphony Orchestra, Hungary.
On hearing that the score was written in 10 days, the members of the orchestra either dropped their jaws or their (violin) bows, in disbelief, it seems.
www.raaja.com /bgscores.html   (275 words)

Join YouTube for a free account, or log in if you are already a member.
www.youtube.com /watch?v=jMeq-xZLxVk   (304 words)

 'Karisal Bhoomi' with Ilayaraaja - Music India OnLine   (Site not responding. Last check: )
'Karisal Bhoomi' is going to have Ilayaraaja at what he does best- compose music with the village flavor intact.
After a long time, Ilayaraaja gets to compose music for a village based subject.
But, this is the first time that Ilayaraaja is working with his nephew Venkat Prabhu.
www.musicindiaonline.com /n/i/tamil/152   (273 words)

 Planet-Bollywood - Lajja Forum - Re: Lajja Ilayaraaja
ARR is definitely a unique composer and we are all glad to see that Indian film music can nurture such imaginative talents to continue the grand tradition of innovation, originality and brilliance in creative works.
He has the potential to reach Ilayaraaja's range in composing BGMs and songs.
Lajja was a showcase of Ilayaraaja's ability to enhance movie viewing experience/ With Lajja all of India now can appreciate IR.
www.planetbollywood.com /Film/Lajja/messages/21.html   (233 words)

 How To Name It
To categorize all the things, which make his style of composing unique is something that no one can pinpoint because for a period of almost three decades he has been a trendsetter with time.
Besides being cinema song composed for situations where, the love-smitten heroes and heroines graze the grass either in Mysore Brindhavan gardens or the lush greenery of Switzerland (Depending on the budget of the producer), his songs has offered much more for music lovers too.
But in his songs, be it Bilahari or Baroque; Be it a Folk or a Fugue; Be it a ReethiGowla or Rock; there is something common in all of them.
www.geocities.com /violinvicky   (622 words)

Ilayaraaja has done just that, a mere traversal through the swaras.
Ilayaraaja boasts of having composed songs in rare raagas like chala nattai, kanakangi etc. For example pani vizhum malar vanam in chala nattai is again a pure note traversal.
Ilayaraaja is a class of his own & he has a compositional flavor of his own.
tfmpage.com /forum/15631.23372.01.03.04.html   (1595 words)

 Suraj's Journal
Given it is Ilayaraaja's production I was expecting no free-hand for the artists.
All the compositions have lyrics written by Ilayaraaja too and I read somewhere that older releases of the CD / tape used to have an accompanying 'lyrics' sheet.
Ilayaraaja is like the 'gateway' to helping one become a serious jazz rasika[?].
sunson.livejournal.com /tag/audio   (5497 words)

 Simple Inside
My favorite music composer Ilayaraaja has released his ‘Thiruvasakam in Oratorio’ a couple of months ago.
I had uploaded the mp3 version of Maestro Ilayaraaja’s Speech in http://raaja.alittleaway.net/events.php.
I got a chance to meet Ilayaraaja, one of the greatest composers of the century.
www.simpleinside.com /index.php?s=raaja   (720 words)

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