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Topic: Iligan City

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In the News (Thu 24 May 18)

  WOW Philippines :: Explore Philippines :: Description
The “City of Majestic Waterfalls,” as Iligan is being described, does not plummet to the depths of the earth but empowers the industries it houses to keep the nation moving.
Iligan City is bounded on the south by the municipalities of Balo-I and Linamon of Lanao del Norte; on the north by the municipality of Lugait, Misamis Oriental; on the east by the territories of Lanao del Sur and Bukidnon; and on the west by Iligan Bay.
Cebuano, the major dialect in the city, is reported as the mother tongue of 94% of the population.
www.tourism.gov.ph /explore_phil/place_details.asp?content=description&province=100   (953 words)

 WOW Philippines :: Explore Philippines :: Famous For
Iligan’s greatest heritage, the landmark of Iligan City.
Also known as the “Mother of Industry” and “Fountainhead of Progress,” it is 320 feet high and the veritable source of industrial power in the city; 9.3 kilometers away from the city proper.
Literally hidden in a deep ravine, the falls cascade beautifully into a basin-like pool, clean and deep and icy cold.
www.tourism.gov.ph /explore_phil/place_details.asp?content=famousefor&province=100   (168 words)

 [No title]
In Iligan City, reports reaching the Office of Department of Labor and Employment, Region XII show that the number of children engaged in commercial sex trade is increasing.
Iligan City is endowed with twenty (20) waterfalls and nine (9) springs including the famous Maria Cristina Falls, Tinago Falls, Limunsudan Falls, Hindang Falls, Dodiongan Falls; Mimbalut Falls; Timoga springs and Bagong Silang Spring.
Iligan City is fast transforming the nature and extent of social relationships, alienating people from each other and making contractual relationships and utilitarian orientation predominate in community life.
www.childprotection.org.ph /monthlyfeatures/oct2k2a.doc   (7305 words)

 Listing Projecs
Iligan became a chartered city through RA 525 on 16 June 1950 and on 19 September 2001 the city was transferred from Region 12 to Region 10 by virtue of EO No. 36.
Iligan’s economic development is directed towards agriculture, tourism, and industrial activities, and will take into consideration its comparative advantage in four areas — construction and infrastructure, metals (engineering and metalworking), oleo and basic chemicals, and agriculture and agro-forestry.
Iligan City is beset with widespread poverty mainly due to high unemployment rate (17%), protein deficiency malnutrition (12% of 0–5 age group), low survival rate in primary education (only 63% finish grade school), and lack of affordable housing.
www.cdsea.org /e_marketplace/Iligan.asp   (812 words)

 iligancity.ph - Home
Iligan City is located in the Northeastern part of Mindanao, Philippines and facing Iligan Bay 795 kilometers southeast of metro Manila.
It was the initiative of the owner of www.iligancity.ph to offer the first free of Iligan to accomodate the constituents of the said city.
The city of Iligan declared that day a holiday so that people could surely attend the said activity.
www.iligancity.ph   (434 words)

The province of Lanao del Norte, of which Iligan is the capital, lies in the northern part of Mindanao, where the Zamboanga Peninsula joins with the mainland of Mindanao between Yllana and Iligan Bays.
In November of 1982, Iligan was elevated to a diocese, suffragan first to the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro and later to the Archdiocese of Ozamiz.
As the Diocese of Iligan celebrates its 25th anniversary in 1996, a diocesan pastoral conference is being planned to coincide with the festivities.
www.cbcponline.org /iligan   (679 words)

 Display Project Details
Today, Iligan City is a boom city town, with more migrants coming in and it has a population of 625,548.
Iligan City is located in the northern coast of Mindanao, Philippines and faces Iligan Bay.
It is bounded on the west by Iligan Bay, on the north and northeast by the Province of Misamis Oriental; on the east and southeast by the province of Bukidnon and Lanao del Sur; on the southwest by the province of Lanao del Norte; and on the west by Iligan Bay.
www.gsn.org /gsh/cf/_cfm/projDetail.cfm?projectID=4711   (360 words)

 Iligan City Attractions   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The famous landmark of Iligan, located 8.5 kms away southwest of the city proper, is 320 ft. high and the veritable source of industrial life in the city.
It is in Iligan's eastern part, close to the boundaries of Bukidnon and Lanao del Sur.
It is also during this season that tourists from all over the world come to Iligan City to experience the Kasadya festival.
www.iligan-city.gov.ph /attractions.htm   (534 words)

 Wow Iligan!
ILIGAN CITY – The Commission on Elections’ second division has ruled to exclude the controversial certificates of canvass (COCs) from three Lanao del Norte towns after they were found to have been tampered with.
ILIGAN CITY (MindaNews/July 10) – Five barangays in the remote, conflict-ridden town of Poona Piagapo in Lanao del Norte will be the recipients of a P 5-million two-year development program covering water system, health services and agricultural productivity enhancement from non-governmental organizations and a foreign funding partner.
The SC affirmed the decision of the Court of Appeals in 2005 upholding the decision of the Lanao del Sur regional trial court that the Ibrahim and his co-heirs were the owners of the property.
wowiligan.com /index.php?paged=7   (932 words)

 Iligan Art Scene
Iligan City is located in the southern part of the Philippines, in the island of Mindanao.
Iligan being a gateway to Marawi City, a major Maranao population center, has attracted Maranao traders into the city.
However, these artworks may not be seen and the dynamism of Iligan visual arts movement may not be felt by its immediate populace, since at present, there is no legitimate gallery where the local artists can exhibit their works.
www.angelfire.com /va/iligan/aboutiligan.html   (303 words)

 ILIGAN CITY   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Iligan City had its beginning in the village of Bayug 2.5 kilometers north of the present poblacion.
In 1913, it became a municipality of the Lanao District Department of Mindanao and Sulu and on June 16,1950 it became a chartered city and capital of Lanao del Norte.
It is Iligan's greatest heritage, is the most resplended among the city's 20 waterfalls.
library.thinkquest.org /28616/noframes/philippines/placestogo/iligan.htm   (278 words)

 PhilippineBusiness.com.ph: The Magazine: Geographics
Iligan City is a good mix of unspoiled nature and hardcore industrialization.
The city hopes to someday soon have investors who would be interested to put up large-scale hotels and convention centers in the city.
Iligan’s industrialization is traceable to the creation of the NPC in 1936 and its subsequent expansion in Mindanao.
www.philippinebusiness.com.ph /archives/magazine/vol11-2004/11-3/geographics.htm   (765 words)

 LLU Students for International Mission - Iligan City, Philippines
Iligan City is a city in the northwestern part of the island of Mindanao in the Philippines.
According to the 2000 census, Iligan City has a population of 325,000 with a majority of Cebuano speakers (94 percent) and both Muslim and Christian cultural influences.
In Iligan, the climate is consistent year around since the city is outside the typhoon belt.
www.llu.edu /llu/sims/iligancity_philippines.html   (491 words)

 Onemen - Iligan City   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Iligan City is a large Philippine industrial port city on the island Mindanao.
Like many other cities in the Philippines, Iligan is characterised by poverty of the major part of the population and the existence of slums.
Furthermore, the presence of the army is remarkable; on many roads around the city you’ll see military control posts.
www.onemen.org /templates/dispatcher.asp?page_id=2373   (56 words)

 Iligan - Encyclopedia.com
It is the center of a rapidly growing heavy-industry complex, powered by hydroelectricity from the Maria Cristina Falls plant on the Agus River.
Iligan City poised to become the next 'tourist paradise'.(Tourism)
Iligan City gov't can't sell NSC assets; SEC issues freeze order.(Business)
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-Iligan.html   (993 words)

 The Manila Times Internet Edition | SPECIAL REPORT > Steel firm to settle tax dues
ILIGAN CITY: After attending a flag-raising ceremony here, Vice Mayor Henry Dy walked to the City Assessors’ Office and, five minutes later, called The Times to say that the new owners of National Steel Corp. are facing penalties.
Indeed, Iligan City has become the industrial, commercial and education hub of the province of Lanao del Norte.
The city, he said, can remain proud not only because the GSII is just one of the major revenue contributors to it but because the city could get paid if the new owners can’t pull it off and decide to shut down again.
www.manilatimes.net /others/special/2005/jun/01/20050601spe1.html   (1294 words)

 ICNHS :: Iligan City National High School
Iligan City National High School was establised July 1, 1963 by the Honorable City Mayor Camilo P. Cabili.
The initial school budget approved by the city council for the operation and maintenance of the school was P64,000.00.
In November 1983, the bill sponsored by the Assemblyman Abdullah Dimaporo to nationalize the high school upon recommendation of the City Mayor Cabili and the Sangguniang Panglunsod was signed into law and the ICNHS became Iligan City National High School with a national budget of P4,600.000.00 for calendar year 1984.
www.freewebs.com /iligancity_nationalhighschool   (184 words)

 Iligan City, Mindanao Philippines Photo Gallery by James Bonner at pbase.com
i missed iligan so much..i always wished that i could have better work there in ligan than here in cebu..soon..i knw..ill be back home to my beautiful iligan city..keep on flowing iligan..
First of all, this is one of the best galleries of Iligan City that I have ever seen.
it was a very nice gallery i been looking as that where i born at iligan city so nice place.
www.pbase.com /bonner01/iligan_city   (1337 words)

 Iligan bets ink pact for peaceful polls : Wow Iligan!
Cagayan de Oro City — Local candidates of Iligan City gathered at the city’s public plaza last April 10 2007, to sign a Peace Covenant for the May 14 elections.
Bishop Elenito Galido of the Diocese of Iligan served as one of the witnesses of the event.
Meanwhile, S/Supt. Virgilio Ranes, Iligan City PNP Director and JCIP Iligan Inc. President Ramy Nasara said they were pleased over the result of the covenant signing and looked forward to a peaceful election period.
wowiligan.com /?p=223   (363 words)

 Iligan City, Mindanao tourist destinations Iligan city hotels accommodation
Iligan City is located at the northwestern coast of Mindanao facing Iligan Bay, 795 kms.
Iligan is the industrial, commercial and education center of the province of Lanao del Norte.
Iligan is accessible via Cagayan de Oro's Lumbia Airport, then an hour-and-a-half land travel to Iligan (100 kms away).
www.lakbaypilipinas.com /travel_iligan_city.html   (698 words)

 People vs Oyanib: 130634-35 : March 12, 2001 : J. Pardo : First Division   (Site not responding. Last check: )
At about 9:30 in the evening of September 4, 1995, while Edgardo and his family were watching TV at the sala located at the ground floor of their house at Purok 3-A, Tambacan, Iligan City, they heard a commotion coming from the second floor rented by Tita.
SPO3 Eduard Tubil, police investigator, General Investigation Office, Iligan City Police Command, Precinct I, Poblacion, Iligan City said that at about 9:00 in the evening of September 4, 1995, while he was on duty, he received an information regarding a stabbing incident at the Llagas residence at Purok 3-A, Tambacan, Iligan City.
He shall not be permitted to enter Iligan City, nor within a radius of one hundred (100) kilometers from Iligan City.
www.supremecourt.gov.ph /jurisprudence/2001/mar2001/130634_35.htm   (2385 words)

 Sun.Star Cagayan de Oro - Iligan task force formed to halt 'hot meat'
ILIGAN CITY -- The Iligan City government has formed a task force to go after illegal slaughterhouse operators and the proliferation of "hot meat" in this city.
Ladi Lluch, acting city administrator and chairman of the newly formed Task Force on Fish and Meat Inspection, said the task force is composed of the different departments of the City Government.
Ongpoy reported that the city slaughterhouse facilities would soon be upgraded to meet the anticipated increase in the number of animals to be slaughtered.
www.sunstar.com.ph /static/cag/2006/03/30/news/iligan.task.force.formed.to.halt.hot.meat..html   (447 words)

 The Waterfalls City,Iligan - photos of attractions & amusements in Philippines on Worldisround
Iligan City is somewhere south of the country and is 15 hours drive to Zamboanga City.
iligan city indeed it's true that it is called "the city of majestic waterfalls"...
Iligan City is known for it's waterfalls, its so beautiful that i love to visit any waterfalls in a week.
www.worldisround.com /articles/22941   (1150 words)

 City of Majestic Waterfalls
But despite of that, I always answer iligan city or city of waterfalls when ask about my home, and in my heart i always will be an iliganon (dweller of iligan).
Iligan is the industrial, commercial and education center of the
The city has 14 major manufacturing industries benefiting 6,412 semi and highly skilled workers are producing different products such as oxygen and acetylene, pipes and fitting, coco oil, cement, assorted biscuits, caustic soda and polyvinyl chloride, calcium carbide, recapped tires, cold and hot rolled coils, flour and burned and unburned bricks.
journals.aol.com /maeyose/maeyose/entries/2006/11/21/city-of-majestic-waterfalls/1133   (810 words)

 Cagayan de Oro/Iligan Community
Iligan Community celebrates its 15 years in Marriage Encounter last February 22, 2003 held in one of the beaches in Iligan City owned by a WME Iligan couple.
January 25-27 in Cagayan de Oro, attended by 15 couples;April 12-14 in Iligan City, attended by 11 couples and on April 26-28 inCagayan de Oro which was attended by 6 couples.
Iligan Couples expressed their jubilationby sharing how they felt andmet their belongingness as one WME community.
wwmeph.tripod.com /Wme/cdoilgn.htm   (3537 words)

 Official Website of the Iligan City Government - Home
ILIGAN CITY - Residents in several coastal villages in Iligan City fled their homes after 10-foot waves destroyed their homes Tuesday evening.
City Mayor Lawrence Lluch-Cruz has ordered a suspension of classes at all levels following the disturbing rise in water level in strategic areas in the city.
In an early evening interview with i-FM yesterday, Mayor Cruz proclaimed there will be no classes on November 19 and 20 (Monday and Tuesday) in response to the current situation since continuous heavy rains have hit the area in the past few days.
iligan.gov.ph   (159 words)

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