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Topic: Illinois River

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  Introduction to Illinois - The Prairie State Capital Springfield
Illinois prides itself on both its central location and its representation as the cultural center of the country, a microcosm of America.
Illinois is one of the leading producers of corn and soybeans, but it is also the home of the world's busiest airport and towering skyscrapers.
Illinois is the French spelling for the Illinois and Peoria Indian word "iliniwok," meaning men or warriors and perhaps referring to members of the Illinois tribe.
www.netstate.com /states/intro/il_intro.htm   (1160 words)

The Illinois River is the most important large-river watershed in the state.
Eighty percent of the Illinois River watershed is in the state of Illinois, and 90 percent of the state's population lives in the 55-county watershed area.
The La Grange Lock and Dam at river mile 80 and the Peoria Lock and Dam at river mile 158 define the diverse and historically significant La Grange Reach of the Illinois River.
www.inhs.uiuc.edu /annualreports/98_99/illriv.html   (1908 words)

 Illinois   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Illinois country was distant from this struggle, but to fight the influx, the Shawnee during 1769 made overtures of alliance to all tribes in the region, including the Illini.
The Americans in Kentucky, however, became aware of the British weakness in Illinois, and with the blessing of Governor Patrick Henry of Virginia, George Rogers Clark departed from the falls of the Ohio (Louisville) with 175 Kentucky militiamen in June, 1778 to capture it.
Illinois joined the union as the 21st state in 1818, and the Illini met with Ninian Edwards and Auguste Chouteau, at Edwardsville in September and signed away their last holdings in Illinois for about $6,000 and agreed to move across the Mississippi to St. Genevieve, Missouri.
www.tolatsga.org /ill.html   (16946 words)

 Illinois River, Oklahoma   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The water quality in the Illinois River is generally considered to be excellent and very clear, though the qualify can degrade a little during prolonged periods of low water and hot temperatures.
The Illinois River is the first river I ever paddled, so it has fond memories for me. While my preference runs toward Class III+ whitewater rivers, the Illinois is a favorite destination because of the scenic beauty and recollections of all the fun we have had on this river over the years.
The river is great for overnight canoe-camping trips due to the diligent efforts of the Oklahoma Scenic Rivers Commission and the Illinois River Recreation Area to develop a natural environment into a fun adventure for the whole family.
southwestpaddler.com /docs/illinois.html   (1248 words)

 Illinois   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Illinois lived in a large area of the Midwest in the region comprising the present state of Illinois and parts of Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa and Wisconsin.
The Illinois Indians, a part of a large Algonquin family, were one of the largest tribes of the Central Prairies and Woodland region.
In 1680, the Iroquois massacred a large settlement of the Illinois that stood near the mouth of the Vermilion River.
www.mnsu.edu /emuseum/cultural/northamerica/illinois.html   (473 words)

 Fox River Paddling/Fishing Pages
The largest dam on the Fox River is located near Dayton, Illinois and is the last dam before the river reaches the Illinois River.
The Fox River has 15 dams, of which the tallest is 38 feet high and generates hydroelectric power.
The lower Fox between Sheridan and Wedron are sometimes referred to as the Illinois Dells because of the cliffs and scenery and is the section most often paddled.
pages.ripco.net /~jwn/fox.html   (3593 words)

 Illinois' Mississippi River Trail
The Mississippi River Trail (MRT) is a 10-state bicycling route in the process of development.
Partners working on the Illinois MRT include government agencies such as the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, the Illinois Department of Transportation, and the Bi-State Regional Commission, along with citizen groups such as the MRT, Inc., and the League of Illinois Bicyclists.
The Illinois' Mississippi River Trail User Guide was produced by the League of Illinois Bicyclists (LIB) with the assistance of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.
www.bikelib.org /mrt   (557 words)

 Illinois River Paddling/Fishing
This symbol remained visible on the river until the 1850's, when the cliff was quarried for gravel.
The Illinois River is formed at the junction of the Kankakee and Des Plaines rivers and runs 273 miles west southwest and south to enter the Mississippi 14 miles up stream of Alton.
Besides the dam on the Mississippi at Alton in which pool the lower 80 miles of Illinois River is included, there are the LaGrange and Peoria dams on the lower 228 miles of sluggish river and the Starved Rock, Marseilles and Dresden Island dams on the upper 45 miles of faster flowing river.
pages.ripco.net /~jwn/illinois.html   (3033 words)

 Illinois - Emiquon
Emiquon, an hour south of Peoria on the Illinois River, is one of the largest floodplain restoration projects in the country outside the Florida Everglades.
Emiquon once was the jewel of the Illinois River, nurturing diverse and abundant communities of native plants and animals in the complex system of backwater wetlands and lakes.
Even though it has undergone significant land conversion during the past century, the river was identified by the National Research Council as one of only three large-floodplain river ecosystems in the United States that can be restored to some semblance of its outstanding biological past.
nature.org /wherewework/northamerica/states/illinois/preserves/art1112.html   (759 words)

 Welcome to ILLINOIS Genealogy and History!
It is an Algonquin word meaning "Men" or "Warriors." Illinois was discovered in 1673, settled in 1720 and entered the Union on 3 December, 1818.
Illinois is surrounding by bodies of water on nearly every border: Mississippi River on the west; Ohio and Wabash Rivers in the south and Lake Michigan in the North.
The highest point in Illinois is Charles Mound in JoDaviess County, elevation, 1, 235 and the lowest point is in Cairo, Alexander county at the Mississippi River, elevation 279.
www.usgennet.org /usa/il/state   (179 words)

 ISGS Field Trip to Kankakee River State Park Area
Illinois Routes 102 on the north and 113 on the south frame the park, with Interstates 55 and 57 both providing convenient access.
The gradient of a stream refers to the steepness of its slope and is expressed as a ratio (vertical to horizontal) or a fraction (feet/mile).
The interreef rocks in northeastern Illinois are largely silty, argillaceous, cherty, light gray to brownish gray dolomite that weathers brown.
www.isgs.uiuc.edu /tours/kankakee/kankakee.htm   (4648 words)

 Mississippi River Basin Alliance | One People, One System   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Mississippi River Basin Alliance is a coalition of over 150 grassroots organizations, from the Headwaters of northern Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico, working on bringing people together to save the Mississippi.
River Network has established a recovery fund and website for watershed groups affected by the disaster.
The Environmental Support Center, Institute for Conservation Leadership, and River Network with input from MRBA and other organizations are collaborating on a needs assessment of affected organizations.
www.mrba.org   (366 words)

 State of Illinois - Pat Quinn, Lt. Governor - Illinois River Coordinating Council   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Illinois River Coordinating Council - chaired by Illinois Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn - is a diverse group of citizens, grassroots and not-for-profit organizations, federal and state agencies, sportsmen, and river enthusiasts who manage the planning and funding of Illinois River Watershed conservation and restoration activities.
This includes the grand Illinois River, which 273 river miles are entirely within the state of Illinois.
March 2004 marked the conclusion of the struggle of a large group of Illinois conservationists, led by Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn, to save Plum Island, a rare winter habitat of the bald eagle in the Illinois River – immediately north of Starved Rock State Park.
www.state.il.us /ltgov/cleanwater   (460 words)

 Illinois River   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Generally considered to be the best canoe stream in the state, both novice and experienced canoeists enjoy this river as it winds by high bluffs, rocky islands, river birch and giant sycamore.
For fishermen, the upper river has smallmouth bass, and the lower section is known for its year-round trout fishing.
Note: At normal flows, the Illinois is a Class II River.
www.tahlequahok.com /chamber/illinois.htm   (130 words)

 Float the beautiful scenic Illinois River, Tahlequah, Oklahoma by Canoe, Kayak or Raft
Legislation in the 1970's officially designated the upper 70 miles of the Illinois River as a scenic river to protect the river for future generations.
The upper Illinois is an easy-flowing river with delightful scenery and several stretches of mild rapids.
The Illinois River is generally considered to be the best canoe stream in the state, as it winds by high bluffs, rocky islands and giant sycamore.
www.shopoklahoma.com /illinoir.htm   (2489 words)

 Whitewater Sports on the Illinois River   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Wild and Scenic Illinois River runs from the southeast portion of the Forest, across the Coast Range in a northwestern direction to its confluence with the Rogue River close to the Pacific Ocean.
The typical season for the Wild Section of the Illinois River is March through mid-May. The weather during this time is usually cold and wet which adds to the difficulty of this river.
The decision to launch should be made based on current river levels and the three-day weather forecast for rain or hot weather that could melt snow and raise river levels to dangerous heights.
www.fs.fed.us /r6/siskiyou/illinriv.htm   (682 words)

 Illinois River   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
This waterway consists of the Illinois River, Upper Illinois Waterway (canal), Des Plaines River, and Chicago River.
The Illinois River runs northeast to southwest toward the Mississippi, the Des Plaines River runs west to east toward Lake Michigan, and the Upper Illinois Waterway connects these two rivers.
As it connects America's second city to the Gulf of Mexico, the Illinois Waterway is subject to significant volumes of commercial traffic.
members.aol.com /americacruising/illinois.html   (273 words)

 DNR   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
While the areas along the river and its tributaries still are predominantly forested, much of the area is a flat, gently rolling plain.
The Illinois River Valley in the Starved Rock area is a major contrast to the flatland.
According to the legend, during one of the battles that subsequently occurred to avenge his killing, a band of Illiniwek, under attack by a band of Potawatomi (allies of the Ottawa), sought refuge atop a 125-foot sandstone butte.
dnr.state.il.us /lands/landmgt/parks/i&m/east/starve/park.htm   (1977 words)

 Western Illinois Tourism Development
, boasts 25 counties with the Mississippi River as its western boundary and the Illinois River bordering it on the east.
The oldest European settlement in Illinois, Creve Coeur, is on the Illinois River.
The Great River Road, which follows the Mississippi River's shoreline, includes many Western Illinois cities that provide ample opportunities to explore the rich heritage of the river.
www.visitwesternillinois.info   (216 words)

During the next 20 years the Miami, as well as the neighboring Illinois, suffered a rapid population decline from several epidemics the most important of which was malaria (ague) which became common in the Mississippi Valley during this period.
When Robert LaSalle attempted in 1679 to open trade with the tribes of the Illinois Confederacy living on the Illinois River, rival traders at Green Bay took advantage of the traditional animosity between the Miami and Illinois and secretly urged the Miami and Mascouten near the south end of Lake Michigan to block his access.
With the Wea, Piankashaw, and Kickapoo on the Wabash River deferring to the leadership of the Miami war chief Michikinikwa (Mischecanocquah "Little Turtle"), militant factions of the Miami and Shawnee established a consensus within the alliance favoring war, and the last hope of a peaceful solution was lost.
www.dickshovel.com /mia.html   (10911 words)

 ISGS Field Trip to Kankakee River State Park   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The first Europeans to descend the Kankakee River were the French explorers La Salle and Father Hennepin in December 1679.
From there, down to what is now Momence, Illinois, they wound their way through some 250 miles of a marshy, sandy maze of meanders, oxbows, and sloughs teeming with a variety of wildlife.
Farther downstream, the Kankakee River converges with the Des Plaines River to form the Illinois River.
www.isgs.uiuc.edu /tours/kankakee/human_hist.htm   (267 words)

 Illinois River to River Relay
The Mississippi and Ohio rivers meet at the southern tip of Illinois.
Between the two rivers lies a land quite unlike the rest of the state.
Every April hundreds of runners cross this land between the rivers in the River to River Relay.
rrr.olm.net   (229 words)

 Great River Road - Illinois   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The awe that many people feel toward this river may come from the power of a flood or the beauty of a golden sunset that reflects off still winter waters and turns graceful steel bridges into shimmering lines of color.
An Artery of American History Looking out over the river, it is almost impossible to comprehend the complex layers of history that have been acted out along its banks.
Great River Road - Kentucky meets this byway at the Kentucky-Illinois border, near Cairo, KY Great River Road - Wisconsin meets this byway at the Wisconsin-Illinois border, near Fairplay, WI Little Dixie Highway of the Great River Road is across the river from this byway in Missouri
www.byways.org /browse/byways/2248   (372 words)

 Welcome to the Illinois Great River Road National Scenic Byway
Its 550-mile route on Illinois' western border offers breathtaking views and majestic landscapes that inspire and sooth the soul.
Nature has been kind to the banks and bluffs, attracting thousands of species that travel thousands of miles for a visit or to make themselves a home.
Welcome to the Great River Road in Illinois Scenic Byway.
www.greatriverroad-illinois.org   (179 words)

 :: Chillicothe, Illinois - Where the Rails Cross the River ::
Public docking facilities and boat launches for access to the Illinois River are conveniently located at the Chillicothe Riverfront at the foot of Walnut and Pine Streets.
Located along the scenic shores of the Illinois River, Shore Acres Park features a swimming pool, kiddy pool, Frisbee golf course, playgrounds, tennis courts, softball diamonds, riverfront walking trails and a 19th century clubhouse for receptions and parties.
Cutright Park is located on the shores of the Illinois River, adjacent to the boat access area and contains picnic areas, grills, a playground, restroom facilities, and a scenic view of thee Illinois River.
www.ci.chillicothe.il.us /marktour.html   (710 words)

 Save The Illinois River
Save the Illinois River, Inc. is dedicated to educating, engaging, and empowering Oklahomans to protect and preserve the Illinois River, its tributaries, and Lake Tenkiller.
Because phosphorus is a major contributor to water quality degradation, the removal of sewage sludge from the Illinois River basin is a positive development.
Wednesday’s meeting at the Jones Center for Families in Springdale was the first time Arkansans had come together to talk about how to protect the Upper Illinois River watershed..."Arkansas Democrat Gazette" Read More...
www.illinoisriver.org   (320 words)

 Prairie Rivers Network
Prairie Rivers has a new guide for citizens interested in learning about agricultural drainage activities in Illinois and the impacts that they can have on local streams.
Prairie River Network is proud to announce the latest edition of its monthly volunteer newsletter, Volunteer eNewz.
Prairie River Network's listserve for Illinois river activists is RiverWeb--a valuable tool for increasing communication and networking between groups working in watersheds throughout Illinois to protect water quality, fish and wildlife habitat and to improve the environment we live in.
www.prairierivers.org   (302 words)

 PJStar.com - The Peoria Journal Star Opinion and Editorial pages   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
We should be much obliged to barge sediment their way, as it would be a short-term benefit to both the Mississippi River Delta, which needs the transfusion, and the Illinois River, which needs a new lease on life.
Wetlands aren't just pretty habitats, they are the river system's kidneys, flushing out the bad and keeping the good.
Illinois' own "mudologist," John Marlin of the Waste Management and Research Center - a division of the Department of Natural Resources - says we could move 10 barge-loads of sediment to Louisiana for just $500,000.
www.pjstar.com /stories/100705/EDI_B7OP2DHU.002.shtml   (655 words)

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