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Topic: Imam

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  al-imam.net Ashoora Encyclopedia
When the Imam had lost all hope in the enemy, he came out riding on a camel and asked for water, not for himself, but for his small child who was dying of thirst.
She was the wife of Imam Hussain and the mother of Ali Al-Akbar and also one of the purest women at that time.
After the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, the Shi'a of Karbala realized their mistake and were determined to do something to avenge the death of the Imam and ask forgiveness for their wrongdoings.
al-imam.net /encyclopedia.htm   (3535 words)

The congregational prayer performed in the mosque is supposed to have a leader, and this person is called "imam." In the standard interpretation, being imam is not a profession, nor is it a qualification: The imam is imam only as long as he is leading the prayer.
The imam may be a spokesman for the members of the congregation and an adviser in all questions that relate somehow to religion.
After the 4th imam (died in 712 or 713 CE), one group claimed that Zayd was the rightful new imam, and from this the Zaydis emerged.
i-cias.com /e.o/imam.htm   (944 words)

 Recipe: Imam bayildi, The Imam Fainted
The imam fainted, imam bayildi, is the name of one of the most famous of Turkish zeytinyagi dishes (olive oil foods).
Imam bayildi is an eggplant slashed down the middle and stuffed with onions, garlic, and tomatoes and then simmered in olive oil to cover.
The imam (Muslim prayer leader) fainted or swooned when he tasted how good it was; that the imam fainted when he saw how much expensive olive oil was used; that the imam was delighted when a shopkeeper's wife was required to quickly prepare a dish for the imam's unexpected visit.
www.cliffordawright.com /recipes/imam_bayildi.html   (533 words)

 Imam-Hussein (a.s.) - Light of Islam
Imam Husayn (Sayyid al-Shuhada', "the lord among martyrs"), the second child of Ali and Fatimah, was born in the year 4 A.H. and after the martyrdom of his brother, Imam Hasan Mujtaba, became Imam through Divine Command and his brother's will.
Imam Husayn was Imam for a period of ten years, all but the last six months coinciding with the caliphate of Mu'awiyah.
The Imam discovered that some of the followers of Yazid had entered Mecca as pilgrims (hajjis) with the mission to kill the Imam during the rites of hajj with the arms they carried under their special pilgrimage dress (ihrami).
home.swipnet.se /islam/articles/Imam-Hussein.htm   (2004 words)

 History of the Shrine at Karbala
And today, since Karbala is witnessing new calamities, and the mausoleums of Imam Husayn [a] and his companions are subjected to destruction and neglect, and visitors are prevented from reaching that place, it is suitable to familiarise ourselves with Karbala...
Abu al-Fadl Abbas, peace be upon him, was the brother of Imam Hasan [a] and Imam Husayn [a] and the standard-bearer of Imam Husayn [a] in the Battle of Karbala.
Imam Husayn [a] was buried at this sacred spot.
www.al-islam.org /shrines/karbala.htm   (1805 words)

 Imam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Imam (Arabic: إمام,Persian: امام) is an Arabic word meaning "leader." The ruler of a country might be called the imam, for example.
In this meaning the imam is not required to be a cleric.
The imam in the Sunni sect of Islam is the leader of prayers; the sermon is most often given by the Sheikh.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Imam   (349 words)

 Imam Hambal
Imam Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Hambal, the founder of the Hambali School of Muslim jurisprudence, is one of the greatest personalities of Islam who profoundly influenced both the historical development and modern revival.
Imam Ahmad bin Hambal opposed this doctrine vigorously and suffered as a result, which immensely added to his popularity and immortalised him as one of the greatest men of all times.
Though the fundamental purpose of the Imam’s teaching may be seen as a reaction against the codification of Fiqh, his disciples collected and systematised his replies to questions, which gave birth to the Hambali Fiqh, the fourth School of Muslim jurisprudence.
www.renaissance.com.pk /mjuletfor96.html   (844 words)

 Shi'a: The Hidden Imam
Since the Imam was the spiritual guide or light to the rest of humanity, the Lesser Occultation only removed the Imam's body from the world, not his spiritual guidance.
The Imam is the center of light in the world; the Occultation is the extinguishing of that light for the rest of humanity.
Imam Mahdi will return at the head of the forces of righteousness and do battle with the forces of evil in one, final, apocalyptic battle.
www.wsu.edu:8080 /~dee/SHIA/HIDDEN.HTM   (774 words)

 Imam Khomeini (r.e)
Imam was among those who were very firm against the unbelievers and merciful in dealing with the believers.
It is, rather, that the Imam had penetrated the inner core of Islam and having come to the heart of it, having internalized it and settled himself in it, he necessarily automatically participated in all the dimensions we have mentioned.
Imam in his book on Islamic Government, cited a Hadith from Imam Musa Ibn Ja'afar('a)to the effect that: "Whenever a believer who is Fagih, died, the angels weep together with the ground where he engaged in the worship of God, and the gates of Heaven, which he enters by means of his good deeds.
www.ummah.net /khoei/khomeini.htm   (3648 words)

 imam - HighBeam Encyclopedia
IMAM [imam] [Arab.,=leader], in Islam, a recognized leader or a religious teacher.
The continuous presence of the Imams being a prerequisite for human salvation, al-Mahdi, the last Imam, is considered in occultation (hidden from humanity) since 874 only to return near the end of creation as a messiahlike figure.
Imam's role in Islam isn't identical to that of clerics in other religions.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-imam.html   (440 words)

 Muhammad al Mahdi
On his deathbed in 941 CE, the fourth Bab, as Samarri produced a letter from the Imam stating that there should be no successor to as Samarri and that from that time forward the Mahdi would not be seen until he reappeared as champion of the faithful in the events leading to the Judgement Day.
Another factor explaining the acceptance of the Lesser Occultation, and by extension the Greater Occultation, was that due to the house arrest of the 10th and 11th Imams.
Some titles of the 12th Imam include: Sahib az Zaman (Master of the Age), Sahib al Amr (Master of Command), al Qa'im (the one to arise), Bagiyyat Allah (remnant of Allah) and Imam al Muntazar (the awaited Imam).
lexicorient.com /e.o/12thimam.htm   (659 words)

The Imams span history from Adam to the present day; the Imams, according to Shi'ites, were a light created before the creation—this light was the instrument of creation.
But above all, the Imam is the one who teaches human beings the mystical truths of the universe; it is throught the Imam that the esoteric, mystical aspects of God are transmitted to human beings.
However, starting in 941, the Hidden Imam ceased communicating to humanity through these agents; this period in which the Hidden Imam, still alive and on earth, cuts of all communication with humanity is known as the Greater Occulation.
www.wsu.edu:8080 /~dee/GLOSSARY/IMAM.HTM   (1058 words)

 Imam Abu Hanifah -- Life and Work
He was, therefore, surprised at the Imam's complaint, but he understood the reason for it when, a few days later, he found the Imam wearing a mantle which could not have cost less than thirty dinars.
On being informed that Imam Abu Hanifah was coming to see him, he sent a number of his courtiers to receive him, with orders that he should be escorted on horseback right up to the courtyard of the governor's house.
The Imam lost his father before he had come of age, but his mother lived for a long time, and the Imam looked after her with great affection and regard.
www.muslim-canada.org /hanifah.htm   (4339 words)

 Zaytuna Institute & Academy :: Teachers
Imam Zaid Shakir is amongst the most respected and influential Muslim scholars in the West.
As Imam of Masjid al-Islam from 1988 to 1994 he speared-headed a community renewal and grassroots anti-drug effort in the local neighborhood, and taught as an Adjunct Professor of Political Science and Arabic at Southern Connecticut State University until his departure for Syria to further his studies in the traditional Islamic Sciences.
Teaching regularly as the Imam of Masjid al-Islam, writing numerous articles for various magazines, journals, and newspapers, and lecturing frequently at many of America’s largest Muslim conferences and conventions, he soon emerged as one of the most popular and sought after American Muslim leaders.
www.zaytuna.org /teacherMore.asp?id=10   (374 words)

 Ayesha Imam
Ayesha Imam is a theorist, teacher, and activist in Nigeria.
In 1985, Imam was an advisor for the Strengthening Gender in Development Capacity in Africa Project, United Nations African Institute for Economic Development and Planning (IDEP), Dakar, Senegal.
In 1984, Imam was the Course Director for the First Gender Institute, Council for the Development of Social Science in Africa (CODESRIA), Dakar, Senegal.
www.cddc.vt.edu /feminism/Imam.html   (1289 words)

 Imam Al-Mehdi
The promised Al-Mehdi, who is usually mentioned by his title of Imamu 'l-`Asr (the Imam of the Period) and Sahibu 'z-Zaman (the Lord of the Age), is the son of the Eleventh Infallible Imam.
was appointed as the 2nd deputy of the Imam.
Henceforth the special deputation of the Imam would come to an end and the major occultation (Al-Ghaybatu 'l-kubra) would begin and would continue until the day Allah (God) grants permission to the Imam to manifest himself.
www.imammehdi.org   (1434 words)

 Ziaraat.com - Naibeen-e-Imam - About   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
After the martyrdom of Imam Hasan Askari (a.s) the mantle of Imamate fell on the young shoulders of Imam Mahdi (a.s).
Then he emphasized about the representation of Imam Mahdi (a.s) by Usman bin Saeed, thus "You (all) accept whatever he says for he is the representative of your Imam and affairs are with him".
That is because they calculate it from the birth of Imam (a.s) in 255 A.H. It is certain that the birth of Imam (a.s) in 255 A.H. It is certain that the Imam Mahdi (a.s) did not shoulder the responsibility of Imamat in the life time of Imam Hasan Askari (a.s).
www.ziaraat.com /bagnai01.html   (2825 words)

 Iran’s President and the Politics of the Twelfth Imam by John von Heyking   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
One of the differences between Sunni and Shi’ite Islam is that the latter, who dominate Iran and form the majority in Iraq, believe that Allah shielded or hid Muhammad al-Mahdi as the Twelfth Imam until the end of time.
Shi’ites expect the Twelfth Imam, which Jews and Christians would recognize as a messianic figure, to return to save the world when it had descended into chaos.
Today, in addition to the possibility of Ahmadinejad himself being a member (or a former member), the group has connections to Qom ultraconservative cleric Mesbah Yazdi whom Iranians frequently refer to as the "crazed one" and the "crocodile." Four of the twenty-one new cabinet ministers are purportedly Hojjatieh members.
www.ashbrook.org /publicat/guest/05/vonheyking/twelfthimam.html   (1466 words)

 Imam Malik   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Imam belonged to a class of early Muslims, whose life would always serve as a beacon light for those who strive for the realisation of nobler and higher virtue in the world.
The Imam rebuked him by saying, ‘Don’t talk stridently when the Traditions of the Prophet (sws) are under discussion.’ He refused to discourse on the Traditions in the camp of the Caliph.
According of Imam Hanbal, he was the only person to have such a distinction that he never reported a Tradition from a person unless he had fully satisfied himself.
www.renaissance.com.pk /marletf96.html   (1604 words)

 IMPORTANT!!! (gelatine) - al-imam.net
Well all i know is that when Imam (A.S.) will appear it will be in Hajj, there will be 30 people going to hajj, Donno from where, but Imam will be one of them.
Another thing that i know is that when imam calls and if we get up (it will be early in the morning) and walk outside our doors, we will be infornt of him.
I asked how could that be possible, so she replied that there is a dua that they have read before they died, to wake them up when the Imam comes, so they could be in his army.
al-imam.net /forums/index.php?showtopic=727&st=15&hl=   (1044 words)

 MCMC | Imam (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.eecs.umich.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Imam Nizam Ahmad Raouf Zaman is a graduate of the Aleemiyyah Institute of Islamic Studies (Karachi, 1975) and a graduate of Faculty of Usuluddin, Al-Azhar (Cairo, 1978).
In addition, he was Imam at Masjid Darul Qur'an, Bay Shore, NY (2000-2003).
Presently he is serving as an Imam of Muslim Center of Middlesex County.
www.mcmcnj.org.cob-web.org:8888 /imam.asp   (166 words)

 Imam Mehdi (A.S) imam e zamana 12th imam
That is cited in Sunni and Shia sources from the Holy Prophet and the Imams concerning the appearance of the Mahdi, such as that he is of the progeny of the Prophet and that his appearance will enable human society to reach true perfection and the full realization of spiritual life.
In answer It must be said that such people have not really understood the meaning of the Imam, for in the discussion on the imamate it became clear that the duty of the Imam is not only the formal explanation of the religious sciences and exoteric guidance of the people.
The Imam watches over men inwardly and is in communion with the soul and spirit of men even if he be hidden from their physical eyes.
members.fortunecity.com /masoom110/TRUEISLAM   (10109 words)

You have let the first of them taste bitterness, so let the latter of them taste reward." Another hadith of the Prophet says: "Truly, Allah shall send forth for this Community, at the onset of every hundred years, someone who will renew their Religion for them." The scholars agreed, among them Abu Qilaba (d.
He was born in Ghazza or `Asqalan in 150, the year of Abu Hanifa’s death, and moved to Mecca at the age of two, following his father’s death, where he grew up.
248), whom al-Dhahabi describes as "the Imam, the exemplar, the wali, the muhaddith, the shaykh of the Sufis and the friend of Ahmad ibn al-Hawari."
www.sunnah.org /publication/khulafa_rashideen/shafii.htm   (2132 words)

 Al-Islam.org by the Ahlul Bayt DILP - Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Al-Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya (The Psalms of Islam)pick by Imam Ali Zaynul 'Abidin (a)
The English translation (accompanied with original Arabic text) of the supremely eloquent sayings and sermons of the Commander of the Faithful, Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (peace be upon him).
Investigating distortions and changes in well known Islamic texts such as the commentary of Muhammad Abduh on Nahj al-Balagha, the commentary of Abdullah Yusufali on the Qur'an, and the distortion of what al-Tirmidhi wrote in his sahih about hadith madinat al-'ilm.
al-islam.org /topical.php?sid=305657393&cat=92   (536 words)

 IMRA - Monday, June 9, 2003 Saudi sermon after Sharm: "O God. . .destroy Islam's enemies, including the vile Jews"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Muslim countries." The imam then says that Islam prospers in an atmosphere
The imam then elaborates on security in general, including health and food
Concluding, the imam prays to God: "O God, strengthen Islam and Muslims,
www.imra.org.il /story.php3?id=17183   (668 words)

 Islam Page - Islam, Muslims, Allah, Muhammad, Salvation, Jesus (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.eecs.umich.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Commentary on the Verse 35:32 Imam Ibn Taymiyyah
Explanation of Soorah al-Kaafiroon - The Disbelievers Imam Ibn Kathir
The Veneration of the Mighty Qur'an by Imam al-Bayhaqi
www.islamworld.net.cob-web.org:8888   (3619 words)

 CANOE -- CNEWS - Law: Montreal imam fights deportation efforts (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.eecs.umich.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
I don't think should have been sent but I think they should finish the job.
MONTREAL (CP) - A controversial Montreal imam who organized a rally to denounce caricatures of the prophet Mohammed is accusing Canadian authorities of conspiring to have him deported for political reasons.
Said Jaziri denied on Wednesday that he lied on a refugee application in 1998 when he claimed not to have a criminal record.
cnews.canoe.ca.cob-web.org:8888 /CNEWS/Law/2006/08/30/1786877-cp.html   (779 words)

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