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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  EVEN - Evolutionary Engineering AG
EVEN - Evolutionary Engineering AG will be present at the ECF 2005,the 9th european PLM Forum of Dassault Systems in Frankfurt, Germany.Together with the Centre of Structure Technologies we will have a speech about Structural Optimization within CATIA V5 on Tuesday October 4 2005.
EVEN will be present at the Kunden- und Interessentagung of our partner Rand Worldwide April 21, 2005.
EVEN at the Schweizer MSC.Software Anwendertreffen in Luzern
www.even-ag.ch   (500 words)

  Not Even Wrong
He makes the point that even in 3d, we really don’t know exactly what “non-perturbative pure quantum gravity” is. He uses the Chern-Simons formulation of 3d gravity in terms of gauge theory to motivate his guess at the correct boundary CFT, and then once he has that he has something much more well-defined to study.
Yesterday evening there was a public debate about string theory held in Paris, between Lee Smolin and Thibault Damour.
He doesn’t seem to even consider the possibility that the existence of the Landscape and the lack of a vacuum selection principle means that string-based 10/11d unification is just a failed idea.
www.math.columbia.edu /~woit/wordpress   (5551 words)

  Even Piell - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki
Even Piell was a Jedi Master and Jedi Council member from the planet Lannik with a well-deserved reputation of being a humorless and fierce warrior.
Born and raised on the planet Lannik, Even Piell was spotted for his Force aptitude at an early age, and he was taken to Coruscant for training.
Even Piell was portrayed by Michaela Cottrell in The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones (seen in archive footage of the Jedi Council used in conjunction with new material).
starwars.wikia.com /wiki/Even_Piell   (1198 words)

 The Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire
The Evens inhabit a large territory in the Khabarovsk district, the Magadan region, the northern part of Yakutia, the Chukchi, and the Kamchatka Peninsulas in the Russian Federation.
The origin of the Evens is closely associated with that of the Evenks, and for a while the Evens were considered to be a territorial subgroup of the Evenks.
The assimilation of the Yukaghirs and the Koryaks explains the threefold increase in the population of the Evens.
www.eki.ee /books/redbook/evens.shtml   (1165 words)

 PlanetMath: even number
The concept of even and odd numbers are most easily understood in the binary base.
This can be proven using induction, or using the fundamental theorem of arithmetic.
This is version 7 of even number, born on 2003-09-05, modified 2006-08-10.
planetmath.org /encyclopedia/Even.html   (92 words)

 Shimon Even
Even, A. Pnueli and A. Lempel, "Permutation Graphs and Transitive Graphs", J. of the Asso.
Even, "An Algorithm for Determining whether the Connectivity of a Graph is at least k", SIAM J. on Comp., Vol.
Even and Y. Mansour, "A Construction of a Pseudorandom Cipher from a Single Pseudorandom Permutation", J. of Cryptology, Vol.
www.cs.technion.ac.il /~even   (721 words)

 Even Start Family Literacy Program - Child Development (CA Dept of Education)
Even Start was first authorized in 1989 as Part B of Chapter 1 of Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA).
The Even Start legislation was amended in July 1991 when Congress passed the National Literacy Act (Public Law 102-73), lowering the age of children served from age one to birth and allowing community-based organizations to receive grants.
Even Start funds local educational agencies (LEAs) and community-based organizations to plan and coordinate services to help parents gain the skills needed to become full partners in the education of their young children.
www.cde.ca.gov /sp/cd/op/evenstart.asp   (385 words)

 Scott Himelstein testifies to the House of Representatives in support of Even Start
We, at the National Even Start Association, agree with the Administration and the Secretary's stand that all programs should be held accountable to provide an opportunity for all children to be successful in education.
The results of state data show that Even Start children, though more disadvantaged at the start, are accelerating their growth in order to achieve at comparable levels when they enter school and at the end of the primary grades.
Even Start, unlike Reading First and Early Reading First, is the only program targeted to provide parenting education to help parents support their children's literacy and to begin literacy education of young children at birth.
www.evenstart.org /news/himelstein_testifies.shtml   (1679 words)

 Even and Odd Numbers — FactMonster.com
Even numbers are numbers that can be divided evenly by 2.
To tell whether a number is even or odd, look at the number in the ones place.
Likewise, 8,322 is an even number because it ends in 2.
www.factmonster.com /ipka/A0876700.html   (256 words)

 New Jersey’s Even Start Family Literacy Programs
The Even Start Family Literacy Program is an education program that supports family-centered educational and parenting activities that engage parents and children in a cooperative effort.
Even Start’s premise is that combining adult literacy or adult basic education, parenting education, and early childhood education into a unified family literacy program offers promise for helping to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty and low literacy in the nation.
Even Start also targets those who are eligible to participate in an adult education program under the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act or who are within the compulsory school attendance age range.
www.state.nj.us /njded/titles/title1/even   (1108 words)

 even (3) definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta
even (3) definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta
His writing is even messier than hers, and hers is barely legible.
She is careful with her money, even miserly.
encarta.msn.com /encnet/features/dictionary/DictionaryResults.aspx?refid=1861609477   (206 words)

 Even (Lamut) alphabet, pronunciation and language
Even belongs to the Siberian (or Evonkian) group of the Northern branch of the Manchu-Tungus languages.
It is spoken by about 7,000 speakers in Siberia, specifically in the Magadan region, the Chukot and the Koryak autonomous areas, in some districts of the Khabarovsk territory and in the Republic of Yakutia (Sakha) in the North East of the Russian Federation.
Azerbaijani, Balkar, Bashkir, Chuvash, Even, Evenki, Gagauz, Kazak, Kyrghyz, Nanai, Tatar, Turkish, Turkmen, Uyghur, Uzbek, Yakut
www.omniglot.com /writing/even.htm   (150 words)

even_or_odd : forall n, even n \/ odd n.
even_odd_dec : forall n, {even n} + {odd n}.
(even (n + m) <-> even n /\ even m \/ odd n /\ odd m).
coq.inria.fr /library/Coq.Arith.Even.html   (769 words)

 PunkBuster Online Countermeasures
Even Balance, Inc. has been contracted by Sierra Entertainment, a division of Vivendi Games, Inc. to integrate PunkBuster™ into F.E.A.R.™ Perseus Mandate.
Honest players who would like to report actual known working cheats and hacks for the game are encouraged to email the details to us at research@evenbalance.com.
Even Balance, PunkBuster and the PunkBuster logo are trademarks of Even Balance, Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.
www.evenbalance.com /index.php?page=announce.php   (771 words)

 Urban Dictionary: even
even nedm not doom music equal ytmnd are askew be canada could danny dont eem equality ev'm girls go i it kattywampus kittywampus level mjolnir nefk odd rocks same similar slipper-cat straight supreme mathematics than that the this try wellesley word
the funniest even word because its even pointless and any sentence with it in it would be even fine without it
Even is a disease men can get if they spend too much time masturbating.
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=even   (299 words)

 Title I, Part B, Even Start Family Literacy
Even Start Family Literacy programs are based on the belief that educating a family, intervening with at least two generations of the family, secures the advancement of parents and children in the present and in the future.
Families are the primary stakeholders in the Even Start programs which break the intergenerational cycle of illiteracy and poverty.
Eligible Participants – Allows Even Start programs that collaborate with Title I, Part A programs to expand Even Start services to children who are 8 years of age or older if funds from the Part A program are used to contribute to the cost of providing programs for these children.
www.opi.state.mt.us /EvenStart   (857 words)

 Break-Even Analysis: Projections - Small Business Accounting
Even the mature business would be wise to look at their current break-even point and perhaps find ways to lower that benchmark to increase profits.
You may do a break-even analysis before you even begin your business and determine that your gross margin will come in at a certain percentage and your fixed expense budget will be set at a certain level.
You will then be able to establish that your business will break even (and then go on to a profit) at a certain level of sales volume.
www.businesstown.com /accounting/projections-breakeven.asp   (892 words)

 Star Wars: Databank | Piell, Even
The Jedi High Council was isolated from the rest of the bustle of Coruscant, convening in a circular chamber high above the cityscape.
One member of this august order was Even Piell, a diminutive Jedi Master who was present when Anakin Skywalker was brought before the Council for training.
Even Piell was a small humanoid with pink skin, large drooping ears, a topknot and a scarred face.
www.starwars.com /databank/character/evenpiell/index.html   (89 words)

 even - French-English Dictionary WordReference.com
The pressure has to be even in all four tyres.
He didn't leave her even after all she had said.
He evened the surface of the door with a plane.
www.wordreference.com /enfr/even   (393 words)

 Even and Odd Numbers
Even numbers can be divided evenly into groups of two.
Even numbers always end with a digit of 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8.
2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 are even numbers.
www.aaamath.com /nam25a2-evenodd.html   (143 words)

 National Even Start Association - Even Start Family Literacy Programs
The National Even Start Association (N.E.S.A.) is a membership organization, comprised of a group of professionals dedicated to supporting high quality services in Even Start Family Literacy programs.
Even Start Family Literacy Programs are school-community partnerships that help break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy by integrating early childhood education, adult literacy or adult basic education, and parenting education into a unified family literacy program.
Even Start is implemented nationally through cooperative projects that build on high-quality existing community resources, creating a new range of services for children, families and adults.
www.evenstart.org   (553 words)

 Breeds of Livestock - Even Reindeer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Even breed is reared in the mountain taiga districts of Yakutia and of Magadan and Kamchatka regions.
The total stock of the Even breed is nearly 550,000.
Intensive work is being carried out at the present times to further fix the Even breed and to investigate its genetic structure and biological peculiarities.
www.ansi.okstate.edu /breeds/other/reindeer/even/index.htm   (222 words)

 ozarque: Linguistics; hostile language; more on "Even..."
Which, you perceive, is there even when it's not there, like the traditional "Understood 'You'." That is, "JOHN could pass THAT class!" and "A CHILD could pass THAT class!" and "I could pass THAT class!" all have an "Understood 'Even' at the beginning.
Even with the extra stresses, I think that when the subject is "I" (or "we" it may or may not be an attack against oneself.
When the subject is first person, the second part of the attack remains, the first part is doubtful, it could be some kind of self-loathing or it could be something else.
ozarque.livejournal.com /232143.html   (798 words)

 Pierre Even   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Descendant of the Even Family from Beaufort (Luxembourg) and Metz (France).
Pierre Even is barrister at law in Wiesbaden and married to Heide H. Thiel in 1976.
Pierre Even is usually quite pleased to have his pieces performed.
www.sibeliusmusic.com /cgi-bin/user_page.pl?url=pierre-even   (639 words)

 Evening Dresses, Mother of the Bride Dresses, Formal Dresses, Plus Size Dresses, Prom Dresses, etc.
Evening Dresses, Formal Dresses, Prom Dresses, Prom 2004, Gowns, Formal Gowns, Cocktail Dresses, MOB, Mother of the Bride, Plus Size Gowns, Plus Size Evening Dresses, Plus Size Formal Dresses, 100% guaranteed.
Evening Dresses, Formal Dresses, Prom Dresses, Prom, Gowns, Formal Gowns, Cocktail Dresses, MOB, Mother of the Bride, Plus Size Gowns, Plus Size Evening Dresses, Plus Size Formal Dresses, Evening Separates Tops Pants Blouses Dressy Jackets, Evening Bags, Pashmina Shawls and Accessories, 100% Guaranteed.
We can even give you a Pashmina Shawl to make any outfit spectacular.
rd.business.com /index.asp?epm=s.1&bdcq=Even&bdcr=4&bdcu=http://www.theeveningstore.com/&bdcp=&partner=2662601&bdcs=nwuuid-2662601-6189BB12-FE1C-92E5-5900-28C2AE99853B-ym   (592 words)

 Even Start Index   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Even Start family literacy services are those services provided to participants on a voluntary basis that are of sufficient intensity in terms of hours, and of sufficient duration, to make sustainable changes in a family, and that integrate the following four components:
There are adults (including teenage parents) who do not possess sufficient mastery of basic educational skills to function effectively in society; who do not have a secondary school diploma or its recognized equivalent level of education; or who are unable to speak, read or write the English language.
The Guide describes characteristics of effective Even Start programs, and is intended to be used for improving program quality.
www.cde.state.co.us /cdecare/evenstart.htm   (756 words)

 Even Start
Even Start is an education program for the Nation's low-income families that is designed to improve the academic achievement of young children and their parents, especially in the area of reading.
Even Start supports family literacy services for parents with low literacy skills or who have limited English proficienty, and their children, primarily birth through age seven, and has three related goals:
The Even Start Family Literacy Program -- Title I, Part B, Subpart 3 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA) - was first authorized in 1988 with an appropriation of $14.8 million.
www.ed.gov /programs/evenstartformula/index.html   (529 words)

 Apple - Mac OS X - Safari RSS
Safari even tells you when your bookmarked feeds are updated with new articles, so you get the latest news without repeatedly refreshing sites.
Even the most complex pages load at breakneck speed on Safari.
Safari 2.0 on Tiger even loads pages 1.8 times faster than Safari 1.2 on Panther.
www.apple.com /macosx/features/safari   (1206 words)

 Even and Odd Functions
Some of the Fourier theorems can be succinctly expressed in terms of even and odd symmetries.
An even function is also symmetric, but the term symmetric applies also to functions symmetric about a point other than 0.
Since even times even is even, odd times odd is even, and even times odd is odd, we can think of even as
www-ccrma.stanford.edu /~jos/mdft/Even_Odd_Functions.html   (186 words)

 After sold-out appearance, Obama pulls even with Clinton in N.H. - Boston.com
Two weeks after Sen. Barack Obama's first trip to New Hampshire, a new poll shows him about even with Sen. Hillary Clinton among likely voters in the state's 2008 Democratic presidential primary.
On the Republican side, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Arizona Sen. John McCain are about even, with Giuliani at 26 percent and McCain at 25 percent.
Edwards is tied with McCain and about even with Giuliani.
www.boston.com /news/local/new_hampshire/articles/2006/12/24/obama_even_with_clinton_in_nh_poll   (450 words)

 even - Definitions from Dictionary.com
Used as an intensive to indicate something that is unexpected: declined even to consider the idea.
equal in degree or extent or amount; or equally matched or balanced; "even amounts of butter and sugar"; "on even terms"; "it was a fifty-fifty (or even) split"; "had a fifty-fifty (or even) chance"; "an even fight"
even with); "an even application of varnish"; "an even floor"; "the road was not very even"; "the picture is even with the window" [ant: uneven]
dictionary.reference.com /browse/even   (1297 words)

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