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Topic: Incarnation

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  Incarnation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Incarnation, which literally means enfleshment, refers to the conception, and live birth of a sentient creature (generally human) who is the material manifestation of an entity or force whose original nature is immaterial.
Incarnation should be carefully distinguished from the phenomenon of apotheosis, which is the temporary manifestation of a divine or archetypal force, entity or energy within and through a human being during the course of ritual, religious exercise, meditation, or other spiritual activities.
On the Incarnation by Saint Athanasius of Alexandria
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Incarnation   (609 words)

The Incarnation, the divine manifest in the flesh, is Wisdom Incarnate.
The Incarnation is the kenosis of Christ as suffering servant Incarnate.
It is therefore in the Incarnation, considered in its full extension and with its saving dimensions embracing all human-kind, that we will find an explanation for Mary being so lavishly endowed by God, for her special relationships with the three Persons of the Trinity, and for her universal mission (cf., among others, TD 14-36).
www.ewtn.com /library/Montfort/Handbook/Incarn.htm   (7592 words)

For Christians, the incarnation is a central dogma referring to the belief that the eternal son of God, the second person of the Trinity, became man in the person of Jesus Christ.
The Incarnation was that act of grace whereby Christ took our human nature into union with his Divine Person, became man. Christ is both God and man. Human attributes and actions are predicated of him, and he of whom they are predicated is God.
The implication of such a construction of the result of the incarnation is that God the Son, kenotically "emptying" himself, divested himself of his attribute of being always and everywhere immediately present in his universe.
mb-soft.com /believe/text/incarnat.htm   (1066 words)

 Rebecca Writes: Incarnation
Incarnation means to make flesh, and it's used to refer to God the Son taking on a human nature--or becoming a human being--while continuing to be God.
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God...And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.
The change that occurred at the incarnation is a permanent one; Christ became forever the God-man.
everydaymusings.blogspot.com /2004/12/incarnation.html   (712 words)

 incarnation on Encyclopedia.com
Incarnation is found in various phases of Greek religion, in which the human body of a god was a disguise or a temporary means of communication.
Among western cultures the most widely accepted belief in incarnation is in that of Jesus, held by Christians to be God in the flesh, partaking wholly both of divinity and of humanity, except in so far as human beings have a propensity to sin.
Joe Camp, shown with the latest incarnation of Benji, was the man who wrote and directed the original "Benji" movie.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/i1/incarnat.asp   (620 words)

 Incarnation and Identity Vallicella   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
Incarnation is a wholly unique ‘event’; part of its uniqueness consisting in its being a relation of identity rather than some such ‘looser’ relation as union.
The Asymmetry of Incarnation and the Doctrine of Anhypostasia
The locus of Incarnation is the one in whom the Son incarnates himself.
www.independentphilosopher.org /incarnation_and_identity_vallicella.htm   (4345 words)

 Incarnation Lutheran Church - About Our Church   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
In January 1999, The Northeastern Pennsylvania, Synod appointed The Rev. Kim Lengert to serve as pastor of Incarnation, with an emphasis on redevelopment of the congregation.
Incarnation is now in the process of beginning it's third weekly worship service, seeking to respond to the spiritual needs of its community.
Incarnation Church believes we are called to be witnesses of God's Word in our community, so that all people may become followers of Jesus Christ and members of God's Church.
www.lutheransonline.com /servlet/lo_ProcServ/dbpage=page&GID=01245001361013298039841607&PG=01245001361013298039941338   (509 words)

 The orthodox understanding of the incarnation
The doctrine of the incarnation was debated in meticulous detail from every angle, and a series of Church councils subsequently convened to consider virtually every conceivable twist and variation on the nature of the Godhead.
During those years of intense debate over the doctrine of the incarnation, the pendulum often swung from one extreme error to another.
For example, within 60 years after the Nicene council affirmed the full deity of Christ another church council, the Council of Constantinople, had to deal with Apollinarianism, which went overboard on the side of Christ's deity and was not doing full justice to His humanity.
www.geocities.com /Athens/Atlantis/5068/faq/christol.htm   (781 words)

 The Incarnation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
Though the birth of Jesus is a joyous event, the Incarnation is the beginning of something unexpected: the restoration of humanity to a state of grace greater than that of Adam and Eve before the Fall.
The Incarnation was a continuing of the work of Creation, and we are called to join the great procession joyfully leading all Creation back to God.
In our relationships with others may be found a kind of "second Incarnation" as the Body of Christ comes to the world again and again, loving, sharing, finding the lost and feeding the hungry.
www.whitestonejournal.com /incarnation.html   (906 words)

The Incarnation is the mystery and the dogma of the Word made Flesh.
The Incarnation implies three facts: (1) The Divine Person of Jesus Christ; (2) The Human Nature of Jesus Christ; (3) The Hypostatic Union of the Human with the Divine Nature in the Divine Person of Jesus Christ.
The condemnation of the heresy of Nestorius saved for the Church the dogma of the Incarnation, "the great mystery of godliness" (1 Timothy 3:16), but lost to her a portion of her children, who, though dwindled down to insignificant numbers, still remain apart from her care.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/07706b.htm   (11981 words)

 Understanding the Incarnation
Since the Incarnation is so deeply bound up with who Jesus is, a good understanding of it is not dry and boring head knowledge to the Christian.
As we probe the glorious truths regarding the Incarnation of the Son of God, we will discover that a proper understanding of these truths clears up much confusion and many difficulties we may have in our mind.
The early church considered the Incarnation to be one of the most important truths of our faith.
www.geocities.com /Athens/Delphi/8449/hypo2.html   (4514 words)

 The Incarnation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
These doctrines were formulated during the 4th and 5th Century (with some discussion continuing at least as the 9th), in reaction to teachings that most Christians regarded as incorrect and dangerous.
This is expressed in the Christian doctrine of the Incarnation.
One approach used by modern writers speaks of the incarnation as being based on a "functional" union between God and Jesus: that is, Jesus is God in the sense that he acts for and as God, and that God is present in him so intimately that what happens to Jesus actually happens to God.
geneva.rutgers.edu /src/christianity/incarnation.html   (3423 words)

 Incarnation Monastery
Incarnation Monastery, located in Berkeley, California, represents the urban and communal dimension of the Camaldolese charism.
Incarnation Monastery is located in Berkeley just North of the University of California and the Graduate Theological Union.
Incarnation Monastery thus serves as a house of studies for the Camaldolese monks.
www.contemplation.com /Hermitage/incarnation.html   (494 words)

 Untitled Document   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
INCARNATION was one of a number of research projects on inland navigation carried out under the European Commission's Waterborne Transport Programme.
INCARNATION is aiming at enhancing the safety of navigation as well as the reliability of the transport mode.
So, this is the right moment to introduce a standard for the EU fairways: ships can obtain and give the same information and communicate in the same way independent of the country they are passing.
www.issus.fh-hamburg.de /iss_web/projekte/incarnation/texte.htm   (1307 words)

Incarnation (Latin in and caro, stem carn) literally means ‘in the flesh.' Theologically the term incarnation refers to the act whereby the eternal Son of God, the Second Person of the Trinity, the Word (Gk.
Incarnation has not only made it possible for God to provide redemption for mankind, but it also made possible a much fuller revelation of God to mankind.
Incarnation (the infinite, omni-potent, and eternal God, the Son becoming man and joining himself to a human nature forever) will remain for eternity the most profound miracle and the most profound mystery in the entire universe.
www.rzimindia.org /html/Apologia/004.html   (2143 words)

 bible.org: Personal Implications of the Incarnation (Part 1) Philippians 2:5-18   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
The first step in understanding the implications of the incarnation is to see that in addition to the incarnation being a particular event--the coming of the Christ--it is also a principle.
Because incarnation is mysterious we must reject the temptation to try to live the Christian life by formulas.
32 Some may be distressed at the use of the term “incarnation” to designate a principle, as opposed to the event of the incarnation at the coming of Christ.
www.bible.org /page.asp?page_id=655   (4451 words)

The incarnation as such implied a limitation, a diminution, and thus a humiliation, irrespective of the fall into sin and its consequences.
Kuyper called the idea that the incarnation in itself was not a humiliation for the Son of God, "the hobbyhorse of the Ethical movement." He perceives therein pantheistic elements.
A young, budding theologian is critically analyzing one of Kuyper's ideas and is comparing it with the manuscripts of the Greek church fathers and the dogmas of the early church.
spindleworks.com /library/faber/005_kup.htm   (4042 words)

James Montgomery appointed The Rev. Alvin Johnson as a missioner to the area.
We can accept you as a baptized communicant member here at Incarnation by merely writing your former church and requesting that your membership be transferred here.
Perhaps those who have been away from the church for a time would like to reaffirm the promises made by parents and Godparents or you at a younger age at your baptism or confirmation.
www.churchofincarnation.org   (384 words)

 Incarnation School - Mission Statement   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
Incarnation School affirms the uniqueness of each child and concentrates on the intellectual, spiritual, moral, aesthetic, social, and physical growth of every student.
The administration, faculty, and staff of Incarnation School undertake this responsibility within the context of Catholic tradition and doctrine.
Incarnation School accepts children without regard to race, color, creed, nationality or ethnicity.
www.incarnationnyc.org   (173 words)

 Incarnation by J.I. Packer
The doctrine of the Trinity declares that the man Jesus is truly divine; that of the Incarnation declares that the divine Jesus is truly human.
A crucial event for the church’s confession of the doctrine of the Incarnation came at the Council of Chalcedon (A.D.451), when the church countered both the Nestorian idea that Jesus was two personalities—the Son of God and a man—under one skin, and the Eutychian idea that Jesus’; divinity had swallowed up his humanity.
The Incarnation, this mysterious miracle at the heart of historic Christianity, is central in the New Testament witness.
www.monergism.com /thethreshold/articles/onsite/packer/incarnation.html   (925 words)

 Cambridge Dictionaries Online - Cambridge University Press
He believes that he was a Roman warrior in a previous incarnation.
This film is the latest incarnation of a fairy tale that dates back to the Middle Ages.
He was the incarnation of evil (= was extremely evil).
dictionary.cambridge.org /results.asp?dict=B&searchword=incarnation   (135 words)

 AmericanCatholic.org-Scripture From Scratch ©2001-The Incarnation: God's Gift of Love by Kenneth R. Overberg, S.J.
Incarnation is God's first thought, the original design for all creation.
God is, instead, a gracious God, sharing divine life and love in creation and in the Incarnation (like parents sharing their love in the life of a new child).
If we pay attention to John's emphasis on the Incarnation and on the truth of God revealed in Jesus, we discover part of the foundation of our alternate answer to "Why Jesus?" For John, what is at the heart of reality is a God who wants to share divine life.
www.americancatholic.org /Newsletters/SFS/an1201.asp   (2134 words)

 3D Gamers :: Game Listing :: Incarnation Info
The player is the sole incarnation of that hope.
Incarnation challenges players to master powerful magic spells and ancient combat skills to save Aarklash.
Incarnation is an expensive role-playing universe with over 15 lands to explore in 6 main areas.
www.3dgamers.com /games/incarnation   (172 words)

 Knights of Columbus Incarnation Council #8826 Collierville, TN   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
The Incarnation Council is located in The Church Of The Incarnation in Collierville, TN at 360 Bray Station Road.
Incarnation Council meets in The Church Of The Incarnation Fellowship Hall on the second Sunday of every month at 7:00 p.m., with a Rosary at 6:30 p.m.
Incarnation Council was founded December 2, 1984, through the efforts of Paul Cordelli, Louis Pohl, Distict Deputy Tom Gilmartin and Bob Rounsefell.
home.midsouth.rr.com /colliervillekofc   (187 words)

 Oakville's Anglican Church of the Incarnation
The Anglican Church of the Incarnation gathers at 1240 Old Abbey Lane (on the corner of Dorval, just across from the entrance to the Glen Abbey Golf Club) in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.
We at the church of the Incarnation are called by God to a life of worship and service.
Meanwhile, the finishing touches were being made on the unusual new space for the Church of the Incarnation.
www.tap.net /incarnation   (440 words)

 THE INCARNATION   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
However, the idea the word represents is. The word incarnation means "in flesh" and is described by the apostle John: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.
The purpose of the incarnation was the redemption of lost sinners.
It is not enough to ask a candidate whether he believes in the virgin birth or in the incarnation.
www.mbrem.com /jesus_Christ/incarnat.htm   (4009 words)

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