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Topic: Incircle

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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  Incircle and excircles of a triangle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In geometry, the incircle or inscribed circle of a triangle is the largest circle contained in the triangle; it touches (is tangent to) the three sides.
The center of the incircle can be found as the intersection of the three internal angle bisectors.
The triangle's nine-point circle is tangent to the three excircles as well as to the incircle.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Incircle_and_excircles_of_a_triangle   (421 words)

 PlanetMath: incircle
The incircle or inscribed circle of a triangle is a circle interior to the triangle and tangent to its three sides.
Moreover, the incircle of a polygon is an interior circle tangent to all of the polygon's sides.
The center of the incircle is called the incenter, and it's located at the point where the three angle bisectors intersect.
planetmath.org /encyclopedia/Incircle.html   (121 words)

 Untitled Document
Prove that the incenter of triangle ABC is on the incircle of DEF.
is equal to the radius of the incircle of DEF.
and the incircle of DEF is a circle of radius
www.mathpuzzle.com /spieker.htm   (1066 words)

 Inversion in the Incircle
The inverse images of the side lines of a triangle in its incircle are three circles of equal radii that concur at the incenter.
The side lines (being tangent to the incircle) invert into the circles that pass through the incenter (I) and still tangent to the side lines at the same points (A', B', C') of tangency, as the side lines.
Under inversion in the incircle of a triangle, the side lines and the circumcircle are carried into four equal circles with the common diameter equal to the inradius of
www.cut-the-knot.org /Curriculum/Geometry/ThreeEqualCircles.shtml   (435 words)

 Geometric Constructions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Construction 13: Given the incircle (I) and circumcenter O of a triangle, to construct the circumcircle.
Construction 14: Given the incircle (I) and circumradius R of a triangle, to construct the circumcircle.
Construction 15: Given I in (O), to construct (I) which is the incircle of quadrilaterals inscribed in (O).
www.math.fau.edu /yiu/GeometricConstructions/Geometric_Constructions.html   (423 words)

 Radius of the Incircle Puzzle   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Radius of the incircle puzzle by Annie Fetter on 03/08/94.
Re: Incircle radius by Henri Picciotto on 03/10/94.
Re: Incircle radius by Philip Mallinson on 03/11/94.
mathforum.org /~sarah/HTMLthreads/articletocs/radius.incircle.puzzle.html   (78 words)

 InCircle LLC: Business consulting and financial advisory services
InCircle is a business consulting and financial advisory services firm that caters to the needs of small- and medium-sized companies.
At InCircle, we aspire to provide the highest quality of service to our clients.
InCircle was founded in 2004 by a business professional with direct experience in management consulting, investment banking, venture capital, and small business management.
www.thinkincircle.com   (196 words)

 InCircle How To   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
A friend is an alum who has added you to his or her list of friends and who you have, in turn, accepted as a friend.
Some of you might have heard of “6 degrees of separation” or have played the game “6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.” inCircle’s “My network” is based on this concept and shows those people to whom you have a connection out to three degrees.
Affinity Engines, Inc. is the company that provides the inCircle hosted service in partnership with your school.
alumni.dartmouth.edu /howto/incircle.html   (2690 words)

 The Dartmouth Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
InCircle will fill the demand for a more informal means of connecting with other Dartmouth alumni.
Although students are already using InCircle to look for housing and network for jobs, Colla expressed his desire that the site serve not only as a means for job advice but also as a social network where like-minded people can interact and plan social activities.
InCircle developed in part to overcome the security concerns of the current alumni directory system, which limits search results, Bent said.
www.thedartmouth.com /article.php?aid=2005030401050   (598 words)

 Incircle Problems   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Let D, E, and F be the points of tangency of the incircle, as shown.
(a) Prove that triangle DEF is acute, that is, that the triangle determined by the points of tangency of the incircle is always acute.
In Problem 4153, if A(I) is the area of the triangle from the tangent points of the incircle, and A(E1), A(E2), and A(E3) are the areas of the three triangles from the tangent points of the three excircles, then
jwilson.coe.uga.edu /EMT725/Bob2/Incircle/incircle.html   (190 words)

 Fast Robust Predicates for Computational Geometry
The incircle test determines whether a point lies inside, outside, or on a circle defined by other points.
Here's C code for the 2D and 3D orientation and incircle tests, and for arbitrary precision floating-point addition and multiplication.
Triangle is a 2D Delaunay triangulator and quality mesh generator that uses the 2D orientation and incircle tests for robustness.
www-2.cs.cmu.edu /~quake/robust.html   (691 words)

 Welcome Ford Alumni & Friends!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
With inCircle, you can network with not only Ford School alumni, but also other Michigan alumni who have similar professions, interests, and shared acquaintances.
inCircle is a valuable benefit of membership in the University of Michigan Alumni Association.
Free, 30-day trials of inCircle are available to alumni who are not yet members of the Association.
www.fordschool.umich.edu /alumni/incircle.html   (188 words)

 Business Wire: Exclusive Resorts Selected as Luxury Residence Club of Choice by Neiman Marcus InCircle Rewards
"The InCircle Rewards Program and Exclusive Resorts are both thoughtfully and meticulously conceived for the sophisticated luxury consumer," said Brent Handler, president and co-founder of Exclusive Resorts.
After 20 years, InCircle Rewards remains at the top of the retail spectrum and has been continuously acknowledged as one of the nation's leading preferred customer recognition programs.
Often imitated, but never replicated, InCircle Rewards was groundbreaking when it was launched in 1984, and continues to be the benchmark of customer loyalty programs.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0EIN/is_2004_July_21/ai_n6115886   (669 words)

 Santa Clara University Alumni - inCircle Alumni Networking   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
inCircle offers Santa Clara University an online solution for helping undergraduate and graduate alumni stay personally and professionally connected.
All members of inCircle are Santa Clara alumni who have been invitied to join this private community, making it easy to find the people you need through the people you trust.
inCircle helps you find classmates, identify alumni who share your hobbies, and establish new business contacts.
www.scu.edu /alumni/services/incircle.cfm   (457 words)

 Arclinea Boston - Contemporary Italian kitchens by Antonio Citterio: Boston showroom
InCircle Rewards members at the most prestigious, Chairman's Circle level, will be able to redeem 1,500,000 InCircle Rewards points for Arclinea's newly-launched, award-winning Convivium kitchen.
The InCircle Rewards program is Neiman Marcus' premier loyalty program which rewards its clients with one point per dollar for merchandise and services purchased with the Neiman Marcus charge card.
In 1984, its InCircle Rewards® program was the first retail loyalty reward program of its kind in the United States.
www.arclineaboston.com /pr_030904.html   (410 words)

 UMAlumni.com: Online Services
inCircle began as a benefit of membership in the Alumni Association.
As of March 2006, we have opened inCircle to all U-M alumni.
There are many ways to use inCircle, depending on your needs.
alumni.umich.edu /online-services/in_circle.php   (246 words)

 CSS 1607
But you need another variable, a boolean variable inCircle to tell whether the last mouse movement was into or out of the circle (inCircle true means it was inside the circle, false means outside).
If inCircle is true when you get the mousedragged event, then you should move the center.
Then go ahead a process the mouse move event, setting inCircle based on whether the move point is inside or outside the circle.
clem.mscd.edu /~evansell/LECTURES/prog3_summer02HINT.html   (1114 words)

 Encyclopedia article on Circle [EncycloZine]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The ratio between the length of an arc and the radius defines the angle between the two radii in radians.
Every triangle gives rise to several circles: its circumcircle containing all three vertices, its incircle lying inside the triangle and touching all three sides, the three excircles lying outside the triangle and touching one side and the extensions of the other two, and its nine point circle which contains various important points of the triangle.
Thales' theorem states that if the three vertices of a triangle lie on a given circle with one side of the triangle being a diameter of the circle, then the angle opposite to that side is a right angle.
encyclozine.com /Circle   (1138 words)

 New Online Network Does 'Six Degrees,' Alumni-Style
The groundbreaking inCircle, free to all UC alums, is revolutionizing the art of staying in touch.
Professional, career and relocation connections are inCircle’s most common uses, but it’s also popular for personal and social communication, linking alumni who have common interests or are geographically close to each other.
Grassroots efforts to spark inCircle have begun, as hundreds of UC alumni have already joined the network.
www.uc.edu /news/NR.asp?id=2373   (357 words)

 Euclid's Elements, Book IV, Proposition 4
This circle inscribed in a triangle has come to be known as the incircle of the triangle, its center the incenter of the triangle, and its radius the inradius of the triangle.
The incircle is a circle tangent to the three lines AB, BC, and AC.
These three lines are radii of the incircle, and therefore have length r, the inradius.
aleph0.clarku.edu /~djoyce/java/elements/bookIV/propIV4.html   (670 words)

The Spieker circle is the incircle of the medial triangle; its center, X(10), is the centroid of the perimeter of ABC.
X(11) is the point of tangency of the nine-point circle and the incircle.
Feuerbach's famous theorem states that the nine-point circle is tangent to the incircle and the three excircles.
faculty.evansville.edu /ck6/encyclopedia/ETC.html   (10360 words)

 incircle_triangle   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
In order to understand our new way of finding the area of a triangle, you must first know what is the incircle.
The Incircle is a circle that is inscribed (meaning completely inside) in a triangle.
The center is called the incenter and its radius touches the sides of the triangle at a perpendicular angle.
www.plu.edu /~huntinal/web_project/incircle_triangle.html   (449 words)

 inCircle Jobs
inCircle Jobs provides a channel for employers to post jobs directly to over 40 inCircle communities, consisting of more than 6 million qualified university and fraternal alumni.
The standard in private label social networking solutions, inCircle connects alumni in a trusted and authenticated manner, and by posting jobs to the inCircle communities through inCircle Jobs, you can help alumni realize the potential of their personal networks by providing tools to visualize, search, and communicate with their fellow alumni.
The Solution: By posting at inCircle Jobs, inCircle users will see fellow alumni who already work at your company, thus providing an "in" for the seeker, making the opportunity more exciting.
www.incirclejobs.com   (185 words)

 AoPS Math Forum :: View topic - incircle with center I of triangle ABC touches the side BC
is the tangency point of the circle passing through B,C tangent to the incircle.
Now, the incircle of triangle ABC touches BC at D; the incircle of triangle AB"C" is the A-excircle of triangle ABC and touches B"C" at D".
Hence, the points D and D" are collinear with the homothetic center A of the two triangles ABC and AB"C".
www.artofproblemsolving.com /Forum/post-329384.html   (820 words)

 Luxury Vacation Ownership | Exclusive Resorts Press Releases | Private Luxury Vacations
DENVER (July 21, 2004) - Exclusive Resorts, the pioneer and global leader in luxury residence clubs, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Neiman Marcus InCircle Rewards, the membership rewards program for the luxury retailer's most loyal customers.
All InCircle Rewards members who join Exclusive Resorts between August 1, 2004 and Dec 31, 2004 will receive a substantial number of InCircle Rewards points.
The Company is based in Denver, Colorado and Washington, D.C. For more information on Exclusive Resorts membership, please call 800.447.8988 or visit www.exclusiveresorts.com.
www.exclusiveresorts.com /Company.PressRelease.aspx?ClubId=1&LocaleId=1&CompanyId=6&PressReleaseId=20   (769 words)

 AoPS Math Forum :: View topic - orthogonal to the incircle
Let Q be the incircle of ABC, and let Q(a), Q(b), Q(c) be circles orthogonal to Q, which pass through B,C ; C,A ; A,B respectively.
But now, if you call X, Y, Z the points where the incircle of triangle ABC touches the sides BC, CA, AB, then it is known that the midpoint of the segment YZ is the inverse of the point A in the incircle of triangle ABC.
Finally, since the circumcircle of triangle XYZ is the incircle of triangle ABC, we may state that the circumradius of triangle A'B'C' equals 1/2 the radius of the incircle of triangle ABC.
www.artofproblemsolving.com /Forum/post-14443.html   (597 words)

 UC Friends Increasingly Going Online and inCircle   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
That’s pretty much the idea behind inCircle, the free, online network for UC alumni that is steadily becoming a key part of being a Bearcat-for-life.
Widely introduced earlier this year, UC’s version of inCircle actually debuted last fall, as the word spread from one alumnus to another of a powerful and versatile new communications channel for UC grads.
The draw is the opportunity to join ever-widening circles of UC friends and friends-of-friends, and then interact as much as you want.
www.uc.edu /news/NR.asp?id=2666   (316 words)

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