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Topic: Inconsistencies in Star Wars

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In the News (Mon 23 Apr 18)

  Star Wars - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Star Wars is an influential science fantasy saga and fictional universe created by writer/producer/director George Lucas during the 1970s.
The saga began with the film Star Wars, which was released on May 25, 1977 by 20th Century Fox.
The Star Wars prequel trilogy has also been accused of similar retroactive changes that were allegedly not part of Lucas' original concept for Star Wars.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Star_Wars   (5786 words)

 Alleged inconsistencies in Star Wars - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Some of the questions and inconsistencies may be answered by works within the Expanded Universe, while others will have to be accepted as part of the suspension of disbelief.
Almost all inconsistencies can be explained as an oversight by Lucas or an intended change in Lucas' idea of how the Star Wars universe works, while others can be explained by forgetfulness or deliberate deceit by the characters involved, but other, often speculative justifications are also given here.
In the prequel trilogy, the Death Star is shown in the stages of planning and early construction, while predecessors to the Imperial Star Destroyer, X-wing starfighter, Millennium Falcon, and TIE fighter are shown.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Alleged_inconsistencies_in_Star_Wars   (5021 words)

 Expanded Universe - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki
Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003-2004) aired on the Cartoon Network and depicted events between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron was a cross-platform title on Nintendo 64 and PC which allowed the player to experience a more arcade-action version of the same gameplay in "X-Wing" and "TIE Fighter".
For example, the two Star Wars spin-off films: Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure and Ewoks: The Battle for Endor were written by George Lucas and are films, but they are not one of the six main films in the series, so they are usually considered to be a part of the Expanded Universe.
starwars.wikia.com /wiki/Expanded_Universe   (4693 words)

 Star Wars - Facts, Information, and Encyclopedia Reference article
Star Wars is an influential science fantasy saga and fictional universe created by writer/producer/director George Lucas in the early 1970s.
The saga began with the film Star Wars, which was released on May 25, 1977.
Star Wars began with a 13-page treatment for a space adventure movie which George Lucas drafted in 1973, inspired from multiple myths and classic stories.
www.startsurfing.com /encyclopedia/s/t/a/Star_Wars_fcb0.html   (4007 words)

 Encyclopedia :: encyclopedia : Star Wars   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-09)
Star Wars is an influential Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, led to a pop culture phenomenon, spawning five more feature films and an extensive collection of licensed books, comics, video games, television series, toys, and other spin-offs.
An example of the space opera genre, the Star Wars story also employs archetypal motifs common to both science fiction and classical mythology, as well as classical music motifs of those aspects.
Unlike the traditional science fiction films preceding it, the Star Wars world was portrayed as dirty and grimy rather than sleek and futuristic.
www.hallencyclopedia.com /Star_Wars   (8962 words)

 Star Wars: Galaxies - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki
It is the height of the Galactic Civil War.
Star Wars Galaxies: Trials of Obi-Wan was released through digital download on November 1st 2005, to coincide with the release of the Revenge of the Sith DVD.
Even with the Jedi revamp in place, many in the Star Wars Galaxies community have expressed feelings that eventually the game will become an "Army of Generals" where the number of Jedi playing in the game will be extremely high, thus making the game less interesting for those playing non-Jedi characters.
starwars.wikia.com /wiki/Star_Wars:_Galaxies   (2222 words)

 Star Wars - QuickSeek Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-09)
Star Wars began with a 13-page treatment for a space adventure movie that George Lucas drafted in 1973, inspired by multiple myths and classic stories.
References to the main characters and themes of Star Wars are casually made in Western society with the well-qualified assumption that others will understand the reference, without the speaker feeling the need to explain the reference, similar to the use of unelaborated references to the Bible and Greek mythology.
Star Wars Fanon Wiki - A wiki designed for users to post their own "fanon," or fan fiction.
starwars.quickseek.com   (4851 words)

 Ape Culture - The Real Science of Star Wars
The first thing you notice about spacecraft in the Star Wars universe is that the small ones seem to behave just like terrestrial aircraft and the big ones move like terrestrial naval vessels.
Oddly, though, in the Star Wars movies we frequently see ships moving through space with their engines glowing brightly and therefore presumably generating lots of thrust – yet the craft don’t appear to be accelerating.
So, we should not be hearing spaceships go “whoosh” as they fly past the camera, we should not be hearing laser guns go “zap” as they shoot at those spacecraft, and we should not hear the explosions go “boom” when the laser guns find their targets.
www.apeculture.com /movies/swscience.htm   (2931 words)

 Humor Polish Yellow Pages - Polska - Poland - Polen   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-09)
Star Wars Astrology- The Emperor is an Aries.
Star Wars Spankings- What happens when various words from famous Star Wars lines are replaced with the word "spank".
WWWF Grudge Match: Star Wars Humor- Several comic sparring scenarios with Star Wars characters: John McClane vs. The Death Star; Darth Maul vs. The Highlander; Boba Fett vs. The Predator; and several others.
www.yp.pl /ca/85448/Humor   (599 words)

 Movie-List Forums - Star Wars review
However this is nothing new to the Star Wars universe as every film in the saga has these same faults, and as science fiction serials they never bothered me before either.
What is proved beyond question by “Star Wars: Episode III—Revenge of the Sith,” the latest—and, you will be shattered to hear, the last—installment of his sci-fi bonanza, is that Lucas, though his eye may be greedy for sensation, has an ear of purest cloth.
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) and his star pupil, Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen), are, with the other Jedi knights, defending the Republic against the encroachments of the Sith and their allies—millions of dumb droids, led by Count Dooku (Christopher Lee) and his henchman, General Grievous, who is best described as a slaying mantis.
www.movie-list.com /forum/printthread.php?t=11869&pp=40   (7270 words)

 Opera Directory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-09)
What happens when various words from famous Star Wars lines are replaced with the word "spank".
Star Wars humour, as well as general sci-fi humour.
Several comic sparring scenarios with Star Wars characters: John McClane vs. The Death Star; Darth Maul vs. The Highlander; Boba Fett vs. The Predator; and several others.
portal.opera.com /web?cat=85448   (410 words)

 Metaphilm - Star Wars
It is only the grandeur and majesty of a fictional universe the size and complexity of one like the Star Wars universe, the Star Trek universe, the DC Comics universe, or the Marvel Comics universe (and perhaps soap operas) that is truly difficult to maintain.
Star Trek, on the other hand, has introduced a timestream-altering “Temporal Cold War” that might well be used someday to explain away any continuity errors: just say the time travelers did it.
Star Wars may be the most effective science-fictional theory yet posited, but even the best theory sometimes turns out to have cracks that necessitate its abandonment, its obsolescence.
metaphilm.com /philm.php?id=416_0_2_0_M   (1966 words)

 Matthew Yglesias: Star Wars Chronology
My big problem with Star Wars is that in a huge galaxy the same group of people keep running into each other over and over again.
Jonathan Last on inconsistencies in Star Wars: This creates a timeline problem for Lucas: If Anakin Skywalker is in his early twenties when he becomes Darth Vader, and Star Wars introduces us to a Luke Skywalker who is also in...
I posted this in the other Star Wars post, but special reletivity applies when one is accelerating to light speed, like with a really fast rocket, but not with methods of faster-than-light travel like the hyperspace drives used in Star Wars.
yglesias.typepad.com /matthew/2004/10/istar_warsi_chr.html   (7676 words)

 Star Wars review - Page 3 - Movie-List Forums
It also explains the inconsistencies between Star Wars (kids call it A New Hope) and the newer trilogy.
The end of Star Wars marks the end of an era.
I've discovered THIS STAR WARS SONG is funnier than the previous one I posted.
www.movie-list.com /forum/showthread.php?p=99767   (1645 words)

 BioWare - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - George Lucas(q for devs)
George lucas looks after a pretty big empire (no pun intended) in Star Wars and wouldn't be able to without a lot of talented, able assistants and co-workers.
On the Episode I DVD there is a short documentary on the Star Wars: Starfighter game, in which it is said that Lucas likes to see what Lucasarts is up to.
My guess is that he has to give the 'approval' for any game based on Star Wars and Indiana Jones (when it comes to what can and what can't be done story wise).
swforums.bioware.com /viewtopic.html?forum=90&topic=221994   (882 words)

 Discover the Wisdom of Mankind on Star Wars   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-09)
In general this subject is like a general Star Wars forum or Star Wars message board.
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith...
An excellent comparison of the most often cited similarities between Star Wars and Dune can be found at the official Dune website: http://www.jitterbug.com/origins/dune.html.
www.blinkbits.com /blinks/star_wars   (5233 words)

 Amazon.com: Star Wars: Books: George Lucas   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-09)
Star Wars begins with a short prologue that, with a few "special modifications" in the text, is really the outline for the current Prequel Trilogy.
Most of the "deleted scenes" later appeared in Brian Daley's Star Wars: The Radio Drama), and the encounter between Han Solo and Jabba the Hutt (spelled Hut in this novel) was restored and tweaked with CGI in the 1997 Special Edition re-release.
Star Wars was certainly one of the most interesting and culturally exciting events of the last 1/3 of the 20th century as far as Pop Sci Fi was concerned and deserves to be mentioned.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0345260791?v=glance   (1712 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-09)
Inconsistencies: These are aspects of the films that don't stay the same from within each film and film to film.
SCENE: This scene is right after the Death Star is destroyed, as Luke is getting out of his X-Wing and is reunited with Han and Leia.
NOTES: There was a bit of debate about whether this was supposed to happen, or was an accident, however, Ed Hirsh [duke@apple.com] wrote: The scene where the stormtrooper hits his head as he enters the communications room is not in the script.
www.hamline.edu /personal/jstoller/texts/blooper_.txt   (551 words)

 Matthew Yglesias: Star Wars Apologism
But as the current set of five films have things, while Anakin was a young men the Jedi are (a) recognizable by random winged-creatures on Tatooine, (b) commanding the Republic's armies during the Clone Wars, and (c) fighting the occassional pitched battle on the streets of Coruscant.
I think the scene was completely believable within the established context of the Star Wars universe.
Incidentally, those of you trying to argue special reletivity are forgetting that in Star Wars they go into Hyper Space, or rather, that they aren't accelerating to light speed but are instead finding some way around it, like Star Trek and Warp Speed.
yglesias.typepad.com /matthew/2004/10/istar_warsi_apo.html   (4613 words)

 Readers talk ‘Star Wars’ plot holes - Star Wars - MSNBC.com
Well, Jon Bonné gave his take on the inconsistencies in the “Star Wars” saga and you had some answers for him and a few of your own questions.
I disagree with a certain extent to a number of the points that you hope to see resolved, but primarily because my "knowledge" is augmented through reading much of the original fiction based on the movies.
Lucas gave a lot of insight and guidance to these writers, who fleshed out much of the “Star Wars” universe.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/7808592   (1123 words)

 10 things ‘Star Wars’ should explain - Star Wars - MSNBC.com
Not all "Star Wars" questions must be answered.
Life will, in fact, go on even if you don't know which planet Cloud City was on (Bespin) or what creature lurked in the Death Star garbage compactor (a dianoga) or why the rebels chose an icy hell like Hoth as their base (who knows).
We eventually learn her backstory — raised as a princess on Alderaan by Bail Organa — but her purpose in the rebellion seems diminished after Luke appears.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/7803983   (975 words)

 Ex Astris Scientia - Inconsistencies
We cannot expect that in each of almost 700 episodes and ten movies everything is logically correct and complies with everything that has been shown elsewhere in Star Trek.
Among them are rather insignificant errors during the shooting such as missing rank pips that reappear in the following scene only a few seconds later.
A number of more general mistakes, however, require and deserve further consideration.
www.ex-astris-scientia.org /inconsistencies.htm   (376 words)

 Star Wars Blooper Guide
At the Star Wars Blooper Guide, our goal is to be the most comprehensive guide to bloopers, mistakes and interesting bits of trivia that made it on screen in the Star Wars series of films.
©2000 - This page, and all pages within the hierarchy below, including The Star Wars Blooper Guide are copyrighted 1994, 2000 by the original author -- Jeremy Kennedy.
Please read the Copyright Information Page for the full terms of the usage of this site.
www.egosystem.com /starwars/bloopers.htm   (176 words)

Inconsistencies: These are aspects of the films that don't stay the
Trivia and Inconsistencies in Star Wars, Empire and then Jedi.
As the rebels are attacking the death star, Porkins (RED 6) is killed.
www.premier.net /~exar/PAGE10/PAGE10.htm   (4158 words)

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