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Topic: Incorporation (business)

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Business Incorporation Glossary of Terms
If a corporation is "transacting business" in a state other than where it is incorporated, it must register for a certificate of authority to transact business in the other state or possibly lose access to that state's courts and face fines.
An S corporation, which is limited to 75 or fewer shareholders, provides the benefits of incorporation, but it eliminates "double taxation," which is when the profits of a corporation are taxed first as income to the corporation and then second as income to the shareholders when profits are distributed as dividends.
For tax purposes, the owner and his or her business are one entity, meaning that business profits are reported and taxed on the owner's personal tax return.
www.123-newcorp.com /incorporation-glossary.htm   (2870 words)

  Incorporation Business - Incorporate
The corporation may be a business, a non-profit organization or even a government of a new city or town.
Incorporation in the rest of the world is recognized.
In the United States, corporations are identified by the term "incorporated" added after the business name, such as "Texas Instruments, Incorporated", or by putting the word corporation in the name of the company, as in "Netscape Communications Corporation".
www.britain.tv /incorporationbusiness.shtml   (844 words)

 Incorporation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Incorporation in Massachusetts provides a business with the legal and operational benefits of the state's extensive body of incorporation law.
Whether incorporation is right in a specific situation depends on many factors including the nature of the business to be transacted, tax considerations, assets and liabilities, expected profit level, and many more.
For those clients who know that incorporation is right for them but want the assurance of knowing their decisions are executed correctly, we offer low cost, flat fee incorporation services.
www.holmeslawoffice.com /incorporation.shtml   (610 words)

 Incorporation Canada - Business Lawyers: Heydary Hamilton PC
The advantages of incorporating a business are tied in to the corporation's separate legal personality and limited liability.
It is possible to separate the owners, directors and employees of the business within a corporation, whereas a sole proprietor is the owner and manager of the business, and cannot be his or her own employee.
A federally incorporated corporation may conduct business anywhere in Canada, so long as it is also registered in the province or jurisdiction where it conducts business.
heydary.com /lawyers-toronto-corporate/incorporation-ontario-canada.htm   (2350 words)

 Business Incorporation - Companies Incorporated
Therefore, when an small business incorporation is sued, there are provisions in the law to protect the owners (shareholders) and mangers (officers and directors) from personal liability through the business incorporation.
However, you elect Companies Incorporated representatives (who have no control or ownership of your business incorporation) to be listed as officers and directors in the public records of your small business incorporation.
We have been serving small businesses with their business incorporation needs and have helped thousands of business owners who are forming business corporations.
www.companiesinc.com /business-incorporation   (1308 words)

 LLC INCORPORATION Information: LLC Corporations v.s. S-Corp
A corporation is not required to incorporate in the state in which it operates its business, however, it is usually best to incorporate in your home state.
Thus, the actual advantage of incorporating in a state with very low or no corporate income tax is not as great as it appears, if your business must still qualify to do business in its state of operations.
After the articles of organization or articles of incorporation (charter or certificate of incorporation in certain states) are filed and accepted by the designated state, your LLC or Corporation must hold an organizational meeting and adopt a proper Operating Agreement.
www.form-a-corp.com /guide_201.php   (1140 words)

 Incorporation - Companies Incorporated
Therefore, when an incorporation is sued, there are provisions in the law to protect the owners (shareholders) and mangers (officers and directors) from personal liability through the incorporation.
If you are incorporating a business or incorporating a small business then choose the corporation company trusted since 1977 for incorporating.
We have been serving small businesses with their incorporating needs and have helped thousands of business owners who are incorporating a business.
www.companiesinc.com /incorporation   (1239 words)

 Career in business law as a paralegal.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The benefits of choosing a career as a paralegal in incorporation and business law are numerous for a number of reasons.
Incorporation and business law is the law that governs businesses, these law can be both private and public law and is usually considered as part of civil law as well.
Career as a paralegal in incorporation and business law is that there is always law firms and companies wanting to hire paralegals specializing in incorporate and business law.
www.florida-incorporation.com /paralegal.htm   (492 words)

 Florida Incorporations Glossary of Terms - Incorporate In Florida LLC
The certificate generally sets forth the corporation's name; that it is duly incorporated or authorized to transact business; that all fees, taxes and penalties owed the state have been paid; that its most recent annual report has been filed; and, that articles of dissolution have not been filed.
Meetings of incorporators or initial directors that are held after the filing of the articles of incorporation to complete the organization of the corporation.
A statutory form of business combination in which some or all of the shares of one corporation are exchanged for some or all of the shares of another corporation and neither corporation ceases to exist.
www.florida-incorporation.com /glossary.html   (2628 words)

 Business Liability and Trucking Insurance - Start a Trucking Business | The Company Corporation
The business entity statutes of virtually all states require a business entity to (1) specify and maintain a registered office and (2) specify, appoint and maintain a registered agent, in the state in which it is formed and/or qualified to conduct business.
If the business entity is formed and managed correctly, customers can limit their potential liability if there is a claim or lawsuit relating to their business or business assets owned by the entity.
If a business investor owns multiple business assets, he or she may be able to further protect his or her assets by forming a separate corporation or LLC to own and hold each separate asset.
www.corporate.com /transportation-faqs.jsp   (3248 words)

 Incorporation Canada - Business Lawyers: Heydary Hamilton PC
The advantages of incorporating a business are tied in to the corporation's separate legal personality and limited liability.
It is possible to separate the owners, directors and employees of the business within a corporation, whereas a sole proprietor is the owner and manager of the business, and cannot be his or her own employee.
Some of the disadvantages of incorporation include the initial higher cost of incorporating a business relative to the lower cost of starting a sole proprietorship or a partnership.
www.heydary.com /lawyers-toronto-corporate/incorporation-ontario-canada.htm   (2350 words)

 Speedy Incorporation and LLC Business Owner Resources
Business Plan Pro is a software that helps you create, maintain and track your business plan for your new business.
Business Plan Pro is the top business planning software on the market and we found it to be the easiest to use.
Small Business Technology Magazine is a magazine aimed at small business owners and managers to help them understand and make better use of the technologies available to businesses today.
www.speedy-incorporation.com /businessresources   (467 words)

 Incorporation (business) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
You may also be required to file an annual report with the Secretary of State's office of the states you are incorporated and authorized to transact business in.
For specific information on your company contact the state you are incorporated in or qualified in or request assistance from any number of Annual Report Service Companies like Annual Registration Management Services, LLC or CT Corporation.
In Germany, Austria and Switzerland the GmbH ("limited liability business association"), as well as the AG ("stock market traded business association") are the most common comparable concepts.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Incorporation_(business)   (1042 words)

 Ministry of Government Services: Services for Individuals
It is the responsibility of the incorporators to ensure the name for an Ontario business corporation complies with the Business Corporations Act and its Regulations.
The word “Limited”, “Limitée”, “Incorporated”, “Incorporée” or “Corporation” or the corresponding abbreviations “Ltd.”, “Ltée”, “Inc.” or “Corp.” shall be part of the name of every corporation, but a corporation may be legally designated by either the full or the abbreviated form (S.10 (1)).
Incorporators who incorporate with the same or similar name are therefore assuming the risk of an objection to their corporate name, which may result in a name hearing under section 12 of the Business Corporations Act.
www.cbs.gov.on.ca /mcbs/english/5HTTCP.htm   (2203 words)

 Law offices of Kris J. Balekian, P.C.
In the event of a lawsuit or if your business should fail, your personal assets will not be reachable by creditors IF you have properly incorporated your business.
The sole proprietorship is not a separate taxable entity and the business owner reports all items of income and expenses of the business on his/her/their individual tax returns.
However, an S corporation incorporated or doing business in California is subject to a Texas franchise tax on its net income.
www.kjbattorney.com /incorporation.html   (995 words)

 Business Incorporation - Business Incorporation Information
Business incorporation involves a lot, but to better understand it, it is best to break it down into the many details that it involves.
A corporation can only be created properly when all articles of incorporation (sometimes known as a charter or a certificate of incorporation in some states) are filed with the proper state authority and all fees are paid.
A franchise tax is a tax on the privilege of carrying on a business as a corporation in a state.
www.businessincorporation.info   (577 words)

 San Jose California Business Lawyers - Silicon Valley Corporate Attorneys - Incorporations, Contracts, Mergers
The Law Offices of Thomas Gross are located in San Jose, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, and its corporate attorneys and business lawyers represent California businesses and individuals with all types of business, corporate and commercial matters.
Thomas Gross, who founded the law offices, is an experienced corporate attorney and business lawyer who has represented companies of all sizes from small startups to publicly listed companies in many diverse industries since 1989.
Our mission is to offer you a business attorney and corporate counsel who is attentive to your needs, provides excellent service and seeks to minimize your costs.
www.svbizlaw.com   (455 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
A foreign corporation that qualifies to do business in another state is subject to taxes and annual report fees from both the state of incorporation and the qualifying state.
Another disadvantage of incorporating outside of your home state is the possibility of having to defend a law suit in another state.
You are not required to incorporate in the state where your business operates; you can choose from any one of the 50 states or the District of Columbia.
www.lycos.com /info/incorporation--business.html   (477 words)

 Business Groups Incorporation Act 1974
A business group incorporated under this Act is not a corporation for the purposes of the Companies Act 1997.
The committee of a business group shall cause receipts to be issued for all capital moneys collected by or on behalf of the group.
Except where it is proved to the contrary, any payment to a business group by a member of the group, whether made by way of money or services or otherwise, shall be deemed to be a contribution of capital to the group by the member.
www.worldlii.org /pg/legis/consol_act/bgia1974365   (6718 words)

 San Diego Business Incorporation Lawyer
As a San Diego business incorporation lawyer, I offer incorporation services to businesses in San Diego and throughout California.
Incorporation, whether as a limited liability company or corporate entity, is a must for your business if you wish to minimize exposure to liability.
If you are looking for a stuffy San Diego business incorporation lawyer to preach at you, I am going to disappoint.  I am very casual, never preach and always talk in non-legal terms.
www.sandiegobusinesslawfirm.com   (505 words)

 Incorporation Ontario - Business Lawyers: Heydary Hamilton PC
Contact: for incorporation matters, please send an email to info@heydary.com or contact one of our Toronto lawyers or Javad Heydary.
Traditionally, federal incorporation has been appropriate for businesses that conduct business in several provinces in Canada.
For example a numbered company incorporated provincially in Ontario might be named 1987654 Ontario Limited, while a federally incorporated company might be named 7999123 Canada Incorporated.
www.heydary.com /incorporation/ontario/incorporation-ontario.htm   (2392 words)

 Company Incorporation, Incorporating a Business | Business.com
Incorporating a business does not have to be expensive.
Incorporates and forms limited liability companies (LLCs) in all 50 states, and registers trademarks and copyrights.
Incorporate or form a Limited Liability Company (LLC), a Limited Partnership (LP) or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) in Delaware or any other state, as well as attend to qualification or registration needs.
www.business.com /directory/law/practice_areas/corporation_and_partnership_law/incorporation_services   (1232 words)

 Writing and Filing the Articles of Incorporation -
Your corporation's "articles of incorporation" act as a charter to establish the existence of your corporation in your state, and set forth certain basic information about the new business.
The articles of incorporation will usually identify the incorporators of the corporation, who initiate the incorporation process and are often responsible for signing the articles of incorporation prior to filing with the state.
Whether you prepare them yourself, or consult an experienced business attorney for assistance, your new business's articles of incorporation do not necessarily need to be complicated or extensive.
smallbusiness.findlaw.com /business-structures/corporations/incorporate-article-incorporation.html   (480 words)

 Professional Incorporation - Business Structure Weekly
This may feel overwhelming, but starting a small business doesn’t have to be difficult if you have the right people standing behind you, and you know where to look for advice and financial help.
You may have been wrestling with the idea of business incorporation for some time, but how do you know when it’s time to finally take the step.
Whether you choose to handle the entire process yourself or you’re going to hire a company to do all the business incorporation paperwork for you, you have the opportunity to go through the entire procedure from the comfort of your desk chair.
www.professionincorporation.com   (560 words)

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