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Topic: Incumbent local exchange company

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Local Service Regulation The 1996 Act required the FCC to establish national rules implementing the local competition provisions of the 1996 Act, which impose duties on all local exchange carriers, including competitive local exchange companies such as our company, to provide network interconnection, reciprocal compensation, resale, number portability and access to rights-of-way.
However, the obligation of incumbent local exchange companies to provide the unbundled network elements upon which we have relied at such cost-based rates is the subject of recent regulatory action that will result in the availability of these elements being substantially reduced or otherwise subject to significantly higher, non-cost-based rates.
The FCC has encouraged incumbent local exchange companies and competitive local exchange companies to engage in commercial negotiations to provide access to incumbent local exchange company facilities that may no longer be available as unbundled network elements as a result of the withdrawal of unbundling obligations, including the unbundled network element platform.
sec.freeedgar.com /displayText.asp?ID=3648550   (16485 words)

 Chapter 2
A large incumbent local exchange telecommunications company shall be subject to regulation under this section upon a determination by the commission that an alternative local exchange telecommunications company has been certified to provide basic local telecommunications service and is providing such service in any part of the large incumbent company's service area.
A telecommunications company may file with the commission a petition to be classified as a competitive telecommunications company or a transitionally competitive telecommunications company under this section, or to have services classified as competitive or transitionally competitive telecommunications services under this section.
A telecommunications company shall consolidate in a single petition all telecommunications services the company then offers which it seeks to classify as competitive or transitionally competitive within two years from the date such petition is filed, unless the commission determines, for good cause shown, that a waiver of this provision should be granted.
www.moga.state.mo.us /statutes/chapters/chap392.htm   (8630 words)

 [No title]
The act adds to the provisions that allow small incumbent local exchange companies to be regulated under the price cap provisions by including situations where two or more wireless providers are providing service in any part of the company's service area.
The act allows an incumbent local exchange company to change the rates of service so long as they are consistent with subsections 2 through 5 of Section 392.200.
If the services of an incumbent local exchange company are determined to be competitive, the company may thereafter adjust its rates upon filing tariffs which shall become effective within the timelines identified in Section 392.500.
www.house.state.mo.us /bills051/bills/sb237.htm   (988 words)

 Incumbent local exchange carrier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
ILEC, short for incumbent local exchange carrier, is a local telephone company in the United States that was in existence at the time of the break up of ATandT into the Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs) also known as the "Baby Bells" and GTE.
ILEC in the United States means, with respect to an area, the local exchange carrier (LEC) that:
And on such date of enactment, was deemed to be a member of the exchange carrier association pursuant to the Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R) Title 47, section 69.601(b).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Incumbent_local_exchange_company   (587 words)

 What is ILEC? - a definition from Whatis.com - see also: incumbent local exchange carrier   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
ILECs include the former Bell operating companies (BOCs) which were grouped into holding companies known collectively as the regional Bell operating companies (RBOCs) when the Bell System was broken up by a 1983 consent decree.
ILECs are in contradistinction to CLEC (competitive local exchange carriers).
Local exchanges connect to other local exchanges within a local access and transport area (LATA) or to interexchange carriers (IXC) such as long-distance carriers AT&T, MCI, and Sprint.
searchnetworking.techtarget.com /sDefinition/0,,sid7_gci214021,00.html   (231 words)

 Telecommunication Acronyms
The LERG informs telecom companies which end office or tandem office the NNX resides in and how calls should be routed and rated so that they can properly terminate to the appropriate telephone number at the proper rate.
This is exchanged between telecomm companies, or between a customer and a telecomm company granting permission for the receiver to install telecomm service to the sender.
Within each rate center there may be more than one "locality" - locality usually denotes a sub-city name such as the "called-from" place appearing on a customer's bill, to a rate center, to the exchange area that the NXX is identified with in a local tariff.
www.telepacific.com /support/tele_acronym3.asp   (569 words)

 CONSUMER PROTECTION ISSUES IN   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
A local exchange provider should be required to inform the customer of the right to choose among competitors for all telecommunication services; provide a random list of approved providers, and offer the contact telephone number for any provider upon request.
Furthermore, local companies argued to their state regulators that the income from this billing and collection activities was important to keep local rates as low as possible, suggesting that the billing and collection service would not be as valuable without the threat of disconnection.
When the barriers between local exchange and interexchange are eliminated, that is, when any company can offer either one or both services, customers will be pressured to obtain all their telephone services from the same company.
www.atg.wa.gov /utility/telrptfin.shtml   (18353 words)

 [No title]
No incumbent local exchange company shall provide any goods or services to its competitive local exchange affiliate or division below cost or market price, nor shall the company purchase goods or services from the competitive affiliate or division at a price above market, and no transaction between the two entities shall involve an anti-competitive cross-subsidy.
The incumbent local exchange company shall simultaneously make available to any competitor any market information not in the public domain that is supplied to any competitive local exchange affiliate or division.
Employees or agents of an incumbent local exchange company, who are responsible for the processing of an order or service of the operating system, shall not be shared with the competitive local exchange affiliate or division, and shall have offices physically separated.
www.puc.state.pa.us /telecom/docs/appendc.doc   (807 words)

 Testimony of Irwin A. Popowsky - August 8, 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Chapter 30 was in essence a "quid pro quo." Pennsylvania’s incumbent local exchange companies, and particularly Bell Atlantic-Pennsylvania, attained their long-held goal of freedom from profit-based rate regulation.
In exchange, they were required to commit to the accelerated deployment of a state-of-the art broadband telecommunications network throughout Pennsylvania by 2015.
Importantly and intentionally, the telephone companies would not be permitted to deploy a modern network only in those areas where it was most profitable to do so, but would be required to deploy that network on a balanced basis in urban, suburban, and rural areas of their service territories.
www.oca.state.pa.us /tmony/jun1702.htm   (1846 words)

 Fresh Look   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Fresh Look is a one-time opportunity for certain customers of incumbent local exchange companies to opt out of long-term local service contracts which were entered into in a monopoly environment.
New local exchange providers must submit a list to the PUCO of the exchange(s) and the associated NXX code(s) when they request that the PUCO begin a fresh look 180-day period in the exchange(s).
Next, please keep in mind that if you decide to terminate the remaining years of a contract with your incumbent local exchange company, the company has the right to charge for the termination of that contract.
www.puco.ohio.gov /Puco/IndustryTopics/Topic.cfm?doc_id=198   (751 words)

 Introduced Version, Senate Bill 0261
to a telecommunications company that was directly harmed by another telecommunications company's violation of section 5 of this chapter.
The violating telecommunications company must pay the damages, attorney's fees, and costs not later than thirty (30) days after the commission awards the damages, attorney's fees, and costs, unless the commission or a court directs otherwise.
If a court finds that there is a reasonable basis for the violating telecommunications company's failure to pay damages, attorney's fees, or costs under section 9 of this chapter, the court may set a new date by which the violating telecommunications company must pay the damages, attorney's fees, and costs.
www.in.gov /legislative/bills/2002/IN/IN0261.1.html   (1623 words)

 [No title]
The toll pool amount for a small or rural ILEC shall be determined by subtracting the actual toll billed by the small or rural ILEC during the test year from its toll pool revenue requirement for the for the test year, as certified by the TUSF administrator.
To the extent that the disbursements from the universal service fund under PURA ยง56.021(1) for small and rural local exchange companies are used to decrease the implicit support in intraLATA toll and switched access rates, the decrease shall be made in a competitively neutral manner.
The payment to each small or rural ILEC ETP shall be computed by multiplying the per-line amount established in subsection (e) of this section by the number of eligible lines served by the small or rural ILEC ETP for the month.
www.puc.state.tx.us /rules/subrules/Telecom/26.404/26.404.doc   (1007 words)

 Frequently Asked Questions
Local service is one of the largest single costs for payphone providers on an ongoing basis.
A CLEC by its most simple definition is an alternative to the existing, or incumbent, local telephone company, (Incumbent Local Exchange Company or ILEC), for the provision of local telephone service.
Both ILECs and CLECs provide dial tone to the phone and serve as the gateway to the rest of the telephone network where callers access other local numbers, the long distance network, operator service providers, and directory assistance.
www.ernestgroup.com /faqs.asp   (1825 words)

The incumbent local exchange companies are well-capitalized, well-known companies that have the capacity to "bundle" other services, such as local and wireless telephone services and high speed Internet access, with long distance telephone services.
Access to incumbent local exchange companies' unbundled network elements in a fashion in which they are combined by the incumbent local exchange company is critical to our business.
The obligation of incumbent local exchange companies to provide unbundled network elements at such cost-based rates currently is the subject of regulatory and judicial actions that may affect their availability.
sec.edgar-online.com /2004/07/15/0001116502-04-001793/section20.asp   (1957 words)

 SB1069 - Modifies various statutes relating to telecommunications companies - Gross
This act adds language clarifying that a small incumbent local exchange company may elect to be regulated by the PSC if two or more wireless providers are providing services in any part of the small incumbent company's service area.
Pertaining to price cap regulations, this act clarifies the opportunity for an incumbent, local exchange telecommunications company to change its rates by filing tariffs with the Public Service Commission and provided the change is consistent with Subsections 2 through 5 of Section 392.200, RSMo.
This act maintains and adds to the current provision that allows the PSC to go into an exchange any time, but no less than every five years, after an incumbent local exchange carrier's services have been determined competitive to reevaluate that exchange.
www.senate.state.mo.us /04INFO/bills/SB1069.htm   (574 words)

 Official Code 46-5-167   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The fund shall be administered by the commission under rules to be promulgated by the commission as needed to assure that the fund operates in a competitively neutral manner between competing telecommunications providers.
(b) The commission shall require all telecommunications companies providing telecommunications services within Georgia to contribute quarterly to the fund in a proportionate amount to their gross revenues from sale to end users of such telecommunications services as determined by rules to be promulgated by the commission.
The commission may take into account the possibility that a competing local exchange company is providing or could provide lower cost basic local exchange services.
www.state.ga.us /cgi-bin/pub/ocode/ocgsearch?docname=OCode/G/46/5/167   (425 words)

 FindLaw for Legal Professionals - Case Law, Federal and State Resources, Forms, and Code
(3) have a director, officer, or employee in common with the incumbent local exchange company.
(a) An incumbent local exchange company shall have a compliance audit performed every three years to determine whether the incumbent local exchange company, during the preceding three years, complied with the requirements this subchapter imposes on the company.
A local radio station licensed by the Federal Communications Commission that seeks carriage under Section 62.132 shall grant consent for programming retransmission to the programmer and the incumbent local exchange company.
caselaw.lp.findlaw.com /txcodes/ut006200.html   (3268 words)

 [No title]
These forms should be filled out by each company and submitted as part of the company\'92s transition plan.
Also, each company must elect whether to have the earnings adjustment calculated on the previous one or three years, and whether to focus the earnings adjustment on a total company, total state jurisdictional or supported services basis.
Finally, a company would include a disk with a Lotus 1-2-3 version 5 file containing an electronic copy of the NUSF forms.
www.psc.state.ne.us /home/NPSC/usf/allilec.doc   (324 words)

 Member Categories
An Active Member is a company which operates a local telephone exchange or exchanges within the State of North Dakota.
An Affiliate Member is an incumbent local exchange company serving North Dakota subscribers from a telephone exchange in a State adjacent to the State of North Dakota.
All carriers that provide local exchange telephone service on a competitive basis in North Dakota and are owned wholly, or in part, by an Active or Affiliate member of this Association.
www.ndta.net /membership.htm   (243 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The proposed new section allows an incumbent local exchange company that is not an electing company under PURA Chapters 58 or 59 to be reimbursed for reduced intraLATA interexchange high capacity service for certain entities.
An ETP that acquires exchanges from an unaffiliated small or rural ILEC receiving support for those exchanges pursuant to §26.404 of this title, shall receive the per-line support amount for which those exchanges were eligible prior to the sale or transfer.
An ETP that acquires exchanges from an unaffiliated ETP receiving support for those exchanges pursuant §26.403 of this title, shall receive the per-line support amount for which those exchanges were eligible prior to the transfer of the exchanges.
www.sos.state.tx.us /texreg/sos/PROPOSED/economi-regulation.html   (7328 words)

 Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers Emerge Triumphant
The ILECs, incumbent local exchange carriers, have won the war.
The unbundled element approach -- in which competitive local exchange carriers, or CLECs, leased parts of the local network -- put many, many millions of dollars into the pockets of ILECs, which actually profited from wholesaling parts of their networks.
Previously, he was senior analyst for a venture development company, and before that was a partner at the Lanyi Research division of CIBC World Markets.
www.thestreet.com /comment/theteleconomist/10004817.html   (792 words)

 Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier Annual Report Application
Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier Annual Reports (LEC) 1996-2002
Our web-based incumbent local exchange carrier annual report applications offer you information from the PSC's internal Telecommunications Annual Report database.
The information and number of LECs displayed may be affected by the schedule (or table) in the annual report database being queried.
psc.wi.gov /apps/telelecqry9602/default.asp   (297 words)

 [No title]
ALECA was formed to further the goals of the member telephone companies engaged in providing local exchange service and services in the state of Arizona through contact with the public, the industry, the Arizona Corporation Commission, the Arizona Legislature, regulatory bodies and others.
Any incumbent local exchange telephone company in the State of Arizona may become a member of the Corporation provided the following conditions are met:
(i) Be certified by the Arizona Corporation Commission to provide local exchange telephone service within the State of Arizona or designated by the Federal Communications Commission or the Arizona Corporation Commission or by some other governmental authority an Eligible Telecommunications Carrier to provide local exchange telephone service.
www.aleca.org   (158 words)

 incumbent - OneLook Dictionary Search
Incumbent : Online Plain Text English Dictionary [home, info]
INCUMBENT : 1911 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica [home, info]
Phrases that include incumbent: incumbent on, incumbent local exchange company, incumbent onp
www.onelook.com /?w=incumbent   (217 words)

 Delaware PSC - Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC)
Originally founded as the Diamond State Telephone Company in 1897, Verizon Delaware, Inc. is the Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC) in the State of Delaware.
The DE C2C Guidelines set forth various metrics to measure how well VZ-DE provides its wholesale services to competing local exchange carriers.
The DE PAP document, by various methodologies, translates substandard performances by VZ-DE (as measured by the DE C2C Guidelines) into monetary liabilities for VZ-DE.
www.state.de.us /delpsc/telecomm/ilec.shtml   (783 words)

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