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Topic: Index of lists of famous deaths by cause

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In the News (Sat 20 Jul 19)

  Index of lists of famous deaths by cause   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Deaths in the Melbourne Hospital 1867 - 1880 During the years 1867 to 1880, the Melbourne Argus newspaper printed monthly lists of deaths that occurred at the Melbourne Hospital.
The Index of Famous Dogs An extensive resource on all kind of famous dogs - dogs owned by famous people, canine actors, and a special section for dogs on The Simpsons.
Famous Adherents Links to lists of famous adherents of different religions (not necessarily only religious leaders): Famous Christians, Muslims, Zoroastrians, and Unitarians.
www.serebella.com /encyclopedia/article-Index_of_lists_of_famous_deaths_by_cause.html   (411 words)

 Lists of people by cause of death - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
(Redirected from Index of lists of famous deaths by cause)
This is an index of lists of people who died, by cause of death, in alphabetical order of cause.
List of professional cyclists who died during a race
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Index_of_lists_of_famous_deaths_by_cause   (92 words)

 Encyclopedia: Index of lists of famous deaths by cause   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
List of Prime Ministers of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
List of people who died with tortoises on their heads
List of porn stars who died of or have AIDS
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Index-of-lists-of-famous-deaths-by-cause   (170 words)

 Anorexia - Famous People With Anorexia
This is a list of famous people who have died by various forms.....deaths...
...famous people it would have been much better if u had added famous people in it cuz i was doing a report on fammous people hoo had anorexia...
This is a list of famous people who have died by various...
www.anorexiaassist.com /anexoria/famouspeoplewithanorexia.html   (287 words)

 Lists of people by cause of death -
Lists of people by cause of death -
List of porn stars who died from drug overdoses
List of porn stars who died from medical reasons other than AIDS
www.i-encyclopedia.com /index.php/Index_of_lists_of_famous_deaths_by_cause   (101 words)

 Encyclopedia: Alcoholism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Essentially, the causes for alcohol abuse and dependence cannot be easily explained, but the long-standing, unscientific prejudice that alcoholism is the result of moral or ethical weakness on the part of the sufferer has been largely altered, as a recent poll showed that 90% of Americans currently believe that alcoholism is, in fact, a disease.
Alcoholism is a life-threatening problem that often ends in death, particularly through liver, pancreatic, or kidney disease, internal bleeding, brain deterioration, alcohol poisoning and suicide.
There are several distinct but not mutually exclusive clinical alcohol withdrawal syndromes caused by alcohol withdrawal: Alcohol withdrawal syndrome can occur to an alcoholic (one who is addicted to alcohol) in reaction to the discontinued use of alcohol.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/alcoholism   (4306 words)

 GENUKI: Devon - Genealogy
List of Papists and Delinquents sequestered in North Devon, 1648.
Index to Devon Entries in Phillimore's Hatchments in Britain, Vol 7: Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Somerset, eds.
Indexes to Heads of Households, taken from Devon Land Tax Records, are being produced by the Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies - here is a listing of the parish booklets now available.
genuki.cs.ncl.ac.uk /DEV/index.html   (11040 words)

 Email lists, newsgroups. Drug war, cannabis, drug reform, and progressive news in general. Yahoo Groups, Usenet ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Mailgate may go back only the latest 500 messages (not sure), but their message lists are easier to scan because they are in thread order and because more characters in the titles are shown.
Lists with public archives are likely to reach a wider and more varied audience.
Private lists tend to preach to the choir, though private lists have their purposes, too.
members.fortunecity.com /multi19/lists.htm   (4638 words)

 Encyclopedia: List of famous suicides   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
List of famous deaths by accidental drug overdose
This is a list of famous people who are known to have committed suicide.
Eustace Budgell, (1737), remembered because his death was discussed in a conversation between Samuel Johnson and his friend and biographer Boswell
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/List-of-famous-suicides   (1967 words)

 Arkansas County Records
The book lists the full names of the brides and grooms, there residences when given in the record, their ages, the dates of the marriages, record volume citation, and officiating minister or justice of the peace.
This volume lists 3,000 burials: name, age, race, residence of deceased, date of funeral, cause of death, burial place, and remarks column (with separate cross reference).
The names of the parties are given, along with their ages and residences when listed in the record, and the date of the marriage along with the name of the person who performed the ceremony.
www.arkansasresearch.com /Desco.htm   (4254 words)

 Iraqi political groupings and individuals
For this purpose, presented a list of 4000 recruits to Pentagon officials, of whom 1000 were selected on 17Dec02 to be given military training in Hungary with the U.S. Army's European Command, to provide the basis of a new Iraqi national army.
Despite this, it was accepted onto the United Iraqi Alliance list (169) in the January 2005 elections, with Chalabi placed tenth on its list of candidates.
The official spokesman was Ghassan al-Atiyyah, upon whom a Baghdad special court passed a death sentence in absentia in Sept00, on the grounds that he met with Israelis in a Cairo conference in Aug00; was later "disowned" by his tribe, Al Humaydat from the Shamiyah district.
middleeastreference.org.uk /iraqiopposition.html   (11453 words)

 Index of Historical Excerpts and Extracts
The famous town of Worms is close to the very center of the district from which the Pennsylvania Dutch came, and as these people took their cue from the Hohenstaufers in religious liberalism, they were well prepared for Luther's advent.
There are a number of causes and reasons which can be cited as leading to the first wave of immigration, but the single most frequently mentioned one was the devastation caused by the long history of warfare.
The causes assigned are two:first, the crowded condition of the vessels, and, secondly, the merciless treatment of the captains, who did not provide wholesome food.
www.horseshoe.cc /pennadutch/history   (15622 words)

 Encyclopedia: List of famous deaths through alcohol   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
People who viewed "List of famous deaths through alcohol" also viewed:
Other descriptions of List of famous deaths through alcohol
This is a list of famous people who died either through alcoholism or alcohol poisoning.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/List-of-famous-deaths-through-alcohol   (126 words)

 Kennedy Assassination "Mystery Deaths"
Marrs' list is drawn from a pool of literally thousands of people — a few of whom had a clear connection with the assassination, many of whom had some tangential connection with the assassination, and some of whom had no connection with the assassination at all.
Sylvia Meagher is dead, but not even Marrs lists her death as "suspicious." Penn Jones died in January 1998 in a nursing home at the age of 83 after a long struggle with Alzheimer's disease.
The area of convenient deaths leads one into a well of paranoia, yet the long list of deaths cannot be summarily dismissed.
mcadams.posc.mu.edu /deaths.htm   (3929 words)

 Executive Summary: "Radiation from Medical Procedures in the Pathogenesis of Cancer and Ischemic Heart Disease," by ...
A Second List, also adding up to 100 cases, would have very different implications if it were: 90 cases caused by xrays acting alone, 4 cases caused by a dietary factor acting alone, 3 cases caused by smoking acting alone, and 3 cases caused by an inherited mutation acting alone.
The percentages, of the death-rates from Cancer and IHD caused by medical radiation (i.e., the shares which would be absent, in the absence of medical radiation), are shown in Box 1 of Chapter 1.
Cancer is the single cause of death already well-proven (prior to this monograph) to be inducible by ionizing radiation --- and average population exposure to ionizing radiation from medical procedures is approximately proportional to PhysPop.
www.ratical.org /radiation/CNR/RMP/execsumm.html   (12178 words)

 Anorexia - Famous People With Anorexia Nervosa
...from anorexia nervosa This is a list of famous people who have died from anorexia.....as an e-card to all your favorite people.
...a list of famous people who have died from anorexia nervosa.
This is a list of famous people who have died by various forms of.....for more...
www.anorexiaassist.com /anexoria/famouspeoplewithanorexianervosa.html   (290 words)

 Railway Magazine Volumes 1 to 19
Certain items will not be indexed in depth, notably locomotive practice and performance, and short paragraphs, unless "they catch the eye".
Lists three booklets: Sun pictures of the Norfolk Broads; Photo pictures of East Anglia, and Summer Holidays in North East England.
Death of Murdo Paterson, Engineer, on 9 August 1898 at Culloden: Aviemore line was his greatest achievement.
www.steamindex.com /rlymag/rm1on.htm   (12541 words)

 Biography Who's Who refdesk.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
All Popes, Listing - Comprehensive list and background of all popes serving as head of the Roman Catholic Church.
Invention and Inventors Index - An index of famous inventors and inventions.
Social Security Death Index - Contains information on over 62 million deceased Americans who were receiving Social Security benefits at the time of their deaths.
www.refdesk.com /factbiog.html   (731 words)

 Drug History
Going by annual deaths, alcohol and tobacco should be in the most dangerous categories, but powerful economic interests made this impossible.
Sultan Murad IV of the Ottoman Empire decrees the death penalty for smoking tobacco: "Whereever there Sultan went on his travels or on a military expedition his halting-places were always distinguished by a terrible rise in executions.
Even on the battlefield he was fond of surprising men in the act of smoking, when he would punish them by beheading, hanging, quartering or crushing their hands and feed.
drug-rehabs.org /drughistory.php   (7605 words)

 High Profile Murders
She studied and painted animals in the wild, and became famous as a result of the publication of
Carlie Brucia Carlie Jane Brucia (March 16, 1992 - February 1, 2004) was a girl from Florida who was abducted from a car wash near her home in Sarasota on February 1, 2004, while returning from a sleepover at a friend's house.
Enrique Camarena Enrique Camarena (1948-1985) was a Mexican who became a famous undercover agent for the DEA.
www.crimeshots.com /Murdered.html   (2463 words)

 Indian, Chinese, & Japanese Emperors
Ashoka's reign is used to date the life of the Buddha, since tradition in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) is that the Buddha died 218 years before Ashoka came to the throne.
The list of British Viceroys is compiled from The British Conquest and Dominion of India, Sir Penderel Moon [Duckworth, Indiana University Press, 1989].
Data like the list of Shang kings or the excavation of Shang royal tombs thus leaves us pretty much in the dark about historical events, though this is not much different from what is often the case with contemporary Egypt or Mesopotamia.
www.friesian.com /sangoku.htm   (12062 words)

 Genealogy - Birth Records, Census Records, Marriage Records and Death Records Databases. Free Genealogy Search. Online ...
There are many sources for birth, death and marriage events that are not in the vital records office.
Cemeteries, church records, newspapers, military records, immigration and naturalization records, as well as family records in letters and Bibles, are all places where evidence of vital events might be found.
Each state page on this website indicates the availability of birth records, marriage records, death records, and divorce records and the agencies responsible for maintaining them.
www.allvitalrecords.com   (362 words)

 Rockmine : Main Site: Index Page.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The true story of the death of Jimi Hendrix as recounted by a ficticious detective.
Celebrate the lives and deaths of the musicians whose life's were cut short.
Obituaries are illustrated with photographs of the artists, their graves and, in some cases, the scenes of their death.
www.rockmine.music.co.uk /Main.html   (1281 words)

 The Illinois History Resource Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
For a list of What Days are Commemorated in Illinois look up 5 ILCS 490/ in the Illinois Compiled Statutes and use 105 ILCS 5/ to see which days are School Holidays.
Deaths, Distrubances, Disasters and Disorders in Chicago - Compiled by Chicago Public Library Reference Librarians.
Cook County Coroner's Inquest Record Index, 1872-1911 - Searchable database of decedents.
www.historyillinois.org /hist.html   (1786 words)

 Famous Trials
The commission believed that mere participation in a battle justified a death sentence, so in the many cases, perhaps two-thirds of the total, where the prisoner admitted firing shots it proceeded to a guilty verdict in a matter of a few minutes.
At the signal of three drumbeats, a single blow from an ax cut the rope that held the platform and the prisoners (except for one whose rope had broke, and who consequently had to be restrung) fell to their deaths.
Curtis argued that Stanton was not covered by the Tenure of Office Act because the "term" of Lincoln ended with his death, that the President did not in fact violate the Act because he did not succeed in removing Stanton from office, and that the Act itself unconstitutionally infringed upon the powers of the President.
www.legalserviceindia.com /historicalcases/trial3.htm   (13271 words)

He sits at the gate, judges the cause of the widow, and establishes the right of the orphan...
There is nothing that an actual resurrection would have caused that could not have been caused by a mere belief in that resurrection.
Habermas: It seems that from Peter and James, Paul received this list of appearances, or at least the material on which it is based.
www.johnnyskeptic.com   (18577 words)

 Favorite Links
Discover a "Who's Who" listing of famous people, past and present, along with their birthdays and biographies.
Famous or not, you can add your own name to this extensive birthday list.
Here's a comprehensive list of well-known lefties (and their birthdates) from the worlds of sports, entertainment, politics, and various professions.
www.famousbirthdays.com /faves.html   (3524 words)

 America's War Against Terrorism, 9/11
List of government agencies to be transferred or abolished in the new Department of Homeland Security
List of federal agencies providing help to victims and their families
List of international terrorist organizations and data base of terrorist attacks since 1990
www.lib.umich.edu /govdocs/usterror.html   (7199 words)

 Shamash Book of the Month Archive
That will be cause for yet additional rejoicing, as women's contributions on all levels of Torah scholarship will have become even more commonplace.
Seventeen years later, the final product of that vow is an exhaustively yet lovingly detailed chronicle of Eishyshok, that ``small town with big-city aspirations.'' Failing to find the proper documentation and records in official archives, she turned to oral history, private collections, family, and friends.
This is a monument to a living, thriving community, not a memorial to death and destruction.
www.shamash.org /books   (11356 words)

 Index of lists of famous deaths by cause - Term Explanation on IndexSuche.Com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Index of lists of famous deaths by cause - Term Explanation on IndexSuche.Com
Books and Others to each Topic: "Index of lists of famous deaths by cause".
A copy of the license is included in the section entitled
www.indexsuche.com /Index_of_lists_of_famous_deaths_by_cause.html   (69 words)

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