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  Turning the Tide: India Today   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
India is incidentally producing plenty of food, much of it rotting because starving people can't afford to buy it -- though Friedman's friends are doing fine.
Her book is about the part of the population of India that is in the informal or fl economy, outside of official statistics and the starry-eyed gaze of those awed by the successes of "globalization": close to 90% of the population.
There are exceptions in India, notably Kerala and to an extent West Bengal, which have a somewhat different history, including long period of Communist Party government and influence.
blog.zmag.org /ttt/archives/000739.html   (530 words)

 India   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
India lost its urban culture for a while and there was much conflict between the two peoples, the Aryans and Dravirs.
India had become very inward and stagnant by the 10th century AD, too busy patting themselves on the back for being the greatest and did not care about the rest of the world much like USA today (though USA has just found itself ahead the last half of the last century of the last millennium).
Today India has been so dismembered, and its history so obscured by invaders, that she exists as the core stump of what she was in south central Asia.
www.geocities.com /raqta24/ind.htm   (2598 words)

 South Asia Briefing Unit 6 - India today
India is a nation of extraordinary diversity and contrasts: wealth and poverty, ancient traditions and cutting-edge technology, fervent nationalism alongside deep and divisive loyalties to caste, religion, ethnic background and language.
Democracy: India is the world’s largest democracy, and is tremendously proud of having sustained democracy throughout its 52 years of independence.
India spends only 40% of its education budget for primary education, in contrast to 70% in East Asia.
www.thp.org /sac/unit6/today.htm   (331 words)

 India : Today   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
India has the world's highest number of malnourished children, yet obesity in urban children is a new and menacing problem.
India was forced to embark on a liberalization program, reducing aspects of government control such as high import tariffs and privatizing key sectors.
India has a strong network of grass-roots-level institutions, NGOs, and activists that form a kind of coral reef, erecting little barriers on which political and economic onslaughts falter, such as the recent attempts to build an industrial belt around the Taj Mahal that, once exposed in the media, were shelved.
www.frommers.com /destinations/print-narrative.cfm?destID=3475&catID=3475020043   (1418 words)

 India at fifty: A milestone for the country, and the world
India's military strength is impressive, its space program is unparalleled in the developing world.
Now, India is shedding 50 years of detrimental, inward-looking economic and foreign policies -- realizing it is time to turn to the world, to reap rewards of its own.
As India reaches out to the international community, and the world once again looks toward India, a balance can be struck -- in which giving and receiving go hand in hand.
www.cnn.com /WORLD/9708/India97/india/snapshot   (305 words)

 Message to the India Today Conclave
Today, the world's oldest democracy - the United States - and the world's biggest democracy - India -- are pursuing a shared vision of where our relationship can go, not where it has been.
In the coming months, as India and Pakistan work to resolve their differences, the United States will remain a steadfast friend and supporter of the peacemakers on both sides, and we will continue to build strong bilateral ties with each country in its own right.
A thriving, peaceful, democratic India is taking its place on the world stage, and the United States looks forward to acting in close partnership with her.
www.state.gov /secretary/former/powell/remarks/30408.htm   (908 words)

 IU Bloomington: India Studies Program
India today is a reflection of millennia of interaction and exchange across a wide spectrum of cultures and civilizations.
The India Studies Program at Indiana University provides for the interdisciplinary study and critical analysis of the Indian subcontinent and its peoples from ancient times to the present.
Yet in order to understand present-day India, it is important to have basic knowledge of the great periods in history that have shaped modern India.
www.indiana.edu /~isp   (423 words)

 Sainiks ransack India Today office in Mumbai - The Times of India   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
MUMBAI: Shiv Sainiks damaged the office of the India Today group at Nariman Point and disrupted a function organised by the company at the Taj, Colaba, to protest against the presence of petroleum minister Mani Shankar Aiyar on Friday evening.
Aiyar was to be the chief guest at the annual corporate awards function organised by the India Today group.
The hotel guests and visitors to the Gateway of India were vastly inconvenienced and there was a massive traffic jam from Regal cinema all the way to Colaba post office.
timesofindia.indiatimes.com /articleshow/1049337.cms   (444 words)

 Kumarmanglam Interview With India Today
As we in India approached the liberalisation process in a cautious manner, we managed to rehome insulated from the SE crisis.
I refer to the burning of women and aborting of the female fetus and the general feeling that women are useless and to be regarded as personal property.
Women in India are slowly gaining recognition for their contribution and role in building the nation.
www.bridge-india.org /hindalco/interview.htm   (4734 words)

 GORP - India's National Parks   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
India's first wildlife park, Jim Corbett National Park, was formed in 1936.
India's national parks teem with an astounding variety of animal and plant life.
Indian tigers were once threatened by the shooting safaris of the Maharajas and British colonists, but today an even greater threat is posed by the demand for tiger bones and other body parts demanded by the practitioners of"traditional" medicine in certain regions of Asia.
gorp.away.com /gorp/location/asia/india/np_intro.htm   (696 words)

 SIM Country Profile: India
Today the Christian church in India is thriving, finding creative ways to reach out to meet the physical and spiritual needs of others.
India’s climate is affected by two seasonal winds - the northeast monsoon (winter) and the southwest monsoon (summer).
Today the Orthodox Syrian Church of the East, with 10 dioceses and over 1,412,000 adherents, and the Mar Thoma Church with over 350,000 adherents, remain as the result of Thomas' work.
www.sim.org /country.asp?CID=67&fun=1   (1218 words)

 India Today - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
India Today is one of the India's best-selling and most widely circulated weekly magazines, and is run by Aroon Purie.
The India Today group was founded in 1975 and now includes 13 magazines, 3 radio stations, 2 TV channels, 1 newspaper, a classical music label, book publishing and India's only book club.
It also has sister publication namely Business Today which is a fortnightly magazine
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/India_Today   (99 words)

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 India Today Magazine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Pravin Visaria, one of India's finest economists, suddenly passed away, virtually unnoticed, just as Yashwant Sinha was presenting his recent budget.
The national poverty line is worked out implicitly and the all-India poverty ratio obtained as the weighted average of statewise poverty ratios.
A chance, writes INDIA TODAY's Principal Correspondent Anshul Avijit, to say Maharaja again with an unctuous post-modernist gusto in Despatches.
www.columbia.edu /~sv262/jairam.shtml   (1176 words)

 India Today
The faded fl cross and swastika on its pale-green fuselage are today the only indicators of its origins.
Considering there are only two such aircraft flying in the world today, this aircraft can easily fetch upwards of $1.5 million (Rs 7.2 crore)-as much as some of the Nizam's jewels-once restored to flight-worthy state.
India Today Magazine subsequently published a retraction in April 2003 in which it stated that Mr.
www.warbirdsofindia.com /News/featureIT.html   (1269 words)

 Indiantelevision.com's Breaking News: India Today Group to publish 'Reader's Digest'   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
ITG's flagship, India Today, is the most-read publication in India in any language, with a readership of 14.36 million across all editions.
In March 1999, India's information and broadcasting ministry under Pramod Mahajan had decided not to support a proposal of RDA to acquire the publishing assets of Tata group-promoted Readers Digest India Print & Publishing Pvt.
In India, Readers Digest, post 1977, has been published by RDIPPL under a License granted by Readers Digest Association Inc, which is the proprietor of the name and trademark Readers Digest.
www.indiantelevision.com /headlines/y2k3/oct/oct14.htm   (750 words)

 Free Essays on Government In India, Today
Improved irrigation, the introduction of chemical fertilizers, and the use of high-yield strains of rice and wheat have led to record harvests, and by the late 1970s India was self-sufficient in grain, becoming an exporter in the early 1980s.
India has perhaps more cattle per capita than any other country, but their economic value is severely limited by the Hindu prohibition against their slaughter.
India's defeat of Pakistan in 1971 assured Indian dominance of the subcontinent.
www.freestudentessays.com /284.htm   (3515 words)

 India News, Webindia123.com
Hinting at the recent volatility in the stock markets, Finance Minister P Chidambaram today said that Foreign Institutional Investment was here to stay with these flows accelerating in the coming years and indicated that the fundamentals of the economy were strong.
Former Union Minister and Congress leader Kanhu Charan Lenka today met Congress President Sonia Gandhi and told her to intervene in the matter relating to the establishment of the mega steel plant by the Korean giant POSCO at Paradeep in Orissa.
The Left parties, the Samajwadi party and the Janata Dal (Secular) today urged the Centre to abstain from voting at the crucial November 19 meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to rectify its ''wrong decision'' to vote against Iran at the previous meeting in Vienna in the larger interest of developing nations.
news.webindia123.com /news/viewcat.asp?cat=India   (3074 words)

And when campaigners of Greenpeace India and artists gathered to unveil a 11' by 30' mural at the Chitrakala Parishad, the art hub of Bangalore, a demand for change was definitely in the air.
Bangalore, the IT centre of India, alone generates over 8000 tonnes of e-waste loaded with toxic chemicals and heavy metals that cannot be disposed of or recycled safely.
Greenpeace India activists today called upon the Bangalore headquarters of the iconic brand Wipro with 500 kilos of their e-waste, asking the company to ‘Apply Thought’, adopt Clean Production and put in place mechanisms to Take-Back their end-of-life products.
www.greenpeace.org /india   (516 words)

 Where do you want to go birding in India today?
Kerala, a little sliver of land at the tip of the Indian peninsula, the land of the green magic, is a region of tropical forests, grasslands, rivers, lakes and lagoons which manifests in the huge bio-diversity of its flora and fauna.
Bharatpur is better known today for one of the finest water bird sanctuaries in the world and is spread on 40 sq.
Himalayan region in India comprising the Darjeeling District of West Bengal, and the states of Sikkim, is a tiny area with fantastic variations.
www.camacdonald.com /birding/asiaindia.htm   (4725 words)

 Daily Life Ancient India - Homework Help
Today, married Indian women may choose to wear this mark.
(Today, our scientists think it's probably more like 365.242, which means they only missed by 3 hours!) They were great with math.
Instances of Swayamvara ceremony are found in India's national epics, the Ramayana and Mahabharata.
members.aol.com /bkdonnclass/Indialife.html   (3010 words)

 Eleven held for ransacking 'India Today' office   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Mumbai: Eleven Shiv Sainiks were today (March 12, 2005) arrested for ransacking the office of leading news magazine 'India Today' in south Mumbai.
A group of around 30 persons had stormed into the India Today group's office in Jolly Makers II building at Nariman Point yesterday (March 11, 2005) and caused damage to the property.
India Today office in Mumbai ransacked by Sainiks
news.indiainfo.com /2005/03/12/1203sainiks.html   (290 words)

 USA Today Examines India's HIV/AIDS Epidemic, Responses From Government, Nongovernmental Organizations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
USA Today on Thursday examined India's HIV/AIDS epidemic and efforts by both government and nongovernmental organizations to fight the spread of the virus.
Married men who pay for sex with women, have unprotected sex with other men or engage in injection drug use put themselves and their wives at risk of contracting HIV and are "driving up India's contribution to the next wave of global AIDS, now emerging mainly in Asia," according to USA Today.
USA Today on Thursday also profiled Dr. Suniti Solomon, who in 1986 diagnosed India's first cases of HIV while working in the southern city of Chennai.
www.medicalnewstoday.com /medicalnews.php?newsid=20351&nfid=rssfeeds   (409 words)

 Homeopathic website for cured cases - for research in homeopathy, having most complete information on homeopathic ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
He conceived the idea of maintaining a central database of cured cases 2 years back.
This had received positive response from many senior homeopaths in India.
Today the website is biggest in homeopathy having more than 3000 pages of homeopathic information.
www.homeocases.org /home/aboutus.asp   (244 words)

 India Today Magazine
If they were to survive, their inherent expertise in handling snakes had to be gainfully put to use.
Guided by Romulus Whitaker of Chennai's Crocodile Bank, where the cooperative is located today, the tribals procured a license for a snake venom extraction centre.
From September, the price of venom of the Russel's viper and cobra will be Rs 6,000 per gram, and that of the common krait, Rs 15,000 per gram.
www.ashanet.org /library/articles/it.20000918.html   (679 words)

 INDIA TODAY - The most widely read newsweekly in South Asia.
India 's granary Punjab still produces the lion's share of the country's wheat.
The boom in the aviation sector has triggered a huge demand for pilots but India’s obsolete flying clubs lack infrastructure and instructors to meet the demand.
As youngsters from Bihar make their mark in the hitherto untouched world of glitz, the state Government is trying to match their global aspirations with better infrastructure.
www.india-today.com /itoday   (458 words)

 India Today
While the occasion calls for big spending and the worship of the Goddess of Wealth, India often went to an ostentatious extreme—spending lakhs of rupees on fireworks, decorations, gifts, clothes, lavish parties or just gambling it away.
India Today's Ashok Malik travels to the dream that died.
The Board of India Today Economists members offer solutions to key problems facing the Indian economy.
www.indiatoday.com /itoday/20021104/index.shtml   (503 words)

The India Today Group began with a single magazine in 1975.
Today it is India's most diversified media group with interests in magazines, newspaper, television, radio, internet, books and music.
We are looking for talented, self-motivated individuals who are ambitious, who love challenges and who have a passion to excel!
www.indiatodaygroup.com /careers/career.php   (142 words)

 INDIA TODAY GROUP | India Today , Business Today, Aaj Tak, Care Today, Today, Cosmopolitan, Reader's Digest, India ...
Money Today explores all the complicated job market demands from you and how you can not only deliver but also excel in it.
Design Today celebrates colour in living spaces, relaxation zones, beaches and pause areas.
A unique amalgam of avant-grade music and engaging lyrics, the album is about making a connection with the listener of today.
www.india-today.com   (624 words)

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