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Topic: Indian film music directors

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In the News (Wed 17 Jul 19)

  Indian Film Music
Music is commonly used for thematic reasons in Indian films, particularly in the leitmotif sense.
Indian films also do this, but because the music is so often in the foreground, they take it even further by bursting into song.
Because the films are musicals, the audience is consciously aware of the music.
christopher.goodman.net /Papers/Indian_Film_Music.html   (2822 words)

 List of Indian film music directors - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Most Indian films are musicals, and their music directors are among the best known musicians in India.
Music directors are typically both composers and arrangers.
Cassettes or CDs of a film's music are often released before the movie itself.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Indian_film_music_directors   (92 words)

 Dissertation - Joseph M. Getter
The thesis of this study is that recent film music of South India clearly embodies the immense changes occurring over the past decade in India's society, politics, economy, and music, so that this genre represents an Indian identity resonating with the issues of today's world.
Film music has largely been neglected by academic studies of music and musical cultures, yet the genre has an enormous impact on musicians and audiences.
The films, each with songs and background musical accompaniment, are representative of several major genres of commercial cinema, and were primarily noteworthy or hit films.
jgetter.web.wesleyan.edu /diss.html   (638 words)

 Indian Film Music - Film Music In India - Popular Film Music India
It is because of the huge popularity of the Indian film music that a large number of talented music directors, singers, composers and lyricists are attracted to the Indian Film industry.
Indian Film Music is said to have begun with the release of Alam Ara in 1931.
Another trend in Indian film music is that of integration of some popular regional languages such as Punjabi, Oudhi etc. Though in the process of evolution, music experts have flirted with western influences too yet the Indian flavor has always remained there.
www.culturalindia.net /indian-music/film-music.html   (385 words)

 The Hindi Film Song
The Indian Film song was born as along with 'talking' the Indian Film also 'sang', the wafer thin plot merely serving as a rope to string together the dozen or so musical numbers.
The film was a triumph for Saigal and took him to dizzying heights as he brought alive the character of Devdas creating the archetype of the relentlessly luckless, tragic hero.
Indian film music was still in its infancy but was moving ahead by leaps and bounds.
www.upperstall.com /hindisong1.html   (1609 words)

 Indian Motion Pictures.com - Official portal of Film Industry in INDIA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The film is about a lawyer whose fiancée dies in the collapse of a department store, a place where he had asked her to wait for him.
The film was completely restored in June of this year, after six months of strenuous work, including the reconstruction of 30 minutes of inaudible sound.
Director SHIN Sang-ok’s best-known film internationally was The Mother and the Houseguest (1961), which displayed his true cinematic craftsmanship.
www.indianmotionpictures.com /film_festivals/piff.htm   (1117 words)

 Sangeet Mahal : The Music Greats
Music of the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent is a heritage that evolved through centuries as a blend of ritualistic, folk and cultural expression of the region.
It represents music of different genres, classical at one extreme, and at the other, many musical genres of different regions reflecting the diversity of life style.
Film music adopted a different approach and changed with time.
www.sangeetmahal.com /music.asp   (182 words)

 Music Directors
The combination of M.S.Viswanathan and T.K.Ramamurthy (as the Music Directors), Kannadasan (as the lyricist), T.M.Soundarajan (as the male singer) and P.Susheela (as the female singer), produced 100s of excellent songs in the 50's and the 60's.
Illayaraja revolutionised Tamil Film Music with his unique music style, his style was a blend of Tamil folk songs, Indian and Western classical music, Pop and Jazz.
The 90's saw a new music genius, A.R.Rahman graduated to film music from composing music for advertisements.
www.indiafilm.com /flmmsc.htm   (395 words)

 The New Yorker : critics : music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Some of the most compelling film music of the past year appeared not on the big screen but on the small one.
Music, in these cases, doesn’t show the image as a lie; instead, it is itself the lie we tell ourselves in order to survive.
Pudovkin was one of the directors who had argued for freethinking musical narratives in film, and it was fitting that Schnittke, the master surrealist of late-twentieth-century music, should have subverted Pudovkin’s story of the education of a Bolshevik hero with all manner of brooding ostinatos, kitschy digressions, and anarchic pileups of tunes.
www.newyorker.com /critics/music/articles/050627crmu_music   (1396 words)

 Cinema of India Summary
Indian films are gaining increasing popularity in the rest of the world, especially in countries with large numbers of expatriate Indians.
The principal difference between American and Indian commercial cinema is that Indian films usually feature periodic song-and-dance routines (thus they can be considered musical films) which, in a good movie, are expected to move the story forward (in mediocre movies, they are poorly integrated into the story).
Their films were showcased at government film festivals and on the government-run TV station, Doordarshan.
www.bookrags.com /Cinema_of_India   (4819 words)

 BBC launches Tamil film music series - Indiantelevision.com's Breaking News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The 15-part series looks at the evolution of Tamil film music through its history of nearly 60 years from its South Indian classical music roots to the present.
BBC Chennai correspondent Sampath Kumar, who is also the producer of the series, was quoted in a press release saying that it is the music that lies at the heart of the commercial success of the multi-million dollar Tamil film industry.
The Tamil film music series is the first of its kind in BBC Tamilosai's output.
www.indiantelevision.com /headlines/y2k4/aug/aug187.htm   (352 words)

 Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles
The Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles is a nonprofit organization devoted to paving the way for a greater appreciation of India's cinema and diverse culture by providing the public with a selection of films from and about India by Indian and International filmmakers.
Directors, producers and cast will be invited to present their films and share their experiences with the audiences.
The objective of this new program is to offer the new generation of talented filmmakers the opportunity to meet with players of the North American film industry and provide them with a unique opportunity to advance their careers.
www.indianfilmfestival.org /aboutus.html   (463 words)

 Bright Lights Film Journal | Interview with Satyajit Ray
There are a lot of directors in Bombay who originally come from the Punjab and, if given a story about their native region, they might be able to produce something worthwhile — something that they feel belongs to them, something that acquires a certain integrity along with its regional characteristics.
The background was Indian and it was marvelously used: the riverside, the boats, the fishermen, and the general landscape.
Indian directors as a result have become much more clipped — fades and dissolves are used much less, for instance; we mostly depend now on cuts.
www.brightlightsfilm.com /50/rayiv.htm   (10084 words)

 Directors :: Indian Celebrities :: ceeby.com!!
The Indian film industry has had many star actors and star directors, but none has managed to grab Hollywood’s attention the way Shekar Kapoor has.
His foray into the film world was in the form of an actor, but he failed miserably.
Then he took to directing films and thus Bollywood got a director who was to take the essences of the Indian film industry to the West.
celebs.ceeby.com /directors/index.cfm   (271 words)

 Filmi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Boral, Pankaj Mullick, Anil Biswas and Naushad were noteworthy music directors of the 1940s, writing scores redolent of the elegance of Northern India's Moghul and Rajput courts.
The songs of a film and the quality of the music — its music director (composer), lyricist and singer have often determined the success of a film.
Often film albums are released before the films are released and therefore there is sometimes a mismatch between the songs on film and the songs on its CD or LP or tape.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Filmi_music   (1334 words)

 "the People's Paths home page!" Articles - Indian Actors Are Not Enough
Each artistic, musical moment of indigenous life expresses the entire world in ways particular to that specific moment, whether it be on the rez or on film.
Second, film festivals and workshops must place more emphasis on how the films are being made rather than on their subject matter alone.
The film industry has yet to learn what many Native Americans could tell you with one lip tied behind their back, a good indigenous process is the heartbeat of a good indigenous film.
www.yvwiiusdinvnohii.net /articles/BMD990718music.htm   (2197 words)

 Movie Makers in Tamil Cinema - Directors
Bagyaraj is multi faceted film personality he is a director, actor, screenplay and dialogue writer and a producer.
S.Balachandar's career in films, as producer, director, music director and actor is overshadowed by his image as a Veena mastero.
This film with a an unsual theme and structure established him as a director.
www.indiafilm.com /mvymkrs.htm   (1401 words)

 The dynamics of the copycat syndrome - GupShup Forums
When they are so generous with giving away their creative inputs to Indian films, then no wonder, the Indian film music directors, don't ever shy away from using and later abusing them.
Another example is Shazia Manzoor, famous Pakistani singer of Punjabi folk music, who seems to be experimenting with her music, to create variation and diversity in her songs for the audience.
A song from this film 'Dil Ke Badley' was lifted and used in the film Zameer in the year 2003.
www.paklinks.com /gs/showthread.php?t=189322   (2601 words)

 Indiantelevision.com > News Releases > Premier party, interviews of ‘Shaadi Se Pehle’ on ETC 'Bada ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Association with the premieres of the films is just an extension to this relationship.
Films are an integral part of ETC Culture and programming mix.
ETC is a music based entertainment channel with music dominating more than 98% of the programming content.
www.indiantelevision.com /release/y2k6/apr/aprrel6.htm   (411 words)

 Danny Elfman 's Music For A Darkened People: Danny Elfman in L.A. Times   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
And as he frets, the director, the producer and the studio executives drum their collective fingertips on the tabletop, the precious moments slipping past, his deadline closing in.
As Elfman explains it, a score is musical insight into a character's mind--melodies, backbeats and orchestral explorations that hint at hidden emotions.
He liked the way their music presented a point of view and became transfixed by the European classical style of Franz Waxman and Maurice Jarre, composers who were emblematic of the so-called Golden Age of film music, generations before Dolby Digital.
elfman.filmmusic.com /elfman_la_times.html   (3152 words)

 Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles
Black Friday is a film about the 1993 serial bomb blasts in Bombay, from the perspective of the conspirators and the police detectives investigating them.
This musical extravaganza channels the glory of 1970s Bollywood with a dazzling tale of a local hairdresser who invents the infamous mullet.
In today's Bombay what was old is made new again as an emerging DJ culture remixes Bollywood film music with dance beats and electronic rhythms creating a hybrid that bridges generation gaps and dominates popular music charts.
www.indianfilmfestival.org /film05.html   (1076 words)

 Jim Jarmusch
Before any filming takes place the actors rehearse scenes that are never filmed, but are done in order to convey more personality in the character when the cameras roll.
The success of Jarmusch's film seems rather odd considering that it was the antithesis of most films being made in America at the time.
Jarmusch's next film was a significant evolution for the filmmaker thematically while keeping consistent stylistically with the rest of his oeuvre.
www.sensesofcinema.com /contents/directors/03/jarmusch.html   (3063 words)

About 750 movies released per year; nearly all of them are musicals.
Film music accounts for over 80% of all record sales.
Musicals employ a wide variety of music (Indian, Western pop, Latin, etc.)
www.colorado.edu /music/Courses/emus2772/IndiaOverhead3.html   (79 words)

Songs from Indian movies in their Karaoke version.
Songs sung by great North Indian classical artists like Pt.
Songs from Indian movies and private albums, mixed with Zazzy beats and Hip-Hop music to make it mor
www.desimusic.com   (700 words)

 Hindi Movie Songs
Read the Mini-FAQ for information about the people who are responsible for creating and maintaining the ITRANS Song Book.
Among other things, gives you the ability to search the hindi songs archive by song title, singer, music director, movie name or lyricist.
Indian Movies Database from the Internet Movie Database.
www.cs.wisc.edu /~navin/india/songs/index.html   (582 words)

 Bollywood Vista : Entertainment : Music : Directors
A R Rahman Netservice - contains the music director's old and new songs in MP3 format
Ilaiyaraaja - profile and achievements of the music director
Tidbits - interesting facts about various music directors.
www.angelfire.com /vt/bollywoodvista/entertainment/musicdirectors.html   (281 words)

 22723344's profile
All time great musical score, based on Arabian folk music.The most exploited album in Hindi film music.
Great Indian film music directors such as S D Burman, Roshan, Shankar Jaikishan and Kalyanji Anandji based their composition on the musical score of this album, and all these songs proved instant hit.
Portions of content provided by All Music Guide © 2006 AEC One Stop Group, Inc.
www.mp3.com /users/22723344/profile.php   (90 words)

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