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Topic: Indian food

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  Encyclopedia: Indian food   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Thanks to India's geography, wheat is a staple of North Indian foods, while rice is the primary constituent of Southern and Eastern foods.
The staples of Indian cuisine are rice, atta (a special type of whole-wheat flour) and at least five dozen varieties of pulses, the most important of which are chana (bengal gram; similar to the chick pea but smaller and more flavorful), toor (pigeon pea or red gram), urad (fl gram) and mung (green gram).
Indian food is now a staple of the British diet: indeed it has been argued that Indian food can be regarded as part of the core of the British national cuisine.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Indian-food   (562 words)

 Authentic Indian Food
The Indian food is also as diverse as its culture, its religions, geography, climatic conditions and traditions.
Indian cookery today is an incarnation of the cooking techniques of numerous nationalities and civilizations connected with India for more than a thousand years.
Indian cuisine is framed for its variety and infinitely subtle blends of aromatic spices and seasonings that flavor meat, legumes and vegetables.
www.angelfire.com /ca/VinitBudhiraja/food.html   (386 words)

 indian food
Indian Corn may be said to be the most universal article of food cultivated by the Indians of New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah, while the tribes of the Indian Territory consider this grain the staff of life.
The Indians who grow it in the primitive manner, and have the original corn of America, are the Pueblos of New Mexico and Arizona.
It is a constant article of food with the Northern Indians of the lakes and rivers between the Mississippi and Lake Superior.
klesinger.com /jbp/indianfd.html   (1819 words)

 Indian Food : Cooking as Worship
Food should have some taste and give rise to love and life, like most indian food does.
Food that is cooked by someone who does not want to cook, who is not in the proper consciousness, will not be healthy food despite the ingredients.
Food cooked by one who really likes to cook tastes quite different from that food which is cooked merely out of obligation.
www.sanatansociety.org /indian_vegetarian_recipes/ayurvedic_cooking_as_worship.htm   (999 words)

 Food in India (Religious influences [Hindu] on food, North Indian food, South Indian food,
Spices are a vital part of food preparation and are used to enhance the flavor of a dish.
Mughlai food, kababs, rich Kormas (curries) and nargisi koftas (meatballs), the biryani (a layered rice and meat preparation), rogan josh, and preparations from the clay over or tandoor like tandoori rotis and tandoori chicken are all important contributions made by Muslim settlers in India.
North Indian desserts are very similar in taste as they are derived from a milk pudding or rice base and are usually soaked in syrup.
www.asianinfo.org /asianinfo/india/food.htm   (640 words)

 Indian food right up his alley
According to the 2000 census, the number of Indians moving to the region increased by 140 percent between 1990 and 2000 - from 3,566 to 8,572 - second only to the number of Mexicans moving to Greater Cincinnati, which increased by 203 percent (from 3,380 to 10,254).
Indians represent the region's largest Asian ethnic group and Mexicans are Greater Cincinnati's largest single ethnic group.
The food from his verdant home region of Punjab, in the northwest of India, for instance, is rich with cream and clarified butter called ghee.
www.enquirer.com /editions/2003/05/07/tem_food07lede.html   (1146 words)

Aachar: Indian Pickles are mainly made with vegetables and fruits like mango, lime, green chilies etc. Made mostly during the summer in India, they are a spicy and delightful addition to the Indian meal.
Curry: To the Indians, the term curry means gravy or sauce, Curries are what made Indian cuisine famous all over the world, the most famous of all is the Chicken Curry.
An authentic Indian curry is an intricate combination of a stir-fried wet masala (mixture of onion, garlic, ginger, and tomatoes), various spices and seasonings with which meat, poultry, vegetables or fish is prepared to produce a stew-type dish.
www.cuisinecuisine.com /Glossary.htm   (2422 words)

 Reviews of Indian restaurants in Boston Area   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Indian food which you get in Boston is almost always North Indian Mughlai and Punjabi cuisine.However this is not the only cuisine available in India.
Food was okay the number of times I have been there though a few friends have vowed that they will never go here even if they are given a treat here.
Excellent quality food.I would rate this one as the best Indian restaurant in Boston area.They are very generous with nuts and raisins in their food and this make the food even more yummy.They have buffets seven days a week and are also open for breakfasts.
physics.bu.edu /~shantanu/rest.html   (1082 words)

 tBLOG - indian recipe, indian food recipe,indian food
Serve this indian food recipe of potato chaat with toothpicks and garnished with coriander leaves and chopped onion.
Matar pulao is a light indian food that one could definitely enjoy even after having a couple of glass of beer.
Serve this indian food of matar pulao with dal and raita.
ndrai.tblog.com   (1440 words)

 Indian Cuisine - Microwave cooking of indian food
Food may be cooked and served in the same dish.
Food must be placed off-center as the microwave energy disperses more to the corners and sidewalls.
Food items containing high proportion of fat and sugar should not be used in glass utensils, otherwise they can be used commonly.
www.indianmirror.com /cuisine/cus2.html   (1203 words)

 Food Industry,India,food processing industry,india,food and dairy processing,indian beverage industry,processed foods
India is the world's second largest producer of food next to China, and has the potential of being the biggest with the food and agricultural sector.
The total food production in India is likely to double in the next ten years and there is an opportunity for large investments in food and food processing technologies, skills and equipment, especially in areas of Canning, Dairy and Food Processing, Specialty Processing, Packaging, Frozen Food/Refrigeration and Thermo Processing.
Health food and health food supplements is another rapidly rising segment of this industry which is gaining vast popularity amongst the health conscious.
www.indianfoodindustry.net   (259 words)

 AskMen.com - Indian food   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The cuisine of this complex country is reflective of the intricacy of the civilization that gave birth to it.
Food plays a key role in traditional celebrations, as well as everyday life, and is prepared and consumed with great passion.
The food preparation in the North is also a cousin to the cuisine in the Middle East and Central Asia.
www.askmen.com /fashion/wine_and_dine/55_wine_dine.html   (581 words)

 Indian cuisine gaining acceptance - PittsburghLIVE.com
For Indian Americans -- as opposed to American Indians -- a good barometer of recognition by Middle America has been the slow but steadily growing acceptance of their vast and wonderfully complex cuisine.
"Indian food is spicy, but it's not 'hot,'" says Kiren Randhawa of Squirrel Hill, a cooking instructor at the University of Pittsburgh's College of General Studies for the past seven years.
Indian cookbook author Neelam Batra uses won ton wrappers to streamline the preparation of these traditional appetizers, usually made with potatoes, lamb or chicken.
www.pittsburghlive.com /x/tribune-review/entertainment/s_155318.html   (1651 words)

 Indian Food
This superior introduction for cooks unfamiliar with Indian food is also a definitive guide for connoisseurs on a quest to produce flavorful curries in their own kitchens.
Indian food is becoming more popular in this country, and several good recent cookbooks have revealed just how diverse this cuisine is. Panjabi, who lives in Bombay and has traveled extensively throughout India, has written a remarkable book.
She is obviously knowledgeable about food, and her excellent introduction blends history, geography, and the philosophy of Indian cuisine with a lovingly detailed, illustrated guide to ingredients and techniques.
www.cottageindia.com /indiafood.html   (3192 words)

 Shalimar of India - Gourmet Indian Food   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The flavours of Indian cuisine are appreciated all over the world and now they are here for you to enjoy right in North Conway village.
Traditional Indian cooking and curry are being used everywhere these days.
Indian food is not spicy, unless that is what you desire, then we can prepare any degree you would enjoy.
www.shalimarofindia.com /aboutus.html   (456 words)

 Indian Cuisine, India Food Recipes, Dishes, Recipe, Spicy Foods, Curry
Often, Indian cooking is distinguished by the use of a larger variety of vegetables than many other well-known cuisines.
Many Indian dishes require an entire day’s preparation of cutting vegetables, pounding spices on a stone or just sitting patiently by the fire for hours on end.
Most of the spices used in Indian food have been used for their medicinal properties in addition to the flavor and taste they impart.
www.thokalath.com /cuisine/index.php   (443 words)

 Foreign cos upbeat on Indian food mart
This incidentally seemed to be the underlying statement in Hyderabad across all the stalls of the foreign companies, who see an enormous opportunity in the Indian processed food market.
This statement seemed to be the driving force for all the foreign companies, who were out to woo Indian dealers and distributors for a share in the Indian processed food market.
Although Lee refused to divulge the names of the Indian manufacturers that they have been in talks with, Parle and Britannia seem to be the likely companies.
inhome.rediff.com /money/2004/dec/11food.htm   (526 words)

 Ian's Guide to Indian Food - The Official Jethro Tull Website
Thai, Indian and spicy Chinese ready meals and menu dishes are the norm where once reigned supreme the chicken-nugget, meat loaf and shepherd's pie.
The Indians (and Bangladeshis, who are often actually the owners and operators of "Indian" restaurants) have always proved most industrious in bringing their culture and hard-working efforts to foreign shores -- whether in the culinary trades or perhaps at the village shop (now, thankfully, probably open 24 hours a day).
South Indian food, perhaps from the state of Kerala, is rich in vegetarian and seafood options as well as being famous for rice flour "breads" and pancakes such as Idlis and Dosas served with the ubiquitous Sambhar, a lentil-based soupy sauce for dipping and accompanying most meals, including breakfast.
www.j-tull.com /musicians/iananderson/indian.html   (1909 words)

 Five Star Indian Recipes
Indian recipes is an exciting and eclectic mix of styles and flavours.
Spices form an integral part of great Indian cuisine and their correct use is the key to successful Indian cooking.
Indian curry is popular among many who like to have a hot and spicy food.
www.gainhub.com   (930 words)

 Indian Food Cartoons
Indian Food cartoon 1 - catalog reference sbo0063
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www.cartoonstock.com /directory/i/indian_food.asp   (560 words)

 Indian Food
The luxuries they enjoy have their roots in a humble food: Hot Mix, a spicy Indian trail mix of fried noodles made from chickpea flour and tossed with cashews, pistachios and spices.
It was the first item produced by the family business, Deep Foods, which Arvind Amin, 61, laughingly calls "the Frito-Lay, Häagen-Dazs and Stouffer's of Indian food." The company makes 65 snack foods, as well as ice cream and frozen entrees.
The pantry is filled with imported ingredients, including at least 10 kinds of dal (lentils, peas and beans), essential to an Indian vegetarian diet, and spices, which the family grinds fresh.
www.camdennewjersey.org /indian_food.htm   (994 words)

 New York City - Restaurants and Dining   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Indian food is one of the world's great cuisines, and New York is full of terrific restaurants that serve it.
If you've ever been to India, you know that one of the country's glories is its street food, and bhel poori is one of the glories of that glory.
Queens's venerable Indian restaurant caters both to sophisticated city palates and Indian families out for a weekend dinner.
www.nynewsday.com /entertainment/dining/nyc-india,0,5726016.story?coll=nyc-diningout-headlines   (661 words)

 Indian Food and Cuisine Guide: Food-India.com
Ask any questions regarding the Indian food and we will try to answer those questions for you or get an expert who will answer those question for you.
Etiquette guidelines for non-Indians eating at Indian restaurants.
For beginners, eating an Indian food might be somewhat of problem let alone cooking a balanced Indian meal.
www.food-india.com   (238 words)

 indian food   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Authentic Indian recipes A large, collection of Indian recipes, food facts, glossary of cooking terms, and...
The list of Indian Food Terms can be exhaustive, since there are 15 official languages in India and...
Indian food is now a staple of the British diet: indeed it...
www.recipes-world.com /articles/3/indian-food.html   (581 words)

 indian food diet
Indian people came to depend on the foods used by … replaced wild honey, wheat flour substituted for cornmeal, and coffee became part of the diet on Indian
… Choosing healthy vegetarian foods (some of which are believed to be negative calorie foods) and avoiding those high in fats … Enjoy tasty Indian vegetarian recipe …
Food assistance programs contribute to the improvement of the nutritional and economic well-being of low-income Americans.
www.hads-online.org /indian-food-diet.html   (480 words)

 Indian and South Asian Cooking, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Resource Guide
An Indian restaurant with locations in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh and in Monroeville.
Contains a large collection of Indian vegetarian recipes, mostly south Indian style, contributed by readers.
A very complete site for Indian Cooking, this section offers a glossary and also a description of the food eaten in the various regions of India.
www.carnegielibrary.org /subject/food/indian.html   (218 words)

 Indian Food Guide, The Indian Food Recipe Collection
The essence of Indian Cuisine lies in the variety of desi (local) spices available and the aromas generated by their use.
The Flavors of Indian food are appreciated all over the world.
The Traditional style of Indian eating (Khana) is, Thali Style, different from what is customary in the west.
food.indif.com   (361 words)

 Amazon.com: Indian Home Cooking : A Fresh Introduction to Indian Food, with More Than 150 Recipes: Books: Suvir ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Indian Home Cooking is a celebration of the food Indians cook in American kitchens today, using ingredients found in most supermarkets.
The book is not your run of the mill Indian cookbook: a quick glance through its pages at the inticing photographs, clear recipes, as well as Saran's endearing commentary bears this out.
Not being of indian ancestry myself, I don't feel qualified to join in arguments about ethnic authenticity, whatever that means.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0609611011?v=glance   (1933 words)

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