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Topic: Indian music

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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

  Music of India - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Film music is mostly used in commercial Indian cinema, which is mainly produced in the centers of Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad.
The present musical style is derived from the traditional musical accompaniment to the folk dance of Dandiya called by the same name, dandiya.
Carnatic music, on the other hand, traces much of its contemporary concert repertoire to a series of composers and musicologists in the 15th and 16th centuries including Govindacharya, Venkatamakhin, Purandaradasa, Tyagaraja and Muttusvami Dikshitar.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Music_of_India   (1535 words)

 Indian classical music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The prime themes of Hindustani music are Rasleela (Hindu devotionals) of Krishna and Nature in all its splendour.
Indian classical music is monophonic, and based around a single melody line.
Indian musical instruments used in classical music include veena, mridangam, tabla, kanjira, tambura, flute, sitar, gottuvadyam, violin and sarangi.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Indian_classical_music   (543 words)

 Indian Music....Explained on CuisineCuisine.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The South Indian music is called Carnatic, in reference of the Southern State of Karnataka, and the northern branch, Hindustani, in reference of the Hindi speaking region going to North-West Frontier and to Poorab, the East.
The raaga forms the backbone of Indian music, and the laws laid down for the raagas have to be carefully observed to preserve and safeguard their integrity.
In the Indian musical tradition, the transmission of music from is primarily "oral" in the sense that the teaching takes place in a scenario of the Guru singing (or playing an instrument) and the sisya or student learning by listening.
www.cuisinecuisine.com /CultureMusic.htm   (1953 words)

 Manas: Culture, Music of India
Indian music can be described as having been inaugurated with the chanting of Vedic hymns, though it is more than probable that the Indus Valley Civilization was not without its musical culture, of which almost nothing is known.
In the courts of the Mughal emperors, music is said to have flourished, and the composer-musician Tansen was one of the jewels of Akbar's court.
Satyajit Ray, the first Indian director to acquire world fame, and a common name in repertory art cinemas, also brought classical Indian music to the attention of Westerners, for the music of some of his early films was composed by Ravi Shankar and Vilayat Khan, sometimes described as India's greatest sitarist.
www.sscnet.ucla.edu /southasia/Culture/Music/Music.html   (903 words)

 About North Indian Music.
The subject of classical Indian music is rich, with its historical, cultural, aesthetic, theoretical, and performing facets.
According to most Indian scholars, the binkars began to use the sitar and surbahar (an instrument similar to kachua sitar in shape but larger) to teach music to students not belonging to their family.
If you live in or near Austin and are interested in Indian Music, ICMCA is a valuable resource for you as they have many resources not least of which are a series of Indian Music concerts throughout the year.
www.buckinghammusic.com /tall.html   (2481 words)

 Mantras and Indian Music for meditation and worship
Special indian music can be created to fit the vibrations of special occasions, such as indian music for morning or evening meditation.
A very special kind of indian music is the chanting of mantras, as a part of Mantra Yoga.
This introduction to indian music and mantras was extracted from "Ayurveda's Renaissance Man - for Harish Johari - artist, chanter of mantras, composer of indian music for meditation, chef, teacher, tantric devotee - desire is the brush, and the five senses are the palette." - Interview by Richard Leviton for Yoga Journal, issue July/August 1991.
www.sanatansociety.org /indian_music_and_mantras.htm   (975 words)

 Native American Indian Music by Silverwave.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
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www.silverwave.com /native_american_indian_music_t.html   (590 words)

 webindia123.com- Indian Music
Indian music and Instrumental music plays a key role in the life of each and every Indian.
Indian music which is categorised into classical and folk music enraptures the human heart and can be enjoyed by all walks of life.
Indian classical music which originated from Vedic chants or Sama music has two distinct styles, Hindustani and Carnatic and is enjoyed and performed mostly by members of the upper strata of society.
www.webindia123.com /music/index.htm   (145 words)

 Indian Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The music of India is melodic; harmony and polyphony found in western music have no part in Indian music, though some experiments are being done now.
Indian classical music is based on two movements; the first is free in time, with no percussion instruments, and is called ‹AlapŠ while the second movement, a composition, is fixed in time and accompanied by a percussion instrument.
The instruments that are mainly used in Indian music are stringed instruments (Sitar, Tamboora, etc. that are plucked and Sarangi and the Dilurba that are bowed), wind instruments (the Flute, Shehnai, Naferi, and Nagasvaram, all types of Indian oboes), and the percussion instruments (Tabla, Pakhawaj, Mridanga, and others), along with bells, plates, etc.
www.wuvt.vt.edu /woove/indian.html   (881 words)

 hindustani music,hindustani classical music,hindustani music online,hindustani music download,hindustani classical ...
Hindustani music seems to have been profusely influenced by the music of Persia and Arabia.
Well-known instruments such as Sarod, Sitar and Tabla; musical forms like Khayal, Thumri, Dadra and Tarana; Ragas such as Peelu, Yaman, Pahadi, Sindubhairavi etc seem to be the result of intercultural exchange between Persian and Arabic rulers in the past, viz.
The main architect of the existing system of Hindustani music was Pandit V N Bhatkhande, who was responsible for the classification of the Ragas into the 10 Thats.
www.india4world.com /indian-celebrities/Indian-Music   (304 words)

 Indian Classical Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The rationale is specifically contrast (usually), as opposed to Turkish music where modes are chosen for a directed development, or Arabic music where the frequent modulations should be as unnoticed as possible, etc.
Hindustani music is the music of North India, involving both Hindu and Muslim musicians.
Carnatic music is the music of South India, different in many of its terms and formal demands, although similar in overall outline.
www.medieval.org /music/world/india.html   (463 words)

 Gujarat and Indian Music
The fascination of music for the people of Gujarat was curiously illustrated by the fact that several Gujaratis have enriched the tradition of Hindustani classical music.
Musicologists and historians trace the genesis of classical music to the Haveli Sangeet of Vallabhacharya, the pioneer of the movement which was akin to Prabhanda, a literary from peculiar to Gujarat.
The most outstanding educationist of Indian music by evolving a graduate course of instruction which is a great improvement was Pandit Omkarnath Thakur (1897-1968) who had published a series of text books of practical instruction named Sangeetanjali.
www.gujaratonline.com /arts/music.htm   (1069 words)

 A Brief History of Indian Music
Indian classical music is based on the ragas ("colors"), which are scales and melodies that provide the foundation for a performance.
Unlike western classical music, that is deterministic, Indian classical music allows for a much greater degree of "personalization" of the performance, almost to the level of jazz-like improvisation.
The main difference with western classical music is that the Indian ragas are not "composed" by a composer, but were created via a lengthy evolutionary process over the centuries.
www.scaruffi.com /history/indian.html   (1156 words)

 Learn tabla in US (New York, New Jersey), Australia and 19 other countries - Taalim Music School   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Taalim School of Indian Music provides the diverse tri-state community with the opportunity to learn tabla in the private lesson or group setting.
Vibrations occur rhythmically and that is why the role of rhythm is very important in music as well as in life.
It is said by the great maestros of Indian music that the sound (swara) is the body while rhythm (taala) is the soul of music.
www.taalim.com   (416 words)

 Asian Music Circuit | Indian Music | Chinese Music | Indonesian Music | Asian Culture
Music is one of the deepest forms of expression of people's understanding of our world.
Music has the potential to create awareness, a better understanding of people's attitudes and perceptions, their hopes and aspirations.
The study and understanding of music from different parts of our world is a journey of discovery of the deeper reality of things, of oneself and of our world.
www.amc.org.uk   (469 words)

 Indian Music
The present system of Indian music is based upon two important pillars: rag and tal.
The North Indian tradition is known as Hindustani sangeet and the south Indian is called Carnatic sangeet.
Indian Music and the West by Gerry Farrell
www.chandrakantha.com /articles/indian_music   (592 words)

 Musical instruments, percussion instruments, drums, music CDs, relaxation, meditation, Indian, world fusion, jazz, ...
Earth Vibe Music is dedicated to the promotion of hand crafted musical instruments and musicians who use them.
From Bina Musicals - Sitar - Sur Bahaar - Saraswati Veena - Sarod - Santoor - Tanpura - Harmonium - Tabla - Pakahwaj - Khol - Nall - Dholak - Bhangra Dhol.
Boomwhackers ® are brightly coloured plastic tubes that are tuned by length to musical notes and are played by 'whacking' the ground or other solid surface.
www.earthvibemusic.com   (482 words)

 Indian music MP3 Sandhya female Indian singer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Later she discovered jazz and world music and started fusing all these styles with Indian classical vocals.
After discovering the world of MP3s, Sandhya was astounded by the response to some of her Indian world fusion and jazz music on MP3.com.
They combine her Indian vocals with modern music styles, including trance, dance, jazz and world fusion.
www.sandhyasanjana.com   (206 words)

 MUSIC VIDEO DOWNLOAD .... indian music download, download the music, download music programs, how do you download ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
He marvelled music video download himself at first, and shook his head; but the next moment he seized the knife he had hidden in his boot, knocked the woman down on the floor, and cut her throat.
Having made music video download bundle of the most valuable things, he lighted a cigarette, sat down for a while, brushed his clothes, and left the house.
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 Sitar, Tabla, Tanpura and more Indian instruments from Buckingham Music.
Originally from London, England, Buckingham Music founder Peter Cutchey played sitar for over 29 years and was involved in the music business for 44 years.
Buckingham Music, Inc. imports and provides musical instruments and accessories from India as well as creating original writings and on-line tutorials about Indian music and the instruments.
All Indian instruments need inspecting/adjusting before shipping to work properly and be at their best.
www.buckinghammusic.com   (1326 words)

 Anurag Jain - Indian Fusion / Indian Rock Bands / Indian Firang Pop / Indian World Music / Indian Radio
His music embraces the spiritual tradition of Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, and its sounds of devotion and gratitude lead to the place where it is possible for God and Man to meet - to the heart.
Their music can broadly be classified as Electronic Rock Fusion, Orange Street meld rock guitars, drums and an electronica bedrock with a variety of ethnic Indian percussion (dholak, dhupli etc.) and Indian classical vocals.
And their listeners and music critics agree that a new sound has evolved, one that combines basic Indian rhythms and classical folk structures with jazz, rock, reggae.
www.anuragjain.com /indianmusic.html   (4238 words)

 Indian Classical Music Resource - Satrangi Art Point
I am an Indian Music performer and a Indian Music teacher based in Dubai.
This is a small contribution towards improving the understanding of Indian Classical Music.
Since Indian Classical Music can be said to be as old as the Indian culture which spans several centuries back.
satrangimusic.netfirms.com   (242 words)

 Indian Music and Mian Tansen - Contents   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
'Indian Music and Mian Tansen' is an informative small book about Hindustani music, written by Pt.
Birendra Kishore Roy Choudhury was a master of the Dhrupad style, especially in instrumental music, and played the Bin, the Sursringar and the Seni Rabab.
Ratanjankar, Padmabhushan for his appreciation of my musical studies and also to Sri Krishnakali Bhattacharyya, a distinguished educationist for his sincere encouragement and kind Co-operation for the publication of this book for and on behalf of "GOURIPUR MUSIC TRUST."
shoko.calarts.edu /~bansuri/pages/TansenBook.html   (252 words)

Logically, India boasts of a pro-active and forward-looking association of music companies - The Indian Music Industry (IMI).
Comprising of over 50 music companies which include both Indian companies and Indian licencees or subsidiaries of International labels, IMI is the recognised trade association of the sound recording industry in India.
IMI strives to encourage protection of the rights of Phonogram producers, and in the process, promote the development of musical culture.
www.indianmi.org   (71 words)

 Books on Indian Music - Sitar and Tabla, Popular and Classical Music of India
Music and dance, the subject most prevalent and so important in Indian art, plays the central role in this breathtaking exhibition: Dancing to the Flute.
Stone, bronze and wood sculptures, paintings, textiles, and musical instruments, ranging in date from the first to the 20th century, are among the objects selected.
Music and Musical Instruments of Southern India and the Deccan
www.dropbears.com /b/broughsbooks/music/indian_music.htm   (766 words)

 Contemporary Indian Music by Silverwave.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
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Other phrases are traditional irish music real audio, north american indian songs 1977, east indian flutes, upcoming indian songs, and can you see the god in me contemporary music.
www.silverwave.com /contemporary_indian_music_t.html   (603 words)

 Indian Hill Music Center & Indian Hill Symphony near Boston has classical music, orchestra concerts, music school
Indian Hill Music is the region's only non-profit center for music education and performance.
Our mission is to integrate music into community life and be the region's finest musical resource.
The programs of Indian Hill Music are sponsored in part by a grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.
www.indianhillmusic.org   (267 words)

 welcome to carnatic.com - south indian classical music
The religion is too ritualistic, the music is too complex, and the art is anachronistic.
The music reflected the spirit of the composition that worships Goddess who presides over the seven notes that shine through navel, heart, throat, tongue, nose, etc and in the Vedas, Gayatri mantra and minds of Gods, holy men and Thyagaraja.
It was quite an experience to the audience that these young artisits not only gave high quality performance but also assured the future of Carnatic music is bright and strong in their hands.
www.carnatic.com   (1515 words)

 Gurukul- Classical Indian Music Teaching
Indian Classical Music has a rich tradition and Gurukul teaches it both by the traditional Guru-Shishya Parampara method as well as more western methods suitable for introducing indian classical music to the British public especially the young.
Gurukul's Academy is based in the northern city of Newcastle upon Tyne and hosts expert teachers from both the UK and India.
Gurukul’s highly successful outreach programme providing access to indian classical music for a vast number of people through workshops, lecture demonstrations, performance, in-house concerts, Arts for Health programmes and an annual SARGAM event for children.
www.gurukul.org   (155 words)

 MUSIC DOWNLOAD .... where can i download free music, download arabic music, sites to download music from, free indian ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Ideals bred and fostered in the heart of man receive at birth an impress from the life that engenders them, and when that life is tempest-tossed the thought that springs from it must bear a birth-mark of the storm.
MUSIC DOWNLOAD: some of these translations have been done in haste and there has not been sufficient time for revision.
The translators were chosen by music download agent of the executor and not by the editor.
www.galkynysh.org   (617 words)

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