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  west indies map and information page
The West Indies are a large group of islands that separate the Caribbean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean.
Spain, when Columbus' mistake was discovered, (pardon the pun) renamed them the West Indies, to distinguish them from the Spice Islands in the Pacific Ocean, (the East Indies) which we now call Indonesia.
Today the West Indies, better know as the Caribbean, is comprised of many island countries, dependencies and territories, and (as a group) remain one of the premier tourist destinations on the planet.
www.worldatlas.com /webimage/countrys/namerica/caribb/special/westind.htm   (340 words)

  Indies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Indies or East Indies (or East India) is a term often used to refer to the Malay Archipelago [1], in contrast to the West Indies, which refers to the Caribbean.
In a wider sense, the Indies is also used to describe lands of South and Southeast Asia, occupying all of the former British India, the present Indian Union, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, and also Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, which was last called the Dutch East Indies before independence.
Oftentimes, the East Indies are named after their colonizer, hence, British East Indies is India and Malaysia, Netherlands East Indies is Indonesia, and Spanish East Indies is the Philippines.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Indies   (529 words)

 West Indies - MSN Encarta
West Indies, an archipelago, or group of islands, that extends in an arc from near southern Florida to the coast of Venezuela.
The West Indies archipelago consists of four island chains: The Bahamas, the Greater Antilles, and the eastern and southern islands of the Lesser Antilles.
Except for the northern half of The Bahamas, the islands of the West Indies are all in the tropics, the warm climate zone between latitudes 10° and 23°27’ north.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761555176/West_Indies.html   (2032 words)

 Caribbean - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The West Indies consist of the Antilles, divided into the larger Greater Antilles which bound the sea on the north and the Lesser Antilles on the east, and the Bahamas which are northeast of the sea.
Geopolitically, the West Indies are organized into 28 territories including sovereign states, overseas departments, and dependencies.
The analogous "West Indies" originates from Christopher Columbus' idea that he had landed in the Indies (then meaning all of south and east Asia) when he had actually reached the Americas.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/West_Indies   (849 words)

 Salon.com Arts & Entertainment | Pay for play
Indies are not the guys U2 or Destiny's Child thanked on Grammys night, but everyone in the business, artists included, understands that the indies make or break careers.
The indie promoter was once a tireless hustler, the lobbyist who worked the phones on behalf of record companies, cajoling station jocks and program directors, or P.D.s, to add a new song to their playlists.
Sure, once in a while the indies showed their appreciation by sending some cocaine or hookers to station employees, but the colorful crew of fix-it men were basically providing a service: forging relationships with the gatekeepers in the complex world of radio, and turning that service into a deceptively simple and lucrative business.
archive.salon.com /ent/feature/2001/03/14/payola   (820 words)

 French West Indies Perfumes
This is the sand, sun and the ocean, a refreshing and sensual blend of neroli petals mixed with jasmine and fruit.
The velvety fruitiness of peach coupled with some red fruits wraps up the rich floral heart where rose and iris dominate while enhanced by the warmth and richness of vanilla and musk.
A gush of violet leaves with a complex body of lily of the valley, jasmine, rose, ylang ylang, and violet iris that rests into a warm soul of moss, sandalwood, cedarwood, and musk.
www.beautyhabit.com /frenchwestindies_perfumes.html   (463 words)

 Cayman Islands - Cay Compass News Online - Indies Suites assets stripped
Indies Suites Ltd. was stripped of the cash assets it received from the sale of its property and insurance settlements soon after receiving them.
Indies Suites was severely damaged by Hurricane Ivan, and subsequently sold to St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine, even though Indies Suites Ltd. was contractually bound to repair the facility.
Foster’s assertion that Indies Suites club member had purchased 20 per cent of the available weeks at the property and were there therefore entitled to 20 per cent of the pre–Ivan value of the property.
www.caycompass.com /cgi-bin/CFPnews.cgi?ID=1006411   (1535 words)

 Microform Collections, West Indies
The papers (Additional MSS 33028-33030 and 33046-33049) relate to America and the West Indies, 1701-1821, and include statistics, financial documents, and other papers concerning army and navy arrangements for ships and men in service in the West Indies and America, 1755-1756.
West Indies records of the United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel : E series.
The reports are a vital record of life in the West Indies at a critical and formative point of their history during the move from freedom and crown colony status to full independence.
www.library.yale.edu /latinamerica/westindies.html   (1613 words)

 Record companies: Save us from ourselves! | Salon.com
The companies pay millions of dollars each year to the independent radio promoters, universally referred to as "indies," who in turn pass along money to radio stations whenever they add new songs to their playlists.
Indie promotion is costing them in excess of $100 million each year.
During the mid-1980s, when indies wielded even more power than today, the RIAA considered launching its own investigation into payola, assuming that if the investigation documented any illegal activity the labels would have a reason to cut their ties to the indies, saving millions.
dir.salon.com /story/ent/feature/2002/03/13/indie_promotion/index.html   (1101 words)

 India In West Indies
West Indies spin bowler Mahendra Nagamootoo is recovering fast from the injuries sustained in a vehicular accident in Guyana last Friday.
With fortunes fluctuating constantly, India got the better of West Indies in a battle of nerves on the tense fifth and final day of the second cricket Test here today to record their first victory in the Caribbean in 26 years.
West Indies' captain Carl Hooper who scored his first century on home ground on the opening day of the first Test against India said he hoped to extend his unbeaten 113-run partnerhip with Shivnarine Chanderpaul gunning for a big first innings total of 500.
www.yehhaicricket.com /matches2002/ind_in_wi/ind_in_wi.html   (2035 words)

 West Indies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
The West Indies Federation was formed out of the then British colonies in the West Indies in 1958 and it collapsed in 1962.
I spotted a flag of the old West Indies Federation, blue with four white horizontal wavy lines and a gold disc in the centre, at the cricket test match between Australia and the West Indies held in Barbados over the weekend.
The official description given in the West Indies Gazette is "Flag approved has blue ground with four white horizontal wavy bars (the top pair of bars being parallel and the lower pair also parallel) and an orange sun in the centre." Not the most enlightening description.
flagspot.net /flags/gb-carib.html   (961 words)

 The Dutch East Indies Campaign 1941-1942
Also, the speed of the Japanese advances in the Netherlands East Indies meant that many historical records that could have useful in studying this struggle were lost or destroyed.
The "Indies" was the Crown Jewel to the Japanese.
The defeat of British led Indian forces and allied troops at the hands of a numerically inferior Asiatic army riding on bicycles, living on rice and in some cases superior weapons was to have fateful post war political and nationalist consequences for the European colonial held Far East.
www.geocities.com /dutcheastindies   (3969 words)

 West Indies Cricket Board   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
During the Oppening ceremony of the Cricket World Cup, organized by International Cricket Council, at South-Africa on February 8, 2003, the West Indies side marched with a plain red flag with the emblem of the WICB over all in the center.
When the West Indies cricket team was in South Africa at the end of last year/beginning of this year, they used this flag but the background was dark red/maroon - definitely not brown.
According the web site of the West Indies Board, in the banner appears an images that seems to be the flag of the body.
flagspot.net /flags/int@wicb.html   (341 words)

 Cayman Net News: Other Indies Suites members say they don’t support liquidation
On 18 November, the Court of Appeals overturned the liquidation of Indies Suites, which was supported by 177 of the 470 club members.
Indies Suites Sales Manager Diana Cole has received 150 emails from club members and said approximately a quarter of the members do not support the liquidation.
Ms Cole is currently negotiating with a few resort condominiums on the Island to trade the timeshare with Indies Suites and she is optimistic about closing a deal.
caymannetnews.com /2005/11/977/say.shtml   (942 words)

 French West Indies villa, La Perla
This French West Indies villa is located directly on Bay Rouge beach in the Terres Basses of St. Martin.
A French West Indies villa located on Bay Rouge beach and perfect for newlyweds or for anyone with romance in their plans.
La Perla is a French West Indies villa that features a panoramic sea view from the air conditioned bedroom as well as from all areas of the house, pool and deck.
www.hotcarib.com /laperla.htm   (178 words)

 FirstShowing.net » Indies
I gave it 8 stars in my review and definitely would suggest it for those who are indie film aficinados or just want to see a very interesting and very well done character drama.
Although I can't speak much for this year's selection since I wasn't in attendance, we'll take a quick look at the winners which I'm sure will be making an impact when they finally make their way across the ocean to America.
I'm a big supporter of those little indie flicks we find and love, and this one could have a chance of becoming one of those.
www.firstshowing.net /category/indies   (2431 words)

 Sai Organizations: Zone 1, Region 5
Zone 1 Region 5 of the Sai Organization, the West Indies, extends from the Bahamas in the North to Surinam on the South American Continent in the South.
The organization was first established in the West Indies in 1974 and has its origin in Guyana, where Mr.
In this respect, the West Indies may be ahead of many other world regions.
www.sathyasai.org /organize/z1reg05/content.htm   (1049 words)

 French West Indies villas, Escapade
This French West Indies villa is located high on Mount Rouge with spectacular views of Marigot and Simpson Bay.
This exquisite, Mediterranean style French West Indies villa is located in a development of only seven luxury villas in Anse Aux Acajoux.
This French West Indies villa is equipped with the finest rattan and traditional furniture, Escapade also has a TV, VCR, stereo system with CD player.
www.hotcarib.com /escapade.htm   (183 words)

 French West Indies
The information below concerning the French West Indies is provided for general reference only, and may not be totally accurate in a particular location or circumstance.
Penalties for possession, use, or trafficking in illegal drugs in the French West Indies are severe, and convicted offenders can expect long jail sentences and heavy fines.
REGISTRATION / EMBASSY LOCATION: Americans living or traveling in the French West Indies are encouraged to register with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate through the State Department's travel registration website, https://travelregistration.state.gov, and to obtain updated information on travel and security within the French West Indies.
travel.state.gov /travel/fwi.html   (1434 words)

 The French West Indies - Travel to the Caribbean
Just a little further down the Caribbean is the butterfly-shaped island of Guadeloupe, also in the French West Indies.
We have additional information now available on the French West Indies: additional links, phone numbers, and Minitel access, including access to French telephone numbers by name.
If you are moved to live and work in the Caribbean, we are happy for you, but sorry to report we have no information on living and working there.
www.cieux.com /fwi.html   (1098 words)

 Independent Lens . Inside Indies | PBS
Now Fox returns to critique the latest indie offerings—putting down penguins and praising the underdog and adding household names like Scorsese and Clooney to a group typically populated by obscure icons like Jarmusch and Van Sant—in a year of tilting toward the mainstream.
In a roundtable discussion with three programmers of major U.S. film festivals, Inside Indies discovered that all the hard work does indeed add up to a dream job for the film fanatic.
Inside Indies celebrates the creative freedom, artistic achievements and unflinching visions of independent producers who make films that change the way we see our lives and our world.
www.pbs.org /independentlens/insideindies   (357 words)

 Genealogy of Jamaica, West Indies
However, the discussions and queries tend to be scattered among numerous electronic forums, and researchers are unsure where to post questions and comments concerning the West Indies to reach others who share their interest, often posting in several different places as a result.
The number of nations whose sons and daughters added to the population of the West Indies is extremely numerous: former colonial powers including England, France, Spain and The Netherlands; as well as dozens of countries in Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia.
Discussion is open to anyone with an interest in West Indian genealogy including, but not limited to: people who do live, did live, or may have lived in any of the West Indian Islands; colonists; voluntary immigrants; involuntary immigrants (such as slaves); emigrants and their descendants.
users.pullman.com /mitchelm/jamaica.htm   (1505 words)

 Black East Indies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
This bantam breed of duck is somewhat larger and racier of build than the Call Ducks.
An interesting characteristic of the East Indie is its egg color.
Early in the season the eggs are fl or dark grey; later in the laying season they gradually change to light grey or blue.
www.feathersite.com /Poultry/Ducks/BkEast/BRKEastIndies.html   (166 words)

 Sonesta Beach Resort & Villas Anguilla (Caribbean, British West Indies): 11 pictures about the Sonesta Beach Resort ...
Sonesta Beach Resort and Villas Anguilla (Caribbean, British West Indies): 11 pictures about the Sonesta Beach Resort and Villas.
Just 18 miles long and three miles wide, Anguilla is the gem of the Leeward Islands in the West Indies.
And the Sonesta Beach Resort and Villas is the gleam on that gem.
www.west-indies-online.com /Sonesta   (94 words)

 West Indies map and infornation page
The West Indies are a large group of islands that separate the Caribbean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean.
Spain, when Columbus' mistake was discovered, (pardon the pun) renamed them the West Indies, to distinguish them from the Spice Islands in the Pacific Ocean, (the East Indies) which we now call Indonesia.
Today the West Indies, better know as the Caribbean, is comprised of many island countries, dependencies and territories, and (as a group) remain one of the premier tourist destinations on the planet.
graphicmaps.com /webimage/countrys/namerica/caribb/special/westind.htm   (339 words)

 Christopher Columbus
After reading this book Columbus was sure he could reach the Indies by traveling west.
He wanted to go to the Indies to get jewels and spices.
Since Columbus believed he was in the Indies he called the natives Indians.
www.mce.k12tn.net /explorers/christopher_columbus.htm   (623 words)

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