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In the News (Thu 18 Apr 19)

  Indri - Indri indri: More Information - ARKive
Indris are considered to be the largest of all of the lemurs, and are the only lemurs with vestigial tails.
Indris at the northern edge of the range tend to be darker, while those at the southern edge are usually lighter in colour.
Indris are active during the day and are most at home in the trees, where they feed on leaves, flowers and fruit, but they do occasionally descend to the forest floor to cross small treeless areas or to eat soil (4) (6).
www.arkive.org /species/GES/mammals/Indri_indri/more_info.html   (997 words)

  Indri - LoveToKnow 1911
INDRI, a Malagasy word believed to mean "there it goes," but now accepted as the designation of the largest of the existing Malagasy (and indeed of all) lemurs.
in length, exclusive of the tail, the indri varies considerably in colour, but is usually fl, with a variable number of whitish patches, chiefly about the loins and on the fore-limbs.
Shoots, flowers and berries form the food of the indri, which was first discovered by the French traveller and naturalist Pierre Sonnerat in 1780.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Indri   (153 words)

 Rare indri lemur born in forest reserve in Madagascar
It is the second birth of an Indri since the opening of the park, according to Fabiola Deprez at Boogie Pilgrim, a tour operator based in the capital Antananarivo.
While the indri is the largest remaining lemur -- larger species existed in the past but went extinct due, in part, to hunting by humans -- it is famous for its eerie, yet beautiful song which can carry for more than 1.2 miles (2 km) and is used to communicate territorial claims to other indri.
Indri generally spend their days feeding on leaves, flowers and fruit in the forest canopy -- they almost never descend to the ground, instead leaping up to 33 feet (10 m) between trees.
news.mongabay.com /2006/0713-madagascar.html   (1068 words)

 Animal Info - Indri
The indri is severely threatened by deforestation of its habitat for fuel, logging and slash-and-burn agriculture.
Initially, the infant indri is carried on its mother’s lower stomach, but it transfers to ride on her back after 4 months.
Indri, sifakas (for example, diademed sifaka and golden-crowned sifaka) and woolly lemurs have body plans that support a highly specialized mode of locomotion: vertical-clinging-and-leaping.
www.animalinfo.org /species/primate/indrindr.htm   (1381 words)

 Indri (Indri indri): Fact Sheet   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The indri is strictly diurnal and has an activity period lasting 5 - 11 hours depending on season and weather.
De indri is de grootste lemurensoort en direct te herkennen aan zijn uiterst korte staartje.
Indri's leven in familiegroepen en zijn overdag actief in het regenwoud, zowel op de grond als in de boomkruinen, waar ze op zoek zijn naar voedsel.
www.animals-online.be /primates/indri.html   (262 words)

 Indri - MSN Encarta
Like all lemurs, the indri lives on the island of Madagascar.
The indri is active from dawn to dusk.
The indri is an endangered species because of the reduction of its forest habitat.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761557957/Indri.html   (141 words)

 INDRI : Encyclopedia Entry
The Indri (Indri indri), also called the Entrina, is a large (up to 70 cm long, and weighing up to 13 kg) tree-dwelling relative of the lemur and, like all lemuroids, it is native to Madagascar.
The Fossa and birds of prey are the Indri's main predators.
Indris are the largest of the surviving lemurs and have a very short tail, lending them a somewhat humanlike appearance.
www.bibleocean.com /OmniDefinition/Indri   (270 words)

 Indri (Indri indri)
Indri indri indri: This subspecies is mainly fl all over with a face-ring that is white, full, and broad (Groves, 2001).
At Analamazoatra Special Reserve the indri would spend 35% of the time in the middle level, 17% of the time in the top level, and 17% of the time in the bottom level of the canopy feeding (Pollock, 1977).
Pollock, J.I. The ecology and sociology of feeding in Indri indri.
members.tripod.com /uakari/indri_indri.html   (2871 words)

 Pictures of the indri|Indri indri facts
Other characteristics of Indris are their large ears, the long hands and the very short tail whereas most other prosimians have long tails.
The indri or entrina (Indri indri) is a large (up to 70 cm long, and weighing up to 13 kg) tree-dwelling relative of the lemur native to Madagascar.
Indris are not hunted by the local people because of taboos ("fady").
www.thewebsiteofeverything.com /animals/mammals/Primates/Indridae/Indri/Indri-indri.html   (658 words)

 Indri   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Early Development: A baby indri rides on its mother for up to 8 months, by which time it is moving on its own.
Behavior: The indri is diurnal and arboreal, descending to the ground only to eat dirt or to cross small treeless areas.
Spacing between groups of indri may be conditioned by the famous loud morning calls (which are answered from as far as 3 km (2 mi) away), accounting for a relatively small degree of range overlap between neighboring groups (Mittermeier et al.
library.thinkquest.org /C0124109/ingles/info/animal/indri.html   (310 words)

 Mammals » Primates » Indri Main Page
Indris feed high in trees, and they are good at leaping and climbing from limb to limb.
Although the Indri once inhabited a large portion of Madagascar, habitat loss and hunting have driven it into an extremely small area of the country and extinction is a terribly real threat for the Indri.
Indris are very much endangered and may soon become extinct in the wild.
www.centralpets.com /animals/mammals/primates/pri5800.html   (651 words)

 BBC - Science & Nature - Wildfacts - Indri
Madagascans know the Indri as the babakoto, which means man of the forest or little father.
Indris have a long, dense silky coat with varying amounts of fl and white.
Indris are diurnal and arboreal, and females feed in the higher levels of the trees, where there is more food (displacing the males).
www.bbc.co.uk /nature/wildfacts/factfiles/335.shtml   (222 words)

 Indri,Mammals,Indri Picture,Mammal Pictures,Catalog,Encyclopedia
The indri is an arboreal, lemurlike primate, Indri indri, formerly found in the rain forests along the eastern coast of Madagascar from sea level to mountain heights of nearly 1,800 m (6,000 ft), but now largely confined to a small area in the central coastal region.
Its coat is dense and silky and variable in pattern but often is fl on the head, shoulders, back, upper arms, front of the thighs, and hands and feet, and white, gray, or pale red on the rump, the back of the legs, and the lower arms.
The indri has a laryngeal air sac, or throat pouch, and is able to produce very loud doglike howls, often uttered in chorus throughout the forest.
www.4to40.com /earth/geography/htm/mammalsindex.asp?counter=80   (314 words)

 EDGE :: Top 100 EDGE Species
The indri is the largest of the living lemurs, and is further distinguished from other lemurs by its almost total lack of tail.
Indris are arboreal and spend the majority of its time in the canopy, although individuals occasionally descend to the ground to eat earth.
The indri is threatened by the loss of its rainforest habitat for fuel, timber and slash-and-burn agriculture, with destruction occurring even within protected areas.
www.edgeofexistence.org /species/species_info.asp?id=36   (1062 words)

The indri or entrina (Indri indri) is a large (up to 70 cm long, and weighing up to 13 kg) tree-dwelling relative of the lemur native to Madagascar.
Indri is both the genus and species name.
The ferret cat and birds of prey are the indri's main predators.
www.fastload.org /in/Indri.html   (156 words)

 Primate of the Week - Indri
The indri seems to be the most strictly diurnal of all lemurs, its activity period occupying from 5-11 daylight hours, according to season (Pollock, 1979).
The indri is threatened by loss of its eastern rain forest habitat for fuel, timber and slash-and-burn agriculture (Pollock, 1984), with destruction occurring even in protected areas.
Pollock, J. The ecology and sociology of feeding in Indri indri.
homepage.mac.com /wildlifeweb/primate/PrimateWeek/Indri   (1071 words)

 CIIR: Trevor Strohman: Indri
Indri is freely available from UMass with a flexible BSD-inspired license, but a commercially supported version will soon be available from Lexalytics.
Indri includes an API that is accessible from C++, Java, C# and PHP.
Indri parameter files can use the suffixes 'k', 'm' and 'g' to refer to multipliers of a thousand, a million, and a billion respectively.
ciir.cs.umass.edu /~strohman/indri   (3123 words)

 Indri indri indri - Indri lemur
The indri is the largest of all surviving lemurs and is best known for its eerie, yet beautiful song which can carry for more than 1.2 miles (2 km).
Indri - Indri Indri - ARKive -- Indri (Indri Indri).
Indri lemur Indri indri indri -- Primates / Lemurs / Woolly lemurs and allies Indri indri indri Indri lemur.
www.wildmadagascar.org /wildlife/species/lemurs/Indri_indri_indri.html   (322 words)

 Indri: Free Encyclopedia Articles at Questia.com Online Library
The Indri is the largest of the lemur family, standing...forest.
Other lemurs grunt or swear, but the indri sings, and it is a lovely, haunting sound that lingers in your mind.
The Indri is the largest of the lemur family and the one...theyre extremely rare, he said.
www.questia.com /library/encyclopedia/indri.jsp?l=I&p=1   (550 words)

 INDRI - Online Information article about INDRI
INDRI, a Malagasy word believed to mean " there it goes," but now accepted as the designation of the largest of the existing Malagasy (and indeed of all) lemurs.
From both the latter it is distinguished by its rudimentary tail, measuring only a couple of inches in length, whence its name of Indris brevicaudalus.
food of the indri, which was first discovered by the See also:
encyclopedia.jrank.org /I27_INV/INDRI.html   (258 words)

 Yahoo! News - Madagascar's Lemurs Cling to Survival
But the indri, the largest of Madagascar's lemurs, is better known for its "song" -- a long and haunting call which can carry for up to 1-3/4 miles through the dwindling forests it calls home.
Analamazaotra is an isolated island of indri habitat and one that may prove too small to support a viable population of the animals.
Indris and other lemurs are only found on the Comoro islands and Madagascar, an evolutionary mad-house that began breaking away from Africa about 160 million years ago, becoming its own version of Noah's Ark as it drifted out into the Indian Ocean.
www.well.com /~davidu/lemurs.html   (916 words)

 Conservation International - The Fascinating Land of the Lemurs
The indri is the largest of the living lemurs, measuring 3 feet in length and reaching a weight of 20 pounds.
In contrast to the elegant and graceful indri, which is sacred to many of the Malagasy people and taboo to hunt in many areas, the aye-aye is highly elusive, mysterious, and downright creepy.
Primarily arboreal and active during the daytime, the indri (Indri indri) is the largest lemur.
www.conservation.org /xp/frontlines/protectedareas/06030502.xml   (1384 words)

Der Indri ist mit einer Körperlänge bis zu 90 cm und einem Gewicht von 10 kg der größte lebende Feuchtnasenaffe.
Der Indri ist ein tagaktiver Waldbewohner, der Wälder bis zu einer Seehöhe von 1800m bewohnt.
Indris leben in kleinen Gruppen von zwei bis fünf Tieren zusammen, normalerweise ein Elternpaar mit ihrem Nachwuchs.
www.weblexikon.de /Indri_(Primat).html   (409 words)

 Friendster - iNdRi Maulana
si Indri nih nyebelin dulu kalo belajar bareng di rumah gue...
Indri tuh dulu temen sekelas gue waktu smp.
Indri anaknya baik, tapi...kalau udah marah, males banget ngeliat mukanya....juteeeeeek abis....pokoknya sejutek-juteknya umat manusia deh...hahaha......Gue kaget pas liat di fs, elo udah pake jilbab ndri, alhamdulillah...hidayah Allah nyampe juga ke elo.
www.friendster.com /18551311   (346 words)

 Indri - Definition, explanation   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Indri (Indri indri), also called the Entrina, is a large (up to 70 cm long, and weighing up to 13 kg) tree-dwelling relative of the lemur native to Madagascar.
The Fossa and birds of prey are the Indri's main predators.
French naturalist Pierre Sonnerat heard a Malagasy point at the animal and took the word to be the animal's name.
www.calsky.com /lexikon/en/txt/i/in/indri.php   (134 words)

 indri < halfapen < apen en halfapen < zoogdieren - Dierenbibliotheek Wereld Natuur Fonds   (Site not responding. Last check: )
zoogdieren > apen en halfapen > halfapen > indri
Indri's zijn overdag actief en leven in gezinsverband: een paartje met hun jongen.
In tegenstelling tot veel andere halfapen eet de Indri vooral jonge bladeren.
www.dierenbibliotheek.nl /dierendatabase/htdocs/index.cfm?geklikt=900003,9000011,9000012,427&dier=indri&action=display   (73 words)

 Indri lemurs (Indriidae family) of Madagascar
The Indriidae Family is made up of sifakas (sifaka pictures), woolly lemurs (woolly lemur pictures), and the Indri (indri pictures).
The largest living lemur is the Indri (Indri indri) of the montane forests of eastern Madagascar.
The Indri will not survive in captivity and cannot tolerate habitat disturbance; traits that are potential roadblocks to possible rehabilitation projects and conservation.
www.wildmadagascar.org /wildlife/lemurs-indri.html   (365 words)

 World of Animals - Das Tierlexikon über Indri
Der Indri ist ausschließlich auf den nassen oder immer feuchten Wald angewiesen.
Fortbewegung Der Indri ist vollkommen an das Leben in den Bäumen angepaßt.
Der Indri lebt in Familiengruppen von einem Männchen und einem Weibchen mit ein oder zwei Jungen.
www.world-of-animals.de /tierlexikon/tierart_Indri.html   (736 words)

 HITLab People : Indriyati (Indri) Atmosukarto   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Indri completed both her Bachelor and Masters of Science in the School of Computing at the National University of Singapore.
After shifting to Seattle with her husband, Indri became a research assistant at the Computer Science and Engineering department at the University of Washington and started collaborating with the HIT Lab on the endoscope project.
Indri is particularly interested in computer vision, computer graphics, human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence.
www.hitl.washington.edu /people/person.php?name=indria   (103 words)

 UTAMA   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Indri mengadu, setahun lalu -- tepatnya tanggal 1 Juni 1999, memergoki istrinya, Sugiyarti Puji Astuti, berduaan dengan Sug di sebuah warung sate di Jalan Veteran, Klaten Utara.
Sug bahkan sempat berusaha meringkus Indri untuk dimasukkan ke dalam mobilnya, Toyota Kijang.
Saat itu, Sug juga sempat menempelkan laras senjatanya ke pelipis Indri sambil mengancam, "Macam-macam saya tembak kamu!"
www.indomedia.com /bernas/2006/24/UTAMA/24jat1.htm   (410 words)

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