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Topic: Industrial design

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In the News (Thu 13 Dec 18)

  Industrial Design
Industrial design is one of those ubiquitous fields that many people don’t know how to describe.
Like other design fields (graphic design, for instance), industrial design is the unfolding of art into commodity--which is to say, a chance to work in a challenging, creative field and not eat ramen every day.
Industrial designers--working with engineers, marketers, ergonomic experts, and, of course, clients--spend their time creating fresh, new or improved, user-centered products and environments that increase the aesthetic and efficiency of everyday life.
www.princetonreview.com /grad/research/programProfiles/basicinfo.asp?programID=104   (305 words)

 industrial design courses ? designboom
industrial design today : courses, education, competitions, history and contemporary, shop, interviews, snapshots - design -aerobics,premio vico magistretti results...
key contemporary issues and critique of all aspects of design, especially those topics which enrich the dialogue between design, creative professionals, industry and society.
snapshot reports from major international design shows, architecture and art exhibitions.
www.designboom.com /eng   (150 words)

  IDSA -- About ID
Industrial design (ID) is the professional service of creating and developing concepts and specifications that optimize the function, value and appearance of products and systems for the mutual benefit of both user and manufacturer.
Industrial designers develop these concepts and specifications through collection, analysis and synthesis of data guided by the special requirements of the client or manufacturer.
Industrial designers, as professionals, are guided by their awareness of obligations to fulfill contractual responsibilities to clients, to protect the public safety and well-being, to respect the environment and to observe ethical business practice.
www.idsa.org /webmodules/articles/anmviewer.asp?a=89&z=23   (345 words)

 NC State University | College of Design | What is Industrial Design?
Industrial Design is concerned with all the human aspects of machine-made products and their relationship to people and the environment.
Design Fundamentals focuses on exposure to the basic concepts of two- and three-dimensional design and provides a comprehensive introduction to the various fields of design.
The faculty of the Department of Industrial Design firmly believe that there is an essential need for students in a research and technically-based university to engage in course work that fosters creative thinking.
ncsudesign.org /content/index.cfm/fuseaction/page/filename/industrial_design.html   (252 words)

 CCAD | Industrial Design
An industrial design education begins with a grounding in design fundamentals and an understanding of aesthetics, along with knowledge about the selection and use of materials and engineering needs.
Industrial design is a perpetually expanding field driven by a technological and conceptual engine; a haven for careers yet to be discovered.
All industrial design majors are required to have an internship to graduate.
www.ccad.edu /majors-id.htm   (1024 words)

 Cintiq - Industrial Design
Industrial designers can sketch digital concepts using their pen directly on the screen to adjust stroke weight and opacity with pressure-sensitive control.
For design professionals who are dedicated to delivering the best possible creative solutions to challenging problems the Cintiq allows them to work in a more natural way with their software resulting in greater exploration and more time for refinements.
The Cintiq21UX was designed to give the industrial designer the same freedom to rotate their digital artwork a full 180 degrees in either direction.
www.wacom.com /lcdtablets/industrial.cfm   (709 words)

 Commercial and industrial designers
A bachelor’s degree in industrial design, architecture, or engineering is required for entry-level positions; however, many commercial and industrial designers choose to pursue a master’s degree in either industrial design or business administration.
Designers must also be creative, imaginative, and persistent and must be able to communicate their ideas in writing, visually, and verbally.
Employment of commercial and industrial designers is expected to grow about as fast as average for all occupations through 2014.
www.bls.gov /oco/ocos290.htm   (1876 words)

 Savannah College of Art and Design > Academic > Majors > About
The industrial design department is focused on developing highly motivated students of design who create, articulate and communicate innovative solutions that enhance user experience.
Industrial design transportation student projects have ranged from automobiles and boats to kayaks, hang gliders, motorcycles, snowboards and scooters.
The industrial design department is housed in the Gulfstream Center for Furniture and Industrial Design at Clifford Hall, a 43,000-square-foot facility in Savannah.
www.scad.edu /academic/majors/idus/about.cfm   (700 words)

 Career: Industrial Designers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
To develop their designs, designers consider size, shape, weight, color, and materials to be used.
Industrial designers present their sketches to the client or design team.
Industrial designers may supervise assistants who carry out their designs.
www.iseek.org /sv/13000.jsp?id=100041   (487 words)

 Industrial design protection: industrial design registration
Industrial design protection: register industrial designs with the Santarelli patent attorneys.
Santerelli is specialising in industrial design, patent and trademark registration, and also offers services in other areas.
The firm provides a comprehensive range of intellectual property services which at the present includes : industrial design protection, industrial design registration...
www.intellectual-property-santarelli.com /industrial_design_protection.html   (66 words)

 Pratt Institute
Industrial Design (ID) is a field of artists, designers, and inventors who create the objects we live with every day.
Pratt’s industrial designers seek to create beautiful forms and products that express their vision as reflected by the people and culture of the times.
Concerned with design from concept to conclusion, this two-part course involves the student in all aspects of the design process, and incorporates skills and knowledge gathered from most of the other courses in the sophomore year.
www.pratt.edu /ad/id   (1365 words)

 Malaysia Intellectual Property - Industrial Design
To be eligible for protection in a country, industry designs must be original or novel and must be registered in government office.
Protection of an industrial design means that it may not be lawfully copied or imitated without the registered owner's authorization, and copies or imitations made without such authorization may not lawfully be sold or imported.
Industrial designs are protected by the United Kingdom Designs (Protection) Act 1949 (Revised 1978) for West Malaysia, the United Kingdom Designs (Protection) Ordinance Chapter 152 for Sabah and the Designs (United Kingdom) Ordinance Chapter 59 for Sarawak.
www.lawyerment.com.my /intellectual/industrial_design.shtml   (430 words)

 Industrial Design
The draft law permits certain uses of industrial designs by individuals other than the owner, especially in the event that the third party was preparing to apply and register for protection at the time the owner did so.
If the foreign design holder prefers not to use the design locally, he or she would be required to license the design, for compensation, to local industry.
The rights of application and registration of an industrial design are among the most important rights inuring to an author of a design; indeed, these rights are the first juncture along the continuum of industrial design protection.
www.abanet.org /ceeli/publications/assessments/bulgaria/industrialdesign.html   (3157 words)

 Industrial Design
Lacelle’s first design project at HP’s Calculator Products Division in Loveland was the industrial design of the HP 9821A desktop calculator, which replaced the HP 9820A’s magnetic-card drive with the HP 9830A’s digital cassette tape drive.
This design detail was not used in the HP 9825A design but was used in the industrial design of the HP 9845A.
Lacelle was awarded design patents for the HP 9825A case design (D245,810 and D249,090) in 1977 and 1978.
www.hp9825.com /html/industrial_design.html   (1109 words)

 School of Art and Design
The Industrial Design curriculum emphasizes the development of concepts and specifications for a wide range of consumer products, instruments and medical equipment, furniture and lighting systems, transportation, toys, exhibits and packaging centered on the need for socially and environmentally conscious design.
UlC Industrial Design alumni hold important positions in the competitive arena of corporate design with design directorships at Skil, Inc., Selfix, Inc., and Computervision, Inc. Other alumni hold important positions in design and engineering eorporations such as ATandT, Armstrong, Wilson Jones, Triodyne, Signode, and Glenn Beall/Engineering.
Industrial Design at UlC has fostered an entrepreneurial spirit which takes most of our alumni into small competitive consulting offices, such as Tres Design, Design Facets, Wayne Kuna, 7 Associates, and Jones Design Group.
www.uic.edu /aa/artd/ind_des.html   (214 words)

 Core77 / design magazine + resource / home
Danish designer Carlo Volf, a.k.a Volfdesign, wowed everyone at the Made in Denmark exhibit in London with his Stick Chair, even though it debuted back in 2000.
Vanderbeek's bike stand design is part of the Wolters' Street Furniture collection.
The growing number of design schools and local projects--such as '5 Senses of Istanbul' directed by Aziz Sariyer--reveals a young and promising design culture from the Orient.
www.core77.com   (1381 words)

 Carleton University - School of Industrial Design
The School of Industrial Design offers a professional program that leads to a Bachelor of Industrial Design (B.I.D.).
It has a unique curriculum that blends design studies with applied sciences, such as math and physics, and social sciences like psychology and business.
The focus is on process, from concept and design, through to manufacturing and the everyday use of the product.
www.id.carleton.ca   (70 words)

 Industrial Designs
An industrial design is the ornamental or aesthetic aspect of an article.
The design may consist of three-dimensional features, such as the shape or surface of an article, or of two-dimensional features, such as patterns, lines or color.
Industrial designs are applied to a wide variety of products of industry and handicraft: from technical and medical instruments to watches, jewelry, and other luxury items; from housewares and electrical appliances to vehicles and architectural structures; from textile designs to leisure goods.
www.wipo.int /about-ip/en/industrial_designs.html   (145 words)

 Department of Industrial Design: College of Design: ASU   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Industrial Design program prepares students for a professional career in product design and development, especially in the area of manufactured objects used by people on a daily basis.
Typical design projects (some of which are conducted with external partners) feature product planning and user experience along with exercises dealing with the design of electronic devices, housewares, sports equipment, and packaging.
Focus is placed on the role of the industrial designer as a member of a team.
design.asu.edu /industrial/index.shtml   (288 words)

 Faculty of Architecture - Home
The Faculty of Architecture is committed to the study of the natural and man-made systems primarily comprising cities, buildings and industrial products.The Faculty and its curricula are organized around two basic disciplines of design and planning.
Problems ranging from the creation of industrial products and architecture to landscapes and settlement systems are covered in lectures, field work and studios, where the aim is to bring together knowledge, methodology, theory and high levels of professional skills within the framework of projects.
Established in 1979, the department is one of the leading industrial design departments, and attracts students with the most competitive profile in Turkey.
www.arch.metu.edu.tr /arch/id.html   (357 words)

 Tastemakers: Industrial Designers - Forbes.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Unless you travel in design circles, the names Masamichi Udagawa and Sigi Moeslinger of New York's Antenna Design probably won't ring a bell, but their influence is profound.
The impact of design is difficult--if not impossible--to quantify.
Whether high- or low-tech, industrial design is successful to the extent that its development is collaborative.
www.forbes.com /lifestyle/2005/12/05/tastemakers-industrial-designers-cx_tm_1206taste_ls.html   (1085 words)

 designfeast.com -- industrial
Industrial Designers Society of America: "IDSA is the voice of industrial design, representing the profession to business, government, education, the media and the general public and serving its information and networking needs."
International Council of Societies of Industrial Design: "Established in 1957 to advance the discipline of industrial design at the international level, ICSID is a non-profit, non-governmental organization supported by professional, promotional, educational, associate and corporate member societies on all continents."
Quality Function Deployment: "In today's industrial society, where the growing distance between producers and users is a concern, QFD links the needs of the customer (end user) with design, development, engineering, manufacturing, and service functions.
www.designfeast.com /industrial/default.htm   (1689 words)

 Industrial Design
Graduates establish careers with corporations and consulting design firms concerned with the design and development of a wide range of products for manufacture and use.
Industrial design is the professional practice of creating and developing designs for manufactured products to meet the needs of consumers and manufacturers.
Designers are part of a team responsible for creating the best in product performance, value, and appearance.
www.cla.purdue.edu /ad/ad/area2/industrial2/industrial2-h.html   (155 words)

 Industrial Design.
Industrial Design is the process of creating and developing concepts and specifications that optimize the function, value, and appearance of a product.This is done for the mutual benefit of both end user and manufacturer.
Industrial design is limited to the creativity of the human mind – therefore, the possibilities are endless.
Industrial Design helps differentiate your product from the competition while maintaining a practical concern for manufacturing requirements.
www.cavlab.com /industrial_design.htm   (280 words)

 industrial structural design training
He is responsible for the structural design of numerous industrial and manufacturing facilities in the United States and overseas.
The central theme of this course is to develop structural design of industrial facilities in a systematic manner with the structural systems and essential subsystems including crane runways, mill buildings, combined columns, and industrial floors.
This course is intended to introduce some of the theoretical concepts and practical methods to design industrial facilities.
training.bossintl.com /html/structural-design-industrial.html   (883 words)

 A | AH | D   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Industrial designers give form to virtually all mass-manufactured products in our culture.
The industrial design profession demands excellent organizational skills, an awareness of visual and tactile aesthetics, human behavior, human proportion, material, process, and the responsible appropriation of resources, during and after use.
Properly implemented, industrial design affords greater benefit, safety, and economy to all participants and recipients impacted by the product development cycle.
www.nd.edu /~art/design/id.htm   (159 words)

 Amazon.com: Industrial Design: Books: Raymond Loewy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Industrial designer Loewy has, according to PW, " put his stamp on the contours of our modern environment." The Lucky Strike pack, the Shell and Exxon logos and the Greyhound bus are but a few of his contributions.
Among the literally thousands of his well-known forms, shapes, and designs are the Coca-Cola bottle, the Studebaker, the U.S. Post Office logo, streamlined trains and ocean liners, the Shell and Exxon logos, and the Lucky Strike package.
In Industrial Design the pioneering half-century of Loewy's career is offered in a stunning visual presentation of his most famous design achievements together with his personal account of a life in design.
www.amazon.com /Industrial-Design-Raymond-Loewy/dp/0879512601   (1184 words)

 Core77 - Design Schools and Educaton
Our sister site coroflot is home to over 30,000 portfolios - providing members with the opportunity to showcase their work, seek employment and receive filtered design jobs via email.
When you're looking at the different design schools, you'll want to consider the location, the facilities, the faculty, as well as the philosophy.
Our job is to design products—anything and everything that's mass-produced—from Ferraris to toasters, from furniture to television sets.
www.core77.com /design.edu   (254 words)

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