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Topic: Inertial

In the News (Mon 17 Jun 19)

  CGA FAQ: Centrifugal force & inertial frames
Even though it is true that the solution would be the same when the equations are solved in an inertial frame, one can imagine the difficulties when weather forecasting would be done on a mesh attached to the sun, or the galaxy, or the center of mass of the universe...
Let R be a rotation matrix describing the orientation of the moving reference frame relative to the inertial reference frame, and Ao be the acceleration of the origin of the moving reference frame measured in the inertial reference frame.
The inertial frame used by the > accelerometers is, of course, tilted relative to the usual horizontal and > vertical axes of the frame attached to the earth, and its > orientation changes with time.
www.univie.ac.at /cga/faq/inertial.html   (3784 words)

  UCB Inertial Fusion Energy Tutorial
This claim about the potential economic viability of inertial fusion energy is certainly a strong one, but several inherent characteristics of ICF technology support this viewpoint.
In inertial confinement fusion, small B-B-size hollow spherical capsules, most likely made of plastic, are filled at high pressure with an equal mixture of deuterium and tritium, and then chilled to cryogenic temperatures, so that the D-T gas freezes as a thin, solid coating on the inside of the capsule wall.
The chapter "The Economics of IFE" discusses the economic characteristics of inertial fusion energy development that make IFE an attractive candidate for research and development investment, particularly when the scientific feasibility of ignition is demonstrated experimentally at the National Ignition Facility.
www.nuc.berkeley.edu /thyd/icf/IFE.html   (3235 words)

  PlanetMath: inertial degree
The preservation of inertial degree and ramification indices with respect to localization is one of the reasons why the technique of localization is a useful tool in the study of such domains.
However, the generalizations of inertial degree are not as widely used because in algebraic geometry one usually works with a fixed base field, which makes all the residue fields at the points equal to the same field.
This is version 3 of inertial degree, born on 2002-05-13, modified 2006-11-08.
planetmath.org /encyclopedia/InertialDegree.html   (308 words)

Therefore, inertia is a force field of inertial matter that is generated by inertial matter, and enables inertial matter to have a property of inertia and a measurement of "mass".
The inertial field velocity from the Earth behind the object is allowed to move at an increased velocity proportional to the velocity of the object.
Column 's=' is the inertial velocity at the surface assuming mass fills space at a density of c kg/m^3 (this value is obtained by dividing the mass/sec by the density of the field).
www.geocities.com /dogov/inertia.htm   (13447 words)

 What is an Inertial Coordinate System
Hence the term “inertial” when applied to coordinate systems means more than just that free objects are unaccelerated, it means that the resistance to acceleration of a resting body is the same in all spatial directions.
The formal definition of inertial reference frames given in every one of these sources fails to require that the third law be satisfied, despite the fundamental importance of this requirement.
It seems most reasonable to reserve the expression “inertial coordinate system” to those systems of space and time coordinates in terms of which inertia is homogeneous and isotropic, because this is sufficient to unambiguously define a unique reference frame for each state of motion.
www.mathpages.com /home/kmath386/kmath386.htm   (2037 words)

 Space and Time: Inertial Frames (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
We must define an inertial system as one in which at least three non-collinear free particles move in noncoplanar straight lines; then we can state the law of inertia as the claim that, relative to an inertial system so defined, the motion of any fourth particle, or arbitrarily many particles, will be rectilinear.
And having determined an inertial frame, we are in a position to say that the accelerations relative to the center of mass frame are the true accelerations.
Newton's Corollary VI said that the inertial frame we construct by this procedure is effectively indistinguishable from one in which all the bodies are undergoing equal and parallel accelerations caused by some force that acts equally on all of them; the equivalence principle asserts that gravity is such a force.
plato.stanford.edu /entries/spacetime-iframes   (8682 words)

 Inertia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The factor m is referred to as inertial mass.
Gravitational mass is measured by comparing the force of gravity of an unknown mass to the force of gravity of a known mass.
It is possible to ignore the motion of the carriage by defining it as an inertial frame.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Inertia   (3011 words)

 Inertial proprioceptive devices: Self-motion-sensing toys and tools
Inertial sensors do not require external references, and since they are becoming inexpensive and smaller in size, they offer a new means of autonomous motion detection for devices that have long been dependent on external references (i.e., shoes and treadmills).
Inertial navigation systems (INSs) used in aircraft, spacecraft, and other vehicles are ordinarily based on an inertial measurement unit that consists of a set of three orthogonal accelerometers and three mutually orthogonal gyroscopes.
Inertial navigational systems suffer most from the inherent buildup of positional errors associated with inertial sensors because INSs need to operate indefinitely for the duration of their "missions." For navigation and other applications where system accuracy is more important than system autonomy, hybrid inertial motion-sensing systems are common.
www.research.ibm.com /journal/sj/353/sectione/verplaetse.html   (4994 words)

 Inertial Flow
Inertial flow is not one of the more commonly seen flows in the atmosphere, yet it does exist.
Inertial flows are also known as inertial oscillations, since air parcels under the influence of inertial balance follow circular paths in an anti-cyclonic manner.
The only situations where inertial flow may be observed are in the center of large anti-cyclones or cyclones, where pressure gradients are very weak.
vortex.plymouth.edu /winds/webpage/inertial.html   (223 words)

 Inertial Reference Frames
Both your inertial frame and her inertial frame are equally "valid." This realisation is often called Galilean relativity.
Thus during the deceleration you are not in an inertial frame.
Inertial reference frames are frames in which the Principle of Inertia is true.
www.upscale.utoronto.ca /GeneralInterest/Harrison/Inertial/Inertial.html   (1365 words)

 Inertial damper - Memory Alpha - A Wikia wiki
Inertial dampers are a system used on almost all starships to counter the effects of rapid acceleration/deceleration of a vessel by sustaining and absorbing the natural inertia of a vessel as it either moves through space or if it is under attack from another vessel.
If a starship were to jump to warp speed without using inertial dampers, the members of the crew would almost certainly die as the rapid acceleration would throw them back in to the consoles and rear walls killing them instantly.
If the inertial dampers are disabled, they can be reactivated by resetting the inertial dampening field base at three-zero-zero and re-initialising the dampers.
memory-alpha.org /en/wiki/Inertial_damper   (338 words)

 GPS/inertial data in aerial photogrammetry
Direct georeferencing is based on the combination of GPS and inertial sensor components.
The principle of inertial navigation is based on the measurements of linear accelerations and rotational rate increments of a body relative to an inertial coordinate frame.
The only difference from a hardware point of view is the IMU: The Litton LR86 dry-tuned gyro (1998) inertial unit installed in the POS/AV 510 DG is meanwhile replaced by other newer units i.e.
www.ifp.uni-stuttgart.de /forschung/photo/georef-Dateien/georef.en.html   (2224 words)

 Inertial Explorer GPS Devices, GPS Antennas and Receivers: NovAtel Inc. - Products
Inertial Explorer (GPSIMU) post-processing software suite is aimed at users who wish to integrate rate data from six degrees of freedom IMU sensor arrays with GPS information processed via Waypoint GrafNav, which is included.
Waypoint Inertial Explorer is designed to utilize strapdown accelerometer (Dn) and angular rate (Dq) information to produce high rate coordinate and attitude information from a wide variety of IMUs, including high-accuracy navigation grade to inexpensive MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) sensor types.
Waypoint Inertial Explorer is aimed principally at users who wish to OEM their own GPS / inertial hardware platforms and process that data in a production level software environment.
www.novatel.com /products/waypoint_inertial.htm   (484 words)

 American AntiGravity - Lifter Inertial Anomalies, 2004
Saviour’s experimental setup is one of the only known experiments to deal exclusively with inertial effects – his gimbal-restrained Lifter, mounted upright, was connected to a power-supply so that a high-voltage power could be applied to the Lifter.
Admittedly, more work is required to validate Hoagland’s concept of linear inertial rejection than in the case of Saviour’s experiment, however, it forms the basis of a growing body of evidence to suggest that inertial nullification is occurring in Lifters during operation.
The idea of Biefeld-Brown as an inertial modifier solves two of the most troublesome problems of testing these technologies – first, that Lifters tend not to produce much (if any) thrust in a vacuum, and second that experimenters continue to report strange anomalies in Lifter flight that have not yet been addressed in theory.
www.americanantigravity.com /lifter-inertial-anomalies-2004.shtml   (2655 words)

 Combining low-cost inertial systems with GPS: applications for general aviation GPS World - Find Articles
Inertial systems have been used on commercial and military aircraft as primary navigation instruments for many years but these systems are very expensive and out of reach of most of the general aviation community.
The error sensitivity analysis of low-cost inertial sensors evaluates the influence of components of sensor measurement errors for a particular inertial measurement unit (IMU).
It is a solid-state, six degree-of-freedom inertial sensing system using three orthogonally mounted, micromachined quartz gyroscopes, and three high-performance linear servo accelerometers in a small, self-contained package.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0BPW/is_3_15/ai_n6175372   (712 words)

 Inertial frame - Advanced Physics Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: )
An inertial frame of reference is any set of coordinates at rest or moving with constant velocity.
Any frame of reference at rest or moving at constant velocity with respect to that frame, is by definition also an inertial frame of reference.
It is a triviality to verify that the laws of physics remain the same under transformation from one frame to the other.
www.advancedphysics.org /forum/showthread.php?t=32   (345 words)

 Inertial Frame of Reference
An inertial frame of reference is a frame of reference with constant velocity.
An inertial frame of reference is a frame of reference in which the law of inertia holds.
An inertial frame of reference is a frame of reference in which Newton's laws of motion hold.
id.mind.net /~zona/mstm/physics/mechanics/framesOfReference/inertialFrame.html   (692 words)

 Inertial Attitude   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The inertial reference frame uses one steady point in the sky to reference the orbiter pitch, yaw, and roll values.
An inertial attitude will always be pointing in the same direction in space as it goes around the earth in its orbit.
If an attitude is not an inertial attitude but is converted to inertial values at a specific time point, the inertial values will continually change throughout the orbit.
liftoff.msfc.nasa.gov /academy/rocket_sci/shuttle/attitude/inertial.html   (279 words)

 Inertial frames and Newtonian mechanics (from Einstein Light)
Inertial frames, Newtonian mechanics and why the laws are the same in the train and on the platform
A frame of reference that moves with constant velocity with respect to an inertial frame is also an inertial frame.
(ie if your first frame is inertial, the second frame is inertial.) If you can juggle on the platform, you can juggle in the train, or even in a plane, even if a bystander sees you and the balls whizzing by at high speed.
www.phys.unsw.edu.au /einsteinlight/jw/module1_Inertial.htm   (1389 words)

 Inertial Confinement Fusion
While magnetic confinement seeks to extend the time that ions spend close to each other in order to facilitate fusion, the inertial confinement strategy seeks to fuse nuclei so fast that they don't have time to move apart.
The two approaches to inertial confinement have been laser fusion and ion-beam fusion.
The inner core is increased a thousandfold in density and its temperature is driven upward to the ignition point for fusion.
hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu /hbase/nucene/finert.html   (443 words)

 Inertial frame of reference - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An inertial reference frame is a reference frame which does not accelerate.
Einstein’s general theory modifies the distinction between nominally "inertial" and "noninertial" effects, by replacing special relativity's "flat" Euclidean geometry with a curved non-Euclidean metric.
As a consequence of this curvature, it is not a given in general relativity that inertial objects moving at a particular rate with respect to each other will continue to do so.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Inertial   (779 words)

 NASA - Chandra X-ray Observatory Inertial Upper Stage Fact Sheet (08/99)
The Inertial Upper Stage is a two-stage, solid rocket used to place spacecraft into a high-Earth orbit or boost them away from the Earth on interplanetary missions.
The Inertial Upper Stage is launched from Earth aboard either the NASA Space Shuttle or with a one-use launch vehicle, such as the Air Force's Titan rocket.
Once in space, the Inertial Upper Stage is deployed from the Shuttle or Titan and ignites to propel its attached spacecraft to the proper point in space.
www.nasa.gov /centers/marshall/news/background/facts/ius.htm   (981 words)

 INERTIAL SENSOR   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The performance requirements of the inertial sensors used for RSC are similar to that of ESC.
But today the concept of a cluster of inertial sensors sending their information to whatever system needs it is becoming the goal of many automotive OEMs.
Generally the best place to mount an inertial sensor is near the center of gravity of the vehicle.
www.electronics-europe.de /inertialsensor.html   (1855 words)

 MEMS Inertial Sensor Laboratory
Inertial Sensors, such as accelerometers and gyroscopes, are widely used in many applications in the aerospace, military, automotive and marine industries.
As inertial sensors shrink in size and cost, the number of applications increases exponentially.
Typical of such devices are accelerometers containing miniature proof masses and sensing electronics and gyroscopic devices based on the coriolis effect using vibrating forks.
spider.eng.auburn.edu /amstc/organization/Memsinertial.htm   (506 words)

 Simple Inertial Transfer Engine
It is the inertial equivalent of an AC to DC Full wave bridge rectifier.
As the usage of the inertial drive assembly progresses, a minute imbalance is detected.
This is the inertial equivalent of a simple AC to DC converter.
members.cox.net /rberne/inertial/100serie.htm   (1803 words)

 Global statistics of inertial motions
Statistics of inertial currents in the North Pacific, North Atlantic, and Southern Ocean are derived for the period 1997–2003 from surface trajectories of Argo profiling floats by employing a method developed recently by Park et al.
The distribution of inertial amplitudes is non-Gaussian in the range 0∼80 cm/sec with an average value of 13.7 cm/sec.
The total inertial energy estimated from the floats is consistent with the theory that inertial energy could contribute significantly to sustaining the meridional overturning circulation.
www.agu.org /pubs/crossref/2005/2005GL023258.shtml   (278 words)

 Strapdown Inertial Navigation Technology (2nd Edition)
Inertial navigation is widely used for the guidance of aircraft, missiles, ships and land vehicles, as well as in a number of novel applications such as surveying underground pipelines in drilling operations.
This book sets out to provide a clear and concise description of the physical principles of inertial navigation, the associated growth of errors and their compensation.
There is also detailed treatment of recent developments in inertial sensor technology and a description of techniques for implementing and evaluating such systems.
www.knovel.com /knovel2/Toc.jsp?BookID=1241   (155 words)

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