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Topic: Infill

In the News (Wed 20 Mar 19)

  PolicyLink - Infill Incentives
Infill housing is dense in comparison with housing in suburban areas and represents an effective way to meet a jurisdiction's affordable housing or population growth needs.
Infill incentives are implemented by local or county governments and occasionally by regional planning bodies.
Infill incentives are most effective when they reflect a broad convergence of support for infill development.
www.policylink.org /EDTK/Infill   (1974 words)

  Smart Communities Network: Land Use Articles/Publications   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Despite the interest and growing political support, infill development continues to represent a negligible percentage of construction in the U.S. Most of the infill taking place today is in the affordable housing sector where low income investment tax credits and Community Reinvestment Act financing fuel an expansion of multifamily construction.
An infill developer, by contrast, has to build all the units at once, finish on schedule, and hope to sell the units as soon as possible after they are built to avoid carrying the cost of the whole development.
While urban infill development may never occur on the same scale as suburban development does, there are a number of strategies that can encourage both consumers and developers to create a bigger market for infill.
www.sustainable.doe.gov /articles/infillalt.shtml   (2025 words)

 INVESTING In Land - Infill Development Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Infill development has become all the rage in some self-described "progressive" cities where quality of life and greenbelt preservation are considered paramount issues that trump nearly all others.
Infills by definition work by increasing project use density and despite the kindest words of encouragement from public officials on infill development in general, in reality developers face daunting challenges to get permission for the density any financially solvent infill requires.
Infill developers also face a myriad of issues from tenant/residents from parking lot sizes to limits on retail space which is very profitable for developers and owners but a nuisance for residential tenants.
www.investinginland.com /infill_development.htm   (1050 words)

 ePB01-9: Accommodating Growth Through Infill Development   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Infill near downtown will be served by existing bus routes, and will provide additional riders with virtually no increase in service costs.
As infill increases the density of a city, the cost per resident of providing a given level of service may fall.
The large multi-family projects that represent the majority of recent infill in Seattle are not the housing that the majority of the population desires.
www.researchcouncil.org /Briefs/2001/ePB01-9/Growth6.htm   (1763 words)

 Efforts to Build Infill Housing in California Won't Solve Growth Woes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Infill housing, promoted by a new California law, is a process where vacant sites located closer to established, developed areas receive preferential treatment for development than sites not located as close to historical city centers.
Infill housing is supposed to increase density, promote affordable housing closer to jobs, preserve open space, reduce traffic congestion, and improve the environment.
Advocates of infill development make a faulty assumption in today's society - that land closer to the historical city center is always less desirable to keep vacant than land on the urban fringe.
www.rppi.org /infillhousing.html   (1181 words)

 Infill Calls for 'Difficult Balancing Act' - Science - RedOrbit
The Downtown Area Infill Incentive District was created earlier this month as a tool to bring residential and commercial projects to inner-city areas that have lost people and businesses over the past 40 years, even as the region as a whole tripled its population.
His planners are working with developers to find ways to speed infill projects and at the same time working with neighborhoods to protect them from infill that takes the form of, say, mini-dorms in university-area neighborhoods.
The Neighborhood Infill Coalition, a group formed to combat projects they deem out of scale with existing neighborhoods, is leery of the city's direction, though it has pretty much kept away from the rules that govern the city's Rio Nuevo development push Downtown.
www.redorbit.com /news/science/743479/infill_calls_for_difficult_balancing_act/index.html?source=r_science   (1049 words)

 Infill Credit   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The infill credit acts as an incentive for developing infill lots, as opposed to greenfields away from existing development.
Infill development results in lower infrastructure costs, fewer miles driven, and a net reduction in impervious cover creation when compared with greenfield development.
An infill credit can be applied to all sites that are built within the current sewer envelope, and are smaller than 5 acres for residential development, and 2 acres for commercial or industrial uses.
www.stormwatercenter.net /manual_builder/credits/WATERSHED/infill.htm   (216 words)

 [No title]
Some cities are encouraging mixed-use infill and are trying to create the necessary zoning to make this happen.
Potential historic buildings on the infill parcels are a great dilemma, since they often aren’t identified as such until you are part way through the process of receiving site plan approval and SEPA sign off.
Infill development is more expensive than building three-story, wood-frame walk-up apartments with large parking lots.
www.djc.com /news/re/11124636.html   (1121 words)

 Urbanfutures.org Abstract: Infill: The Cure for Sprawl?
The study concludes that the supply of land for infill is largely out of the control of local governments.
Infill policies attempt to encourage the development of vacant land within urbanized areas to prevent the further development of vacant land in nonurbanized areas.
In principle, infill is supposed to be more efficient because it preserves undeveloped land, promotes the use of existing infrastructure, reduces public service costs, improves "economic and social conditions," and generally promotes "order" in land markets.
www.urbanfutures.org /abstract.cfm?id=28   (997 words)

 1-Analyzing Infill Development Potential
As a result, the concept of infill development—the development of new homes, commercial areas, and public facilities on vacant or underutilized land in existing communities—is now considered a viable alternative to sprawl development in many parts of the state.
As the need for infill development grows throughout California, so does the need for analytical tools that help identify prospective infill sites and estimate the potential of infill development to meet the state's need for housing and other urban development.
Infill raises a host of new issues, such as environmental justice, that transportation and community planners must address.
www.esri.com /news/arcuser/0405/infill.html   (721 words)

 Urban Redevelopment and Infill/ Rehabs - Cyburbia Forums
Infill development is seen as part of the solution—not part of the problem—which is why political support for such projects is increasing in strength.
Infill doesn't always mean gentrification, though frequently it does, given the fact that it is largely market-driven.
Infill will certainly continue to be a more significant part of the development picture than has been the case over the last half century.
www.cyburbia.org /forums/showthread.php?t=1917   (2086 words)

 Knight Toolworks - Infill Plane
The infill plane is a precision tool that will plane almost any wood, grain direction notwithstanding.
The infill can be made in several woods including Cocobolo (pictured), ebony, Bubinga, Black Walnut, Cherry, Bloodwood, and other woods Please email me for a full list of woods.
The small infill is 5" high 4" high and 2" wide and has a 1.5" wide iron.
www.knight-toolworks.com /infill.htm   (363 words)

 The Best Things - Legend vs. Fact: The British Infill Plane
When the word infill plane is mentioned to a woodworker, more often than not, the immediate response is to mention Norris planes, as if this was the only manufacturer.
In fact, Norris was a rather late entry into the business, though indeed Norris became a major manufacturer, and one of the last survivors, so it is not surprising that their name would be better remembered than most.
In the heyday of the infill plane, from the last quarter of the 19th Century up until World War I, there were many manufacturers of infill planes, ranging in quality from exquisite to excellent.
www.thebestthings.com /infill_i.htm   (1660 words)

 Infill construction causing 'slum housing'   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Infill refers to the construction of more than one building on a single lot.
Some infill apartments contain, in extreme situations, as many as eight bedrooms with only one kitchen and bathroom and a limited number of fire exits, said Carl Hess, director of the State College Planning Commission.
However, many students living in houses that are considered infill said conditions are not as bad as some officials make them sound, and living close to campus in a more suburban atmosphere instead of downtown is worth it.
www.collegian.psu.edu /archive/2003/09/09-24-03tdc/09-24-03dnews-06.asp   (759 words)

 City of Austin: Smart Growth Infill and Redevelopment Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
One goal of the Neighborhood Plans is to identify opportunities for new infill development that is compatible with the character of existing neighborhoods.
The term infill refers to "filling in" vacant parcels of land in existing developed areas.
By focusing on opportunities for infill and redevelopment we can make more efficient use of existing infrastructure such as streets and water and sewer lines, provide affordable housing within the city, minimize traffic congestion by reducing commuting distances, and relieve some of the pressure for suburban sprawl.
www.ci.austin.tx.us /smartgrowth/sginfill.htm   (165 words)

 Sprawl Guide: Solutions (Infill Development)
The goals of the Infill Housing Program of the City of Phoenix include encouraging development of vacant or underutilized land located in the mature central portions of Phoenix, as well as promoting a variety of housing styles, types and price ranges, appropriate to the surrounding neighborhoods.
The City of Burnaby, British Columbia's, Infill Housing: Be a Good Neighbour provides contractors, builders and homeowners with information and ideas on what infill builders should do as "good neighbours", and what local residents should expect from an infill project.
Infill housing is being promoted by everyone from environmentalists to transportation activists to housing advocates.
www.plannersweb.com /sprawl/solutions_sub_infill.html   (421 words)

 Borough Council to debate infill districts at meeting   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
An infill structure is a secondary building constructed for economic purposes and rented primarily to college students.
The belief at the time was that infill would create incentives for property owners to maintain historic buildings by allowing them to profit through additional residents living in a nearby infill building, she said.
McCarl said the council might choose to move ahead and vote to repeal infill for the two districts in which council members are in agreement and discuss the Residential-Office district at a later date.
www.collegian.psu.edu /archive/2002/10/10-17-02tdc/10-17-02dnews-03.asp   (591 words)

When designing an infill building, it is important to consider the existing context.
These goals can be reached by building new infill buildings with the uses already decided, like the Fort Pierce project, or existing infill can be converted to accommodate new demands.
This requires designs that have high capacity and that take existing context into consideration, responding to their surroundings in a way that will be sustainable for a long time.
www.class.uidaho.edu /communityresearch/infill.htm   (538 words)

 Smart Communities Network: Land Use Planning Strategies--Infill
Infill development is a strategy for accommodating growth and preventing sprawl through greater density and efficiency in land use development within existing urban boundaries.
Infill Development, part of EPA's Antidotes to Sprawl, identifies federal initiatives for infill.
Infill Development: Strategies for Shaping Livable Neighborhoods, a report from the Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington.
www.smartcommunities.ncat.org /landuse/infill.shtml   (362 words)

The development of vacant, abandoned, or significantly underutilized parcels in the urbanized core area of the County that is served with all or most public services and facilitiesÿ The urban infill development area should be recognized to be the focus of public and private urban development resources and initiatives in the County.
Infill development is becoming increasingly recognized as an effective way to proactively address a variety of interrelated problems associated with post-WWII development trends.
Infill development offers great potential to improve infrastructure efficiency, increase the affordability of central cities and older, first-generation suburbs, improve accessibility of transportation, and make cities more livable.
www.floridacdc.org /policy/infilltaskforce.htm   (935 words)

 Council discusses Urban Village infill   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Infill is the construction of an additional building on a single lot, and its restriction has been proposed in the area west of campus surrounding West College Avenue beyond Atherton Street.
Hess said infill restrictions were originally enacted because of the borough's fear that property owners would consolidate their land and tear down historic areas.
Dauler said she was not opposed to infill in the area because of the interest in varied styles of buildings.
www.collegian.psu.edu /archive/2004/03/03-22-04tdc/03-22-04dnews-05.asp   (528 words)

 British Metal Planes, Infill Planes - The Best Things
Infill planes proliferated in the second half of the nineteenth century.
The biggest problem we find in infill planes is heavy rust, or having been reground to remove rust, or damaged infill.
The plane has beech infill, something I have not seen before on a Slater and which is quite attractive.
www.thebestthings.com /infill.htm   (1361 words)

 SYNLawn News: Infill vs. Non-Infill Artificial Grass
Infill is the process of filling an artificial grass product with either sand, rubber crumb or a combination of the two.
It serves two purposes. First, infill provides a structure for the artificial grass fibers, helping the fibers to stand. The fibers of a polyethylene turf naturally lay “flat” without the infill material.
Infill materials will migrate (move or come out of the turf) if installed on a slope or hill, played on, walked on repeatedly or washed away by rain or garden hose.
www.synlawn.com /news/archives/2005/03/infill_vs_nonin.html   (950 words)

 [No title]
Senator Soto was particularly interested in the Oakland project, noting that infill development projects near transit are good for “women who work.” She was disappointed that local officials in her community failed to promote mixed-use development around a new commuter rail station.
Costello explained that to process and approve infill projects requires local officials to work closely with the builders, adding “you need planners because it’s staff-intensive.” However, Costello conceded that she went “too far” in reducing parking requirements for the earliest projects.
Infill is important to California, he said, because it: (1) accepts growth without adding to sprawl, (2) uses current infrastructure and avoids public costs, and (3) adds value to existing neighborhoods.
www.senate.ca.gov /ftp/SEN/COMMITTEE/STANDING/LOC_GOV/_home/INFILLSUMMARYREPORT.doc   (1969 words)

 Infill Companies
Infill clients have found that even when the highest and best uses are determined according to current ordinances, the political climate within the municipality may be the most elusive obstacle to overcome.
Therefore, Infill researches market conditions, reviews governing ordinances and investigates the political climate of the municipality to attain the highest and best use for your property.
Not only does Infill's research include in-depth analysis of the relationships between planning commissions and their city councils, it also examines the relationship between both entities' individual members.
www.infillcompanies.com /landuse.htm   (220 words)

 DenverInfill.com: Downtown Denver and Its Urban Infill and Redevelopment Projects
is a comprehensive overview and photographic survey of all the urban infill and redevelopment projects in the greater Downtown Denver area.
This section presents a running tally of all the infill projects in Downtown Denver and the Center City neighborhoods tracked by DenverInfill.com, with brief statistics on each.
Not only is Downtown busy with infill developments, but the adjacent Center City neighborhoods are booming as well.
www.denverinfill.com   (568 words)

 Infill Development: Completing the Community Fabric
Infill development is the process of developing vacant or under-used parcels within existing urban areas that are already largely developed.
Successful infill development is characterized by overall residential densities high enough to support improved transportation choices as well as a wider variety of convenience services and amenities.
Infill Capacity Analysis of Orange County and Western Riverside County Gateway, Produced by the Center for Demographic Research at California State University, Fullerton for Western Riverside Council of Governments and Orange County Council of Governments Interregional Partnership, April 2004 (Study identifies candidate infill/refill housing sites, especially in transit rich and employment rich areas.
www.mrsc.org /Subjects/Planning/infilldev.aspx   (1846 words)

 California Needs Infill   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The working group is currently focusing on infill housing — a policy issue within the "smart growth" framework where the most consensus might be achieved.
Infill housing uses available land in developed areas to provide jobs or housing development, instead of spreading development to outlying suburban or rural areas.
Infill can also create challenges, and that is why the working group is examining all facets of the issue.
www.faultline.org /news/2001/12/torlakson.html   (966 words)

 Infill Ordinance - Comprehensive Growth Management Plan Review - Long Range Planning - Services - Community Development ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Infill development refers to housing construction that fills in vacant parcels located inside the urban area.
The intent of the infill ordinance is to encourage the development of bypassed urban parcels in areas where there are existing services such as water and sewer lines.
The infill ordinance was adopted September 17, 2002 and became effective October 1, 2002.
www.co.clark.wa.us /longrangeplan/review/infill.html   (181 words)

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