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Topic: Ingush language

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In the News (Sat 20 Jul 19)

  World congress on language policies
Language policy is part and parcel of national policy as a whole, since general attitude to ethnoses and ethnic groups determines a set of measures taken by the state, political parties, classes, social groups to change or preserve the existing distribution of languages, to introduce new or preserve existing linguistic norms.
Language policy, along with ethnic self-consciousness, value orientations of native speakers of a certain language, are subjective factors of the concrete language situation, since they exert deliberate impact of society upon the functions of the language.
The national language of the RF - the language of national unity is one of the Slavic languages, the mother tongue of an absolute majority of the population - the Russian language.
www.linguapax.org /congres/taller/taller3/Mikhalchenko.html   (3312 words)

 Ingush language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ingush is a language spoken by approximately 415,000 people (2005), known as the Ingush, across a region covering Ingushetia, Chechnya, Uzbekistan and Russia.
Ingush and Chechen, together with Bats, constitute the Nakh branch of the Northeast Caucasian language family.
Ingush and Russian are the official languages of Ingushetia, a federal subject of Russia.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ingush_language   (185 words)

 The Ingush People
The land inside the Terek bend, from the mountaintops to the plains, and extending eastward nearly to the Andi Kojsu and Sulak, was inhabited by Chechen and Ingush prior to the Russian conquest of the Caucasus.
Ingush in particular, though fluently spoken by a sizable speech community, is endangered by a combination of mass bilingualism in Russian, functional restrictions imposed by Soviet language policy up until 1991, and lack of opportunities for professional employment and higher education in or near Ingushetia.
Ingush and Chechen ethnic identity and social structure rest on principles of respect and deference to one's elders, formal and dignified relations between clans, and courteous and formal public behavior.
ingush.berkeley.edu:7012 /ingush_people.html   (3730 words)

 Caucasus Foundation
Ingush territory in the plains of the rivers Terek and Sunzha was relatively easy to conquer.
It was during this period that Ingush were finally divided from Chechen and gradually resettled from the mountains into the lower lands.
From 1957 onwards the Ingush were permitted to return but resettlement was slow due to tensions with the new settlers.
www.kafkas.org.tr /english/bgkafkas/Ethnicgeography_Ingush.htm   (390 words)

Language: The Ingush are a Caucasian ethno-linguistic group.
During the Stalinist puges of the 1930s, Ingush intellectual leaders were slaughtered, the language outlawed, and attempts were made to suppress Muslim traditions.
The root of the conflict is made up of the problems that followed when the Ingush returned from their exile from 1957 onwards, and found that Ossetians had occupied former Ingush land.
www.hunmagyar.org /turan/caucasus/ingush.html   (840 words)

 Ingush language, alphabet and pronunciation
Ingush is part of the small family of Nakh-Daghestanian or Northeast Caucasian languages spoken by about 230,000 people in Ingushetia and Uzbekistan.
Ingush was originally written with a version of the Arabic alphabet.
The Ingush Language / Ghalghaai mott, by Johanna Nichols of the University of California, Berkeley: http://ingush.berkeley.edu:7012/
www.omniglot.com /writing/ingush.htm   (172 words)

 Caucasian Language Family
Languages of the World is brought to you by the National Virtual Translation Center.
Besides languages from other language families (Armenian, Azerbaijani, Russian) brought by settlers and invaders over the past three millennia, there are 39 indigenous languages recognized as belonging to a single Caucasian family.
Even though many of these languages have sizable populations of fluent speakers, the combination of bilingualism in Russian, restrictions imposed by former Soviet government policies, and lack of educational and employment opportunities in these languages may signal the end of the road for many of them.
www.nvtc.gov /lotw/months/march/CaucasianLanguageFamily.html   (556 words)

 The Tower of Babel
Thus, the Ingush language preserves traces of the PN distinction between word-final *ˆ-½, *Š-¾ that is completely neutralized in Chechen.
Nakh languages are distinguished from other East-Caucasian languages by a multitude of consonant combinations as well as by an extremely specific feature: the possibility of consonant clusters in initial position.
Modern Chechen and Ingush have a considerable number of monosyllabic words of the structure CV¯ with a long vowel; this length, however, is in all cases secondary (on the shortening of the old length in this position, see above) and is a result of vocalic contraction after the disappearance of voiced consonants (see above).
starling.rinet.ru /Texts/pref4.htm   (5787 words)

 Ingush - Search Results - MSN Encarta
The three language families in the North Caucasian group are North-West Caucasian; North-Central Caucasian, also known as Nakh or Veinakh; and...
During the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the subsequent civil war, fighting took place in Ingushetia between the Communist Red Army and the...
- Ingush language: the language of the Ingush people, belonging to the Nakh group of North Caucasian languages.
ca.encarta.msn.com /Ingush.html   (93 words)

 Minorities At Risk (MAR)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The Ingush have thus far been able to avoid the disaster that has befallen their ethnic brethren to the east.
If the North Ossetians, whose population is shrinking (while the Ingush are experiencing the highest birthrate in Russia), begin to feel insecure and try to reassert their authority in the region, another bloody armed conflict is especially likely.
The Ingush were not allowed to return to all of their traditional lands after the deportation.
www.cidcm.umd.edu /inscr/mar/data/rusing.htm   (1026 words)

Language is said to be lateralized and processed in the left hemisphere of the brain.
A non-standard dialect is associated with covert prestige and is an ethnic or regional dialect of a language.
The Dravidian languages of Tamil and Telugu are spoken in southeastern India and Sri Lanka.
www.ielanguages.com /linguist.html   (8167 words)

 Who are the Chechen?
The Chechens and their western neighbors the Ingush are distinct ethnic groups with distinct languages, but so closely related and so similar that it is convenient to describe them together.
In 1944 the Chechens and Ingush, together with the Karachay-Balkar, Crimean Tatars, and other nationalities were deported en masse to Kazakhstan and Siberia, losing at least one-quarter and perhaps half of their population in transit.
The Chechens and Ingush are Sunni Muslims of the Hanafi school, having converted in the late 17th to early 19th centuries.
www.ulfsbo.nu /ussr/Chechen.html   (1649 words)

 Ingushia (Russia)
In 1992 (?) the Ingush separated from the breakaway Chechen state — a wise move in view of the subsequent invasion by Russia of the latter.
From [British TV station] BBC4’s “The World”, a report from the Russian republic of Ingushetia, which included an interview with the Ingush President, with the flag behind him, and a shot of the flag flying as taken from Ingush television and which was included in the BBC report.
The image sent to Mikhail Revnivtsev by the Ingush Parliament doesn’t appear to match the provisions of the law — in the first place the green stripes are wider that the regulated one-sixth of flag width, and the circumference of the central disk rather smaller than the regulated one-third.
flagspot.net /flags/ru-06.html   (1043 words)

 MavicaNET - Ingush Language
The Ingush Language Project at the University of California, Berkeley carries out research on and documentation of the Ingush Language.
Its goals are making the scientific and historical interest of the Ingush language and culture better known to the world, and aiding teaching and preservation of the language.
The Ingush are a Sunni Muslim people numbering approximately 176,000 (1995 estimate of Ingush residents of Ingushetia proper), living in the North Caucasus.
www.mavicanet.com /lite/lit/1954.html   (201 words)

 Linguist List - Web Resource Listings
Language Aid: Language Aid International is an NGO that promotes the study of both local and foreign languages.
Language Miniatures: A site on which 900-word essays are posted once a month in which a topic relating to all aspects of language and linguistics is presented in an easily readable, non-technical way.
The language partner is someone who speaks the language you study as their native language and is studying your native language.
linguistlist.org /sp/LangAnalysis.html   (7646 words)

 Ingushetia. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
The Ingush are Sunni Muslims and speak a Caucasian language.
Long grouped with the Chechens, they were granted autonomy as the Ingush Region in 1924 but joined in the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Region in 1934.
Many Ingush, along with Chechens, were deported into Central Asia in 1944 after collaborating with invading German forces during World War II; in 1956 the deportees were repatriated.
www.bartleby.com /65/in/Ingushet.html   (235 words)

 Minority languages of Russia on the Net - Ingush language   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Ingush language - one of the Caucasian languages (Nakh group).
The number of the Ingush in Russia is 215,1 thousand.
The Ingush literary language was created after the October revolution, first on the basis of the Arab, after 1923 Latin and since 1938 Cyrillic script.
www.peoples.org.ru /eng_ingush.html   (105 words)

The Ingush is a Caucasian people and the Ingush language is of the Caucasian group.
In 1936 the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Region was raised to the status of an Autonomous Republic.
Like the Chechens, the Ingush, despite their history of relative loyalty to Moscow, were deported to Central Asia towards the end of World War II by Stalin who accused them of collaborating with the Nazis.
www.unpo.org /member_profile.php?id=25   (457 words)

 Chechen Team Online - Who are the chechens?
language, probably Kumyk (spoken in the northern and eastern Caucasian plain).
conquest of the Caucasus was difficult and bloody, and the Chechens and Ingush
The Chechens and Ingush are Sunni Muslims of the Hanafi school, having
chechen.8m.com /history/chechens.htm   (1507 words)

The Chechen language is a northern Caucasian language and one of the official languages of Chechnya.
Chechen belongs to one of the four subfamilies of Caucasian languages, known as the Nakh subfamily, whose center of distribution is the Caucasus mountains of central and northern Georgia and the smaller countries just to the north such as Ingushetia and Chechnya, although the inhabitants of Alania speak a language belonging to the Indo-Iranian family.
The Caucasian language group is unrelated to Russian and the other Indo-European languages to the north, the Ural-Altaic languages to the east, and the Semitic and Indo-Iranian languages to the south, forming its own unique family.
pub18.ezboard.com /fbalkansfrm114.showMessage?topicID=137.topic   (5821 words)

 Chechnya Advocacy Network
We should be aware that provoking clashes between Chechens and Ingush could have been one of the aims for the organizers and participants of the armed raid on Ingushetia.
Ingushetia formed part of the Chechen-Ingush republic at the end of the Soviet period; the Ingush are closely related to the Chechens in culture and language.
On behalf of all ours members, we call upon the Russian and Ingush authorities to act with restraint and respect for the rights of the civilian population and on those responsible for the attacks to abstain from further acts of senseless bloodshed.
www.chechnyaadvocacy.org /ingushetia.html   (1141 words)

 National and Ethnic - Caucasus Mountains Region
From Georgia, Georgian and the languages of the Caucasus.
An overview of languages of the Caucasus - By Johanna Nichols.
Eastern: Chechens, Ingush, Avars, Andis, Tsez, Lezgins, Dargins, Tabasarans and Batsbiis.
learning.lib.vt.edu /slav/nat_ethnic_caucasus.html   (2450 words)

 Ressources sur le Caucase - Kevin Tuite - Liens/Links
An overview of languages of the Caucasus, by Johanna Nichols
Language map of the Caucasus (prepared by Jost Gippert)
Modern Languages at QMW: Donald Rayfield (Professor of Georgian and Russian literature in London)
mapageweb.umontreal.ca /tuitekj/caucasus/links.htm   (916 words)

 Colorado College | Copeland
Today, the task of studying the six North Caucasian states is complicated by the several dialects of the Nakh language (one of which the Chechens speak), as well as the Batsbii and Ingush languages.
In many cases – as in the Chechen and Ingush peoples – one dialect of Nakh is more closely related to the Ingush language than of other Nakh dialects (the Chechens and Ingush share forty percent of their vocabulary).
Because their pre-Islamic culture and custom was pervasive at all levels of society (and had been relatively unchanged for hundreds of years), it probably had a more significant impact on Islam than Islam had on it.
www.coloradocollege.edu /academics/FYE/essays/Stempf.asp   (4869 words)

 The Ingush Language
Projected table of contents of the Ingush grammar
Late medieval stone village in Ingush highland style.
UC Berkeley Department of Slavic Languages and Literature
ingush.berkeley.edu:7012 /ingush.html   (151 words)

 Martindale's Language Center: Languages A to G
"...The PSD is preparing an exhaustive dictionary of the Sumerian language which aims to be useful to non-specialists as well as Sumerologists.
BULGARIAN LITERATURE - Bulgarian Language and Literature, Department of East-European and Oriental Studies, Faculty of Humanities, University of Oslo Multimedia Bulgarian Literature (Text & Images).
This introduction to Finnish language and Finland is divided into two parts.
www.martindalecenter.com /Language_2_LanguagesAG.html   (8292 words)

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