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Topic: Inheritance

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  Cprogramming.com Tutorial: Inheritance Overview
Inheritance is an important feature of classes; in fact, it is integral to the idea of object oriented programming.
Inheritance allows you to create a hierarchy of classes, with various classes of more specific natures inheriting the general aspects of more generalized classes.
Inheritance should be used when you have a more general class of objects that describes a set of objects.
www.cprogramming.com /tutorial/lesson19.html   (661 words)

  Inheritance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Inheritance is the practice of passing on property, titles, debts, and obligations upon the death of an individual.
Many states have inheritance taxes, under which a portion of any estate goes to the government, though the government technically is not an heir.
Inheritance can be organized in a way that its use is restricted by the desires of someone (usually of the decedent).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Inheritance   (689 words)

 Inheritance (computer science) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The primary concern is that implementation inheritance does not provide any assurance of polymorphic substitutability—an instance of the re-using class cannot necessarily be substituted for an instance of the inherited class.
Inheritance is often better used with a generalization mindset, such that common aspects of instantiable classes are factored to superclasses; say having a common superclass 'LegalEntity' for both Person and Company classes for all the common aspects of both.
Inheritance does influence the structure of many objects at run-time, but the different kinds of structure that can be used are already fixed at compile-time.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Inheritance_(computer_science)   (2092 words)

 Maternal Inheritance
Inheritance through the chromosomes means that the chromatic substance of the nucleus is the locus of determiners, and since the substance of the nuclear content of egg and sperm is equivalent, this must also mean an equal determinative share by male and female in heredity.
Inheritance through the cytoplasm means that the locus of the determiners or representatives of a character is the cytoplasm, and since it is the egg alone which contains any significant amount of cytoplasm, this inheritance usually is refer to as maternal inheritance (Dunn, 1917).
Maternal inheritance of the mouse mitochondrial genome is not mediated by a loss or gross alteration of the paternal mitochondrial DNA or by methylation of the oocyte mitochondrial DNA.
www.as.wvu.edu /~kgarbutt/QuantGen/Gen535_2_2004/Maternal_Inheritance_3.htm   (1646 words)

 Regencies by Subject - Inheritance
Lady inherits a dilapidated manor from a stranger and is scorned by all her neighbors except a disreputable lord.
Lady receives an unexpected inheritance that allows her to aspire to a suitable match but is troubled by questions of her origins and love for a childhood friend.
Lady mistakenly inherits a gambling establishment intended for her cousin who had an affair with the late owner, and is regarded with suspicion by another's of her cousin's lovers.
www.thenonesuch.com /inherit.htm   (4484 words)

 Inheritance - Adoption Encyclopedia
Although it would seem logical that a child adopted by nonrelatives would inherit from the adoptive parents and not from birthparents (and indeed this is true in most cases), there are many ramifications of the laws regarding inheritances, and statutes vary from state to state.
Generally, an adopted child inherits from adoptive parents and may not inherit from biological parents unless specifically named in a will; however, in the states of Colorado, Louisiana, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont and Wyoming, the adopted person's right to inherit from birthparents and birth relatives is retained.
Although an adopted person may inherit from adoptive parents, whether or not the adopted person will also inherit from adoptive grandparents is not always clear and depends on state laws.
encyclopedia.adoption.com /entry/inheritance/186/1.html   (770 words)

 THE ISLAMIC LAWS OF INHERITANCE   (Site not responding. Last check: )
To understand the Islamic laws of inheritance as a whole it is necessary to consider the system of inheritance that operated within the Arabian peninsula prior to the revelation of the Quranic injunctions on inheritance.
This means that a son inherits a share equivalent to that of two daughters, a full (germane) brother inherits twice as much as a full sister, a son’s son inherits twice as much as a son’s daughter and so on.
The husband, another Quranic heir, inherits one-half in the absence of a child or agnatic grandchild and one-quarter in the presence of a child or agnatic grandchild.
www.islam101.com /sociology/inheritance.htm   (2791 words)

 MoSt GeNe/Genetic Drift/Nontraditional Inheritance/Mitochondrial Inheritance
Traditional inheritance views the nucleus as the central repository of genetic information and meiosis as the principal determinant of the segregation of traits in families.
Although mitochondrial inheritance looks easy to identify in a pedigree like the one in Figure 3, it must be remembered that phenotypic variability is a hallmark for these disorders, especially in cases where there is heteroplasmy.
A final point about mitochondrial inheritance that needs to be stressed is that most of the proteins contributing to mitochondrial structure and function are encoded by nuclear genes and their mutations therefore segregate as mendelian traits.
www.mostgene.org /gd/gdvol10b.htm   (862 words)

 Inheritance   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Implementation inheritance is a way to describe family of types when one subclass (child) "inherits" instance variables and instance methods from a superclass (parent).
Inheritance is sometimes derided as the "goto statement of the 1990s." Coupling = reliance of one part of a program on another.
When using implementation inheritance, be sure that the subclasses depend only on the behavior of the superclass, not on the implementation.
www.cs.princeton.edu /introcs/35inheritance   (4308 words)

 Biological inheritance Info - Encyclopedia WikiWhat.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Biological inheritance is the process by which a living organism produces a new organism with many of the same traits as itself.
Variation in inheritance is a fundamental concept in Darwin's theory of evolution.
While this type of inheritance is fundamental to the distinctions made among the various domains of life, new instances of heretible structural variation are rare.
www.wikiwhat.com /encyclopedia/b/bi/biological_inheritance.html   (179 words)

 Interactive Programming In Java
Inheritance is not ever a relationship between a class and an interface (or between an interface and a class).
The syntax for interface inheritance is identical to the syntax for class inheritance, but since there can be no overriding of method specifications, and since all fields are public and static therefore cannot be overridden, there is really no complexity to interface inheritance.
Inheritance is actually relatively rare (among classes) and should be used only when the new class really reuses the complete behavior of the existing class.
www.cs101.org /ipij/inheritance.html   (4820 words)

Inheritance of cystic fibrosis of the pancreas in humans: a cross between a normal woman, heterozygous for cystic fibrosis, and a normal, homozygous man..
Inheritance of cystic fibrosis of the pancreas in humans: a cross between two individuals heterozygous for the disease.
The inheritance of many traits cannot be explained or predicted by the simple mechanism as previously applied to the inheritance of albinism, cystic fibrosis, and the Rh blood type (simple Mendelian inheritance).
www.csupomona.edu /~biology/bio110/inherit/genes.html   (9854 words)

 Inheritance (The Java™ Tutorials > Learning the Java Language > Interfaces and Inheritance)
The idea of inheritance is simple but powerful: When you want to create a new class and there is already a class that includes some of the code that you want, you can derive your new class from the existing class.
Constructors are not members, so they are not inherited by subclasses, but the constructor of the superclass can be invoked from the subclass.
A subclass inherits all of the public and protected members of its parent, no matter what package the subclass is in.
java.sun.com /docs/books/tutorial/java/IandI/subclasses.html   (893 words)

 VB.NET: Inheritance   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Inheritance is the ability of a class to gain the interface and behaviors of an existing class.
Inheritance is often viewed through the lens of biology, where, for example, a dog is a canine and a canine is a mammal.
VB.NET does allow deep inheritance hierarchies where a class is subclassed from a class that is subclassed, but it doesn’t allow a class to be subclassed from multiple parent classes all at once.
www.vbip.com /books/1861004915/chapter_4915_05.asp   (1022 words)

 Introducing inheritance to PropertyResourceBundles
Inheritance is a concept used extensively in object-oriented programming languages such as the Java language -- where a new class extends another.
Each inherited property and method can be used as it is or modified for the purposes of the new class.
Alternatively, a component may decide that an inherited property is inappropriate for its own use, and then redefine the property -- a notion similar to that of overriding a method or property in object-oriented programming.
www-128.ibm.com /developerworks/java/library/j-bundles   (2672 words)

 Concept: Inheritance
The concept of inheritance is used in the context of object oriented modeling.
Inheritance is a type of relationship among classes, wherein one class shares the structure or behaviour defined in one (single inheritance) or more (multiple inheritance) other classes.
Inheritance defines a "kind of" hierarchy among classes in which a sub class inherits from one or more super-classes; a sub-class typically augments or redefines the existing structure and behaviour of its super-classes.
www.chambers.com.au /Sample_p/c_inhert.htm   (453 words)

 Inheritance   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Prior to the Quranic injunction -- and indeed in the west until only recently -- women could not inherit from their relatives, and in the case of Arabia at least, were themselves bequeathed as if they were property to be distributed at the death of a husband, father, or brother.
Parents who inherit from a deceased child, for example, each inherit one-sixth of the property if the deceased child is survived by a child of his or her own.
The Islamic laws of inheritance are, like all issues in Islamic law, a dynamic process that must respond to the many challenges and opportunities that world changes present.
www.mwlusa.org /publications/positionpapers/inheritance.html   (884 words)

 Acquired feature inheritance - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Acquired feature inheritance   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Lamarckism is the theory that acquired characteristics, such as the increased body mass of an athlete, were inherited.
The theory was based on the idea that acquired characteristics were inherited: he argued that particular use of an organ or limb strengthens it, and that this development may be ‘preserved by reproduction’.
For example, he suggested that giraffes have long necks because they are continually stretching them to reach high leaves; according to the theory, giraffes that have lengthened their necks by stretching will pass this characteristic on to their offspring.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Acquired+feature+inheritance   (178 words)

 Oracle TopLink Inheritance How-To Document
The usage and implementation of inheritance is typically one of the main mismatches between objects and databases, and one of the main challenges in object-relational mapping.
This structure is valid when the classes share inheritance for behavior attributes, and the application does not have a need to query for the root or branch classes.
Typically the simplest and most optimal implementation of inheritance is to use a single table that stores all instances of the hierarchy and defines the class type through a class indicator field with a unique type code for each concrete class in the inheritance hierarchy.
www.oracle.com /technology/products/ias/toplink/technical/tips/inheritance/index.html   (2590 words)

 O'Reilly Network -- Inherit the Database: Oracle9i's Support for Object Type Inheritance
In particular, one of the main drawbacks with the first iteration of Oracle's object implementation was its lack of support for "inheritance." Inheritance refers to the ability of an object type to inherit attributes and methods from previously defined object types.
With inheritance, subtypes inherit all of the attributes and methods from their supertypes (and not just the immediate subtype, but any subtype or ancestor in the hierarchy).
Inheritance allows you to implement business logic at low levels in the hierarchy and then make them automatically available in all object types derived from those supertypes.
www.oreillynet.com /pub/a/network/2002/10/29/Feuerstein.html   (841 words)

 JOT: Journal of Object Technology - The Theory of Classification, Part 17: Multiple Inheritance and the Resolution of ...
If inheritance is only a local short-hand for a canonical class definition, the way a child class inherits from its parents should not depend on unexpected interactions between the ordering of its more distant ancestors (see arguments in [13], especially pages 246-250).
This is what is wrong with existing automatic inheritance schemes: they force the programmer to prioritise one whole parent class before the other, whereas what we really desire is a scheme that prioritises individual methods, by recency of their definition.
This is sufficient for second-order polymorphic typed inheritance, adopted in the Theory of Classification [7, 1].
www.jot.fm /issues/issue_2005_03/column2   (4067 words)

 How is Fragile X Syndrome Inherited?
Many inherited diseases like sickle cell and hemophilia are caused by a single change in the genetic code in the DNA.
Perhaps the most complicated part of the inheritance of fragile X syndrome is that the FMR1 gene can be unstable, which leads to frequent changes (mutations).
The majority of individuals who inherit a disease have at least one parent who is a carrier for that disease since new mutations are rare.
www.fragilex.org /html/inheritance.htm   (457 words)

 Inheritance Tax Pennsylvania
inheritance tax is technically a tax on the beneficiary's right to receive your property.
Unfortunately, it's safe to say that the Department of Revenue says that an IRA is subject to inheritance tax if the decedent was over age 59 ½ at the time of death.
For instance, if you gave your entire estate to a child, but failed to survive that gift for a period of one year, that gift would be subject to a 4.5% inheritance tax to the extent it exceeded $3,000.
www.estateattorney.com /pa1500.htm   (728 words)

 inheritance   (Site not responding. Last check: )
These types of disorders are the result of a mutation of a gene that is located on one of the 22 pairs of chromosomes in an individuals genetic makeup.
The abnormal gene that is inherited overrides the normal gene in the pair.
If the person inherits just one of the affected genes, the individual is unaffected, however, they will be a carrier for the disease just as their parents were.
wings.buffalo.edu /faculty/research/chd/Genetics/inheritance.html   (462 words)

 Composition versus Inheritance
In an inheritance relationship, superclasses are often said to be "fragile," because one little change to a superclass can ripple out and require changes in many other places in the application's code.
Given that the inheritance relationship makes it hard to change the interface of a superclass, it is worth looking at an alternative approach provided by composition.
With inheritance, you get the image of the superclass in your subclass object image as soon as the subclass is created, and it remains part of the subclass object throughout the lifetime of the subclass.
www.artima.com /designtechniques/compoinhP.html   (2109 words)

 Louisiana Department of Revenue : Frequently Asked Questions
The inheritance tax is a tax imposed upon the heirs or legatees of a decedent for the privilege of receiving property from the deceased.
For inheritance tax purposes, heirs and legatees are classified according to their relationship to the deceased.
LRS-47:2425 requires that an inheritance tax return be filed by or on behalf of the heirs and legatees of a decedent in any case where inheritance tax is due or where the gross value of the deceased's estate is $15,000.00 or more.
www.rev.state.la.us /sections/faq   (7434 words)

 Assigning property values, Cascading, and Inheritance
inherited, use the value of the parent element, generally the computed value.
Some values are inherited by the children of an element in the document tree.
The inherited value, which is normally only used as a fallback value, can be strengthened by setting 'inherit' explicitly.
www.w3.org /TR/REC-CSS2/cascade.html   (1886 words)

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