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In the News (Wed 24 Apr 19)

  What is instruction? - a definition from Whatis.com
- An instruction is an order given to a computer processor by a computer program.
In a computer's assembler language, each language statement generally corresponds to a single processor instruction.
In assembler language, a macro instruction is one that, during processing by the assembler program, expands to become multiple instructions (based on a previously coded
searchsmb.techtarget.com /sDefinition/0,,sid44_gci212356,00.html   (202 words)

 CAST: Differentiated Instruction
The model of differentiated instruction requires teachers to be flexible in their approach to teaching and adjusting the curriculum and presentation of information to learners rather than expecting students to modify themselves for the curriculum.
Differentiated Instruction is a teaching theory based on the premise that instructional approaches should vary and be adapted in relation to individual and diverse students in classrooms.
The intent of differentiating instruction is to maximize each student’s growth and individual success by meeting each student where he or she is, and assisting in the learning process.
www.cast.org /publications/ncac/ncac_diffinstruc.html   (2506 words)

 ALA | Bibliographic Instruction Bibliography
Several members of the ACRL Instruction Section's Education for Bibliographic Instruction Committee conducted a pilot project to investigate the perceived importance of library instruction skills to employers and whether instruction experience or course work is important in getting a job for which library instruction is a stated responsibility.
She discusses the less than successful efforts of librarians to see bibliographic instruction taught in library schools noting that library school administrators have viewed BI as a fad and a topic that could be handled in other courses.
She defines post-bibliographic instruction as a pedagogy that focuses on the practical needs of the user and is driven by the rapid changes in information technology.
www.ala.org /ala/acrlbucket/is/publicationsacrl/bibliographic.htm   (2025 words)

 Thematic Instruction   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Thematic instruction is designed to present material in a connected, meaningful manner in an attempt to facilitate a thoughtful, engaging response to the material presented.
Thematic instruction lends itself to portfolio development, providing opportunities for students to showcase their work and develop a sense of genuine pride in their accomplishments.
Finally, thematic instruction results in an increased sense of efficacy among teachers who report a heightened level of satisfaction with the feeling that they own their program as a result of the opportunity to develop it (Pappas, Kiefer, and Levstik, 1990).
www.schoolrenewal.org /strategies/i-thematic-bg.html   (1317 words)

 Instruction Pipeline Encyclopedia Article, Definition, History, Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: )
An instruction pipeline is a technology used on microprocessors to enhance their performance.
The LOAD instruction is in the Store stage, where its result (the number 40) will be stored in the register A. In the meantime, the MOVE instruction is being executed.
When more than one instruction references a particular location for an operand, either reading it (as an input) or writing it (as an output), executing those instructions in an order different from the original program order can lead to problems, also known as hazards.
www.localcolorart.com /encyclopedia/Instruction_pipeline   (1092 words)

 The Partnership for Reading: Explore the Research   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Phonics instruction teaches children the relationships between the letters (graphemes) of written language and the individual sounds (phonemes) of spoken language.
The goal of phonics instruction is to help children learn and use the alphabetic principle - the understanding that there are systematic and predictable relationships between written letters and spoken sounds.
The hallmark of systematic phonics instruction is the direct teaching of a set of letter-sound relationships in a clearly defined sequence.
www.nifl.gov /partnershipforreading/explore/phonics.html   (381 words)

 Instruction Set Encyclopedia Article, Definition, History, Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: )
An instruction set, or instruction set architecture (ISA), describes the aspects of a computer architecture visible to a programmer, including the native datatypes, instructions, registers, addressing modes, memory architecture, interrupt and exception handling, and external I/O (if any).
An ISA is a specification of the set of all binary codes (opcodes) that are the native form of commands implemented by a particular CPU design.
"Instruction set architecture" is sometimes used to distinguish this set of characteristics from the microarchitecture, which is the set of processor design techniques used to implement the instruction set (including microcode, pipelining, cache systems, and so forth).
encyclopedia.localcolorart.com /encyclopedia/Instruction_set   (633 words)

 Put Reading First -- K-3 (phonics)
The instructional sequence may include the relationships between the sounds associated with single letters (for example, the sound /m/ with the letter m), as well as with larger units of written language (for example, letter combinations such as th or ing or spelling patterns such as ea or ie).
Phonics instruction contributes to growth in the reading of most children.It is important, however, to acknowledge that children vary greatly in the knowledge of reading that they bring to school.
For phonics instruction to support the reading progress of all of your students, it is important to work in flexible instructional groups and to pace instruction to maximize student progress.
www.nifl.gov /partnershipforreading/publications/reading_first1phonics.html   (2205 words)

 Operant Conditioning and its Application to Instructional Design   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Although programmed instruction is effective in achieving certain learning outcomes, it is sometimes characterized as boring because of the monotony, repetition, and small steps towards mastery.
Computer based instruction is used currently in training and education based models such as CBT (computer-based training) and CAI (computer-assisted instruction).
The process of the learner analysis and identifying prerequisite skills in the instructional design process was originated by behaviorists during the development of their instruction, namely through teaching machines and programmed instruction.
chd.gse.gmu.edu /immersion/knowledgebase/strategies/behaviorist/OperantConditioning.htm   (2114 words)

 CAST: Explicit Instruction
Explicit instruction is a systematic instructional approach that includes set of delivery and design procedures derived from effective schools research merged with behavior analysis.
There are two essential components to well designed explicit instruction: (a) visible delivery features are group instruction with a high level of teacher and student interactions, and (b) the less observable, instructional design principles and assumptions that make up the content and strategies to be taught.
The pace of instruction is influenced by many variables such as task complexity or difficulty, relative newness of the task, and individual student differences.
www.cast.org /publications/ncac/ncac_explicit.html   (2864 words)

 SPARC Instruction Types
When this instruction is encountered, control is transferred immediately to the new location given by the 30 bit constant.
As usual, the first two bits specify the instruction type, the cond is the branch condition and the op2 is the operand to compare against.
To do the load, this instruction will load the high twenty-two bits and then an "or" instruction is called to load the low ten bits of the word.
www.academic.marist.edu /~jzbv/architecture/Projects/S2002/SPARC/inst_type.html   (636 words)

 Educational Psychology Interactive: Classroom Instruction
Instruction was defined previously as "the purposeful direction of the learning process" and is one of the major teacher class activities (along with planning and
This is in line with his QAIT model of effective classrooms in which he proposes that the classroom teacher is responsible for classroom learning.
Although the research shows that, in general, direct instruction is the preferred model of instruction when the measure of learning is scores on a standardized test of basic skills, teachers must also decide how to deal with individual differences.
chiron.valdosta.edu /whuitt/col/instruct/instruct.html   (815 words)

 Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing Encyclopedia Article, Definition, History, Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: )
One goal is to move the complexity of dynamic scheduling of multiple instruction issue from the hardware implementation to the compiler, which can do the instruction scheduling statically (with help of trace feedback information).
As wider implementations (more execution units) are built, the instruction set for the wider machines is not backward compatible with older, narrower implementations.
predicated execution is used to decrease the occurrences of branches and increase the speculative execution of instructions.
www.jobsinart.com /encyclopedia/Explicitly_Parallel_Instruction_Computing   (755 words)

 Model Details
The instructional programs incorporated in the Direct Instruction model have been the subject of numerous research studies over the past 30 years, including Project Follow Through, a large-scale federal research project that funded and examined multiple approaches to educating disadvantaged students from kindergarten to third grade.
Direct Instruction did have a statistically significant one-year effect on reading vocabulary and oral fluency in several grades (but not on reading comprehension), and Direct Instruction schools had a much lower retention rate than control schools.
Instruction is fast-paced and demands frequent interaction between teachers and students.
www.nwrel.org /scpd/catalog/ModelDetails.asp?ModelID=13   (1960 words)

 Policies - Instruction
The room is available for instruction and demos at all hours that the library is open with the exception of Wednesdays, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm, which is reserved for library meetings.
Instruction sessions may still be scheduled at that time on Wednesdays if there are no library meetings.
In most cases, reservation of room 245 for these purposes is secondary to the scheduling of library instruction sessions especially during the peak instruction season which typically spans the 2nd to the 10th week of a semester.
carbon.cudenver.edu /public/library/aboutus/whoweare/instruction_pol.html   (998 words)

 TIP: Theories   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Anchored instruction is a major paradigm for technology-based learning that has been developed by the Cognition & Technology Group at Vanderb ilt (CTGV) under the leadership of John Bransford.
While many people have contributed to the theory and research o f anchored instruction, Bransford is the principal spokesperson and hence the theory is attributed to him.
Anchored instruction is close ly related to the situated learning framework (see CTGV, 1990, 1993) and also to the Cognitive Flexibility theory in its emphasis on the use of technology-based learning.
tip.psychology.org /anchor.html   (447 words)

 Very Long Instruction Word Encyclopedia Article, Definition, History, Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: )
If the CPU guesses wrong, all of these instructions and their context need to be "flushed" and the correct ones loaded, which is time-consuming.
This has led to increasingly complex instruction dispatch logic that attempts to guess right, and the simplicity of the original RISC designs has been eroded.
Prior to VLIW, the notion of prescheduling functional units and instruction level parallelism in software was well established in the practice of developing horizontal microcode.
quiltplace.com /encyclopedia/Very_long_instruction_word   (1493 words)

 umusic.ca :: Instruction   (Site not responding. Last check: )
But when you've spent the last 10 years wearing the same Morrissey t-shirt for weeks on end, sleeping on sticky floors and playing dives where the stage is so warped from all the spilt beer that the drum kit leans, eight months might as well be a blink of an eye.
Yeah, the trip has been long and strange for Instruction, but if you agree that rock has grown soft and pale under the expertly inked knuckles of bland rock-by-numbers mannequins, you'll be glad they made it to the party.
Thanks to Instruction, the dark days of gutless, empty-headed rock are about to come crashing to the ground.
www.umusic.ca /instruction/index.php   (781 words)

 Redemptionis Sacramentum
The norms contained in the present Instruction are to be understood as pertaining to liturgical matters in the Roman Rite, and, mutatis mutandis, in the other Rites of the Latin Church that are duly acknowledged by law.
The last chapter of the present Instruction will treat of the varying degrees to which the individual norms are bound up with the supreme norm of all ecclesiastical law, namely concern for the salvation of souls.
The things set forth in this Instruction obviously do not encompass all the violations against the Church and its discipline that are defined in the canons, in the liturgical laws and in other norms of the Church for the sake of the teaching of the Magisterium or sound tradition.
www.ewtn.com /library/curia/cdwrdsac.htm   (14687 words)

When working with individual students, the teacher should personalize instruction by using the student's name and giving feedback equally to boys and girls and to high achievers and low achievers in appropriate ways.
In sheltered instruction the language demands of the lesson can be modified through such techniques as clear enunciation, controlled vocabulary, fewer idioms, and such contextual cues as gestures, facial expressions, demonstrations, props, visuals, and overhead transparencies.
For more assistance in learning to use these materials and other new instructional strategies consult professional resources.There are a variety of vendors where you can order these materials.
www.stan-co.k12.ca.us /calpe/Instruction.html   (907 words)

 programmed instruction on Encyclopedia.com
Computer-assisted instruction, which both tests students' abilities and marks their progress, may supplement classroom activity or help students to develop ideas and skills independently.
Programmed instruction was reintroduced (1954) by B. Skinner of Harvard, and much of the system is based on his theory of the nature of learning.
A comparison of the effectiveness of videodisc and traditional algebra instruction for college...
www.encyclopedia.com /html/p1/progrins.asp   (595 words)

 Processing Instruction
Correct: because processing instructions named "xml" are not allowed, to prevent confusion with XML declarations and text declarations.
Some processing instructions, like this one, contain "pseudo-attributes", but they are not recognized as attributes by the XML parser, by the infoset, or by the XPath data model.
Pulling the pseudo-attributes out of the processing instruction, then, involves the same kind of code as you'd use to parse any structured string.
www.dpawson.co.uk /xsl/sect2/N6145.html   (677 words)

 Anchored Instruction | Learning Theories and Instructional Strategies Matrix | George Mason University   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Anchored instruction is an technology-based learning approach which stresses the importance of placing learning within a meaningful, problem-solving context.
Although many people have contributed to the research of anchored instruction, Bransford is the principal spokesperson and the theory is attributed to him.
Anchored instruction is a manifestation of the theory of Situated Cognition.
chd.gse.gmu.edu /immersion/knowledgebase/strategies/constructivism/anchored.htm   (256 words)

 Reading Online - Articles: Comprehension Instruction   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In their study, struggling primary-level readers were taught 10 new words, with instruction either emphasizing word recognition to the point of fluency (they practiced reading the individual words until they could recognize them automatically) or understanding of the words (instruction involving mostly student-teacher discussions about word meanings).
The more recent, more flexible form of this instruction came to be known as transactional strategies instruction (Pressley et al., 1992), with the body of research on this approach recently cited by the National Reading Panel (2000) as exemplary work in comprehension instruction.
Contemporary approaches to word-recognition instruction also include a monitoring approach, with readers taught to pay attention to whether the decoding makes sense and to try decoding again when the word as decoded is not in synchrony with other ideas in the text and pictures (e.g., Iversen and Tunmer, 1993).
www.readingonline.org /articles/handbook/pressley   (5951 words)

 Classroom Instruction
Classroom instruction at WIL is guided by a balanced view of literacy development.
However, children are apprentices in the literate world, and the person who can and should guide them is their teacher.
Our downloadable instruction for each book comes in the form of 4 activity cards, one for each of the categories we believe to be important in children's development of literacy:
curry.edschool.virginia.edu /go/wil/classroom_instruction.htm   (389 words)

 Open Directory - Sports: Golf: Instruction   (Site not responding. Last check: )
David Gall Instruction - Presents instruction and school information, schedules, fees and statement of philosophy, in Florida.
Golf Instruction at Pine Needles - Information on instruction and golf programs, including the Golfari, with Pat McGowan and Peggy Kirk Bell at Pine Needles.
PGA Golf Instruction at Golf Country - Outline of Michigan PGA golf instruction with Peter Croker method.
dmoz.org /Sports/Golf/Instruction   (3974 words)

 HomePage for guitar instruction video
Here, you will find not only one of the finest guitar instruction videos in the entire world of guitar instruction, but also lots of great information by one of the most progressive guitar teachers known, Charlotte Adams.
Check out her instructional videos, DVD's and CD's, study the free lessons which are continually available on this site, attend a workshop or schedule a lesson or consultation in person or by telephone or email.
Because she has a magical way with those who are learning to play the guitar, Charlotte can help anyone achieve the level to which they aspire.
www.guitar-instruction-video.com   (405 words)

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