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Topic: Instrumentation

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  Instrumentation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Instrumentation is defined as "the art and science of measurement and control".
Instrumentation can be used to refer to the field in which Instrument technicians and engineers work, or it can refer to the available methods of measurement and control and the instruments which facillitate this.
Instrumentation Engineers largely design control and measurement systems primarily for industrial processes, although instruments are present in almost any modern technology today including vehicles, computers, appliances etc.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Instrumentation   (401 words)

Orbiter operational instrumentation is used to collect, route and process information from transducers and sensors throughout the orbiter and its payloads.
Instrumentation equipment, except sensors and selected dedicated signal conditioners, is located in the forward and aft avionics bays.
Its instruments continually sense the dynamic X, Y and Z attitudes and the performance characteristics of the orbiter during the launch, orbital, entry and descent phases of flight.
science.ksc.nasa.gov /shuttle/technology/sts-newsref/sts-inst.html   (8165 words)

 Spinal instrumentation
Spinal instrumentation is a method of straightening and stabilizing the spine after spinal fusion, by surgically attaching hooks, rods, and wire to the spine in a way that redistributes the stresses on the bones and keeps them in proper alignment.
Spinal instrumentation is used to treat instability and deformity of the spine.
Cotrel-Dubousset instrumentation uses hooks and rods in a cross-linked pattern to realign the spine and redistribute the biomechanical stress.
www.lifesteps.com /gm/Atoz/ency/spinal_instrumentation.jsp   (1536 words)

 Instrumentation - Instruments for your needs.
Instrumentation is manufactured as standard and modified standard units to provide the fastest possible delivery.
These instruments house the pressure transducer as well as the digital readout and are perfect replacements for dial gages, dangerous mercury columns, and quartz tube barometers.
These industrially rugged, highly reliable instruments come in table top, panel mount, and rack mounted configurations and are suitable for lab or shop floor use.
www.sensotec.com /instruments.asp   (224 words)

 CHP - High-Performance Liquid Chromatography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is a form of liquid chromatography to separate compounds that are dissolved in solution.
HPLC instruments consist of a reservoir of mobile phase, a pump, an injector, a separation column, and a detector.
Compounds are separated by injecting a plug of the sample mixture onto the column.
www.chem.vt.edu /chem-ed/sep/lc/hplc.html   (232 words)

 Instrumentation amplifier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
You may be looking for instrument amplifier, as used for amplifying musical instruments.
An instrumentation amplifier is a type of operational amplifier that has been specifically designed to have characteristics suitable for use in measurement and test equipment.
They are used where great accuracy and stability of the circuit both short- and long-term are required.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Instrumentation_amplifier   (137 words)

 Miami University: Instrumentation Lab
The Instrumentation Laboratory is a technological partner to teaching and research throughout Miami University by its support of instrumentation and laboratory equipment.
Instrumentation Laboratory services are maintenance and repair of instruments, laboratory apparatus, and glassware; consultation and training on laboratory equipment; and design and construction of specialized apparatus.
Specialized instruments important to two or more research groups are made accessible to all researchers by inclusion on the Instrumentation Laboratory's Equipment List.
www.instrumentationlab.muohio.edu   (625 words)

 [No title]
A sound instrumentation policy must be established at the beginning of the development process to determine what should be instrumented, why, where, and how.
Instrumentation can be performed using a wide variety of available technologies that provide high-quality support and diagnostic information from within an application itself.
Instrumentation was impossible to do well without a great deal of time and effort.
msdn.microsoft.com /msdnmag/issues/04/04/InstrumentationinNET/default.aspx   (5742 words)

 Intel® Thread Profiler - Instrumentation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Binary instrumentation is added at run-time to an already built (made) binary module, including applications and dynamic or shared libraries.
The instrumentation code is automatically inserted when you run a Intel Thread Profiler for Windows* or Pthreads* API activity in the VTune™ environment or the Microsoft.NET* Development Environment.
Binary instrumentation can be used for software compiled with any of the supported compilers.
support.intel.com /support/performancetools/threadprofiler/sb/cs-009642.htm   (438 words)

 Virtual Instrumentation - Tutorial - Development Library - National Instruments
Stand-alone traditional instruments such as oscilloscopes and waveform generators are very powerful, expensive, and designed to perform one or more specific tasks defined by the vendor.
The knobs and buttons on the instrument, the built-in circuitry, and the functions available to the user, are all specific to the nature of the instrument.
A traditional instrument might contain an integrated circuit to perform a particular set of data processing functions; in a virtual instrument, these functions would be performed by software running on the PC processor.
zone.ni.com /devzone/conceptd.nsf/webmain/43DA4F5979907DDD86256C1B00510DBA?opendocument   (3285 words)

 What are Spinal Instrumentation and Spinal Fusion?
Instrumentation maintains spinal stability while facilitating the process of fusion.
Spinal instrumentation and fusion are not new surgical concepts.
During the last 10 years, spinal instrumentation systems have been consistently transformed to meet the demands of spine specialists who are true visionaries in this specialized field of surgery.
www.spineuniverse.com /technology/080900traynelis_instrumentation.html   (477 words)

 Industry Search   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Unrivalled in its scope and applications expertise, ABB Instrumentation is a global leader with...
Instrumentation, control and telemetry play an important role in the efficient day-to-day operation...
This new line of instrumentation is designed for on-line, process control applications...
www.wateronline.com /IndustrySearch/SearchResults.aspx?keyword=Instrumentation&TabIndex=0   (292 words)

 HSS - Instrumentation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The instrument is normally configured with a Coherent Enterprise argon laser providing simultaneous excitation at 488 and 357 nm (in the UV), and a Spectra-Physics helium-neon laser emitting at 633 nm (in the red).
Our instrument has been retrofitted with the B-D Macrosort system, which uses interchangeable nozzles ranging fro 50 to 400 um for sorting a wide variety of particle sizes.
Users from HSS and outside institutions are charged a reasonable fee for instrument use.
www.hss.edu /research/core-facilities/flow-cytometry/instrumentation   (605 words)

 Instrumentation - Core Flow Cytometry Lab - UMass Medical School   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
This is a dual-beam (air-cooled lasers) analyzer similar to the FACScan in capabilities with the addition of the second laser for four color immunofluorescence analysis.
The laser is a red-emitting diode, with output at 635nm only, suitable for excitation of APC [Allophycocyanin] or Alexa 647.  Aside from the two dedicated FACSCaliburs for lab sample analysis, we also have a third instrument for customer use (after completing our training course, or demonstrating proficiency).
The three laser MoFlo cytometer [instrument number 6!] which has recently been moved from the Shrewsbury Campus has undergone a series of modifications and upgrades, and is now capable of nine color sorting.
www.umassmed.edu /facslab/instrument.cfm   (257 words)

 IRIS Instrumentation Subcommittee
In 1997 the IRIS Executive Committee appointed an Instrumentation Committee to review the aging, vintage mid-80s hardware and to develop a plan for acquisition of next-generation instrumentation for all of the IRIS activities.
The second instrument could be one that is capable of operating in a stand-alone mode.
The concept of the Ad-hoc Working Group is for one Instrument Committee member to act as Coordinator of 2-3 other 'specialists' in a clearly focussed look at one of the topical issues in order to advise the Instrument Committee on specific questions.
www.passcal.nmt.edu /information/inst_comm_rpts.html   (5326 words)

As surgical techniques evolved, the instruments used in tonsillectomies also began to change.
Although the tonsillotome had become the standard tonsillectomy instrument, the nineteenth century saw the tonsil snare gaining popularity.
Joseph C. Beck was the first to use the snare wire inside a rigid ring, an instrument that came to be known as the Beck-Mueller snare in a fixed loop.
www.entlink.net /museum/exhibits/Instrumentation.cfm   (165 words)

We have modified various components of the instrument and added our own counting system in order to improve the stability and the signal-to-noise ratio.
Currently, we are in the process of converting the original instrument control to a new, LabView-based one.
We have an energy dispersive X-ray system (EDS) that allows nanoscale elemental compositions to be determined, as well as a parallel electron energy loss spectrometer (PEELS) that permits analysis of the electronic structure of solids (e.g., Bernatowicz et al., 1990).
presolar.wustl.edu /work/instrumentation.html   (998 words)

 Instrumentation - Avionics Data Acquisition Control System (ADACS)
The ADACS instrumentation system collects, filters, time stamps and records data from various sources including MIL-STD-1553B, high speed digital, and video busses.
ADACS instruments various avionic busses and provides user control/status of various on-board test systems, recorders and equipment.
Each ADACS ATR chassis can operate independently and be palletized for instrumenting of busses on operational airborne platforms.
www.ailtso.com /avionics_data_acquisition_control_system_general_purpose_instrumentation.htm   (280 words)

 Welcome to 9rays.net!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Instrumentation Widgets™ is a library of meters, indicators, scales, sliders, gauges, knobs, buttons, dials, tanks, thermometers, switches, matrixes, leds and other.NET components that emulate hardware devices.
With the collection of various components available, including compass, oscilloscope, odometer, toggles, multimedia buttons and buttons with skin support, Instrumentation Widgets™ is the natural choice for software developers, especially, when you consider the fact that all device emulators are fully customizable and scalable.
The only difference between the Standard and the Professional Edition of the Instrumentation Widgets™ is that the Professional Edition includes the source code while the Standard Edition does not.
www.9rays.net /cgi-bin/components.cgi?act=1&cid=90   (433 words)

 Instrumentation (Java 2 Platform SE 5.0)
This class provides services needed to instrument Java programming language code.
Instrumentation is the addition of byte-codes to methods for the purpose of gathering data to be utilized by tools.
This method is intended for use in instrumentation, as described in the class specification.
java.sun.com /j2se/1.5.0/docs/api/java/lang/instrument/Instrumentation.html   (853 words)

 Industrial Instrumentation & Controls Technology Alliance
The Industrial Instrumentation and Controls Technology Alliance is an organization of the Instrumentation and Controls Technology education providers and their business, industry, and community advisors cooperatively working toward their common goals.
Instrumentation Technology Scholarships are available for students seeking an education to obtain permanent employment in the oil and gas production or process industries that use instrumentation to control mechanical, physical or chemical processes.
This scholarship is for students who are currently enrolled or are planning to enroll in the Instrumentation Technology two-year degree programs offered at IICTA member colleges in Texas and Louisiana.
www.iicta.org   (266 words)

 RST Instruments Ltd.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The newly developed C108 stores up to 170 instrument locations per route, each with a convenient text label and up to 20 time/date stamped data points.
RST Instruments Ltd. has successfully supplied dam monitoring instruments for the Ralco Dam in Chile - the largest RCC dam in South America.
RST Instruments Ltd. reserves the right to modify all products and specifications without notice.
www.rstinstruments.com   (89 words)

 Eurotherm/Invensys Training Tutorials   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
People in the broad field of process heating, who are time limited and have to deal in short order with various control problems - among their many other jobs.
Instrument and Electrical technicians under pressure to bring a process back on line.
A description of the features of the many installed instruments on your process and a discussion of those of a different class: the test and trouble-shooting instruments you will need to start up and maintain the process cess
www.eurotherm.com /training/tutorial/tutor.htm   (1888 words)

Corgenix offers a full line of BioTek® microplate instrumentation plate readers to measure absorbance, microplate washers for 96-well applications and data reduction software that expands every application from research to the clinical market.
As a stand-alone microplate reader, the ELx800 is designed for applications within the clinical, biotechnology research and pharmaceutical areas.
As a self contained and programmable instrument, the ELx50 allows for full control of precise fluidic delivery from the gentle dripping of a simple squeeze bottle to the full force of pressure delivery systems.
www.corgenixonline.com /instrumentation.htm   (483 words)

Using a high-pressure gel-filling instrument (5) and the Berkeley radial confocal fluorescence scanner, we have demonstrated sequencing of 41,000 phred 20 bases of a M13mp18 sequencing standard in only 25 minutes (6).
Although many techniques have been developed for the detection of sequence variants, sensitive, high-throughput, and flexible techniques are still required for accurate detection and characterization if large-scale scans for sequence variants are to be used effectively for establishing correlations between certain variants and behavior of a biological system.
In the first mode, multiple DNA samples consisting of homoduplexes and heteroduplexes are separated by capillary electrophoresis, during which a temperature gradient is applied that covers all possible Tms for the samples.
www.ornl.gov /sci/techresources/Human_Genome/publicat/02santa/instrument.shtml   (7594 words)

 Intergraph Process, Power & Marine - SmartPlant Instrumentation
Intergraph SmartPlant® Instrumentation – the industry-leading instrumentation solution – helps you prevent failure by better managing and storing the history of your control system.
SmartPlant Instrumentation provides a single source of plant information that can be easily accessed and updated and ensures consistency across the different instrument tasks and deliverables.
SmartPlant Instrumentation pays for itself by providing information quickly and accurately, since there is a single source for the data, eliminating the need to search for information in multiple locations.
ppm.intergraph.com /intools   (179 words)

 BL Web: Instruments
Electronic instruments can be deployed to measure bioluminescence, along with other characteristics of the ocean such as temperature, salinity, optical transmission properties, and stimulated fluorescence.
Several oceanographic instruments have developed in James Case‘s lab at the University of California, Santa Barbara with Navy sponsorship.
Some of the most sophisticated of these instruments are used by oceanographers in the Navy.
lifesci.ucsb.edu /~biolum/instrument   (192 words)

 HPCS Productivity Study
However, for those people who are working on their local machines, we have some downloadable software that will allow us record how much time you spend in your editor.
The command-line instrumentation only works with tcsh, so we ask that you we ask that you please use tcsh as your shell.
This instrumentation is not interactive: there is nothing you need to do.
www.cs.umd.edu /~lorin/edelmanS05/instrumentation.html   (771 words)

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