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In the News (Sat 20 Apr 19)

 TweakTown Global Forums - Dual-Cores CPUs from AMD and Intel
Intel also has plans for dual-core CPUs (that will likely ship later than AMD's) and seems to be moving more and more away from the strategy of increasing clock speed to improve performance.
Personally, I'm more interested in AMD's dual-core CPU as Intel still has to work on other areas to get out of the strategy of simply increasing clock speed.
That's when President Paul Otellini will publicly demonstrate Intel's first dual-core processor as part of a keynote at the Intel Developer Forum (Sept 7-9). /showthread.php?t=18146   (266 words)

 [H] Enthusiast - [H]arder than ever.
Instead of two processor cores being saddled to one bus and run to a single memory controller as we see with Intel dual core technology, we have to remember that AMD Athlon 64 processors have the memory controller on the CPU die itself and therefore no “front side bus” is needed.
This is the same marketing strategy we saw Intel use at their dual core processor launch, but I think that AMD has done a better job at defining the segment with less confusing marketing.
Where AMD differs a tremendous amount from Intel in the dual core department is that AMD did not just "glue" two of their high performance processors together. /article.html?art=NzY2   (988 words)

 AMD - Intel Ready for Dual-Core Battle - MegaGames hardware
Intel and AMD have now both announced their dual-core offerings and while the former claims it is already selling gaming setups AMD says it has a surprise gaming chip up its sleeve but not yet.
Intel's first dual-core processor-based platform which includes the Extreme Edition 840 running at 3.2 GHz and the 955X Express Chipset is already available while AMD's Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core processor brand, will not surface until mid-to-late June.
The plans suggest that Intel may gain a slight desktop advantage over its rival by being first to market with a dual-core product. /news/html/hardware/amd-intelreadyfordual-corebattle.shtml   (437 words)

 Dual cores to lead Intel show
Intel will demonstrate a dual-core processor at the Intel Developer Forum next week and provide details on other technology initiatives intended to help the company claw its way out of a very difficult year.
Intel will show off at least one dual-core chip at the conference, according to Frank Spindler, vice president of the corporate technology group at Intel.
If Intel shows off a dual-core version of its Xeon or Pentium chips, which compete directly against the Opteron family, analysts will likely surmise that the two companies are currently tied in the development process. /5100-22-5344523.html   (933 words) - Technology Zone - Feature: Dueling Dual Cores: AMD vs. Intel
During SimHQ's recent looks at both AMD and Intel dual-core processors, the testing of these new parts with our benchmark suite gave the expected results and showed that the PC game development community has long been accustomed to producing titles coded for single- rather than multi-core systems.
In fact, the only game among the list of titles used for testing that demonstrated any tangible performance gains from the additional core in these new processors was Microprose's rather aged title, Falcon 4.
Perhaps in an effort to differentiate this line of dual cores from the Pentium Extreme Edition 840, the D Models do not support Hyper-Threading, though both have an 800 MHz front-side bus and 1 MB of L2 cache per core. /_technology/technology_055a.html   (459 words)

 Guild Companies - The Enterprise Windows & Linux Advisor
The Prestonia chips are the second generation of server processors designed by Intel that use the Pentium 4 processor core, also referred to as the P7 core.
Intel last week announced a new Pentium 4 Xeon processor and associated chipset that it hopes will help push the Wintel and Lintel platforms even deeper into the entry server market space than Intel-based machines already are.
Intel announced the "Foster" Pentium 4 Xeon processors last May for dual-processor workstations, and it was actually shipping them by the summer in limited quantities. /mid/mid022702-story01.html   (1215 words)

 Athlon 64 X2 4800+: The Fastest Dual Core Among the Existing x86 Processors
The dual core processor from AMD slightly outperforms the dual core processor from Intel, but that's because the AMD core running at 2.4 GHz is faster than the Intel core operating at 3.2 GHz rather than because of the better implementation of dual cores.
The same situation in rendering: extreme modifications of single core processors are on a par, the dual core processor from AMD is just a tad faster than the dual core processor from Intel.
You can easily notice that the differences between the dual core concepts from Intel and AMD are not very significant: this way or another, we have two processing cores, each one is equipped with its own L1 and L2 Caches. /articles2/cpu/amd-athlon-64-x2-4800.html   (4428 words)

 IP Cores
The C-8051 core is the HDL model of the Intel™ 8-bit 8051 micro controller.
The AL8051s is a high-speed Intel 8051-compatible core.
Pro8051+ is a FREE 8051 CPU soft core based on a JTAG-accessible, real-time monitoring and debugging architecture, and designed specifically for implementation in Actel’s ProASICPLUS* family. /dd/ipcores.asp   (1404 words)

 Apple - Intel
Intel Core Duo is the next generation in processor design from the world’s leading chip maker.
It’s no coincidence that the Intel Core Duo was born of the world’s leading processor company.
The Intel Core Duo represents years of development by legions of Intel engineers. /intel   (530 words)

 InformationWeek > Dual-Core Pentium Chips > Intel To Unveil Dual-Core Pentiums On Monday > April 15, 2005
Intel's desktop dual-core roadmap includes three other processors designated Pentium D. They are the models 820, 830, and 840, with clock speeds of 2.8 GHz, 3.0 GHz, and 3.2 GHz, respectively.
The ship date for Intel's first-ever dual core processors and chipsets is timed to coincide with the official 40th anniversary of Moore's Law.
"We are now confirming that [our] first-ever dual core PCs--our processors and chipsets--will be shipping from OEMs starting Monday morning," Intel spokeswoman Shannon Love said in an email. /story/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=160901377   (526 words)

 Intel shoots for dual-cores, wireless profits - TechSpot OpenBoards
Intel believes the dual-core approach will let it offer greater performance for desktops and notebooks while circumventing power-consumption problems.
As next year comes to a close, Intel President Paul Otellini said, more than half of the "high-performance" chips that Intel ships will have dual cores.
Intel shoots for dual-cores, wireless profits - TechSpot OpenBoards /vb/topic13034.html   (264 words)

 X-bit labs - Articles - Integrated Graphics for Intel Pentium 4: i845G and i845GL against Competitors
However, it can increase the graphics core performance quite a lot, due to more efficient use of the internal frame buffer caches, Z-buffer, textures and vertexes: when the scene is built within a small marquee, smaller data packs are used and the probability of getting into a cache increases.
This RAM organization allows using it in a most efficient way, as no memory is wasted when the graphics core doesn't need much of it and at the same time the sufficient amount of memory is granted to the graphics core every time it really needs it.
Intel engineers did a great job on the graphics controller optimization, having squeezed the maximum out of the approach towards RAM utilization. /articles/chipsets/display/i845g-i845gl.html   (3409 words)

 An Apple With Two Cores? -
Both Intel (nasdaq: INTC - news - people) and Advanced Micro Devices (nyse: AMD - news - people) have said they're moving toward dual-core microprocessor designs as a way to economically boost computing performance while keeping power consumption and heat under control.
In a presentation at this week's Fall Processor Forum, Freescale (nyse: FSL - news - people), the former chipmaking unit of Motorola (nyse: MOT - news - people), disclosed plans to produce a dual-core version of its PowerPC chip that it said was aimed primarily at networking applications.
But news of Freescale's impending presentation of a dual-core version of its e600 chip, (e600 is the new name for the line of chips that used to be called G4), prompted a bit of speculation that perhaps a new Mac-oriented chip with two cores might have been in the offing, which would indeed be news. /technology/2004/10/08/cx_ah_1008freescale.html   (978 words)

 Olympus MIC-D: Integrated Circuit Digital Image Gallery
Intel designed the 21285 core logic device as a single-chip interface between the StrongARM SA-110 microprocessor and the other semiconductor components.
Intel Core Logic Integrated Circuit - As embedded microprocessors move into a wider array of consumer electronic devices and industrial production, the need to connect microprocessors, read-only memory (ROM), synchronous dynamic random access memory (SDRAM), and peripheral component interface (PCI) buses in an efficient manner created the demand for core logic chips.
Intel 486DX Microprocessor- In 1989, the 32-bit 486DX heralded Intel's fourth generation of microprocessors with two radical innovations: the integration of the floating-point unit (FPU) on the same chip and the addition of an internal write-through 8-Kbyte memory cache. /micd/galleries/chips   (2948 words)

There are many architectural attributes of Intel's Pentium 4 processor, that will drive incremental performance for CPU core, as the months and years roll on, in their battle against their primary competitor, Advanced Micro Devices.
Today Intel is releasing of the "B" step version of the Pentium 4, now with a 533MHz front side bus, allowing the CPU core to be fed with more of what typically is the limiting factor for most processors on the market today, bandwidth.
Intel engineered the P4 core with a staggeringly deep 20 stage pipeline, that allows clock frequencies to scale with ease. /hh_files/CCAM/p4bandi850e.shtml   (2948 words)

 Intel P6 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The P6 microarchitecture is the sixth generation x86 microprocessor architecture of Intel, released in 1995.
The first implementation of the P6 core was in the design of the Pentium Pro CPU in the mid-nineties, the immediate successor to the original Pentium design (P5).
Floating point unit (FPU) performance definitely falls short of the capabilities of other components, since only one FP unit is present in the P6 core, and does not have the double pumping benefit that the ALU posesses. /wiki/Intel_P6   (805 words)

 LostCircuits, CPU Guide
Intel is introducing the new line of P4 procesor based on the Prescott core, the first processor manufactured in a 90 nm process.
Potential shortcomings of Prescott are not present in Intels new flagship processor, that is the P4 ExtremeEdition at 3.4 GHz which is complemented by a 3.4 GHz version of Northwood as well.
We estimate the oxide layer at about 1.5 nm which is needed for functionality at 1.5 V. For comparison, the hitherto smallest transistor was found in the Tualatin core with 70 nm gate length. /cpu/prescott   (805 words)

 Intel Pentium4 LGA775 Processors
By the early 2004, Intel succeeded in migrating its processors to the new Prescott core.
Experts at Intel estimate the technological limit for the Prescott core to be 4 GHz.
Intel decided not to restrict with a mere change of the processor socket. /cpu/intel-cpu-lga775   (805 words)

 Interrupt Latency in 80386EX Based System
Intel 80386EX CPU core is same as the 386SX core and hence most of the Interrupt latency descriptions for the SX core would apply directly.
386SX Microprocessor, Hardware Reference Manual, Intel, 1990, pp.
As a start, some of the terminology which will be used in the course of this document will be explained (may be slightly different from other documentation). /design/intarch/technote/2153.htm   (785 words)

 » Let the Quad Core endorse you -
Intel’s 64 bit dual core Merom processors are due in 3rd quarter and the introduction of quad core simply seems to be a mere glimpse of what lies ahead in multiple cores.
Technorati Tags: dual core, Intel, quad core chips, 64 bit, Merom Architecture, Clovertown, Tigerton
Theoretically, hundreds of core on a chip are possible and it seems like Intel is eager to catch that number spot on. /let-the-quad-core-endorse-you-35.html   (288 words)

 GD Hardware - The site for Geeks, tweakers, modders and PC Hardware lovers
Sponsored by Intel, and brought to you by premier game center organization iGames, Seasons of Extreme is a must-see event for anyone serious about gaming and the benefits of dual-core processors.
ABOUT the Intel® Pentium® Processor Extreme Edition 840: Dual-core processors are designed by including two full execution cores within a single processor enabling simultaneous management of activities.
When combined with Intel's Hyper-Threading Technology, which allows each execution core to present itself as two logical processors, the Intel Pentium Processor Extreme Edition 840 can process four software threads simultaneously by more efficiently using resources that otherwise may sit idle. /hardware/cpus/intel/p4_18ghz/001.htm   (288 words)

 i386 and x86-64 Options - Using the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)
Intel Pentium3 CPU based on PentiumPro core with MMX and SSE instruction set support.
Intel Pentium2 CPU based on PentiumPro core with MMX instruction set support.
Intel PentiumMMX CPU based on Pentium core with MMX instruction set support. /onlinedocs/gcc/i386-and-x86_002d64-Options.html   (2022 words)

 BetaNews AMD Demos Dual-Core Desktop Chip
Besides intel is just following the path traced by AMD with his DUAL CORE strategy (They have working in it for a long time), and for your information AMD is releasind their dual cores CPUs also this year.
I think that a dual core amd chip will simply provide this same kind of smooth experience I have only a bit faster than with 2 seperate chips.
Intel has 80% of the market because of their ston marketing strategy, brainwashing non-advanced users (You are a perfect example of that), making them believe they have the best CPUs, and that the competition is not even near from them, which is obviously no true. /article/AMD_Demos_DualCore_Desktop_Chip/1109191535   (1937 words)

 LKML: "Siddha, Suresh B": [Patch] x86, x86_64: Intel dual-core detection
Number of processor cores in a die is detected using cpuid(4) and this is documented in IA-32 Intel Architecture Software Developer's Manual (vol 2a) ( This patch also adds cpu_core_map similar to cpu_sibling_map.
Appended patch adds the support for Intel dual-core detection and displaying the core related information in /proc/cpuinfo.
LKML: "Siddha, Suresh B": [Patch] x86, x86_64: Intel dual-core detection /lkml/2005/3/15/361   (1937 words)

 List of Intel microprocessors - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This list of Intel microprocessors attempts to present all of Intel's processors (µPs) from the pioneering 4-bit 4004 (1971) to the present high-end offerings, the 64-bit Itanium 2 (2002) and Pentium 4F with EM64T (2004).
Introduced January 1, 1981 as Intel's first 32-bit microprocessor
Uses "speed doubler" technology where the microprocessor core runs at twice the speed of the bus /wiki/List_of_Intel_microprocessors   (1763 words)

 DarkVision Hardware - News Archive
Intel Millington, Montecito dual core planned for Q3 2005
Intel, AMD Pack Dual Processing Cores on Single Chip
Dual core Glenwood, Lakeport chipsets get Intel airing /archive/Stories/2004/09/September   (827 words)

 Comments for: Smithfield, 600-series pricing, dates revealed? - ja.zz
Hence the server dual cores aren't coming to Xeon until 2006, this is when Intel will incorporate an arbiter onto the die that is like AMD's SRQ.
Of course, the big news here isn't so much what Intel's new chips will cost, but the fact that the processor giant could launch dual-core processors in the second quarter of the year.
You've got to praise Intel for putting a lot of work into SMP on a processor package, so they can claim 'dual core' before AMD. /ja.zz?id=72380   (484 words)

 Intel to ship Xeon 5000 dual-cores this year? The Register
Intel announced earlier this month that when the dual-core server chips debut they will carry model numbers.
Taiwanese server maker sources have claimed Intel could be planning to bring forward the debut of 'Paxville', the chip giant's first dual-core Xeon processor.
Intel is also expected to push its Virtualisation and Advanced Management Technologies strongly in the latter part of the year, primarily through their addition to desktop Pentium processors. /2005/08/12/intel_paxville_push   (470 words)

 AnandTech: Intel CPU Roadmap: Less is More
We have already covered some of the major announcements from Intel in our look at Intel's Dual-Core Strategy, but plenty of processors will still be sold between now and when the first dual-core chips ship.
Overclocking headroom on Intel parts has always been pretty good relative to their competitors, and rather than pushing parts through validation at close to their maximum speed, it is probable that Intel is making sure the parts run reliably.
There are not that many updates from month to month in Intel's roadmaps, so to help you find the changes from our last Intel Desktop Roadmap we have highlighted them with red text. /cpuchipsets/showdoc.aspx?i=2256   (1211 words)

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