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Topic: Intel iAPX 432

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  Intel i960
Intel's i960 (or 80960) was a RISC-based microprocessor design that became popular during the early 1990s as an embedded microcontroller, becoming a best-selling CPU in that field, along with the competing AMD 29000.
The iAPX 432 was intended to directly support high-level languages that supported tagged, protected, garbage-collected memory — such as Ada and Lisp — in hardware.
Intel attempted to bolster the i960 in the I/O device controller market with the I2O standard, but this had little success and the design work was eventually ended.
www.libraryoflibrary.com /E_n_c_p_d_Intel_i960.html   (931 words)

 Intel i432
Intel's iAXP-432 MicroMainframe (often known as a "mainframe on a chip") was a four-core, 32-bit microprocessor released in 1981.
However the design was deathly slow and very expensive, and Intel's plans to replace the x86 architechture with the 432 ended miserably.
The 960 MC's core was used by Intel to create the i960 RISC CPU, by dropping many of the i432-support from the design.
www.guajara.com /wiki/en/wikipedia/i/in/intel_i432.html   (475 words)

 Science Fair Projects - Intel iAPX 432
The iAPX 432 was intended to be Intel's major design for the 1980s, implementing many advanced multitasking and memory management features in hardware, which led them to refer to the design as the Micromainframe.
Intel had spent considerable time, money and mindshare on the 432, had a skilled team devoted to it, and were loath to abdandon it entirely after its failure in the marketplace.
The iAPX 432 microcode implements multitasking, using objects in memory to represent the processor, processes, communcation ports, and dispatching ports.
www.all-science-fair-projects.com /science_fair_projects_encyclopedia/Intel_iAPX_432   (1968 words)

 Intel iAPX 432
The 432 challenged the limits of the technology available at the time; it was so complex that 3 chips (4 in the final release) were required to contain all the hardware.
The iAPX 432 was approximately 1/4 the speed of the 80286 for most applications; it was slower than most of the processors that were available at the time of its release by at least 10% (I, 166).
The reason the 432 was so slow was that it verified many memory accesses (causing a memory read), its instructions were not aligned and took a while to decode, it did not have a large enough cache, it did not have enough registers, and it had extra chips which had to communicate.
www.brouhaha.com /~eric/retrocomputing/intel/iapx432/cs460   (4101 words)

 Intel iAPX 432 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For instance the iAPX 432 included a very expensive inter-module procedure call instruction, which the compiler used for all calls, despite the existence of much faster branch and link instructions.
Since the iAPX 432 no one has attempted a similar design, although the INMOS Transputer's process support was similar — and very fast.
Intel iAPX432 Micromainframe contains a list of all the Intel documentation associated with the iAX 432, a list of hardware part numbers and a list of over 30 papers.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Intel_iAPX_432   (2091 words)

 ipedia.com: Intel i432 Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Intel 's iAXP-432 MicroMainframe was a four-core, 32-bit microprocessor released in 1981.
It had on-chip support for handling the data structures common to object-oriented programming and multitasking, allowing modern operating systems to be implemented on it with far less code -- the CPU would do much of the work internally instead.
A new implementation based on a RISC core was built in an Intel/Siemens project, resulting in the 960 MC used in the BiiN project.
www.ipedia.com /intel_i432.html   (734 words)

 Ada for the Intel 432 Microcomputer
Intel Corporation intends to establish itself as an early center of Adam technology by using the language as the primary development and application language for the new iAPX 432 architecture.
However, both Ada and the 432 address the widely reported problems of large-scale software development; the architects of the 432 and of Ada were keenly aware of these problems and the proposed solutions.
The 432 is an object-oriented architectures The address space visible to a 432-resident process cannot be accessed as a single, contiguous block of memory, as in most classical computers.
www.priorartdatabase.com /IPCOM/000131468   (580 words)

 Intel iAPX 432 | THG Lexikon
Intels Ingenieuren gelang es mit der damaligen Halbleitertechnik nicht, das Konzept in eine effiziente Implementierung umzusetzen.
Die CPU war sehr langsam und teuer, und Intels Pläne, die x86-Architektur durch die iAPX 432 zu ersetzen, endeten in einem wirtschaftlichen Desaster.
Der iAPX 432 kannte beispielsweise einen sehr teuren intermodularen Prozeduraufrufsbefehl, den der Compiler für alle Aufrufe verwendete.
tomshardware.de /lexikon/Intel_iAPX_432   (763 words)

 Intel - Wikipedia, den fria encyklopedin
Intel tillverkar även nätverkskort, moderkort och andra datorrelaterade produkter.
Intel grundades 1968 av Gordon E. Moore (en kemist och fysiker) och Robert Noyce (en fysiker och meduppfinnare till den integrerade kretsen).
Intel skapade 1971 vad som anses vara världens första mikroprocessor.
sv.wikipedia.org /wiki/Intel   (253 words)

 Ace's Hardware - General Message Board
Intel intended this chip, and its subsequent progeny, to be the desktop computer chip for the '80s and '90s.
Intel has avoided discussing the 432, as it reflects badly on its string of recent success.
The Intel i960 is sometimes considered a successor of the 432 (also called "RISC applied to the 432"), and does have similar hardware support for context switching.
www.aceshardware.com /forums/read_post.jsp?id=115159353&forumid=1   (1238 words)

 Great Microprocessors of the Past and Present   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Texas Instruments followed the Intel 4004/4040 closely with the 4-bit TMS 1000, which was the first microprocessor to include enough RAM, and space for a program ROM, to allow it to operate without multiple external support chips.
The Intel 8086 was based on the design of the 8080/8085 (source compatible with the 8080) with a similar register set, but was expanded to 16 bits.
Intel bubble memory was on the market for a while, but faded away as better and cheaper memory technologies arrived.
bwrc.eecs.berkeley.edu /CIC/archive/cpu_history.html   (15782 words)

 iapx 432 was Re: Intel i2920 IC was .....   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
iapx 432 was Re: Intel i2920 IC was.....
Previous message: iapx 432 was Re: Intel i2920 IC was.....
IIRC, Version 2.7 of the ACS and release 3.2 of the components were the last ones shipped to Intel customers, although I've seen release 3.3 components that were used internally for early software development for the Intel/Siemens joint project (code named Gemini, later sold as BiiN).
www.classiccmp.org /pipermail/cctalk/1999-December/137856.html   (325 words)

 Intel i860 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Intel i860 (also 80860, and code named N10) was a RISC microprocessor from Intel, first released in 1989.
The i860 was (along with the i960) one of Intel's first attempts at an entirely new, high-end ISA since the failed Intel i432 from the 1980s.
Intel for a time tested the viability of the i860 as a workstation CPU, competing with the MIPS Architecture chips and others.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Intel_i860   (1055 words)

 Intel iAPX 432 - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
El iAPX 432 fue pensado para ser el principal diseño de Intel para los años 1980, implementando muchas características avanzadas de multitarea y manejo de memoria en hardware, que los condujo a referirse al diseño como el Micromainframe.
Intel había invertido considerable tiempo, dinero, y mentes, en el 432, tenía un equipo experto dedicado a él y era reacia abandonarlo enteramente después de su fracaso en el mercado.
En el primer lanzamiento de la arquitectura del iAPX 432, un objeto definido del sistema consistía típicamente de un segmento de acceso, y opcionalmente, dependiendo del tipo de objeto, un segmento de datos especificado por un descriptor de acceso en un offset fijo dentro del segmento del acceso.
es.wikipedia.org /wiki/Intel_iAPX_432   (2165 words)

 BiiN - Definition up Erdmond.Com
BiiN was an outgrowth of Intel's iAPX 432 multiprocessor project, ancestor of iPSC and nCUBE.
Intel owned all the silicon designs which were licensed to Siemens, while Siemens owned all the software and documentation and licensed them to Intel.
Before Intel switched to to the StrongARM for the embedded role in the late 1990s, the i960 was one of Intel's most popular products.
www.erdmond.com /BiiN.html   (859 words)

 Intel iAPX-432 Micromainframe
Intel received about fifteen US patents relating to the iAPX-432, but much of the technical details such as the object data structures and instruction set changed between the time of the patent application and customer shipment.
One of Intel's published papers on the iAPX 432 suggests that the initial objective for the clock rate was 10 MHz (for the IP at least).
Some of the alumni of this project joined Intel shortly after the IAPX 432 hit the streets, and their arrival with what management interpreted as an advanced design was what drove Intel to abandon research on modern capability-based computer architectures and concentrate instead on the bizarrely irrational x86 family of architectures.
www.brouhaha.com /~eric/retrocomputing/intel/iapx432   (2914 words)

 Ethick.com Directory > Computers> Hardware> Components> Processors> iAPX-432
Ada for the Intel 432 Microcomputer - Historical document, purchase option: Ada represents a new era in language standards, software portability, and is the main language of Intel's new Micromainframe.
Intel iAPX 432 - Growing article, with links to many related topics.
Overview of Intel 432, 1975-1985 - Short critique and defense, with references; by Mark Smotherman.
www.ethick.com /directory/odp.php?browse=/Computers/Hardware/Components/Processors/iAPX-432   (139 words)

 INTEL HISTORY - Apple vs Microsoft   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Cofounder of Intel stated in 1971 (when he built the first commercial “computer on a chip”, the 4004) that the number of transistors that could be placed on a single chip will double every 18 month.
Note: Intel Pentium D tips the balance in favor of Intel.
Note: Moreover, Intel has succeeded in launching dual-core processors at half the prices proposed by the competition.
www.jmusheneaux.com /index000.htm   (1588 words)

 Great Microprocessors of the Past and Present (V 13.4.0)
The Intel iAPX 432 was a complex, object oriented 32-bit processor that included high level operating system support in hardware, such as process scheduling and interprocess messaging.
Others say the 80286 was envisioned as a step between the 8086 and the 432, rushed through design when the 432 was late and resulting its own design problems, but was actually designed later).
The Intel 432 also attempted some hardware process scheduling, but was unsuccessful.
cpushack.net /CPU/cpu7.html   (3421 words)

 DTACK GROUNDED #6 -- January 1982
The 432 has a 16 bit external bus which is multiplexed; part of the time this bus carries addresses and part of the time it carries data.
At the SAME TIME, Intel states that the 432 is "intended for projects in which there is a large initial software effort (10-person team for 2 yrs) followed by considerable effort to maintain and enhance the software.
Intel is in the position of a carnival barker claiming that "in this tent over here is a 60 foot tall gorilla".
www.amigau.com /68K/dg/dg06.htm   (6379 words)

 Intel Core Duo - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Microprocesador de Intel con dos núcleos de ejecución, lanzado en enero del 2006.
El microprocesador Intel® Core Duo está optimizado para las aplicaciones de subprocesos múltiples y para la multitarea.
Intel® Core Duo es el primer microprocesador de Intel usado en las computadoras Apple Macintosh.
es.wikipedia.org /wiki/Intel_Core_Duo   (315 words)

 Ace's Hardware - General Message Board
Well, comparing 432 to Itanium shows that you obviously have not even slightly been connected to the iAPX432 project..
The 432 flopped bigtime, and the Itanium seems to be going down the same path.
The i432 was eventually sidelined in 1986, the year Intel's 80386 processor appeared.
www.aceshardware.com /forums/read_post.jsp?id=115159359&forumid=1   (522 words)

 Wiki > Intel Iapx 432 | QuickyWiki - Wikipedia meets "Cliffs Notes"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Intel iAPX 432, Modified April 15, 1999, 12:00 am
Intel iAPX 432 at AllExperts, Modified November 19, 2006, 12:00 am
Intel iAPX 432 - Open Encyclopedia, Modified October 4, 2006, 12:00 am
www.quickywiki.com /wiki/intel-iapx-432   (145 words)

 [No title]
The 432, which can have umpteen thousand segments defined at a time, (with each one being a typed protection domain) is considerably more sophisticated when it comes to virtual memory management than any other microprocessor will be for a LONG time.
In the 432, the segments are limited to 64K -- too small for many large arrays used in various applications {This problem can be resolved by using levels of arrays of pointers to achieve the desired size}.
The 432 is certainly a large accomplishment for microprocessors and (except for its poor performance) should find good acceptance in the Pascal/Ada market.
gopher.quux.org:70 /Archives/usenet-a-news/FA.works/81.11.01_ucbvax.4891_fa.works.txt   (1631 words)

 Intel iAPX 432   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Intel iAPX 432 — первый 32-битный микропроцессор компании Intel, внедренный в 1981ом.
iAPX 432 должен был быть основной разработкой Intel в 1980ых, аппаратно реализуя такие функции, как многозадачность и управление памятью.
Аббревиатура iAPX, являющаяся префиксом к номеру модели, означает intel Advanced Processor architecture, X происходит от греческой буквы Хи.
www.prokat777.ru /wiki/Intel_iAPX_432   (99 words)

 Iapx at FindWolf
iAPX 432 was a "micromainframe" 32-bit microcomputer system composed of three...
IAPX 432 Object Primer, Manual Order No. 171858-001 Hey B, Intel Corp.,...
It is the primary language of Intel's new micromain frame.
findwolf.com /Iapx   (234 words)

 Intel Corporation - Wikipedia
La Intel all'inizio produceva componenti per memorie e, durante gli anni settanta, era divenuta leader nella produzione di memorie DRAM, SRAM e ROM.
In questi anni, vista la complessità di questi microprocessori, la sola industria di produzione della Intel con sede a Santa Clara non riusciva a compensare il fabbisogno del mercato e quindi la Intel cedette le licenze dei suoi processori alla ZiLOG e all'AMD che costruirono le proprie varianti.
Intel attualmente produce microprocessori, componenti di rete, chipset per motherboard (scheda madre), chip per schede video e molti altri circuiti integrati.
it.wikipedia.org /wiki/Intel   (401 words)

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