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Topic: Interdisciplinary

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  Interdisciplinary Learning in Your Classroom: Exploration
A well-designed interdisciplinary unit uses organizing centers and essential questions as a conceptual lens that validates each discipline base as having depth and integrity all its own, while at the same time revealing connections among the disciplines.
Interdisciplinary design is highlighted by a deliberate, elevated, and overt declaration and examination of essential questions, or conceptually oriented questions that spark curiosity and frame the scope and sequence of learning.
If you seek out the standards that require interdisciplinary curriculum design and address these during your interdisciplinary unit(s), then you should have plenty of time to cover materials required by testing in other units.
www.thirteen.org /edonline/concept2class/interdisciplinary/exploration.html   (1464 words)

  Interdisciplinary Courses and Team Teaching
One of the great strengths of the interdisciplinary course, at its best, is that the faculty, who are the experts, have already wrestled with and to some extent resolved the differences in their methodological and disciplinary perspectives.
In the ideal interdisciplinary version of this course, perhaps even more disciplines, representing the physical and social sciences, would be brought together, and a new and slightly different rendition of the subject might be invented by the participants as a result of further struggle to reconcile differences and discover commonalties.
In the ideal interdisciplinary team-taught course, the subject grows out of the idea; it is invented by the faculty who participate in the course, it is more than the sum of the disciplinary parts, and it is presented to the students, as nearly as possibly, as an integrated whole.
www.ntlf.com /html/lib/ictt_xrpt.htm   (8166 words)

 Interdisciplinary Major - Majors in Two or More Disciplines and Departments - Hollins University
An interdisciplinary major enables a student to construct from two or more disciplines a course of study not available through one department.
The interdisciplinary major consists of at least eight courses, including a course in research methods from one of the disciplines (or an equivalent introduction to sources and a coordinating tutorial chosen in consultation with the student's two advisors.) In addition, the major requires one internship related to the area of interest.
Possible subjects for interdisciplinary majors include a period, an idea, or a set of problems: work on the Renaissance in English, history, art and music; work on human freedom in philosophy, psychology, sociology, and political science.
www.hollins.edu /undergrad/interdisciplinary/interdis.htm   (429 words)

  RAND Health | Building Interdisciplinary Geriatric Health Care Research Centers
Interdisciplinary geriatric research that reflects true collaboration across multiple relevant geriatric disciplines within an institution, involves trans-institutional arrangements or non-university organizations, with investigators holding a variety of professional degrees actively engaged in the design, implementation and analysis of clinical care, health services, translational or outcomes research for older adults.
Interdisciplinary geriatric health care interventions, defined broadly as testable strategies for improving the health, quality of life and/or quality of care, health outcomes and cost effectiveness of care for older adults that integrate conceptual, operational, and analytic components from multiple disciplines.
Interdisciplinary geriatric research education, training, and mentoring that encompasses interdisciplinary training and mentoring activities focused on the career development of junior investigators (i.e., junior faculty, postdoctoral fellows, or graduate students) through targeted career development programs and/or awards, pilot grants to conduct interdisciplinary research, and directed mentoring by interdisciplinary investigators.
www.rand.org /health/projects/geriatric   (417 words)

  Interdisciplinary Studies   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The responsibility for formulating a sound academic program of interdisciplinary study lies with the individual student and the advisor, and the proposed concentration must be approved by the Committee on Honors and Interdisciplinary Studies.
Normally, students pursuing an interdisciplinary concentration base their program upon a solid understanding of an established discipline, and must include courses from at least three departments, with no more than half of the credit hours from any one department.
Applications for interdisciplinary concentrations must be submitted to the Committee on Honors and Interdisciplinary Studies before the beginning of preregistration for the first semester of the student’s senior year.
www.wm.edu /catalog/2002-03/interdisciplinary.htm   (1316 words)

 Interdisciplinary Studies   (Site not responding. Last check: )
First, a student, working in consultation with a faculty advisor, may formulate an interdisciplinary major that is uniquely tailored to his or her interest.
The responsibility for formulating a sound academic program of interdisciplinary study lies with the individual student and the advisor, and the proposed major must be approved by the Committee on Honors and Interdisciplinary Studies.
Applications for interdisciplinary majors must be submitted to the Committee on Honors and Interdisciplinary Studies before the beginning of preregistration for the first semester of the student’s senior year.
www.wm.edu /catalog/2003-04/interdisciplinary.htm   (955 words)

The student applies for permission to undertake an interdisciplinary major to the dean of the school or college in which he or she is enrolled.
In accepting the proposal for an interdisciplinary major, the dean's office certifies that the rules established for interdisciplinary studies have been followed and that courses necessary for completion of the program will be available, and it assumes administrative responsibility for monitoring the student's progress and clearing the student for graduation.
Graduate students previously admitted to a college or school may be admitted into interdisciplinary graduate degree programs leading to the master's degree according to their needs, interests, and capacities, as alternatives to established disciplines.
www.american.edu /american/registrar/AcademicReg/New/reg65.html   (1247 words)

 Interdisciplinary Scienteist Experiments
This interdisciplinary scientist (IDS) investigation had the objective of determining the nature of the interaction between the surface and atmosphere to better understand the processes involved in the formation and evolution of the Martian surface and atmosphere.
This interdisciplinary scientist (IDS) investigation had the objective of defining the atmospheric circulation at all seasons to specify poleward transport of carbon dioxide, water, dust, and energy as well as the radiative and surface fluxes in the polar regions.
This interdisciplinary scientist (IDS) investigation assessed the influence of dust on atmospheric circulation, the factors which control the life cycle of dust storms, the role of dynamics in the seasonal water cycle, the transport of dust, the constraints on an early dense carbon dioxide atmosphere, and the modulation of atmospheric circulation due to astronomical variations.
library.thinkquest.org /19455/interdisciplinary_scienteist_exp.htm   (417 words)

 Stanford History Department ::: Undergraduate Interdisciplinary   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Students in Interdisciplinary Programs work closely with their faculty advisors to design a study plan that both fulfills the requirements for all pathways leading to the A.B. in History (listed on p.
Interdisciplinary Cluster (four courses)—These courses, taken outside the department, introduce students to the methods and approaches of another discipline appropriate for the interdisciplinary study of history.
Interdisciplinary Cluster—These four courses, taken outside the Department of History, must address the literature, broadly defined, of the area chosen for the geographic concentration.
www.stanford.edu /dept/history/Undergraduate/major_interdisciplinary.html   (885 words)

 Service Learning: Interdisciplinary Models of Service-Learning in Higher Education
Interdisciplinary learning is a methodology that includes learners from different disciplines that work closely together contributing their knowledge, skill set and experience to support and enhance the contributions and attributes of each discipline.
Interdisciplinary service-learning introduced in the early years of study can help to foster the contribution of positive attitudes about working in communities and in teams.
Interdisciplinary student teams work with a wide range of community-based organizations in the Washington, DC area to identify health needs and assets and to design and implement health education and health promotion activities.
www.servicelearning.org /resources/fact_sheets/he_facts/interdisciplinary   (4325 words)

 WSU | CLAS | Interdisciplinary Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies is one of the largest enrolled undergraduate programs at Wayne State and a leader among the nation's more than 50 programs in interdisciplinary or integrated studies.
Interdisciplinary studies seek to combine knowledge and skills from different disciplines to prepare students to solve a diversity of real-world problems and demands of the changing workplace and community.
The interdisciplinary studies degree prepares graduates to see problems and issues from a wide range of perspectives and to recognize their interconnections and complexity.
www.clas.wayne.edu /IS   (719 words)

 Appendix C
It is clear that the rise of interdisciplinary studies at Emory is due, in no small part, to the consistent endorsement and periodic underwriting provided by the president, provost, and some deans and department chairs in the course of the past two decades.
Interdisciplinary teaching is often viewed as suspect or peripheral to the core pedagogical mission of a department, division, or school.
Junior faculty who are pursuing interdisciplinary research and teaching in one unit or holding joint appointments in two disciplines complain that they are held to the standards of only one discipline when judged for promotion and tenure.
www.emory.edu /TEACHING/Report/AppendixC.html   (3071 words)

 Interdisciplinary Research   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It is becoming apparent that, in some cases, multidisciplinary research is not sufficient to address—in a comprehensive and effective way—challenging and complex problems in biomedical and behavioral research.
Importantly, interdisciplinary research does not merely result in new technical approaches, but new intellectual approaches (i.e., new ways to conceptualize and think about a research problem).
As part of the NIH Roadmap, a program to support Exploratory Centers for Interdisciplinary Research was initiated in FY 2004 (see RFA-RM-04-004), and 21 planning awards were funded.
www.ncrr.nih.gov /roadmapinterdisciplinary.asp   (529 words)

 Interdisciplinary Opportunities
The Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (PAOS) is an interdisciplinary program that provides an educational and research environment to examine the dynamical, physical, and chemical processes that occur in the atmosphere and the ocean.
This is an interdisciplinary certificate program requiring approval by the Certificate Committee of the proposed course selection and then completion with a grade of B or better a total of four courses from the approved list of courses.
An interdisciplinary program that leads to the Ph.D. degree and is designed to provide an integrated, interdisciplinary training that encompasses modern molecular biology, biochemistry, and biochemical engineering.
www.colorado.edu /chemistry/graduate/interdisciplinary.html   (431 words)

 Society for Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS) Home Page
We also consider the effect catastrophes have on other disciplines, such as biology, cosmology, geology, psychology, archaeoastronomy, astrophysics, linguistics, and other areas such as religion.
Catastrophism also demands that there should be corroboration between disciplines, making catastrophism truly interdisciplinary and inclusive.
The SIS also arranges occasional talks and conferences, and members have the opportunity to buy material through the Society's book service.
www.knowledge.co.uk /sis   (326 words)

 Interdisciplinary Research - Overview
But, as science has advanced over the past decade and the molecular secrets of life have become more accessible, two fundamental themes are apparent: the study of human biology and behavior is a wonderfully dynamic process, and the traditional divisions within health research may in some instances impede the pace of scientific discovery.
Interdisciplinary research integrates the analytical strengths of two or more often disparate scientific disciplines to create a new hybrid discipline.
By establishing new awards aimed at building interdisciplinary research teams, NIH hopes to help accelerate research on diseases of interest to all of its components with an eye toward improving the nation's public health.
nihroadmap.nih.gov /interdisciplinary/index.asp   (421 words)

 Interdisciplinary Majors   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The biochemistry and molecular biology (BMB) interdisciplinary major was designed in recognition of the increasing intimacy of the subject matter, objectives, and methodology of biochemistry and a variety of related biological disciplines.
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 470 (thesis); candidates must submit a brief proposal to the interdisciplinary committee by the end of the second week of the semester in which thesis work is to commence.
The sequence of courses to satisfy interdisciplinary aims is arranged among the student and the chemistry and physics faculty members who coordinate the program.
web.reed.edu /academic/catalog/interdisciplinary_majors.html   (5524 words)

 Interdisciplinary Health Care Across Cultures
Students will explore interdisciplinary models used by care teams to reach the goals of health maintenance and health care for their populations.
Students will observe and interview interdisciplinary health care team members about their roles and evaluate and suggest changes in health care delivery in light of the health care system and the culture in which they are immersed.
Analyze how interdisciplinary learning and care models affect health care processes and outcomes across cultures and countries as related to formal and informal caregiving.
www.fiu.edu /~cohsres/healthcaresite/InterdisciplinaryHealthCareAcrossCulturesSyllabus.htm   (397 words)

 Ohio University - School Of Interdisciplinary Arts   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Interdisciplinary Arts students at Ohio University undertake a strong education in a primary discipline, with study in a secondary area, and engage in a series of interdisciplinary seminars.
The School of Interdisciplinary Arts seeks to train scholars for the twenty-first century, who are grounded in the knowledge of a discipline and able to view the arts through the unique lens of interdisciplinary studies.
The Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Arts is a full-time program of study (a minimum of six consecutive quarters.) Under special circumstances, and with prior approval, part-time study may be possible.
www.ohiou.edu:8080 /interarts/cahand.htm   (3607 words)

 UW Interdisciplinary Studies
It is truly interdisciplinary in nature, allowing each participating student and the student’s committee to select course work from up to three subject areas [plus course work listed as "tools"] to build a degree program meeting the student’s stated needs.
Interdisciplinary students may request research and/or lab access and will negotiate with the appropriate academic unit administering the space and/or equipment.
Since the degree program is interdisciplinary in nature, it is perceived that all support presently existing (including graduate assistantships) within academic units can/may be allocated at the discretion of the unit.
uwadmnweb.uwyo.edu /UWGrad/interdisciplinary.asp   (746 words)

 BioMed Central | Full text | Interdisciplinary research: putting the methods under the microscope
While the desirability of interdisciplinary inquiry has been widely acknowledged, indeed has become 'the mantra of science policy', the methods of interdisciplinary collaboration are opaque to outsiders and generally remain undescribed.
Nonetheless, while the desirability of interdisciplinary inquiry has been widely acknowledged, indeed has become 'the mantra of science policy'[3], the methods of interdisciplinary collaboration are opaque to outsiders and generally remain undescribed.
Researchers have an obligation to make their procedures transparent, but interdisciplinary teams –; while they report methods of data collection and analysis – seldom report the methods they employ in the process of achieving interdisciplinary collaboration itself.
www.biomedcentral.com /1471-2288/3/20   (2623 words)

 Interdisciplinary Studies
Some concentrations are interdisciplinary by nature and are already recognized and defined by the scholarly community, for example, environmental studies, cognitive science or Native American studies.
Note that the subdivisions of an interdisciplinary concentration are typically not the different disciplines or perspectives that make the concentration interdisciplinary; rather, each subdivision is itself a combination of perspectives.
In recognition of the importance of the whole, a unique requirement for interdisciplinary concentrations is the inclusion of one study that explicitly integrates (or stitches together) the key component parts.
www.esc.edu /InterGuide   (1400 words)

 UC Berkeley - Web Registry Search Results
Interdisciplinary field that focuses on race as a social construction with an emphasis on the cultures, of various African-based societies and communities in the Caribbean, Latin America, the United States, Europe.
Interdisciplinary group of artists, educators, professionals, and scientists who are experimenting with interactive multimedia technology in professional practice, scholarship, and education.
An interdisciplinary research and community outreach center dedicated to fostering explorations of race and gender and their intersections.
search.berkeley.edu /cgi-bin/regsearch.cgi?words=interdisciplinary&Submit.x=16&Submit.y=8   (892 words)

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