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In the News (Mon 18 Mar 19)

  Intergraph | U.S. Federal
Intergraph's centralized emergency dispatch system gave the LANL the ability to share real-time information with local city and country police and fire agencies.
Intergraph collaborates with organizations to increase the efficiency of business-critical processes and reduce the time and resources needed to accomplish day-to-day projects.
Intergraph provides an integrated view of data found in multiple systems – increasing efficiency and helping organizations attain the greatest value from their data.
rd.business.com /index.asp?epm=s.1&bdcq=Intergraph&bdcr=8&bdcu=http://www.ingr.com/federal&bdcp=&partner=2662601&bdcs=nwuuid-2662601-AE21A8AD-B62D-1DCD-4641-6DD4E0930180-ym   (394 words)

 Intergraph - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Intergraph was founded in 1969 as MandS Computing, Inc., by ex-IBM engineers who had been working on the Saturn rocket for the Apollo program.
Intergraph began producing its own computer hardware based initially on VAX-based hardware and ultimately using its own Clipper chip (acquired from Fairchild Semiconductor) for a line of workstations that ran CLIX, their version of UNIX.
On August 31, 2006, Intergraph announced it was going to be acquired by an investor group led by Hellman and Friedman LLC and Texas Pacific Group, making the company privately held.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Intergraph   (337 words)

 liibulletin: Intergraph v. Intel
Intergraph Corporation (Intergraph) is an OEM that designs, produces, and distributes computers that produce computer-aided graphics.
Intergraph owns and uses patents for "Clipper" technology which is used in high performance microprocessors.
Intergraph sought a preliminary injunction to prevent Intel from infringing the Clipper patents.
www.law.cornell.edu /patent/comments/98_1308.htm   (542 words)

 Intergraph Corp v. Intel Corp
Intergraph demanded that Intel be enjoined from infringement of the Clipper patents, and the award of compensatory and punitive damages and trebled damages.
Intergraph states that the national interest requires that patentees be free to enforce their patents without risk of retaliatory commercial response from the accused infringer.
Intergraph does not state that it objected to the mutual at-will termination provision when the contract was entered.
www.ll.georgetown.edu /federal/judicial/fed/opinions/98opinions/98-1308.html   (8306 words)

 Intergraph's Private TIFF Tags
Other groups at Intergraph and related companies also had/have applications that write TIFF files, although I was not involved in their development.
Intergraph application packets are described in the INGR Raster File Reference Guide, available by request from raster@ingr.com.
The former ModelTransformationTag (33920) conflicts with an internal Intergraph implementation and is being deprecated, in favor of a new tag (34264, registered to JPL).
www.awaresystems.be /imaging/tiff/tifftags/docs/intergraph.html   (2582 words)

 Wired News: Intergraph: Intel Hurt Revenues
Intergraph blamed a "slower than expected recovery" on Intel (INTC), which it has accused of withholding vital technical information about its chips.
Intergraph sued Intel in November for alleged patent violations, claiming the chipmaker used Intergraph technology in its Pentium chips.
Intergraph said it will be able to ship products based on the newest Intel chips by July but said its revenues would still be affected.
www.wired.com /news/business/0,1367,13360,00.html   (502 words)

 Intel faces coughing up to Intergraph again
Chipzilla paid Intergraph $300 million earlier this year after the five years of legal wranglings in a courtcase that charged that Intel had infringed Intergraph's patents in the design of the Pentium processor.
Intergraph says it developed the technology in 1992 when its Advanced Processor Division was designing Intergraph’s next generation C5 Clipper microprocessor.
Intergraph’s says its patented technology is an essential component of Intel’s IA-64 EPIC (explicitly parallel instruction computing) architecture, which "is at the heart of Intel’s new Itanium chip".
www.theinquirer.net /?article=4252   (301 words)

 Sample Contracts - Consulting Contract - Intergraph Corp. and Green Mountain Inc. - Competitive Intelligence for ...
In the event Intergraph Furnished Property is received by the Consultant in a condition not suitable for the intended use, the Consultant shall, upon receipt thereof, notify Intergraph of such fact and, as directed by Intergraph, either: i.
D. The Consultant shall be liable for loss or destruction of or damage to Intergraph property in its possession or control; and shall return all such property in as good condition as when received, except for reasonable wear and tear or for the utilization of the property in accordance with the provisions of this Contract.
E. Intergraph shall, with regard to Subject Data and Subject Inventions originated in performance of this Contract, undertake at its expense to secure any and all patents and copyrights as Intergraph shall deem necessary.
contracts.onecle.com /intergraph/green-mountain.consult.1990.01.17.shtml   (2030 words)

 Intergraph may sue AMD over Clipper patents
On the 15th of January this year, according to Intergraph, AMD filed a declatory judgement act (DJA) statement against it in the Northern District of California.
Intergraph has made itself tidy little sums out of the Clipper patents, picking up mucho moolah from chip giant Intel over the Itanic, and Texas Instruments too.
Intergraph used to be a major Intel customer but that relationship turned sour when it charged Chipzilla with preventing it from doing business.
www.theinquirer.net /?article=13873   (317 words)

 WebWire® | Intergraph Security Technologies Help Advance Public Safety in U.S. Capital   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Intergraph has enjoyed a successful, long standing relationship with the District of Columbia and a number of adjacent public safety agencies in the capital region.
Intergraph President and CEO Halsey Wise commented, “Public safety organizations across the world depend on Intergraph for efficient and effective command and control.
Intergraph and the Intergraph logo are registered trademarks of Intergraph Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and in other countries.
www.webwire.com /ViewPressRel.asp?aId=22292   (520 words)

 Intergraph Maps Out Its Future with NT   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Intergraph's vision was to move to an open platform, to make use of all the capabilities within that platform, and to concentrate specifically on the company's core competencies.
Intergraph is also helping customers who migrate to NT by addressing the issue of getting the new applications to work with old applications or replacing the old software.
Intergraph felt comfortable with its decision to move to a Windows-based platform because the operating system is pervasive and provides a good base for software development.
www.windowsitpro.com /Article/ArticleID/186/186.html   (1276 words)

 Summary: Intergraph v. Intel.
Intergraph filed a Brief in upport of its motion to enjoin Intel from cutting off or delaying the supply of chips and information.
Intergraph filed a motion to compel Intel to comply with the preliminary injunction order of 4/10/98.
Intel shall be required to maintain a log of the release, or delivery, of Chips Samples to Intergraph and its Competitors, and upon request of the court, certify to this court its compliance with the procedures and delivery of such Chips Samples.
www.techlawjournal.com /courts/intergraph/Default.htm   (1458 words)

 Intergraph UK   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
About Us Intergraph is the world leader in delivering software and services for the management and visual representation of complex information.
We are Intergraph and we are committed to making a difference in our world.
Headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, Intergraph employs 3,700 professionals across 60 countries and is traded on the NASDAQ market under the symbol INGR.
www.intergraph.co.uk /about   (169 words)

 Intergraph | Electronic Information Privacy Notice
Intergraph has put privacy protections in place to help you maintain control over your personal information while fostering the growth of a more interactive, engaging, and personalized web experience.
Without your consent, Intergraph will not share any personal information you provide online with any third party that is not an Intergraph agent, distributor, business partner, or affiliate, except to the limited extent necessary to fulfill your request for products, services, or support.
Intergraph reserves the right, however, to disclose information as required by applicable law, in order to protect its rights or property, or in case Intergraph or a portion of its assets is sold.
www.intergraph.com /privacy   (947 words)

 Sponsorship Program - Intergraph 2006
In addition to the Welcome Reception in the exhibit hall on Monday evening, Intergraph has scheduled dedicated exhibit time and refreshment breaks during each conference day when no technical programs or workshops are in session (see exhibit schedule).
Intergraph will provide journalists with all the tools necessary to obtain, review, and issue news from the conference, as well as venues to meet with speakers and sponsors.
Intergraph 2006 logos are available upon request for your use in direct promotional mailings or advertisements highlighting your sponsorship or booth presence at the conference.
www.intergraph2006.com /sponsorship/program.asp   (2476 words)

 Private Equity Group To Buy Intergraph For $1.3 Billion - News by InformationWeek   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Software vendor Intergraph has signed a definitive agreement to be acquired for roughly $1.3 billion by an investor group led by Hellman & Friedman and Texas Pacific Group.
Under the terms of the agreement, Intergraph stockholders will receive $44 in cash for each share of Intergraph common stock, representing a 22 percent premium over Intergraph's average closing share price for the last 20 trading days, Intergraph (Huntsville, Ala.) said.
Intergraph's board has approved the merger agreement and is recommending that shareholders adopt it.
www.informationweek.com /story/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=192501694&cid=RSSfeed_IWK_News   (379 words)

 News: Emerson Process Management and Intergraph Process, Power & Offshore sign marketing and supply contract
Intergraph INtools software supports engineering, design and documentation for the lifecycle, including instrument indexes, calibration and maintenance, specifications, process data, calculation, wiring, loop drawings, hook-ups and commissioning.
Intergraph Process, Power and Offshore enables customers to create, capture and manage plant information as a strategic asset by providing integrated life cycle software for the engineering, design, construction and operation of process and power plants, offshore oil and gas facilities and commercial ships.
Intergraph, the Intergraph logo and INtools are registered trademarks of Intergraph Corporation.
www.emersonprocess.com /home/news/pr/402_intergraph.html   (944 words)

 AMD settles Intergraph patent claims | Tech News on ZDNet
Intergraph developed its Clipper processor for use in workstations that the company used to sell.
Intergraph's agreement with AMD comes in the wake of a series of settlements with Intel for larger sums.
Thus, Intergraph's pledge to discontinue legal proceedings against AMD customers should help HP and might also help Gateway in their Intergraph suits, the AMD representative said, as both companies have offered AMD chips in their computers.
news.zdnet.com /2100-9584_22-5189828.html   (825 words)

 Intergraph News
December 12, 2006-- Intergraph Corporation today announced its participation in the Vigilant Shield exercise, a U.S. Northern Command exercise that is one is a series of national training exercises focusing on...
Intergraph Stockholders Approve Acquisition by Investor Group Led by...
Intergraph Corporation today announced its participation in the 2006 GEOINT Symposium, the premier annual event for the geospatial intelligence community.
www.topix.net /com/ingr   (701 words)

 Intergraph sues Texas Instruments | CNET News.com
The patents were used to develop Intergraph's Clipper chip, a processor that was touted for its technical capabilities but failed to achieve market success.
In one suit, Intergraph claimed that Intel's Pentium family infringed its patents, and in the other, it alleged that the Itanium chip infringed other patents owned by Intergraph.
In December, Intergraph filed a suit against Dell, Gateway and Hewlett-Packard alleging that the three PC makers violated its patents because the companies sold computers containing Pentium processors.
news.com.com /2100-1001-982933.html   (500 words)

 Intel Welcomes Ruling In Intergraph Suit - Technology News by TechWeb
By district court in Alabama has placed Intergraph's suit against Intel on hold, ruling that Intel did not violate antitrust statutes by refusing to furnish Intergraph with microprocessors and technical documents.
Intergraph, in Huntsville, Ala., opened its suit against Intel in 1997, alleging the company acted as an illegal monopoly and violated Intergraph patents used in the production of certain Intel microprocessors.
Because Intergraph's damages claim was based largely on the presumption that Intel violated antitrust regulations, last week's reversal has undermined the company's original claim and may push the trial to an undetermined date.
www.techweb.com /wire/story/TWB20000313S0015   (285 words)

 MRO Software -- an IBM Company : Partners : Alliance Partners   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Intergraph Corporation provides intelligent software enabling companies to integrate engineering information to promote profitability, improve operational excellence and manage assets.
Intergraph services the process manufacturing, power generation, marine oil and gas and commercial shipbuilding markets.
Intergraph Corporation delivers unique IT business solutions that extract full value from engineering information throughout a facility's life cycle, helping companies improve operational excellence and safety, increase profitability, and protect intellectual assets.
www.mro.com /corporate/mroalliances/profile_intergraph.php   (145 words)

 Intergraph Corporation
Process, Power & Marine division has been recognized with the PELC 2006 Award at the Plant Engineering Life Cycle (PELC) Conference.
Intergraph is selected as part of the Lockheed Martin team for the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) integrated electronic security system.
CBS News offers details into the new MTA security system, which features Intergraph technology.
www.intergraph.no   (107 words)

 Intergraph Press Release - Intergraph Wins Air Force Process Improvement Contract   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Intergraph will provide detailed guidance and analysis to assist the Air Force Materiel Command in developing effective plans and implementation procedures for its ongoing enterprise transformation.
Intergraph will also provide program administration, develop training, study performance and work processes and advise on change management strategies.
Intergraph and the Intergraph logo are registered trademarks of Intergraph Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and in other countries.
www.intergraph.se /news/pressrelease.asp?id=631   (533 words)

 Intergraph Italia - Comunicato stampa - Intergraph Aids NAVAIR with the Opening of a Logistics Laboratory Capable of ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Intergraph celebrated the achievement of a maintenance logistics environment lab in a ceremonial ribbon cutting
Intergraph is a world leader in force protection and homeland security.
Intergraph’s stock trades on the NASDAQ stock market under the symbol INGR and the company can be found on the Web at www.intergraph.com.
www.intergraph.it /news/pressrelease.asp?id=561   (460 words)

 Atlanta Business Chronicle: Intergraph Corp company profile
Founded in 1969 and headquartered in Huntsville, AL, Intergraph Corporation (NASDAQ: INGR) is a spatial management company that provides mapping and design functions to military, government, and industrial organizations.
Intergraph tapped to provide extensive IT to Florida sheriff's department [Birmingham]
Intel and Intergraph settle patent fight [San Jose]
atlanta.bizjournals.com /atlanta/gen/Intergraph_Corp_29C1FC78A00A4963819A469374BCBE04.html   (359 words)

 Intergraph sues Intel over Itanium design
Intergraph developed PIC in 1992 for its C5 Clipper graphics chip, and filed for patents in 1993, the company said in a statement.
Intergraph and Intel have a four-year history of litigation.
Intergraph filed suit in 1997 claiming coercive behavior, patent infringement and antitrust violation on Intel's part.
www.networkworld.com /news/2001/0731intergraph.html   (411 words)

 Intergraph Corporation Australia & New Zealand
Halsey Wise, President and CEO of Intergraph Corporation to present at Intergraph’s Users Community Conference.
Due to the outstanding success of Intergraph's Process, Power and Marine (PPandM) division in 2006 and our excellent business outlook for 07/08, we are currently searching for dedicated and enthusiastic people to join our team.
At Intergraph New Zealand we would like to share information about geographic information systems, our industry and our company via a FREE Podcast.
www.intergraph.com.au   (329 words)

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