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Topic: International Business Machines

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In the News (Sat 23 Mar 19)

  Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for International Business Machines
It originated as International Harvester Co., which was incorporated in 1902, merging McCormick Harvesting Machine Co. (founded by Cyrus H. McCormick to market his mechanical reaper) with four smaller machinery makers.
IBM upgrades mainframe database.(International Business Machines Corp.)(Brief Article)
Instrument Business Outlook; 10/31/2003; 28 words; The National Center for Genome Resources announced an agreement with IBM to explore R&D collaborations in life sciences and selected IBM for future infrastructure technology.
www.encyclopedia.com /SearchResults.aspx?Q=International+Business+Machines   (842 words)

  IBM - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
IBM's success in the mid-1960s led to inquiries as to IBM antitrust violations by the U.S. Department of Justice, which filed a complaint for the case U.S. v.
IBM in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, on January 17, 1969.
IBM invented many of the core technologies used in all forms of computing, including the first hard disk drive and the Winchester hard disk drive, the cursor (on computer screens), Dynamic RAM (DRAM), the relational database, Thin Film recording heads, RISC architecture, the Scanning Tunneling Microscope, and the floppy disk.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/International_Business_Machines   (2929 words)

 MSN Encarta - International Business Machines Corporation
In the late 1950s IBM distinguished itself with two innovations: the concept of a family of computers (its 360 family) in which the same software could be run across the entire family; and a corporate policy dictating that no customer would be allowed to fail in implementing an IBM system.
IBM lost an antitrust case in 1936, when the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that IBM and Remington Rand were unfairly controlling the punch-card market and illegally forcing customers to buy their products.
When minicomputers were introduced in the 1970s IBM viewed them as a threat to the mainframe market and failed to recognize their potential, opening the door for such competitors as Digital Equipment Corporation, Hewlett-Packard Company, and Data General.
encarta.msn.com /encnet/refpages/RefArticle.aspx?refid=761566825   (695 words)

 IBM   (Site not responding. Last check: )
With over 300,000 employees worldwide and revenues of $89 billion (figures from 2003), IBM is the largest information technology company in the world, and one of the few with a continuous history spanning the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.
IBM's success in the mid-1960s led to enquiries as to IBM antitrust violations by the U.S. Department of Justice, which filed a complaint for the case U.S. v.
On January 19, 1993 IBM announced a $4.97 billion loss for 1992, which was at that time the largest single-year corporate loss in United States history.
www.sciencedaily.com /encyclopedia/ibm   (1462 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
IBM has launched a massive PR campaign to promote Linux based IT solutions, an effort to prevent Microsoft from encroaching further into the server operating system market.
Whilst IBM did not invent the personal computer, architectures cloned from its original 1981 design (which relied on third-party componentry) became the industry standard.
Louis V. Gerstner, Jr was the Chairman and CEO of IBM from April 1, 1993, until January 29, 2002, when Samuel J. Palmisano was elected CEO after having been instrumental in helping to grow IBM's Global Services unit into a business with tens of billions of dollars in backlog.
www.informationgenius.com /encyclopedia/i/ib/ibm.html   (786 words)

 IBM (International Business Machines) (Linktionary term)
IBM began operations in 1911 as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Co. (CTR).
In 1914, under the direction of Thomas J. Watson, CTR became IBM (International Business Machines).
In 1953, IBM announced its first computer, the model 701, and shortly after, the model 650, which became its most popular model during the 1950s.
www.linktionary.com /i/ibm.html   (284 words)

 IBM - International Business Machines
IBM remains one of the most powerful companies in the computer industry despite numerous problems in recent years.
International Business Machines, IBM is the largest computer company in the world and the first to produce a computer back in 1953.
IBM is the originator of first PC’s in the early 1980’s.
www.auditmypc.com /acronym/IBM.asp   (609 words)

 IT100: International Business Machines Profile
Since its near meltdown in the mid-1990s, IBM has done a noteworthy job of keeping legacy businesses such as the mainframe going even while it builds new information technology business services, which now account for half the company’s revenues.
Sam Palmisano is Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the IBM Corp. He was elected Chairman in October 2002, effective January 1, 2003, and has served as Chief Executive Officer since March 2002.
Palmisano was Senior Vice President and Group Executive for IBM Global Services, with responsibility for the worldwide operations of the largest and most diversified IT services organization in the industry.
www.businessweek.com /it100/2005/company/IBM.htm   (688 words)

 International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)
IBM was incorporated in the state of New York on June 15, 1911 as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company.
IBM was among the first corporations to provide group life insurance (1934), survivor benefits (1935) and paid vacations (1936).
Businesses' purchasing decisions were put in the hands of individuals and departments -- not the places where IBM had long-standing customer relationships.
www.scripophily.net /inbusmaccori1.html   (2658 words)

 International Business Machines Corporation --  Britannica Student Encyclopedia
The company is a direct descendant of the business activities of Cyrus McCormick, particularly his invention of the mechanical reaper in 1831.
Born in Basel, Switzerland, Müller was a researcher at International Business Machines Corporation Research Laboratory in Rüschlikon, Switzerland, from 1963.
Business projections help a buyer determine whether a particular deal is a good or bad one by allowing comparisons.
www.britannica.com /ebi/article-9311820?tocId=9311820   (765 words)

 Guild Companies--international Business (machines)
The top brass of IBM held their semi-annual audience with the Wall Street analyst community two weeks ago.
Bruce Harreld, IBM's senior vice president of strategy, presented an economic overview of IT and demonstrated statistically that some kind of transformation is occurring in the IT and business market.
IBM was a genius creator of electromechanical computing equipment, and continues to be an excellent supplier of top-notch electronics components.
www.itjungle.com /mid/mid121703-story03.html   (1025 words)

 International Business Machines Corporation information and related industry information from Hoover's United Kingdom ...
International Business Machines (IBM) is the world's top provider of computer products and services.
IBM is also one of the largest providers of both software (ranking #2, behind Microsoft) and semiconductors.
The company continues to use acquisitions to augment its software and service businesses, while streamlining its hardware operations with divestitures and organizational reengineering.
www.hoovers.com /ibm/--ID__10796--/freeuk-co-factsheet.xhtml   (504 words)

 Business Wire: International Business Machines Appears on Alex... @ HighBeam Research   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Business Wire: International Business Machines Appears on Alex...
International Business Machines' iSeries 400 platform brings new B2B efficiencies to the mid-sized corporation.
WBR, a continuing education series, is being used in a variety of business and technology courses or within the School of Business libraries at Carnegie Mellon University, University of Notre Dame, Dartmouth College, Duke University, DePaul University, Georgetown University, University of Florida, City University of Hong Kong, among other distinguished institutions of higher education.
www.highbeam.com /library/doc0.asp?docid=1G1:73447456&refid=ink_tptd_g1   (452 words)

 Information Headquarters: International Business Machines
In October of 2002, IBM purchased PricewaterhouseCoopers' IT consulting division for approximately $3.5 billion dollars in stock and cash, doubling the size of IBM's consulting arm to more than 60,000 employees.
Shortly thereafter, IBM announced the beginning of a $10 billion program to research and implement the infrastructure technology necessary to be able to provide supercomputer-level resources on demand to all businesses as a metered utility.
Watson Sr., the founder of IBM, became General Manager of CTR in 1914 and President in 1915.
www.informationheadquarters.com /List_of_American_companies/IBM.shtml   (695 words)

 IBM (International Business Machines) - Company profile & brands   (Site not responding. Last check: )
IBM s'exécuta, mais sans augmenter le salaire de Florence Buscail.
United States of America : : Polluted with volatile organic compounds from a circuit board plant, IBM pays nearly 500 homeowners $10,000, or eight per cent of the value of their property, to compensate them for property damage resulting from polluted groundwater.
IBM paid the Inland Revenue an estimated £700 million to settle claims of tax evasion in 2001
www.transnationale.org /fiches/33.htm   (1034 words)

 The Left Coaster: Suppurating Our Troop
In 1994, he was hired by IBM as an Internet security specialist, while remaining in the reserves, in which he's served for 19 years.
IBM says Warren, an Internet security expert, was fired as part of a "zero-tolerance policy" after leaving a "threatening" voice message for a female co-worker in London.
Kevin Lauri, IBM's attorney in the case, declined comment, referring inquiries to the IBM communications office, which didn't return a phone call.
www.theleftcoaster.com /archives/003911.php   (1832 words)

 About IBM - United States
At IBM, we strive to lead in the invention, development and manufacture of the industry's most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, storage systems and microelectronics.
about IBM from within the continental United States, call 800-IBM-4YOU; from outside the continental United States, call 404-238-1234.
Enter the name of an IBM employee to find his or her e-mail address and telephone number.
www.ibm.com /ibm/us   (159 words)

 Business 2.0 - Web Guide - International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) -e1   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Many are licensed under the IBM Public License.
IBM is the world's largest information technology services provider, with 1999 revenues of more than $32 billion.
The five latest headlines about IBM from more than 3,000 online news, industry, and specialized sources.
www.business2.com /b2/webguide/0,17811,35698,00.html   (227 words)

 New York international business, new york business nyc government, usa international business office mayor new york ...
The Division for International Business is part of the Commission for the United Nations, Consular Corps and Protocol (UNCCP).
Italian Business Guide is a complete list of manufacturing, suppliers, vendors and professional companies from Italy convinced and prepared to support your Business DIRECTLY with Manufacturing Pricing and high level customer service, Italian Arts and crafts, Chemical products, Clothing, Apparel, Fashion, Industrial supplies, Tiles, Hotels, Electronics,...
The Italian Business Guide engineers work hard to support the Italian manufacturing and industrial suppliers in Italy and the USA and worldwide distribution companies creating a profitable relationship.
www.italianbusinessguide.com /new_york_international_business_nyc_government_usa_guide_eng.htm   (905 words)

 Alibris: International Business Machines
The book covers the architecture for the entire family of processors from either IBM or Motorola and is the official documentation of the IBM reference manual.
Developed jointly by Apple, IBM and Motorola, this book defines the architecture requirements and minimum system requirements for a common hardware reference platform.
The 1993 standoff between federal agents and Branch Davidians at Waco, Texas, was the most controversial law enforcement operation in modern American history.
www.alibris.com /search/books/author/International_Business_Machines   (606 words)

 International Business Machines (IBM) Stock Research - Stock Quotes, Charts, News and Analysis
International Business Machines (IBM) Stock Research - Stock Quotes, Charts, News and Analysis
Here's the stock research information you requested for International Business Machines (IBM).
Just enter up to ten of your stocks in the Stock Tracker box, click the ADD button beside any of Today's Hot Stocks, or click ADD beside any of the stocks you've Recently Viewed.
www.investorguide.com /stock.cgi?ticker=IBM   (180 words)

The Group's principal activity is to provide business and information technology services.
Global services segment provides IBM software and hardware and provides global outsourcing services.
IBM bars use of DNA tests for workers
marketwatch.com /tools/quotes/profile.asp?symb=IBM&sid=2595&siteid=mktw   (433 words)

 [No title]
Sign up today for email alerts of new market research reports in your industry.
INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORP: International Competitive Benchmarks and Financial Gap Analysis
INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORP is it financially competitive?
www.marketresearch.com /land/product.asp?productid=908718&progid=3602   (330 words)

 international business machines - Find, Compare, and Buy international business machines at Shopping.com
Into the Networked Age: How IBM and Other Firms Are Getting There Now
Tell us why our search results for international business machines were not helpful.
The results did not include what I was searching for.
www.shopping.com /xGS-international_business_machines   (169 words)

 IBM, International Business Machines
IBM Tivoli Systems Inc. The Power to Manage.
IBM, BESTeam in Europe, the Middle East and Africa
IBM, College Recruiting Heads for the beach to recruit during spring break
www.pozo.com /ibm01.htm   (2200 words)

 International Business Machines Corporation --  Encyclopædia Britannica   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The company assumed its present name in 1924 under…
"International Business Machines Corporation." Encyclopædia Britannica from Encyclopædia Britannica Premium Service.
Its headquarters are in Armonk, N.Y. Navistar International Corporation
0-www.britannica.com.library.unl.edu /eb/article-9001636   (813 words)

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