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Topic: International law

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  International law - Wex   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-06)
International Law, which is in most other countries referred to as Public International Law, concerns itself only with questions of rights between several nations or nations and the citizens or subjects of other nations.
International law is a part of the law of the United States only for the application of its principles on questions of international rights and duties.
The International Court of Justice (http://www.icj-cij.org/) is established by the UN Charter as its principal judicial organ.
www.law.cornell.edu /topics/international.html   (925 words)

  International law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
International law establishes the framework and the criteria for identifying states as the principal actors in the international legal system.
International law is also used to govern issues relating to the global environment, the global commons such as international waters and outer space, global communications, and world trade.
Whilst municipal law is hierarchical or vertical, with the legislature enacting binding legislation, international law is horizontal, with all states being sovereign and theoretically equal.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/International_law   (3370 words)

International Law in its earlier stages was developed by a method of treatment which has been applied to many important subjects of thought when their growth has reached the point at which they are included in books to theology, to morals, and even, in some cases, to positive private law.
It is entitled, 'A Digest of the International Law of the United States,' and it consists of documents relating to that subject issued by Presidents and Secretaries of State, of the decisions of Federal Courts, and of the opinions of Attorneys-General.
This process by which laws extended themselves had not quite died out when the international jurists appeared, and in point of fact their system of rules was received by the world very much as a system of law founded on morals is received to this day in the East.
socserv2.socsci.mcmaster.ca /~econ/ugcm/3ll3/maine/intlaw.htm   (18290 words)

International law has been defined to be "the rules which determine the conduct of the general body of civilized states in their dealings with each other" (American and English Encycl.
International law is a part of the law of the land of which the courts take judicial notice, and municipal statutes are construed so as not to infringe on its doctrines.
International law, like all other systems, will be found to be but an endeavour to bring into the affairs of life the eternal principles of right at all times taught by the Christian Church.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/09073a.htm   (2693 words)

 International humanitarian law (IHL)
International humanitarian law, refugee law and human rights law are complementary bodies of law that share a common goal, the protection of the lives, health and dignity of persons.
The ICRC acts as the guardian of international humanitarian law, a complex role that is closely connected with its own foundation and was later formally entrusted to it by the international community.
The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) welcomes the accession by the Republic of the Sudan to 1977 Additional Protocol I on 7 March 2006 and to Additional Protocol II on 13 July 2006.
www.icrc.org /eng/ihl   (2524 words)

 LLRX -- International Family Law: A Selective Resource Guide
Hague Convention relating to conflicts of laws with regard to the effects of marriage on the rights and duties of the spouses in their personal relationship and with regard to their estates of 17 July 1905, Convention E.
International Labour Organisation (ILO), Convention Concerning the Employment of Women before and after Childbirth, adopted 28-11-1919, Convention C3, 1st Session, Washington, 1919, in force 13-06-1921, revised in 1952; revised as Convention Concerning Maternity Protection, adopted 28-06-1952, Convention C103, 35th Session, Geneva, 1952, in force 07-09-1955.
Many matrimonial and family attorneys and law firms in the U.S. and Europe now have web sites for their practice which include some links along with summaries of broad rules of law for their jurisdiction and under the Hague Convention, e.g., for U.S. and international law, Crouch and Crouch of Arlington, VA USA.
www.llrx.com /features/int_fam.htm   (2821 words)

 International Law Aspects of the Iraq War and Occupation - Security Council - Global Policy Forum
In addition to violating the customary international laws of war, as set forth by the 1907 Hague Convention, the Nuremburg Charter, and the Geneva Conventions, the Bush administration has also repeatedly violated the US Army Field Manual in its conduct of the Iraq war.
The US further breached international law when forces refused to let the Red Cross deliver water to Fallujah the in hopes that dwindling supplies of food and water would eventually cause the insurgents to surrender.
International Committee of the Red Cross Spokeswoman Nada Doumani contends that under international law, the US must either press charges against Saddam Hussein and other regime officials or release them from prison after June 30, 2004.
www.globalpolicy.org /security/issues/iraq/attack/lawindex.htm   (2476 words)

 International Law
Add to this the law school's location in the capital of a state that has become a hub of international trade, and FSU law students have opportunities few other law schools can match.
In addition to its full-time faculty, the law school hosts visiting faculty and lecturers who are the leading scholars and practitioners in their fields.
The International Law program is strengthened by its affiliation with other programs at the law school and university that are focused on international issues.
www.law.fsu.edu /academic_programs/international_law/index.html   (426 words)

 ASIL - The American Society of International Law
The Magic of International Law and other recent speeches and articles by ASIL President José E. Alvarez
Second Annual Conference on International Arbitration and Mediation
Hague Joint Conference on Contemporary Issues of International Law – 2007
www.asil.org   (228 words)

 LLRX.com Resource Center - International Law   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-06)
Norel Rosner's guide is a detailed analysis of international contracts executed through electronic means, with a focus on the question of which forum has jurisdiction to address potential conflicts that may arise from such contracts.
Governments, institutions and publishers are now disseminating a significant volume of new materials on foreign and international law via the Web, in both free and fee-based formats.
International and foreign trade law specialist Marci Hoffman extensively updates her previous guide on how to effectively conduct research in this area using the full range of resources from hard copy to online content.
www.llrx.com /international_law.html   (2037 words)

 CBC News: Analysis & Viewpoint: Don Murray
Genocide and the muddle that is international law
What we also learned from this episode is that international law is a growth business, alive and well and living in The Hague, the capital of The Netherlands.
The U.S. is bound by treaty to recognize the International Court of Justice; it is imbedded in the UN charter which the U.S. helped draft.
www.cbc.ca /news/reportsfromabroad/murray/20070227.html   (1912 words)

 FindLaw for Students: Academic Law Journals and Law Reviews: International Law Journals
Connecticut Journal of International Law University of Connecticut School of Law.
UCLA Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs University of California, Los Angeles.
Virginia Journal of International Law University of Virginia.
stu.findlaw.com /journals/international.html   (831 words)

 JSTOR: The American Journal of International Law
It features scholarly articles and editorials, notes and comment by preeminent scholars on developments in international law and international relations, and reviews of contemporary developments.
The journal contains summaries of decisions by national and international courts and arbitral and other tribunals, and of contemporary U.S. practice in international law.
Throughout its history, and particularly during its first sixty years, the journal has published full-text primary materials of particular importance in the field of international law.
www.jstor.org /journals/00029300.html   (184 words)

 Treaties - International   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-06)
Treaty resource page with links to international treaty research, international treaty texts, international treaty resources, international treaty documents, international treaty agreements, international treaty databases, international treaty guides, and more.
Lists treaties and international instruments frequently cited in law review articles, including available sources in hard copy.
The site aims at offering an introduction to international treaty law by starting from its inherent principles as embodied in the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties of 1969.
www.washlaw.edu /forint/alpha/t/treaties.htm   (332 words)

 NYU Law, Library - Foreign & International, International Law
Contains the Electronic Information System for International Law, the ASIL Insights, a guide to Electronic Resources for International Law.
The Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) is a unique international organization offering a broad range of services for resolving disputes between States, as well as disputes between States and private parties and those involving inter-governmental organizations.
Housed at the University of Girona in Catalonia, Spain.
www.law.nyu.edu /library/foreign_intl/international.html   (922 words)

 International Law
The legal status of these instruments varies: declarations, principles, guidelines, standard rules and recommendations have no binding legal effect, but such instruments have an undeniable moral force and provide practical guidance to States in their conduct; covenants, statutes, protocols and conventions are legally-binding for those States that ratify or accede to them.
Principles of international co-operation in the detection, arrest, extradition and punishment of persons guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity
Statute of the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
www.ohchr.org /english/law   (1421 words)

 FindLaw: International Resources
Greedy Associates Overseas Message board for lawyers who are or want to practice law beyond the shores of the USA.
International Law Commission Provides information about the International Law Commission of the United Nations, including an analytical guide, commission reports and other documentation, conventions and other texts, program of work and membership information.
Law Reports Unofficial reports concerning legal matters in the United Nations.
www.findlaw.com /12international/index.html   (535 words)

 Private International Law
Welcome to the Private International Law site, maintained by the Office of the Assistant Legal Adviser for Private International Law (L/PIL) at the U.S. Department of State.
The database is organized into four general areas: Trade and Business Transactions Law; Family Law; International Judicial Assistance; and the law governing Wills, Trusts, and Estates.
This section includes the text of other international instruments, such as model laws, agreed principles, and guides.
www.state.gov /s/l/c3452.htm   (369 words)

 Legal Research on International Law Issues Using the Internet
Centennial of the First International Peace Conference (UN Conference; expert meetings to be held at The Hague 18 to 19 May 1999 and at St.
Law Journals on the World-Wide-Web (Faculty of Law, Cambridge University)
International Law in Brief (weekly electronic newsletter covering developments in international law, including summaries of judicial and other decisions (with hypertext links to full texts), prepared by the Attorney-Editors of International Legal Materials, a publication of the American Society of International Law)
www.lib.uchicago.edu /~llou/forintlaw.html   (9717 words)

 Electronic Iraq: International Law   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-06)
Thousands of detainees being held by the US-led Multinational Force (MNF) in Iraq are trapped in a system of arbitrary detention that denies them their basic rights, Amnesty International said in a report published today.
They say they have have suffered "humiliation" at the hands of the army and police during raids on their homes, according to Mayada Zuhair, a member of the association.
NGOs are concerned about the serious tensions dividing Iraqi society; the serious violations of Iraqi and international law; the lack of remedies to address violations of Iraqi and international law; the lack of protection for civilians and aid workers.
electroniciraq.net /news/internationallaw.shtml   (799 words)

 International Law - MegaLaw.com
This page deals with general international law and resources.
For law specific to other countries, click here.
MegaLaw.com is not your lawyer, and even though MegaLaw.com, LLC has owners and managers who are lawyers, the Company does not practice law.
www.megalaw.com /top/international.php   (322 words)

 International Law
STANFORD JOURNAL OF 0202 ISSN 0731-5082 ounded in 1966, the Stanford Journal of International Law is one of the oldest...
International Law Aspects of the Iraq War and Occupation - Security Council...
Iraq Nations and States International Justice UN Financial Crisis UN Reform Secretary General *Opinion Forum Tablesand Charts International Law Aspects of the Iraq War and Occupation This sections...
findlawyer.org /International-Law.html   (368 words)

 International Law Institute
For fifty years the International Law Institute has worked to address the challenges faced by the international community by promoting economic development and rule of law.
May 24, 2007: The International Law Institute is pleased to announce the publication of The ILI/JCG Guide to Millennium Challenge Indicators and Source Data.
March 29, 2006: ILI releases a cumulative, 2-volume edition of the Digest of United States Practice in International Law, covering the years 1991-1999.
www.ili.org   (511 words)

 LII: Legal Information Institute   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-06)
The LII collection of world legal materials gathers, country by country, continent by continent, the Internet-accessible sources of the constitutions, statutes, judicial opinions, and related legal material from around the globe (excluding the U.S. material held in the LII's other collections).
International Trade Law Materials, including GATT 1994 (Lex Mercatoria)
International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea
www.law.cornell.edu /world   (79 words)

 ABA International - International Projects
Our Law Student, LL.M. and Young Lawyer Committee has actively promoted the Section's Pathways to Employment in International Law program, and we were able to co-sponsor two events last month, one at the Washington College of Law at American University in Washington, D.C., and another at the University of San Diego School of Law.
If you would like to host a similar program at your law school, or if you would like to share your career insights through a Pathways program, please contact Membership Director Angela Benson at bensona@staff.abanet.org.
LexisNexis is a primary corporate sponsor of the Section of International Law.
www.abanet.org /intlaw/home.html   (334 words)

 Study Abroad
For those wishing to study abroad during law school, Cornell offers a wide range of possibilities:
Summer Institute of International & Comparative Law in Paris
Turin Interuniversity Centre for the Comparative Analysis of Law and Economics, Economics of Law, Economics of Institutions
www.lawschool.cornell.edu /international/study_abroad   (42 words)

 International Law Links
International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea
Materials on International Governmental Organizations (IGOs) and the Law in the MSU Libraries:
See International and Foreign Law Department for more research guides.
www.ll.georgetown.edu /intl/intl.html   (224 words)

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