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Topic: Internet forum

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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  The Internet Governance Forum (IGF)
The Secretary-General has issued an invitation to all stakeholders to attend the second meeting of the IGF.
The Governments of India and Egypt offered to host the 2008 and 2009 IGF meetings respectively, while the Governments of Lithuania and Azerbaijan made a bid for the 2010 meeting.
Copyright © Secretariat of the Internet Governance Forum.
www.intgovforum.org   (958 words)

The Internet and the University: Forum 2004 includes the papers presented and discussed at the Forum on the Internet and the University, held during the Forum’s 2004 Aspen Symposium.
The Internet and the University: Forum 2003 includes the papers presented and discussed at the Forum on the Internet and the University, held during the Forum’s 2003 Aspen Symposium.
The Internet and the University: Forum 2002 includes the papers presented and discussed at the Forum on the Internet and the University, held during the Forum's 2002 Aspen Symposium.
www.educause.edu /forum   (2201 words)

  Internet forum - Facts, Information, and Encyclopedia Reference article
Internet forums are prevalent in several developed countries.
Forum software can be broadly divided between those which allow visitors to post anonymously, and those which attribute posts to a registered username.
Forums differ from chat rooms and instant messaging because they usually deal with one topic and personal exchanges are typically discouraged.
www.startsurfing.com /encyclopedia/i/n/t/Internet_forum.html   (1220 words)

 Internet forum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Web-based forums, which date from around 1995, perform a similar function as the dial-up bulletin boards and Internet newsgroups that were numerous in the 1980s and 1990s.
Internet forums are also commonly referred to as web forums, message boards, discussion boards, discussion forums, discussion groups, bulletin boards (but see also dial-up bulletin boards), fora (the Latin plural) or simply forums.
Forums differ from chat rooms and instant messaging because forum participants do not have to be online at the same time; forums also usually deal with one topic and personal exchanges are typically discouraged.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Internet_forum   (1453 words)

 Internet forum - Anarchopedia
An Internet forum (aka message board or discussion board) is a web application that provides for online discussions, and is the modern descendant of the bulletin board systems and existing Usenet news systems that were widespread in the 1980s and 1990s.
It is interesting that many Internet forums tend to develop into social communities, with their own social rules and even language forming a subculture.
Despite being an Internet tool, one thus popularly supposed to be part of the trends of anti-literacy, forums generate a huge amount of writing in posts.
eng.anarchopedia.org /Internet_forum   (569 words)

 Forum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Forum (Roman), an open public space in the middle of a Roman city, especially the Roman Forum (eg Roman Forum, Philippi)
Internet forum, a discussion board on the Internet
The Forum (formerly known as the Great Western Forum), an indoor arena in Inglewood, California which served as the home of the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Kings from 1967 to 1999.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Forum   (409 words)

 Government-run Internet Forum Helps Prevent AIDS Among Homosexuals -- china.org.cn
A local Internet forum for gay people -- the first to be sponsored by a government agency, is attracting an increasing number of browsers since its services were publicized just over a week ago.
"Forum for Comrades" -- named after the new slang term for gay which developed because the word for homosexual and comrade share a Chinese character -- had received 223 postings on its notice board as of Monday, a sevenfold increase since it was publicized in the media on Aug.13.
The forum has three chat rooms: two for same-sex lovers to share their emotions and experiences; and the other to exchange views on the prevention of AIDS between "comrades" and medical experts.
www.china.org.cn /english/MATERIAL/178699.htm   (609 words)

 Wikinfo | Internet forum
An Internet forum or message board is the modern descendant of the bulletin board systems and existing Usenet news systems that were widespread in the 1980s and 1990s.
Typically, common Internet forum software will allow the webmaster or administrator to define several forums (also known as boards) which act as containers for topics or threads started by users.
Certain users may be given moderator privileges, allowing them to move topics to other forums, delete posts and topics, or edit posts in order to keep the peace and uphold the rules set out by the webmaster.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Internet_forum   (585 words)

 Internet forum promises democracy to the masses | The Register
IGF The inaugural meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) was opened in Athens yesterday morning by Greek prime minister Konstantinos Karamanlis amid proud claims that the forum represented a new level of democratic thinking at the top of the internet.
Greek transport minister and meeting chair Michalis Liapis kicked things off by announcing that the internet was "the most democratic means of communication in the world" and stating that he hoped the forum would "become the place to convert the digital divide into the digital opportunity".
There is often open hostility towards the ITU from the internet community - with Vint Cerf taking the opportunity both before, during, and after the meeting to point out that the internet that exists today was built up in competition to an ITU proposal, a fight which he won against the odds.
www.theregister.co.uk /2006/10/31/igf_day_one   (1112 words)

 Internet forum participants clash | InfoWorld | News | 2006-11-02 | By John Blau, IDG News Service
The four-day United Nations-sponsored Internet Governance Forum (IGF) was heavy on talk, light on action -- in line with its mandate to give interested parties a global stage to express their views on the future of the Internet.
The forum, which ended Thursday in Athens, touched on a number of issues, such as Internet oversight and multilingualism, with government officials, Internet experts and many others taking the stage to voice their opinions -- which often clashed.
Vint Cerf, vice president and chief Internet evangelist at Google Inc. and one of the founders of the Internet, begged to disagree.
www.infoworld.com /article/06/11/02/HNnetforumclash_1.html   (1302 words)

 Corporate Internet Strategist Survey & Research | Internet Strategy Forum
The Internet Strategy Forum and Aquent are continuing a groundbreaking research study called "The Corporate Internet Strategist Survey".
The responses for the 2006 study have been collected and we are analyzing the data and preparing the final report.
Results from the 2006 version will be announced at the Internet Strategy Forum's Executive Summit conference on July 13th, 2006.
www.internetstrategyforum.org /research   (302 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Internet forum
In terms of countable posts, Japan is far in the lead with over two million posts per day on their largest forum, 2ch.
Larger Internet forums are in general more subject to public conflicts between users and forums, leetspeak, and private jokes.
Forums differ from chatrooms and instant messaging because they usually deal with one topic and personal exchanges are typically discouraged.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Internet_forum   (1099 words)

 Pocket PC magazine Forum - T-Mobile Internet Service
All the rest of the speeds are a little faster but 56k seems to be the average among all of them, but when I called T-Mobile again they said speeds can go up to 118k, but I doubt that will happen since service can be used for both data and voice.
If I use Internet Explorer menu option off the running voice (Phone) software, I experience the same problem, I would just get the windows flag loading symbol & the page would eventually crawl up on the screen.
Since returning the unit I have discovered a discussion forum at another website where several people complained about the same symptoms I experienced in the SoCal area, so I know it wasn't just isolated to my units.
www.ppcmag.com /forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1824   (2353 words)

 Internet Rights Forum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
This private body, supported by the French government, is a collective adventure: all the actors of the internet, private companies, non-profit organisations, public authorities and users are called to discuss and suggest the uses and rules of online activities.
The Forum aims at working with all interested foreign partners in that direction and will be happy to welcome foreign contributions on this website.
The Forum is at the service of a vision of the society of information shared by all its members, which motivates all its action.
www.foruminternet.org /en   (293 words)

 swissinfo - 1. Internet-Forum in Athen: Debatte zur Internet Governance
Forums sei es wohl besser, auch andere Punkte zu diskutieren, die mit der Internet Governance zusammenhängen.
Das Forum befindet über Fragen der öffentlichen Politik, was die Internet Governance betrifft, "um zur Erschliessung, Robustheit, Sicherheit, Stabilität und Entwicklung des Internets beizutragen".
Der Sinn des Forums besteht in der Debatte und nicht in der Entschlussfassung.
www.swissinfo.org /ger/startseite/detail/Internet_Governance_Kein_Konsens.html?siteSect=105&sid=7200528&cKey=1162196129000   (708 words)

 Internet Forum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Ein Forum für Grafik und Design, weiterhin ein News-Center in dem Ihr alles neue aus der IT-Welt erfahren könnt.
Was in keinem Forum Fehlen darf, ist die Plauderecke, da könnt Ihr Euch über alles mögliche unterhalten, was Euch so auf der Zunge brennt.
Der Bereich Suchmaschinen (SEO) wird auch angesprochen und in einem Forum untergebracht.
www.diwe-design.com /Internet-Forum-1978.html   (261 words)

 What is an Internet Troll? (Posting Guidelines - Netiquette) What is a Forum Troll?
An "Internet troll" or "Forum Troll" is a person who posts outrageous message to bait people to answer.
It is well known that most people don't read messages that nobody responds to, while 99% of forum visitors first read the longest and the largest threads with the most answers.
The Internet is a wonderful resource which is breaking down barriers and stripping away prejudice.
curezone.com /forums/troll.asp   (2309 words)

 The Warrior Forum
This forum is dedicated to discussion on all topics related to self-improvement.
Marketing To The Herd Mind is a private forum that delves into 'the truth' about average consumers and how this knowledge and insight can lead to your personal fortune in the quickest possible time.
In this forum, Allen starts off with a post listing 21 major points about the average consumer and how understanding them is of utmost importance to you if you are to succeed online.
www.warriorforum.com /forum   (715 words)

 Film Makers Internet Forum: Frequently Asked Questions
This is the third draft of the FAQ for the Film Makers Internet Forum.
It is intended to answer the most commonly-asked questions, and to serve as a first-reference for forum members.
The Film Maker's Internet Forum is a 1990's reincarnation of the original Film Makers Mailing List which lasted for about ten years before dying out.
www.claddagh.ie /forum/faq.html   (5180 words)

 forum internet Annuaire web francophone
Forum de voyage la Tunisie, Douz, le sud tunisien, la reine du Sahara, découvrir la beauté du pays, échanger de culture, coutumes, photos, idées, excursions, circuits dans le Sahara, Bon plan voyages, tourisme, poèmes...
Forum de discussions des Aventuriers du Forum, des discussions mais aussi des aides pour le graphisme et windows.Vous pouvez commander tous les travaux personnalisés que nous proposons gratuitement
Ce forum est dédié à tous les moyens permettant de gagner de l'argent sur internet.
www.jetrouv.com /annuaire/internet/forum   (281 words)

 Breakfast Forum Targets Internet Security and Cybercrime
In an in-depth examination of Internet security and cybercrime, dc.internet.com is hosting a free breakfast forum next Wednesday, Nov. 15, to explore the how's and why's of Internet crime and ways companies can protect themselves from financial and data loss.
Talleur will describe the business risks of operating on the Internet, discuss how attacks take place and how some organizations are protecting themselves, and how organizations can use a comprehensive cyber defense program to Internet crime preparedness into a new competitive advantage.
The breakfast forum, set for Wednesday, Nov. 15 from 8:00am to 10:00am at the Washington Hilton & Towers, 1919 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20009, is free, but you should pre-register at http://www.breakfastforums.com/washington_dc/.
dc.internet.com /news/article.php/504591   (348 words)

 Internet Marketing Forum Adds to Panel
She has worked with numerous Internet startups in the DC / MD / VA tech corridor, as well as with AOL and with Discovery.com.
The Breakfast Forum, which will add to its panel of marketing experts, will be at the Hilton McLean Hotel, 7920 Jones Branch Drive, McLean, Va. on March 14.
Attendance at the forum is free, but attendees should pre-register at http://www.breakfastforums.com.
dc.internet.com /news/article.php/702071   (820 words)

 Tech Vet to Moderate Internet Breakfast Forum
All three of these guys are proven high-tech visionaries with track records of genuine success," said Chris Nerney, senior analyst for internet.com's Internet Stock Report and coordinator of internet.com's monthly breakfast events in Boston.
He also is a trustee of the Massachusetts Software and Internet Council, and an appointee to the Board of the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, the Massachusetts Innovation Index and the Governor's Economic Development Council.
He is the founder and former president and CEO of virtual private network switch maker New Oak Communications.
boston.internet.com /news/article.php/566871   (480 words)

 Blueprint for first global internet forum laid out | The Register
The forum is a United Nations experiment and was devised in November last year at a World Summit when countries were unable to agree on who should run the internet and how.
The hope is that by using the internet's own tools, including webcasts, digital recordings, and collaborative tools including blogs, the wider net community will not miss out on any of the events.
For more information on the Internet Governance Forum, details, including pre-registration and reduced rates on hotels in Athens during the course of the conference, you can visit the IGF official website at www.intgovforum.org or the Greek IGF site at www.igfgreece2006.gr.
www.theregister.co.uk /2006/09/13/igf_blueprint   (633 words)

 Hi-Tech and Internet Forum to Be Held in Beijing
Hi-Tech and Internet Forum to Be Held in Beijing
Participants in the China Internet Economy Forum will take part in in-depth discussions on the latest Internet economic forms and the relationship between the Internet and domestic enterprises, said Li Zhongliang, chief of the Beijing Guoyan Scientific and Cultural Exchange Center.
China will hold a forum for senior officials, researchers, and high-tech industrialists to discuss the prospects for Internet-related technologies and trade on June 17 and 18 in Beijing.
english.peopledaily.com.cn /english/200004/06/eng20000406_38393.html   (197 words)

 Visual Basic Internet Programming Forum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
MS Internet Transfer AciveX Control is shipped with Visual Basic 5 and 6.
MS Internet Explorer uses WebBrowser ActiveX Control to display any document retrieved from the Internet or local system.
Low level API that enables application programmers to create advanced Internet, intranet, and otherwise network-capable applications that transmit application data across the wire, independent of the network protocol being used.
www.vbip.com /forum   (619 words)

 Internet Breakfast Forum: 10 Marketing Musts
Shannon was a panelist at this morning's Internet Breakfast Forum, "Building Your Brand Without Breaking Your Budget." About 125 people attended the event, run by internet.com and sponsored by Holland & Knight, at the Boston Harbor Hotel.
WebCT will also continue its Internet marketing campaigns, which it has found produce better cost-per-lead than other ads ($4 per lead for online ad compared to $800 for newspaper ads and $200 for radio spots).
In January, area Internet experts will look ahead to the technology and business trends that will drive the dot-com economy in 2001.
boston.internet.com /news/article.php/520631   (532 words)

 INTERNET TELEPHONY FORUM HOME PAGE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
On Thursday, September 4, 1997, NTIA held the first in a series of day-long forums on the implications of advanced technology applications.
The September 4th forum focused on Internet Telephony.
This software-based Internet application provides a growing number of users with a new form of voice communication.
www.ntia.doc.gov /forums/telephony/itelhome.htm   (72 words)

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