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Topic: Interpersonal relationship

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  A Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ
Mechanically, it may be the relationship of the clutch to the drive shaft of an automobile, or one part of a machine to another part.
Cosmologically, it may the relationship of earth to the sun; or even more extensively it may be the relation or relationship of everything in the universe to a constant (such as the speed of light within a vacuum), which is how Einstein developed his "Theory of Relativity", which was essentially a theory of relationship.
But a "personal relationship" is also defined as a dynamic inter-relatedness between persons, an experiential relationship between two persons that involves subjective interaction and communication, a person-to-person relationship, the connection, correlation and interaction of at least two persons in what might be better termed an interpersonal relationship.
www.christinyou.net /pages/persrel.html   (2516 words)

 Interpersonal relationship - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The study of relationships is of concern to sociology, psychology and anthropology.
Interpersonal relationships through consanguinity and affinity can persist despite the absence of love, affection, or common ground.
Marriage and civil union are relationships reinforced and regularized by their legal sanction to be "respectable" building blocks of society.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Interpersonal_relationship   (1368 words)

 A Comparison of the
The interpersonal focus of the model on this relationship is unique as it examines not only the client, but also the self-reflection of the nurse in the context of the ongoing relationship between the nurse and the client.
These other relationships are seen as having little impact on the overall health of the function and therefore serve little purpose for nursing with respect to the health of the individual.
The clients expression of fear that his relationship with his brother could suffer as a result of the fathers passing was based on the clients assumption that his brother may hold him partly responsible for the death.
members.tripod.com /~psychnursing/peplauneuman.html   (6211 words)

 Integrative Psychotherapy Articles
In this era of industrialization of psychotherapy it is essential for psychotherapists to remain mindful of the unique interpersonal relationship between therapist and client as the central and significant factor in psychotherapy.
An individual's sense of competency in a relationship emerges from agency and efficacy-attracting the other's attention and interest, influencing what may be of interest to the other person, and affecting a change of affect or behaviour in the other.
In many cases of relationship failure the person's relational needs or feelings were not acknowledged and it may be necessary in psychotherapy to help the person gain a vocabulary and learn to voice those feelings and needs.
integrativetherapy.com /en/articles.php?id=31   (4976 words)

 This Week's Sermon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Nevertheless, Paul recognized the value of interpersonal relationships and sought at the end of this life to rectify the division.
A proper relationship with the Lord is the fountain from which other good interpersonal relationships flow.
Relationship problems with nationals do exist, but these are not nearly as intensive as those that exist between missionaries.
www.amazingrace.net /Interpersonalrelationships.html   (2512 words)

 Interpersonal Relationship Quality In Young Adulthood: A Gender Analysis - Statistical Data Included Adolescence - Find ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
It was hypothesized that the quality of mother-child and father-child relationships, as well as family adaptability and family cohesion, would be positively correlated with the quality of intimate relationships in late adolescence and young adulthood.
The results indicated that the relationship of family factors to the intimate relationships of young adults was similar for males and females.
Two hypotheses were tested: (1) the quality of mother-child and father-child relationships, as well as family adaptability and family cohesion, will be positively correlated with the quality of intimate relationships in late adolescence and young adulthood; (2) correlations will vary according to gender.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m2248/is_140_35/ai_70777838   (846 words)

 relationship and informal education @ the encyclopedia of informal education
Relationship is one of those words often used, but taken for granted.
Relationships ‘happen’ at all times, in all places, in all parts of society, and in all phases of the development of individuals.
Relationship is a human being’s feeling or sense of emotional bonding with another.
www.infed.org /biblio/relationship.htm   (3489 words)

The purpose of this paper is to examine interpersonal relationship in which you are involved and ANALYZE it according to the interpersonal communication concepts in Chapters 6 and 7 of the text.
I know you shouldn’t dip your pen in company ink, but I was not happy in the relationship I was in and she interested me. I was not interested in developing a long lasting relationship, especially since my wife had left me just a few years earlier.
Her relationships were not long and the commitments were not long term.
members.tripod.com /raspbeary/intr_rel.html   (1874 words)

 [No title]
We suggest that students identify a relationship they are in and use that relationship as an example through- out the reading of the chapter.
Relationships are of three kinds depending on their pattern of interaction.
Relationships depend on exchange theory, the idea that each person desires to get the idea that each person desires to get the most pleasure and the least pain from other person.
oak.cats.ohiou.edu /~dewine/BME.html   (883 words)

 Interpersonal Synergy, a diversity training product
Learn how enhancing relationship patterns are the basis for creativity, productivity, teamwork, customer service, information flow, effective communication and breakthrough results.
Demonstrates the interpersonal skills needed to change a situation of sabotage and mistrust: openness, authenticity, risking, feedback, empathy.
Interpersonal skills in building relationship across differences in a very diverse team (race, gender, age, function).
www.griggs.com /videos/is.shtml   (352 words)

 Interpersonal Relationship Communication Theories
Positive disclosure does not necessarily increase with the intimacy of the relationship; but negative disclosure is directly related to the intimacy of the relationship.
Relationships reflect tensions (conflicts, contradictions) that are played out in communication interaction (dialectical tensions).
Relationships are “organized around the dynamic interplay of opposing tendencies” (L. Baxter and B. Montgomery)
oregonstate.edu /instruct/comm321/gwalker/relationships.htm   (825 words)

 Interpersonal Relationship Implications of Hearing Loss in Persons Who Are Older Journal of Rehabilitation - Find ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Interpersonal Relationship Implications of Hearing Loss in Persons Who Are Older
The hearing limitations associated with advanced age and their implications often have significant effects upon the interpersonal functioning and interpersonal relationships of the older person and others with whom she/he interacts.
Some factors which have implications for the interpersonal functioning of older persons with hearing loss (presbycusis) are included in this section.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0825/is_2_63/ai_56175557   (859 words)

In this case relationship effectiveness refers to choosing a way to do this (improve the relationship) that does not do damage to the relationship in the long term.
An example of risking a long term relationship for short term relationship gain would be attacking someone for voicing a criticism.
Degree of interpersonal effectiveness often varies from one situation to another, from one frame of mind to another, from one mood to another.
www.borderlinepersonality.ca /dbtdistress5.htm   (1448 words)

 The Use of Instant Messaging in Working Relationship Development: A Case Study
Although working relationships can be understood in the context of interpersonal relationships, involving exchanges of social contexts and norms between partners, they are clearly distinguished from ordinary interpersonal relationships, in that they are based upon the shared goal of task achievement.
Therefore, some dimensions of interpersonal relationship development may not be applicable to the context in which the accomplishment of tasks is put forward.
Organizational hierarchy and vertical relationships are considered more important in working relationships in Korea than they are in western cultures; thus the effects of hierarchy on IM use need to be investigated in other cultures in the future.
jcmc.indiana.edu /vol10/issue4/cho.html   (8627 words)

 The Meaning of "Relationship" in Interpersonal Communication — www.greenwood.com
The relationship and communication literatures are in need of this book and of the discussion and debate it will generate.
The purpose of this volume is to explore the meaning and use of "relationship" in interpersonal communication studies.
This volume provides an engaging and provocative examination of "relationship" by seasoned writers who are committed to seeing the field with new eyes.
www.greenwood.com /catalog/C5211.aspx   (399 words)

 [No title]
For communication to be interpersonal, it must involve exploration and discovery of the psychology of the communicators.
Interpersonal communication is, in fact, the foundation of all human relationships.
Any interpersonal relationship involves some risk, of course, and the more intimate the relationship, the greater the risk that ending the relationship will be painful.
homepages.wmich.edu /~bowman/dyads.html   (5051 words)

 Interpersonal Effectiveness #2 diversity training cd-rom
Interpersonal Space: Understand that people are mutually responsible for creating enhancing or depleting patterns in coworker, team and other interpersonal work situations.
Relationship Patterns: Interpersonal interactions can be a barrier or an opportunity for workplace effectiveness.
Subjects such as "Why is Relationship Important?", "Barriers to and Opportunities for Relationship" and "Enhancing and Depleting Interpersonal Relationship Patterns" are presented.
www.griggs.com /cd/ie.shtml   (553 words)

 Delve Deeper
This relationship, determined by the quality of communication between infant and caretaker, predicts success or the problematic nature of future love relationships.
These advances, accepted universally by the scientific community, lead to the conclusion that the attachment relationship plays a dominant role in the development of the brain, the individual, and his or her connection to others and the world.
Influence of attachment styles on romantic relationships – Discusses a study of personal relationship styles in males and females, and their correspondence to specific relationship characteristics.
www.helpguide.org /mental/love_relationships_delve_deeper.htm   (1949 words)

 Improving Interpersonal Relationships
To understand what a relationship is, how to bring one about, how to enhance one, and why relationships are diminished and lost, one must understand the power of a person’s needs.
The key to a good interpersonal relationships is simple once you understand the role that needs play in making a relationship weak, moderate, average, or strong.
When you are successful at failing in interpersonal relationships, you also know how to be successful at succeeding in relationships, once the concept is understood.
www.selfgrowth.com /articles/Goldman4.html   (883 words)

 Playful Communication Skills to Strengthen an Interpersonal Relationship
Play is something we can do alone or as a spectator but in love relationships, play is always a shared experience – a source of pleasure made more joyous by the mutuality of the experience.
Play dates for adults; Counselors tout the benefits of play in relationships – A university professor discusses various types of play in relationships and promotes the scheduling of dates, even for long-term couples.
Relationship Advice and Help: The Deeper Issues in a Love Relationship – Learn how the infant's nonverbal relationship with the mother is the determining factor in the success or failure of adult love relationships.
www.helpguide.org /mental/love_relationship_humor_play.htm   (3225 words)

 Relationship Development - Interpersonal Communication Context
The model of relational development is an explanation put into stages that identifies and develops understanding about the communication experiences that interpersonal communicators experience in terms of changes in intimacy levels.
Although it presumes that interpersonal relationships will progress through these stages at one time or another, the model is more descriptive in nature because it explains what has already happened better than it predicts exactly what will occur in the future.
When a person wants to move up a stage in his or her relationship, it probably means that he or she wants to increase positive feelings derived from being with the other person.
www.uky.edu /~drlane/capstone/interpersonal/reldev.html   (597 words)

 Interpersonal Relationship Tips
Good relationships are more likely to develop when you the speaker don't spend valuable time and energy grumbling and complaining about what bothers you.
May God bless you as you work to improve your interpersonal relationship skill.
If you would like some counseling help in the area of interpersonal relationships click here.
www.christian-counseling-online.com /interpersonal-relationship.html   (591 words)

 Training roi, measure the benefits
That's why we developed our interpersonal risk audit as a first step in helping companies develop a specific analysis of their company's interpersonal risks and providing them with a concrete -- and measurable -- action plan.
The costs for an employee who resigns due to interpersonal relationship problems are extensive; some studies indicate that the costs are up to 3 times the departing employee's annual salary.
One of the key components of our interpersonal risk management program is our signature appropriate workplace behavior training, a comprehensive harassment/discrimination prevention program that combines legal and psychological expertise to promote effective workplace behavior while eliminating behavior that is inappropriate and/or illegal.
www.workrelationships.com /site/ROI/index.html   (978 words)

 Creative Presentation Resources - Communication/Interpersonal Relationship Skills
In each of those interactions there is the possibility of ineffective message interpretation and relationship breakdown if strong interpersonal communication strategies are not used.
Communicating One-To-One is an excellent reference resource to assist in improving listening skills, appropriate questions, giving and receiving feedback, interpreting and sending non-verbal cues effectively, and interacting in social, home and business settings while remembering the names of others.
Effective Interpersonal Relationships provides tools for developing, refining, and building your interpersonal skills, and guides you through the key points to effective communication.
www.presentationresources.net /fun_books_7.html   (483 words)

 Relational Dialectics - Interpersonal Communication Context
Communication parties experience internal, conflicting pulls causing relationships to be in a constant state of flux, known as dialectical tension.
In an interpersonal relationship, communication partners feel the pressure to be transparent and reveal extensive personal information.
The theory is also quite humanistic in the relationship between the research being done and the researcher.
www.uky.edu /~drlane/capstone/interpersonal/reldial.htm   (706 words)

 ADHD and Interpersonal Relationship from Eli Lilly and Company
These children are less likely to make friends, are often rejected by their peers, and might be more likely to experience anxiety, behavioral and mood disorders, substance abuse and delinquency as teenagers.
For many, the earlier ADHD is recognized and treated, the more interpersonal relationships can be normal and positive.
Educators of children with ADHD should always recognize that positive, healthy peer relationships are important, and can help build such relationships for their student.
www.adhd.com /educators/educator_interpersonal_relationships.jsp   (199 words)

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