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Topic: Interstate 280 (California)

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  Interstate 80 - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Interstate 280 is a half-loop around the south side of the Quad Cities, from I-80 west of Davenport, Iowa to I-80 and I-74 east of Moline, Illinois.
Interstate 280 is a spur from I-80 (and I-90) southeast of Toledo, Ohio northwest to I-75 in Toledo.
Interstate 180 is a spur to Williamsport, Pennsylvania.
www.arikah.net /encyclopedia/I-80   (1514 words)

 Interstate 280 (California) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Interstate 280 (abbreviated I-280) is a 57-mile-long interstate highway in the San Francisco Bay Area metropolitan area of Northern California.
Interstate 280, or at least the segment between Cupertino and Daly City, has been called the "World's Most Beautiful Freeway" and there is a sign stating this in Daly City.
Interstate 280 was added to the Interstate Highway System on September 15, 1955 as a route from San Jose north to San Francisco.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Interstate_280_(California)   (1374 words)

 Interstate 280 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Interstate 280 (Illinois-Iowa), part of the beltway around the Quad Cities of Illinois and Iowa.
Interstate 280 (New Jersey), a connector in Newark, New Jersey from Interstate 80 to Interstate 95.
Interstate 280 (Ohio), a connector in Toledo, Ohio from Interstate 80 to Interstate 75.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Interstate_280   (160 words)

 California @ WestCoastRoads - Interstate 280
Interstate 280 is the Junipero Serra Freeway, starting in San Jose/Silicon Valley at the U.S. 101/Interstate 680 interchange and continuing north to its northern terminus at Pacific Bell Ballpark in San Francisco.
Interstate 280, meanwhile, continues northeast on a section of double-decked freeway that was damaged severely during the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake.
Southbound Interstate 280 at Exit 33, Junction California 92 east to the San Mateo Bridge en route to Hayward, with connections to Interstate 580 en route to the Central Valley.
www.westcoastroads.com /california/i-280_ca.html   (2795 words)

 Interstate 880 California @ Interstate-Guide.com
Interstate 880, known as California 17 until the mid-1980s, is the Nimitz Freeway between San Jose and Oakland.
Interstate 880 was originally used for the Sacramento Bypass between the late 1960s and 1980, and that alignment is profiled on the Former Interstate 880 in California page.
California 17 south of Interstate 280 was not converted into an Interstate highway due to the substandard nature of the freeway and expressway that connects San Jose with Santa Clara.
www.interstate-guide.com /i-880_ca.html   (3074 words)

 California @ WestCoastRoads - Interstate 880
Interstate 880 is the Nimitz Freeway, originating at the Interstate 280/California 17 interchange in San Jose and culminating its northerly journey at the Maze interchange (Junction Interstates 80 and 580) in Oakland.
Southbound Interstate 880 at Exit 31, Junction Southbound Interstate 238 to Eastbound Interstate 580.
Santa Clara County Route G4 is the San Tomas Expressway from California 17 Exit 23 north to U.S. 101 Exit 392 and the Montague Expressway from U.S. 101 Exit 392 east to Interstate 680 Exit 6.
www.westcoastroads.com /california/i-880_ca.html   (2357 words)

 Interstate 280 California @ Interstate-Guide.com
Interstate 280, meanwhile, was proposed to continue north roughly parallel to the California 1 (19th Avenue) corridor.
Interstate 280 would have ended at the southern end of the Golden Gate Bridge, where U.S. 101 would continue north to Marin County and Interstate 480 would turn east along the unconstructed Golden Gate Freeway and demolished Embarcadero Freeway to rejoin Interstate 480.
Interstate 280 was retracted a few blocks west of its former northern terminus as a result of earthquake damage and redevelopment in the vicinity of the ballpark.
www.interstate-guide.com /i-280_ca.html   (2180 words)

 U.S. Highway 101 - Facts, Information, and Encyclopedia Reference article
In Southern California, the highway is a heavily traveled commuter route serving the west side of the greater Los Angeles area.
Another scenic portion of Highway 101 within California is in Humboldt County, where it travels through Humboldt Redwoods State Park and a portion of the highway is known as the Avenue of the Giants for the huge, centuries-old redwood trees that can be found there.
As of 2004, the highway's "northern" terminus is in Olympia, Washington at an intersection with Interstate 5.
www.startsurfing.com /encyclopedia/u/s/U.S._Highway_101_f27f.html   (1629 words)

 California Highways (www.cahighways.org): Routes 273 through 280   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
This was the snaking under of Route 280 to the portion of I-480.
I-280 was intended to snake under the Bay Bridge approach, connect with I-480, and provide access to I-80 and the bridge.
Note that, although the freeway portion of Route 280 does not reach I-80, the route is allocated to a series of surface streets between the freeway terminus and I-80.
www.cahighways.org /273-280.html   (3956 words)

 Interstate 480 California @ Interstate-Guide.com
Interstate 480 was downgraded to California 480 because the Embarcadero Freeway was truncated at the Sansome Street/Battery Street couplet near Broadway in 1965.
The California 480 freeway obstructed views of the bay from the city, and its two levels dominated the skyline of the city as seen from the bay and Yerba Buena Island.
The Fremont Street exit from westbound Interstate 80 is the only surviving section of the Interstate 480 (California 480) freeway; the former ramp connecting eastbound Interstate 80 to northbound Interstate 480 is blocked from use.
www.interstate-guide.com /i-480_ca.html   (947 words)

 Interstate 280 (Ohio) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Interstate 280 (abbreviated I-280) is a 12.41-mile-long highway that connects Interstate 75 in northeast Toledo, Ohio with Interstate 80/Interstate 90 (part of the Ohio Turnpike) southeast of the city.
The Maumee River Crossing is under construction on Interstate 280 over the Maumee River in Toledo.
This article relating to the Interstate Highway System is a stub.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Interstate_280_(Ohio)   (116 words)

 California Highways (www.cahighways.org): Routes 371 through 480
California Highway Patrol Officer Larry J. Jaramillo died in the line of duty in a traffic collision on Route 395 at the Kern County San Bernardino County line, while returning from court in Inyo County on June 22, 1993.
In 1991, the remainder of Route 480, from Route 280 near Harrison Street in San Francisco to the junction of Route 1, Funston approach, and the approach to the Golden Gate Bridge, was deleted per SB 181, Ch 498.
Route 480 was approved as chargeable interstate sometime pre-1965; it was deleted as a chargeable route in August 1965 (hence, its signage after that date with a state shield (Route 480), as opposed to an interstate shield).
www.cahighways.org /371-480.html   (8867 words)

 Staff Report
For the segment between Sharon Park Road and Interstate 280, the accident rate is 0.76 Acc/MVM.
In the two-year period from September 1999 to September 2001, the total number of reported collisions involving bicycles was seven between Sharon Park Road and Interstate 280, with one fatality.
California Traffic Control Devices Committee (CTCDC), in consultation with local authorities, is the agency that adopts uniform standards for all traffic control devices to be used on California streets and highways.
www.ci.menlo-park.ca.us /council/staffreport/2002/08/082702f2.htm   (2848 words)

 Interstate 280
Around 1990, Interstate 280 was involved in a controversy between Illinois and Iowa.
Interstate 280 opened in 1956 as part of the Toledo-Detroit Expressway, which also included what is now I-75 from the I-280 terminus to US 24 in Flat Rock, Michigan; and a segment south of the Ohio Turnpike, ending at US 20/23.
I-280 ended at the Ohio Turnpike, while the 2-mile segment between the Turnpike and the Fremont Pike (US 23) was redesignated OH 420 in 1970.
www.kurumi.com /roads/3di/i280.html   (1893 words)

 California Office
Proceed on Interstate 380 West, follow signs to 280 South and merge onto Interstate 280 South.
Travel on 280 South for approximately 22 miles.
Proceed onto Interstate 880 South and follow the signs to Interstate 280 North toward San Francisco.
www.hcp.com /content5535.html   (361 words)

 California Highway 1 - A
The City of San Luis Obispo serves as the commercial and cultural hub of California’s Central Coast, as well as being the county seat of San Luis Obispo County.
One of California’s oldest communities, the city was was first incorporated in 1856.
With a population of 44,000, the City is located eight miles from the Pacific Ocean and is midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles at the junction of Highway 101 and scenic Highway 1.
www.schweich.com /cahwy1A.html   (690 words)

 Acoustic freeway work for Woodside / $7.4 million to repave parts of noisy I-280
The California Department of Transportation, which had once insisted that such a proposal was out of the question, now has agreed to resurface at least portions of a 5.6-mile stretch of the freeway's aging concrete with alternative treatments -- including rubberized asphalt -- that are said to be quieter than conventional cement-grinding techniques.
The decision reflected a sharp turnaround by Caltrans from last February when highway engineers told the town that such work would not only cost millions of dollars more than was in their budget for the planned repaving, but that traffic noise mitigation was not the agency's responsibility.
A growing number of Woodside residents have complained that I-280 traffic noise has been on the rise in recent years because of higher freeway speeds and the pounding of big-wheeled sports utility vehicles on the deteriorating cement roadway.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/chronicle/archive/2001/08/18/MNW178593.DTL   (553 words)

 Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
Interstate 280 winds along the side of the fault.
California's state capitol, Sacramento, can be seen clustered along the American and Sacramento Rivers in this computer-generated perspective viewed from the west.
Generated using data acquired from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) and an enhanced Landsat image this is a perspective view toward the southeast, from the Goleta Valley in the foreground to a snow-capped Mount Abel (elevation 2,526 m or 8,286 feet) along the skyline at the left.
www2.jpl.nasa.gov /srtm/california.html   (6783 words)

 San Jose travel guide - Wikitravel
Often known as "The Capital of Silicon Valley," San Jose [1] is the largest city in the Bay Area, 3rd largest in California, and the 10th largest city in the United States.
The telescopes of Lick Observatory [30], operated by the University of California, crown the summit and are open to the public for limited star-gazing.
Take Interstate 280 to San Francisco for a scenic alternative, and consider a detour westward on Highway 92 to Half Moon Bay and the coastal Highway 1, which leads northward to San Francisco and southward to Santa Cruz.
wikitravel.org /en/San_Jose_(California)   (2629 words)

 My Pet Peeve!! (for today)
When you move to California, you must get a new driver's license within 10 days of arrival in the great Golden State.
This is mostly designed for the drivers on Interstate 280 and 680, as well as California 101.
This document as presented is all my own personal opinion and in no way reflects the opinions of my employer, church, most of my friends, my family, or my wife (who sincerely wishes I would take this particular page down, but lacks the password to the site to be able to enforce it).
www.bayarea.net /~phage/peeve.htm   (1319 words)

 Law Offices of Donald Kilmer, A Professional Corporation
He is authorized to practice law in all California Trial Courts and Courts of Appeal.
He is authorized to practice law in Northern, Central and Eastern Districts of California's Federal Trial Courts.
We are convenient to Interstate 280 and California Highways 101,17, 85 and 87.
www.dklawoffice.com   (172 words)

 California Refinancing - Information
Hesperia, California Hesperia, Victorville, Victorville, Barstow, Barstow, Stronghold, is in County, Modoc County in Category:Modoc County, California after California, USA 1839 to hamlet as old Farm was, named before California USA was.
California University has fictitious University Los northern connecting Interstate Vallejo, California Vallejo with 680 California Interstate 680 Benicia, Benicia.
Jose, San Jose, California is located Milpitas, Milpitas along Rock, California Alum Rock Alviso, Alviso, Jose, neighborhoods County, and is Anaheim, Anaheim, Mesa, Costa Mesa Fullerton, Fullerton, Irvine, California Irvine, Orange, Orange, Ana, Santa Ana Linda, Yorba Linda County, Category:Santa Ana Irvine, california refinancing.
www.freewebs.com /information24/california-refinancing.html   (322 words)

 california, highway 280, scenic overlook   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The view of scenic highway 280 along the San Francisco peninsula.
Highway 280 goes north-south along the peninsula from San Francisco down to San Jose, where it diverts into Highway 680.
Highway 280 is typically less crowded and more scenic than Rte 101, the main commuter route along the peninsula.
www.ankiewicz.com /photos/pages/1.html   (89 words)

 midvision: Interstate 280, Near Hillsborough, California.
Standard practice for I-280 is to drive it as fast as possible and try to forget that Silicon Valley is 40 miles from San Francisco.
The bridge takes I-280 across San Mateo Creek Gorge, a narrow but deep break in the mountains of the Peninsula.
So significant is this break that when expanding the Crystal Springs Reservoirs, a dam had to be built to keep the lake in.
midvision.livejournal.com /17692.html   (236 words)

 Directions to SpineCare Medical Group
SpineCare Medical Group is located in the Seton Medical Office Center, 1850 Sullivan Avenue in Daly City, California, just off Interstate 280.
From Bay Bridge: From Interstate 280, Interstate 580 and Interstate 880: Follow signs toward Bay Bridge.
Follow signs to Highway 101 South: 101 South to Interstate 280 South (280 splits off to the right).
www.spinecare.com /directs.html   (243 words)

 Directions to WHL
Alternate (when northbound from San Jose): Take California 237 West to California Highway 85-South.
Interstate 880 to California Highway 237-West to Mathilda Avenue-South.
California Highway 17 to California Highway 85-North; proceed as stated above.
www.whlarchitects.com /directions_to_whl.htm   (188 words)

 Eric Buchanan's Highway Photo Page
This is Southbound Highway 1 at the Santa Cruz County line, in Northern California.
I mainly have pictures from the Highways of California, Idaho, Nevada, Michigan, Wyoming, Iowa, Illinois, and Ontario.
Interstate 15 North in San Diego, Riverside, and San Bernadino Counties
www.interstate80.info   (778 words)

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