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Topic: Interstate 5

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In the News (Mon 22 Apr 19)

  Interstate 5 Wrongful Death Attorneys / Washington Injury Lawyers, Blaine, Bellingham, Seattle, Puget Sound
Interstate 5 in Washington stretches along the nearly 1,400 miles of the western coast of the United States.
I-5 continues to unfold along the eastern shores of Puget Sound to the cities of Everett and Seattle, home of the Space Needle and the Seattle Seahawks.
Interstate 5 in Washington shaped the western portion of the state and the majority of the American west coast, evidenced by the majority of large cities found along the highway's route.
www.washingtoninjury.com /interstate_5_washington.html   (536 words)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Interstate 105 (Oregon)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The eastern terminus is at an interchange with I-5.
Interstate 205 in California is a short connecting Interstate Highway between Interstate 5 and Interstate 580 south of the town of Lathrop.
Interstate 105 is an east-west spur freeway connecting Oregon 99 and Interstate 5 via Oregon 126 in the Eugene metropolitan area.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Interstate-105-%28Oregon%29   (979 words)

 WestCoastRoads.com - Sitemap
Northbound Interstate 5 in Orange County (Interstate 405 to L.A. County)
Southbound Interstate 5 in Orange County (L.A. County to Interstate 405)
Eastbound Interstate 580 from Exit 44B to Exit 78 (Interstate 680 to Interstate 5)
www.westcoastroads.com /sitemap.html   (1109 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Oregon Highway 99E   (Site not responding. Last check: )
After Ashland, it is duplexed with Interstate 5 until the California border.
Interstate 5 in many places; much of the route is shared with I-5, as well
U.S. Highway 30, Interstate 84, and U.S. Highway 26 in Portland
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Oregon-Highway-99E   (587 words)

  Interstate Highway System - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A rural stretch of Interstate 5 in California, with two lanes in each direction separated by a large grassy median, and with cross-traffic limited to overpasses and underpasses.
The interstate system was authorized by the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, popularly known as the National Interstate and Defense Highways Act of 1956.
On even-numbered Interstates, mileage increases to the east and decreases to the west (except on the I-90 portion of the New York State Thruway and the I-190 spur into O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, both of which count up going west); and on odd-numbered Interstates, mileage increases to the north and decreases to the south.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Interstate_Highway   (3944 words)

 Interstate 5 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Interstate 5 (abbreviated I-5) is the westernmost interstate highway in the continental United States.
Interstate 5 is the only Interstate highway to touch both the Canadian and Mexican borders; it may be considered part of the Pan-American Highway, a road that runs from Alaska, United States to Chile.
In the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, Interstate 5 is usually referred to colloquially as "The 5"; for the rest of California as well as Oregon and Washington state it is more likely to be called "I-5".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Interstate_5   (1506 words)

 Interstate 5 @ Interstate-Guide.com
Interstate 5 would then be re-routed to the west, connecting with Interstate 80 and Business Loop I-80 in West Sacramento at their current interchange, then continuing northeast to rejoin current Interstate 5 at the current Interstate 5/Interstate 80 interchange.
Sections of Interstate 5 in Southern California were constructed prior to the passage of the Federal Highway Act of 1956, including the Aliso Street Viaduct (built in 1948), portions of former U.S. 101/Santa Ana Freeway (south of Los Angeles) and portions of U.S. 101/Montgomery Freeway (south of San Diego).
Interstate 5 remains closer to the bay and coast, while Interstate 805 marches the inland communities of the San Diego metropolitan area.
www.interstate-guide.com /i-005.html   (5296 words)

 California @ WestCoastRoads - Interstate 5
Interstate 5 is the most important highway in California, connecting the state from the rural extremes of the north to the vastly populated urbanscape of the south.
Interstate 5 replaced U.S. 99 for much of its journey in the state, from downtown Los Angeles north to the Oregon State Line.
Interstate 5 High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV/Carpool) Lanes at Interstate 5/Interstate 805/California 56 merge under construction, and direct connections from northbound Interstate 5 to eastbound California 56 and from westbound California 56 to southbound Interstate 5 are completed.
www.westcoastroads.com /california/i-005_ca.html   (1547 words)

 NGS Directions
From Los Angeles, continue on Interstate 5 North through downtown Sacramento (do not take Capital City Fwy or Business 80).
Take Interstate 80 (not Capital City or Business 80) West to San Francisco.
Take Interstate 5 South to Sacramento for approximately 9 miles.
www.ngsi.com /company/directions.html   (407 words)

 High Priority Corridors @ AARoads.com: Interstate 5 and California 905 (Corridor 30)
After completion of the upgrade, Interstate 5 is now much wider and safer to drive, with eight to ten lanes and at least two HOV lanes.
A $5 million federally-funded study is currently underway to determine the best alignment of the new highway, as well as determine the type of road (number of lanes, type of access control, etc.) needed for this corridor.
Interstate 5 is planned for some improvements on its corridor through Sacramento and Yolo Counties.
www.aaroads.com /high-priority/corr30.html   (936 words)

 Kids.Net.Au - Encyclopedia > Interstate 5
Interstate 5 is part of the US Interstate highway system.
Extending from San Diego, California at the Mexican border to Blaine, Washington at the Canadian border, it links most of the major cities of the west coast of the United States.
I-305 in Sacramento is the hidden Interstate designation for Business Loop Interstate 80 and U.S. 50 between Interstate 80 in West Sacramento and state highway 99 near downtown Sacramento.
www.kids.net.au /encyclopedia-wiki/in/Interstate_5   (144 words)

 BC Highways - Interstate 5 North
Interstate 90 begins a block west and continues across the United States to end in Boston Massachusettes.
This is a southerly view of Interstate 5 at the Interstate 90 interchange.
Reminscent of the sterotypical "spagetti" interchanges is the interchange structures for Interstate 90.
modena.intergate.ca /personal/pl8s/I5/I5N2C.htm   (436 words)

 Interstate 5   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Interstate 5 northbound at Oregon Exit 40, OR-234 and OR-99 (from.
This is I-5 south approaching the new Arena Blvd. interchange, exit 524.
Even though I-5 is a north-south interstate, the roadway is going east-west at this location, so the airport is actually on the north side of the roadway, "east" side of the Interstate.
www.w6mar.net /ca-i5.htm   (1126 words)

 California Interstate 5 Accident Lawyer. I-5 Injury & Accidents. California, CA Attorneys
Interstate 5 is the most important highway in California, connecting the state from the rural wilderness of the north to the heavily populated urban centers of the south.
I-5 is also considered part of the Pan-American Highway, which runs from Alaska in the north to the “other” Los Angeles in the country of Chile in South America.
Interstate 5 replaced U.S. 99 for much of its mileage in the state, mostly from downtown Los Angeles and north to the Oregon State Line.
www.munley.com /california-truck-lawyers/interstate-5.html   (637 words)

 BC Highways - Interstate 5 North
Interstate 5 travels from San Ysidro California north to the Canadian border, a distance of 1,382 miles (2240 km).
The Interstate System was started in 1956 and extends to all major centres in the United States.
Interstate 5 will descend alongside a hill to reach the Puyallup River valley.
modena.intergate.ca /personal/pl8s/I5/I5N1.htm   (1071 words)

 California Highways (www.cahighways.org): Routes 1 through 8
Constructed as freeway for 5 miles near Morro Bay, from Route 68 to Route 156, from south of Watsonville to Santa Cruz, and from Pacifica to Route 280.
This was formerly discontiguous (until 1974): Route 299 to Route 5, and Route 5 to Montague.
This portion of this segment from Route 5 near Etna to Montague was defined as part of the state highway system in 1933 as LRN 82.
www.cahighways.org /001-008.html   (15219 words)

 Cache Creek Natural Area, Ukiah Field Office, Bureau of Land Management California   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Interstate 5 at Williams, take State Highway 20 west for about 19 miles to its junction with State Highway 16.
Fiske Creek Trail: From Interstate 5 at Williams, take State Highway 20 west for about 19 miles to its junction with State Highway 16.
Frogpond Trail: From Interstate 5 at Williams, take State Highway 20 west for about 19 miles to its junction with State Highway 16.
www.blm.gov /ca/ukiah/cachecreek.html   (1357 words)

 Ice closes Grapevine overnight - Latest news | Bakersfield.com - Kern County news, events, shopping & search
Interstate 5 would be closed all night as slush and ice from a freak storm made the mountain pass impassable, according to Owen Werzinski, a Caltrans engineering technician.
At the Grapevine, blizzard conditions brought traffic to a halt on Interstate 5 in the mountains north of Los Angeles as the storm added to woes of biting cold that has kept its grip on California for a week.
Some cars were being allowed through on southbound Interstate 5 if drivers could prove they had homes or businesses in Frazier Park or Fort Tejon, said Sam Goin, a Caltrans maintenance supervisor at the scene.
www.bakersfield.com /619/story/95021.html   (1257 words)

 Interstate 5 - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia
Interstate 5 is the world's largest parking lot.
Consequently local residents who wanted to park their cars in Portland, Seattle, and Los Angeles lacked a lot which was free, easily accessible, and had ample space.
So I-5 was constructed in order to meet the parking needs of the Western United States in 1857.
www.uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Interstate_5   (388 words)

 UFO Sighting Report: interstate 5 about 2 hours south of san francisco, California, United States - July, 27, ...
On wednesday night i was driving south on interstate 5 from San Francisco towards Los Angeles.
Driving with my mouth open in sheer shock i looked around to see if there was any other cars right around me, but there were only truckers about 200 yards behind me, i was scared.
After doing some research i found no military planes that resemble what i saw, and i found that people have been seeing this sort of object in the same vicinity on interstate 5 since 2000.
www.ufoevidence.org /sightings/report.asp?ID=6083   (590 words)

 OKRoads -- Interstate 5
Interstate 5 is to the West Coast what Interstate 95 is to the East Coast.
Interstate 5 connects to all major cities on the west coast with the exception of the San Francisco/Oakland area, which can be accessed from Interstate 5 via Interstate 80, Interstate 505, or Interstate 580.
Interstate 5 North at Exit 170 - CA 126 -
www.okroads.com /guides/i5.html   (110 words)

 Studies contradict forecast for O.C. tollway benefits - Los Angeles Times   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Most of I-5 in South County will be "consistently congested" at rush hour by 2030 even if the controversial Foothill South toll road extension is built, according to the Orange County Transportation Authority's long-range transportation plan for 2006.
Without the Foothill South, tollway officials say, travel times on I-5 from the San Diego County line to Oso Parkway — roughly 16 miles —; would be an hour during peak periods in 2025 instead of 25 minutes.
The agency's studies predict that the number of congested I-5 segments would be reduced 70% during the evening rush hour, usually the busiest time of day.
www.latimes.com /news/local/la-me-tollway14nov14,0,3836769.story?coll=la-headlines-california   (798 words)

 Washington State Highways: I-5   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Built in the 1960s, I-5 replaced US-99 as the principal north-south motor route on the West Coast, and is the only Interstate highway that runs from Canada to Mexico.
I-5 runs right through the middle of Seattle and continues north towards Canada, finally reaching the international boundary and beautiful Peace Arch State/Provincial Park in the small town of Blaine, Washington.
The lower deck of the Ship Canal Bridge, which carries I-5 over the Lake Washington Ship Canal between the northern and southern halves of the city, is used by the express lanes.
www.phenry.org /wsh/i5.html   (318 words)

 "WSDOT" Rewrites History | Slog | The Stranger's Blog | The Stranger | Seattle's Only Newspaper   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Interstate 5, the city’s other major traffic corridor, handles about three times as many vehicles.
The only other significant north-south route to and through downtown Seattle is Interstate 5.
Interstate 5 handles about three times as many vehicles, but does not have the capacity to add trips searching for an alternative to the viaduct.
www.thestranger.com /blog/2006/10/wsdot_rewrites_histo.php   (482 words)

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