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Topic: Interstate 99

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  Interstate 9 @ Interstate-Guide.com
Interstate 9 is the designation proposed for the California 99 corridor between Mettler (near Wheeler Ridge) and Stockton in California.
The California 99 freeway between Stockton and Sacramento is not being considered for inclusion in the Interstate 9 corridor, perhaps because of substandard sections.
Interstate 66, proposed in 1991 as a new east-west, cross-country Interstate corridor, was the first course of action for Fresno politicians to bring the city onto the Interstate Highway System.
www.interstate-guide.com /i-009.html   (2021 words)

 Interstate 99 @ Interstate-Guide.com
Interstate 99 & U.S. 220 continue south of the Exit 3 diamond interchange toward the Exit 1 junction to the Pennsylvania Turnpike (junction Interstate 70 & 76).
The Interstate 70/76 split is 17 miles to the east while the Steel City is 100 miles to the west via the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Interstate 376.
A short distance to the north of the Interstate 70/76/Pennsylvania Turnpike interchange is the access road to the southern terminus of Interstate 99 and the U.S. 220 freeway.
www.interstate-guide.com /i-099.html   (3154 words)

 Interstate 99 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Interstate 99 (abbreviated I-99) is a main route of the Interstate Highway System in central Pennsylvania.
Interstate 99 excavation in 2002, looking south from Julian toward Port Matilda on Bald Eagle Mountain, where acidic rock was exposed.
News on the I-99 acid-rock cleanup from CentreDaily.com
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Interstate_99   (1120 words)

 Future Interstate 99 - North of I-80
As you may or may not know construction to extend I-99 north from its current terminus at Bald Eagle PA to I-80 north of State College is under way.
Based on the amount of road and bridge construction that will be required for the upgrade to meet Interstate criteria costs may be anticipated to be in the range of a similar interchange upgrade at the junction of PA 26/I-99/I-80 at the I-80 Bellefonte Exit (New Exit # 161).
The I-99 Corridor is coincident with the future relocation of US 15 from north of Tioga Borough at the juncture with PA 287 to the PA/NYS Line at Lawrenceville, PA. Studies for this portion of Relocated US 15 are in Final Design.
www.lostagain.net /paroadsites/i99.htm   (1324 words)

 I-99/US 220 Multiplex - Central PA/MD Roads
I-99 and US 220 form a 52 mile duplex from north of Bedford to south of Bald Eagle in Bedford and Blair Counties.
Interstates technically should remain entire on freeways, but I-99 is still not complete (though there are plans to complete it).
I-99 begins to the left, while the US 220/PA 350 duplex begins to the right.
www.m-plex.com /roads/pamplex/mp_i99_us220.html   (952 words)

 High Priority Corridors @ AARoads.com: Interstate 99/U.S. 220/U.S. 15 (Corridor 9)
Interstate 99 is in its present location because it is written into law; in fact, in 1995, Interstate 99 was the only interstate to have its interstate definition written into law (see the NHS Legislation Page; it's really there!).
New expressway, from the Mount Nittany Expressway to the Bellefonte Bypass.
It is cosigned as Interstate 99 and U.S. At Interstate 99's southern end, its connection with the Pennsylvania Turnpike involves signalized intersections (off the mainlines of both Interstate 99 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike).
www.aaroads.com /high-priority/corr09.html   (6021 words)

 Interstate divide -- Desperate to break a funding logjam and breathe life into a sour Valley economy, some political ...
Interstate divide -- Desperate to break a funding logjam and breathe life into a sour Valley economy, some political leaders are trying to win interstate status for Highway 99.
Highway 99 was once the lifeline of a young and growing San Joaquin Valley and a focus of its pride.
A recent precedent for an interstate conversion is in New York, where the state won approval in the late 1990s to convert one of its highways into Interstate 86.
www.house.gov /nunes/press/2005/newsclips/april/041005FBSR99.htm   (2763 words)

 Pennsylvania Highways:  Interstate 99
The first section of this Interstate that gives some indigestion to be built was from south of Bedford Springs to Exit 3 in 1969.
Interstate 99 in Centre County - Geoff Hatchard
However, I-99 milemarkers have appeared on the expressway from PA 477 to PA 287.
www.pahighways.com /interstates/I99.html   (1864 words)

 California @ WestCoastRoads - California 99
California 99 is a remnant of the Pacific Highway, a major north-south corridor bisecting the state of California.
Certain sections of Interstate 5 were signed as "Temporary Interstate 5" along the expressway portions between Redding and the Oregon State Line until January 1992, which was when the last section of Interstate 5 in the lower Sacramento River canyon was opened to traffic.
Upgrading of U.S. 99 to four-lane expressway commenced circa 1935; most of the rural portions of U.S. 99 were four-lane by 1949; in-city portions of the route remained either two-lane or four-lane undivided at that point in time.
www.westcoastroads.com /california/ca-099.html   (3519 words)

 Pennsylvania @ NorthEastRoads.com - Interstate 180
The eastbound beginning of Interstate 180 occurs at the U.S. 220 northbound merge with U.S. 15 southbound west of downtown Williamsport.
Interstate 180 east, U.S. 15 south, and U.S. 220 northbound proceed to Exit 27 where U.S. 15 southbound leaves the freeway for Via Belle Street and the central business district.
The federal highway turns west onto Via Belle Street from the north end of the span parallel to Interstate 180 & U.S. A sign bridge resides along Via Belle Street westbound for the upcoming intersection with Hepburn Street and the U.S. 15 northbound merge onto Interstate 180 west & U.S. 220 south.
www.northeastroads.com /i-180_pa.html   (364 words)

 OKRoads.com -- Delaware Trip -- Interstate 70 Pennsylvania
Interstate 70 runs from Interstate 15 near Cove Fort, Utah, to a Park and Ride lot just east of Interstate 695 in Baltimore, Maryland.
Interstate 70 East is in the Keystone State.
Interstate 68 is two miles away from this point.
www.okroads.com /delaware/i70pa.html   (1026 words)

 Highway 99 upgrade hits bump -- Valley lawmakers can't agree on effort to make it part of interstate system.
Highway 99 would have to be renamed -- Interstate 99 already exists in Pennsylvania -- and Florez fears its historical significance would be lost.
Highway 99 -- old and worn -- is the Valley artery that runs from south of Bakersfield to Red Bluff.
He wants to keep Highway 99 the way it is. Patrons tell him they like the highway because there are more businesses and the atmosphere seems friendly.
www.house.gov /nunes/press/2004/newsclips/june/062104BeeHwy99.htm   (1359 words)

 Interstate Highway System - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
However, due to the cancellation of the Somerset Freeway, Interstate 95 has not been completed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey; the Pennsylvania Turnpike/Interstate 95 Interchange Project will complete that route, the last section of the original (1947) plans to be completed (though a few routes, like Interstate 80 in Northern Ohio, have been relocated).
Several Interstates in the South, including I-16 in Georgia, I-40 in North Carolina, I-64 in Virginia, I-65 in Alabama, I-10, I-12, I-55 and I-59 in Louisiana, and I-55 and I-59 in Mississippi, are equipped and signed specifically for contraflow, with crossovers inland after major interchanges to distribute much of the traffic.
Interstate 355, a tolled Interstate, beneath the Illinois Prairie Path in the west suburbs of Chicago.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Interstate_Highway   (4408 words)

 99 ways to get respect / Vote due this week on upgrade for busy Central Valley road
Noise and hellish traffic are ever present on this section of Highway 99, an ancient artery that runs through farm country and a string of urban chokepoints from Sacramento south past Bakersfield.
Highway 99, with its worn surface and frequently crowded lanes, is not even a speed heaven, like its newer neighbor to the west, Interstate 5.
When the interstate system was created, the government required overpasses to be high enough for a Titan intercontinental ballistic missile to pass under.
sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/c/a/2005/07/24/MNGFIDSS7D1.DTL   (1735 words)

 Route 66 Arizona
The same piece of 66 as it approaches the interstate (where it is cut).
The bridge abutments from 66 are under the newer interstate pylons.
Old 66 is cut by the interstate (it continues on the other side through the V in the trees).
www.6t6kix.com /pages/rt66/97_az.htm   (1767 words)

 Interstate 99 Construction - Central PA/MD Roads
I-80 and I-99 interchange remains to be rebuilt.
I-99 designation to be added in the future.
I-99 splits to the north, following US 15.
www.m-plex.com /roads/constr_i99.html   (499 words)

 I-99 / S.R. 6220 Relocation Project
Motorists are asked to use extreme caution while traveling on U.S. 322 between Skytop and S.R. Trucks will be entering and exiting the project site at these locations.
Motorists are asked to use extreme caution while driving at the Bald Eagle Interchange with I-99.
Motorists are asked to use extreme caution while driving on S.R. 350 near the Bald Eagle Interchange with I-99.
i99.dickinfolink.com   (320 words)

 DCL-99-124, Interstate Summit Executive Summary
I am very pleased to provide you with the enclosed "Executive Summary" which was developed to share some of the highlights of the OCSE Interstate Summit: Crossing the Line for the Children of America, held in Arlington, Virginia, on September 13, 1999.
The purpose of this Summit was to formulate solutions and initiatives to improve interstate operations in the midst of the changing interstate environment.
Executive Summary of the OCSE Interstate Summit: Crossing the Line for the Children of America
www.acf.dhhs.gov /programs/cse/pol/DCL/1999/dcl99124.htm   (269 words)

 MPG Roads - Interstate 99 Opening Ceremonies
Bellefonte residents and retired schoolteachers Bill and Barbara Geeting drove onto Interstate 99 near their home, went to Lowe's hardware near the Colonnade shopping center west of State College, then took I-99 back to shop at the Nittany Mall.
I-99 is now open from the state’s southern tier, near Bedford, to Blair County’s Bald Eagle village near the western Centre County line, and from the Scotia Road interchange in western Patton Township to Interstate 80 in Marion Township.
Two of the new I-99 interchanges — Park Avenue and Innovation Park — are back-to-back near the Penn State campus east of Centre Community Hospital in College Township.
www.gribblenation.net /mpg/pa/i99/99open/cdt11_26_02.html   (862 words)

 tyronepa | PENNDOT and Game Commission close to a deal on Interstate 99
Another hurdle in the state's plan to bring Interstate 99 in Blair County to completion may be leaped over as early as next week as talks between the state Department of Transportation and the Pennsylvania Game Commission continue.
According to PENNDOT District 2.0 public relations director Marla Fannin, Game Commission officials and engineers of PENNDOT are close to an agreement that would allow PENNDOT to build the Interstate 99 highway through 68 acres of game land along the Bald Eagle Ridge in Northern Blair County.
“The entire I-99 corridor, which would take you from Bald Eagle to the interstate outside of Bellefonte should be open in 2007,” said Fannin.
www.tyronepa.com /news/article.php?id=944   (563 words)

 Recordnet.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Highway 99, the so-called Main Street of the San Joaquin Valley, could get a new look and even a new name if a piece of legislation winding its way through the state Capitol succeeds.
The highway's safety would be enhanced, and the road would become more truck-friendly to the rigs that account for as much as 40 percent of Highway 99 traffic in some spots, Maze said.
As an interstate, Highway 99 could qualify for 90 percent.
online.recordnet.com /articlelink/053004/news/articles/053004-gn-3.php   (542 words)

 MPG Roads - Future Interstate 99   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
This page features photographs taken along the future alignment of Interstate 99 in Centre County, Pennslyvania.
The much-maligned road, currently stretching from Bedford to Bald Eagle, PA, is currently being extended to Interstate 80 (northeast of Bellefonte).
On November 25, 2002, this stretch of road was opened in an official ceremony.
www.gribblenation.net /mpg/pa/i99   (95 words)

 PennDOT clears obstacle to building Interstate 99
For the state Department of Transportation, the price of ending a bureaucratic struggle and opening the path for a controversial stretch of interstate highway north of Altoona will be more than a half-million dollars and maybe three dozen acres of ground, both payable to the state Game Commission.
Now, if the legal intricacies of the pact win PennDOT's final blessings, heavy equipment could be moving by March, building eight miles of Interstate 99 across a mountainside that environmentalists charged was irreplaceable natural habitat.
The eight-mile section of highway would replace an accident-laden section of two-lane road and forge the last link in an interstate highway connecting the Pennsylvania Turnpike at Bedford to Interstate 80 northeast of State College.
www.post-gazette.com /healthscience/20030108bald3.asp   (340 words)

 Environmentalists challenge Interstate 99 location
The suit is intended to challenge and stop the decision to build a stretch of Interstate 99 on Bald Eagle Mountain.
A decision was made to construct the proposed ridge route on the mountain after a study was conducted to determine the best location for the local stretch of the highway.
However, the plaintiffs favor an alternative route for I-99 to be built in adjacent Bald Eagle Valley and through the location of an existing junkyard.
www.collegian.psu.edu /archive/2000/02/02-02-00tdc/02-02-00dnews-5.asp   (664 words)

 www.i99.biz Interstate 99 Exit Guide Bedford Altoona Tyrone State College Blair Bedford PA
Interstate 99 serves Central Pennsylvania between Bedford and Bald Eagle, with future expansion north to Interstate 80 and beyond.
www.i99.biz is your #1 resource for Interstate 99 travel information.
We offer easy-to-navigate listings of gas stations, hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions you can find near each exit of I-99.
www.i99.biz   (102 words)

 Interstate 99/Route 26 Relocation Project
Each section was done under a separate contract, with the first section getting underway in January 1999.
This project involved the construction of a new eight-mile, four-lane, limited access highway - along with new bridges and ramps -- connecting Route 322 (the Mount Nittany Expressway) with the Bellefonte Bypass, south of Interstate 80.
The new highway is designated as U.S. 220 and eventually will be designated as I-99.
www.penndot2.com /route26   (173 words)

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