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Topic: Invisible Hand

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  Invisible hand - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The invisible hand is a metaphor created by Adam Smith to illustrate how those who seek wealth, by following their individual self-interest, inadvertently stimulate the economy and assist the poor.
For it may be observed, that in all Polytheistic religions, among savages, as well as in the early ages of heathen antiquity, it is the irregular events of nature only that are ascribed to the agency and power of the gods.
The invisible hand is traditionally understood as a concept in economics, but Robert Nozick argues in Anarchy, State and Utopia that substantively the same concept exists in a number of other areas of academic discourse under different names, notably Darwinian natural selection.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Invisible_Hand   (2654 words)

 Invisible Hand - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Invisible Hand was the flagship of General Grievous and the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars.
Invisible Hand was manufactured by Quarren exiles from Mon Calamari as part of the Free Dac Volunteers Engineering Corps along with Pammant Docks at an underground factory on Pammant.
As control of the Separatist forces was handed to Grievous, Gunray reluctantly surrendered Invisible Hand to the droid general to use as a flagship at the behest of Darth Sidious.
starwars.wikia.com /wiki/Invisible_Hand   (696 words)

 The Wealth of Nations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The "Invisible Hand" is a frequently referenced theme from the book, although it is only specifically mentioned once.
The idea behind the Invisible Hand is, on one level, that people benefit the community around them simply by acting solely in their own self-interest, without conscious regard to community service.
On another level, though, the "invisible hand" refers to the ability of the market to correct for seemingly disastrous situations with no intervention on the part of government or other organizations (although Smith did not, himself, use the term with this meaning in mind).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_Wealth_of_Nations   (2190 words)

 Adam Smith and the invisible hand
Nowadays, "invisible hand" explanations are invoked to explain all sorts of phenomena, from scientific progress to environmental degradation.
Smith was profoundly religious, and saw the "invisible hand" as the mechanism by which a benevolent God administered a universe in which human happiness was maximised.
An invisible hand process is one in which the outcome to be explained is produced in a decentralised way, with no explicit agreements between the acting agents.
plus.maths.org /issue14/features/smith   (2726 words)

 The Hammer - "Invisible Hand of Market Forces" Suspected in Beating of Calgary Man
The Invisible Hand of Market Forces is wanted in connection with the beating of Calgary resident Garth Yeoman on Saturday evening.
Yeoman, a 30-year-old book burner, was walking back to his car after having dinner with friends at a downtown restaurant when the Invisible Hand allegedly launched its unprovoked, and unseen, attack.
I think it [the Invisible Hand] had some kind of invisible knuckle-duster, or an invisible roll of quarters or something.
www.thehammer.ca /content/2004/0222/invisible_hand.html   (569 words)

 Star Wars: Databank | Trade Federation cruiser
Grievous' flagship, the Invisible Hand, was originally commissioned to serve Nute Gunray and his advisors.
The Invisible Hand, leading the charge of a Separatist flotilla, grew to be feared in the distant Outer Rim and other unprotected regions of space.
It was the Invisible Hand that released the deadly Loedorvian Brain Plague in the Weemell Sector, that coordinated the withering bombardment of the planet Humbarine, and that led the attack that conquered Duro for the Confederacy.
www.starwars.com /databank/starship/tradefederationcruiser/?id=eu   (506 words)

 The Invisible Hand of Spontaneous Corruption
Part II In The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith observed that markets spontaneously generate unintended order, as if an invisible hand were at work in the free market.
I submit that there is another invisible hand, one by which government spontaneously generates unintended disorder.
The animating force of this invisible hand is the same; each individual participant in government is naturally motivated by self-interest.
www.strike-the-root.com /columns/Kennedy/kennedy2.html   (648 words)

 Invisible Hand Obsolete? It Just Ain't So!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The idea that in pursuing their own interest people will be led as if by an invisible hand to promote the well-being of others is a logical implication of this institutional setting.
If Murray wanted to investigate whether the invisible hand would be an appropriate metaphor for the 21st century, he should have focused on the extent to which private property and freedom of exchange will be secure.
The invisible hand may not be an appropriate metaphor for the workings of economies in the next century.
www.libertyhaven.com /thinkers/adamsmith/invisible.shtml   (995 words)

 The Invisible Hand and Science
The idea of the invisible hand has a history of a couple of centuries in political philosophy and in the social sciences.
The invisibility is not an essential requirement for a process to be considered an invisible hand process.
From the methodological point of view both the invisible hand and the invisible backhand are of same value, both explain the order that individual actors have produced unintentionally (Elster 1978: 106-110).
www.helsinki.fi /~pylikosk/invisible.html   (6858 words)

 The Invisible Hand
The Invisible Hand is far more distributed than the other archai, not just residing in dedicated hardware somewhere but actually built into social interactions on millions of planets.
The Invisible Hand is paradoxically the most accessible of all archai - it can be contacted simply by doing an economic transaction - and one of the most remote archai.
The Invisible Hand is naturally strongest within the NoCoZo, but has a noticeable influence on Cyberia, Keter, the Formalhaut Aquisition Society, and the Sagittarius Volume.
www.orionsarm.com /personalities/Invisible_Hand.html   (712 words)

 What Adam Smith Really Said
And he is in this led by an invisible hand to promote an end which was no part of his intention.
It is clear from Smith's three references to the word "society" that the metaphorical hand is guiding capitalists towards their true self-interest; a self-interest which contains a social component that the capitalists may not be fully conscious of.
Smith is arguing that the guidance of the invisible hand is an amelioration of the problem of greed rather than an absolution of it.
pl.net /~keithr/rf98_InvisibleHandQuote.html   (989 words)

 The Invisible Hand Is a Gentle Hand, by Sharon Harris
The gentle invisible hand vs. the visible fist of force.
The gentle invisible hand vs. the visible fist of government.
The gentle invisible hand of private charity vs. the visible fist of government welfare.
harrybrowne.org /articles/InvisibleHand.htm   (4751 words)

 The Invisible Hand   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
No matter how sternly rational and strictly physical you are when you are awake, no matter how much you intimidate others and dominate your social group, when you give up on all that, you are trusting in another power, the power of rejuvenation and healing.
In all certainty you need to trust in your invisible hand as much as you trust in breathing your fresh air, in eating your food, and drinking your precious water.
In a dream or in a divine vision this invisible hand presents itself to you.
www.useless-knowledge.com /1234/sept/article104.html   (397 words)

 Adam Smith's Lost Legacy: Invisible Hand, no 34
In “The Wealth of Nations,” Adam Smith uses the “invisible hand” metaphor to describe this model.
Smith never used the metaphor of the invisible hand to ‘describe’ such a model.
Indeed, his use of the metaphor was not related to markets at all – it was used (once only!) to comment on individual motivations expressing preferences to trade locally rather than abroad for the security of their ‘capital-stock’ having unintended consequential effects on local growth.
adamsmithslostlegacy.com /2006/04/invisible-hand-no-34.html   (406 words)

 The Iron Fist Behind the Invisible Hand
Accordingly, the single biggest subsidy to modern corporate capitalism is the subsidy of history, by which capital was originally accumulated in a few hands, and labor was deprived of access to the means of production and forced to sell itself on the buyer's terms.
The modern worker, on the other hand, feels a painful pounding sensation, but has only a vague idea where it is coming from.
Especially nauseating is the phenomenon of "billionaire populism." Calls for bankruptcy and welfare "reform," and for wars on crime, are dressed up in pseudo-populist rhetoric, identifying the underclass as the chief parasites who feed off the producers' labor.
www.mutualist.org /id4.html   (12388 words)

 Behe, Biochemistry, and the Invisible Hand
The invisible hand that produces the economic order is in the interaction dynamics of a group of individuals attempting to maximize personal profits and gains, and who have no broader view of the public interest.
That the reaction manifests self-organization means nothing more than that the invisible hand of the chemical interactions between molecules brings about highly ordered behavior of the system as a whole in the form of regular temporal oscillations (and the formation of elaborate spatial patterns under certain circumstances).
Similarly, ignorance of the lawlike invisible hand of gravitational interactions led medieval design theorists to postulate the invisible hand of God as the source of the order we observe in celestial motion.
www.philoonline.org /library/shanks_4_1.htm   (5980 words)

 Library of Economics and Liberty: Economic Readings by Topic: The Invisible Hand
Charming illustration of the workings of the invisible hand to guide the market and coordinate the division of labor in producing even the simplest of objects—a pencil.
Smith, who coined the term "the invisible hand," here illustrates it.
The cuneiform inscription in the logo is the earliest-known written appearance of the word "freedom" (amagi), or "liberty." It is taken from a clay document written about 2300 B.C. in the Sumerian city-state of Lagash.
www.econlib.org /library/Topics/invisible.html   (125 words)

 g r e g o s b y.com - "Invisible Hand" Speak Easy - April 2000
The Invisible Hand is the fourth studio album within what can be described as a very forward-thinking "acoustic period." What force is pulling you into this direction?
I intentionally created this situation so that I could to witness, from a first hand perspective, how these respected veterans that represented two completely dissimilar conceptual approaches would respond to one another, musically speaking, in a neutral situation.
The Invisible Hand exemplifies the importance of uniting several generations of jazz musicians.
www.gregosby.com /interviews4.html   (1662 words)

 Invisible Hand
The work's protracted gestation, in the wake of Ellison's 1952 classic, "Invisible Man," was legendary.
Ellison, who labored over the novel until shortly before his death at 80 from pancreatic cancer, left no instructions regarding the work; when the author's elderly widow, Fanny, asked Callahan to prepare the unfinished text for publication, she gave him a free hand.
Callahan had known Ellison since the late 1970's, when he published an essay exploring the affinities between Ellison's essays and "Invisible Man" and received a warm letter from the author.
partners.nytimes.com /library/magazine/home/19990523mag-feeley.html   (3319 words)

 WTO and War: "Invisible Hand and Invisible Fist"? -- Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA)
Co-founder of Global Exchange and author of Globalize This, Danaher said today: "It's been said that the invisible hand of the market can't operate without the invisible fist that is U.S. military power.
The problem is that the market's hand isn't invisible for the millions of parents whose children are going hungry because of the inequality built into the global economy.
And the fist isn't invisible for the victims of the so-called 'collateral damage.' The millions of people around the world struggling to change inhumane economic and military policies realize that these hands and fists will not bring global justice.
www.accuracy.org /press_releases/PR110901.htm   (455 words)

 Illuminati News: The Invisible Hand of the Media
When this ethic is applied to multi-national corporations whose yearly revenue arguably exceeds the national budget of most third world countries, the stakes are raised to a level that far exceeds merely the success or failure in the marketplace of a new model of automobile or a diet pill.
By controlling press releases of economic strategies that shape national trends, the power elite are able to not only tighten their stranglehold on this nation's economic structure, but can extend that control world wide.
The invisible government is seen only by those with eyes to see.
www.illuminati-news.com /invisible-hand.htm   (2394 words)

 Invisible Hand   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
I had to discuss what invisible meant (that big ten foot bunny in the corner!), and give a visible demonstration afterward (paint or glitter in my hand that I "sneeze" into, and then offer to sh...
Adam Smith's "invisible hand" in a velvet glove (The G. Warren Nutter lectures in political economy)
His invisible hand: A miraculous journey of faith and deliverance : a true story
www.freeglossary.com /Invisible_Hand   (417 words)

 Adam Smith - The Invisible Hand Speaks.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
When in any country the demand for those who live by wages, labourers, journeymen, servants of every kind, is continually increasing; when every year furnishes employment for a greater number than had been employed the year before, the workmen have no occasion to combine in order to raise their wages.
The scanty maintenance of the laboring poor, on the other hand, is the natural symptom that things are at a stand, and their starving condition that they are going fast backwards.
The patrimony of a poor man lies in the strength and dexterity of his hands; and to hinder him from employing this strength and dexterity of his hands in what manner he thinks proper without injury to his neighbor is a plain violation of this most sacred property.
www.freerepublic.com /focus/fr/671594/posts   (10133 words)

 Invisible Handwriting: A podcaster's blog: The Financial Founding Fathers Episode
The companion blog to "The Invisible Hand Podcast" and "The Invisible Finger Podcast" traces my efforts to make a living in business podcasting.
Invisible Hand Listeners - Group Map by Frappr Maps
We weren't able to cover all of the men in the book, but it was a good interview.
invisiblehandwriting.typepad.com /my_weblog/2006/05/the_financial_f.html   (474 words)

 A Look at the Invisible Hand (Harpers.org)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Primogeniture and the transmission of wealth by entailments were abolished, and the division of estates encouraged, in order, on the one hand, to prevent the absorption of any considerable portion of the national resources by a few; on the other, to make wealth the reward of one's own frugality, diligence, and ability.
In the case of the adoption of the corporate principle, the stockholders, in so far as their interests are not merely speculative, must desire to elect directors who will so manage their property that it will yield large dividends, while the directors, themselves stockholders, wish a return on their investment.
On the other hand, as has already been pointed out, the interest of the directors is often not identical with that of the property which they manage, and they are, as experience demonstrates, oftener faithless to their trust than public servants, while the opportunities for their exposure and punishment are less favorable.
www.harpers.org /GrowthOfCorporations.html   (4512 words)

 The Fed's Grasping Invisible Hand
Not to be outdone, government too has developed a systemic hand that is usually not seen.
The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.” [12]
Iraq and terrorism dominate the news, but how little we hear about the policies nurturing these issues, one of which is government’s power to confiscate wealth with the Fed’s invisible hand.
www.strike-the-root.com /4/smith/smith8.html   (1855 words)

 The Invisible Hand   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
As the public face of the anti-Harper faction within the party, Belinda's defection severely discredited their position, forcing the media to rely on a handful of washed-up nobodies to get their Harper-bashing fix from then on.
Try to imagine what it would have been like to fight an election with one of the Conservative Party's "stars" desperately hoping that we'd lose (and possibly engaging in deliberate sabotage) so that she could take over.
Personally, I'm going to predict that Orchard finishes third, and either Michael Ignatieff or Gerard Kennedy will win his delegates' support, in exchange for signing an agreement to ban all cross-border commerce with the United States ("no trucks nor trade with Jesusland") and creating a Red Ribbon commission to review the British North America Act.
www.invisiblehand.ca   (2539 words)

 The films of Alan Smithee
There is no escape from The Invisible Hand of Alan Smithee because it is built into the very foundation of movie making.
It is a personification of the process by which the worst, the absolute most bottom-of-the-barrel movies are made.
For although the DGA has stopped issuing "Smithee credits," the results of his Invisible Hand can be seen in the works of every hack director, every talentless writer, every inept producer who is able to scrape together a few bucks.
alansmithee.5u.com /alansmithee.html   (441 words)

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